A/N: After "First Word" I got thinking. What would Sammy's first word have been? That too, after the whole fire disaster. Sammy's around 10-11 months old here. :)


John entered the motel room, exhausted and dirty. Digging a grave, and having the spirit smash you yet again, against a tombstone wasn't his idea of fun. He was just glad that Bobby had been in the area. Bobby had left after they had torched the corpse.

"Daddy!" yelled Dean, running up his dad.

John's face immediately brightened seeing his oldest. "Hey kiddo. You take care of Sammy like I told you?"

"Yup! Just like you said." Said Dean proudly.

"I was actually trying to get him to say Dad. Nothing yet though."

John sniggered, remembering Dean's first word. He was prepared to bet that Sammy would surprise him too.

Dean ran off to Sam, who was sitting on the bed in the midst of a couple of pillows. Dean had arranged the pillows in a way that would ensure that Sam didn't fall off the bed.

"Hey Sam." Said Dean, climbing onto the bed, next to his brother.

Sam's face lit up seeing his big brother. He started waving his tiny hands in the air, happy to see Dean.

John too sat down on the bed and scooped Sam into his arms.

"Hey Sammy. Did you trouble Dean here while I was gone?"

Sam only responded by looking up at his dad with those hazel puppy eyes of his.

"Did you know? You're big brother's first word was pie. Not Dad. But pie. Typical huh Sammy?"

Sam started giggling like he understood what John was saying. Dean on the other hand had turned crimson in embarrassment.

"Really dad? Sammy doesn't need to know that. Can I hold him please?"

John carefully handed Sam to Dean.

"Okay. You don't want to say Dad. Can you say Dean? Huh Sam? Say Dean."

Sam just stared back innocently into Dean's sparkling green eyes.

"Oh well. Maybe we can try later Dean." Said John.

Dean looked slightly disappointed, but hoped that Sam would talk soon. He made Sam sit in the midst of the pillows again, and made to follow his dad to the kitchenette to bring Sammy's food when-


Dean whipped around and sprinted back to the bed.

"Sammy? Did you say Dean? Say it again. Say Dean."

"Dean." Said Sam.

"Dad! Come here quick. Sam said his first word!"

John hurried towards the bedroom. He made it just in time to hear his youngest-

"De! Dean! Den!" chanted Sam, motioning for Dean to come closer.

Dean was grinning from ear to ear in happiness.

John started laughing and scooped up his youngest.

"Really Sam? Dean says 'pie' and you say 'Dean'. Typical both of you. Typical Winchesters."

He hugged both his sons close. For the umpteenth time in his life, he wished Mary had been there to see this. What he didn't know was Mary had been seeing this the whole time.

Mary stood by the window, overlooking the bedroom. She knew that her death hurt John in a way that was not meant to heal. She knew that the deal she made 10 years ago to save John might have caused this. She did not know how she was a spirit (or if she even was a spirit) but she was glad to have seen this. She hadn't wanted her family to have this life. But there was nothing she could do now except watch over her family.

She was crying silent tears of happiness to hear Sam say his first word. Dean.


Hope you all liked this! I thought of making a sequel as I was intrigued by what Sam's first word might have been. The ending was a little unexpected, even for me as it wasn't planned. Please do leave reviews and let me know what you think of this! :D :)