I don't own any rights to Darker than Black. Hope you guys read and enjoy. This is my attempt at dissolving the mystery behind season 2, as well as some things I could see happening to our main characters.

Chapter 1: Searching for Answers

At midnight Suou climbed out of bed like she had many times before. She grabbed her jacket and then her telescope. She was careful to keep quiet as she tiptoed past her parent's bedroom where they slept soundly. She walked the quiet streets to her familiar place. Her place of refuge. Her place of resolution. Where she could sort the pieces to her puzzled life. It was a small, desolate building, three stories high. She took the steps silently, comforted by the sounds of the night. The strange, chirping, buzzing noise of shy life that could never reveal itself during the day. Here, they were like her, burning the midnight oil; they weren't afraid of the dark like many were. They thrived in it. She set up her telescope and looked up at the sky. The stars were out tonight, shining with what seemed like an everlasting gleam. An artificial one. Suou had always argued with her friends that something wasn't right about them. They were off. And weird. And there were times when she herself felt...weird.

"How can you say that Suou? They're the stars! Of course, they're a little weird."

"Yeah!" her friend Mayumi agreed. "They're great balls of light shining from gazillions of miles away!"

They just don't get it. I know something's wrong with them.

She stepped forward and gazed through the lens. There they were. Appearing as they always had. Nothing seemed strange about them. There was nothing sinister in the light of their orbs either. They were actually pretty. But Suou still suspected that one night she'd catch something. Or at least some kind of strange activity that would answer the big question to her life: Why do I feel like something is missing?

Misaki sighed. She rubbed her temples in attempt to concentrate. What happened at Hell's Gate months ago had not escaped her mind. At this point, she was quite convinced that it never would. She would always wonder what had happened that night, and what had happened to BK-201 and Izanami. She thought back to that day. She remembered running with Mao and catching that gleam of light just as BK-201's hand moved toward Izanami. What happened though? Did he kill her? One thing she could be sure of was that he was still alive. She checked again, gazing through the lens at his star. Yes, he was alive. But where did he go?

She would soon find out.