Just a new story i thought of after reading (yet again) the twilight saga..hope you guys enjoy!

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All characters belong to the brilliant Stephenie Meyer :)


I drummed my fingers against my knees, just two more days and I would be leaving my warm Arizona, and all my mother could think about was whether to get Tide detergent or save a few pennies on the generic brand.

"What do you think Eddie? Spring meadow, or Fresh rain," she held up the two detergents and I pulled my headphones out of my ears long enough to point to the spring meadow bottle and earn a scowl from my petite mother.

Anything to do with rain was automatically not allowed since I realized I had to move to Forks, Washington with my father—my mother deserved time on her own with her new husband Phil.

She ignored me—as usual when it came to decisions—and tossed the fresh rain scented detergent into the cart, "Now, Eddie…"

"It's Edward, mom," I sighed and pushed the cart down another isle.

"Alright, Edward," she rolled her eyes, "you're going to love Forks, it's peaceful, and quite, and—"

"Cold and wet," I finished for her.

She wrinkled her nose, "that too…"

Even she didn't like the thought of living some place that was constantly under a blanket of snow or being doused in water. Charlie sent me emails a few days ago with a list of clothes I should buy since the weather wasn't exactly up to Arizona standards. I tugged on the hem of my tank top, since in two days I would be throwing on a parka and moving to a place with the same population as my high school.

Renee once again gave me one of her everything's-gonna-be-okay smiles before tossing a bag of pretzels into the cart and pulling it towards the cashier.


"Emmett, stop it," Alice groaned.

I settled against my seat on the couch, finding my family once again more entertaining than my own personal thoughts. Rosalie and Jasper had gone out hunting, leaving everyone's emotions to run wild and no one to distract Emmett from torturing his smallest sister. At the moment he was running up to her, tugging on the ends of her spiky hair, and bolting away before her elbow could make contact with her jaw.

Esme sat at her desk up stairs humming the song I had composed last night, ignoring the bantering going on downstairs.

He's such an ass, Alice thought to herself before he up and pulled at her spiky halo again.

This time she saw it coming and dove over the couch to tackle him out of the open window. The whole left side of the house was glass and with the doors wide open, Emmett smoothly sailed through the air without breaking Emse's house.

I grinned when Emmett cursed followed by the sound of Alice giggling and a tree branch snapping in half.

Her giggling cut off when her phone rang and a few minutes later she was shouting a line of curses. Emmett appeared at the window and ran across the living room, gripping his stomach as he laughed.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen! Your dumbass better keep running because when I catch you, you're dead !"

"Alice," I rose from my seat, trying to keep the smile off my face, "what did he do?"

Before she could respond, her phone rang again and she tossed it to me, "THAT IS WHAT HE DID!"

I flipped open the phone and pressed it to my ear, "hello?"

"Yes, is this Alice Cullen from the psychic hotline?"

My eyes widened as realization passed over my face, "he didn't," I snapped the phone shut.

"Oh, but he did," she sneered and flitted out of the room screaming more curses to her brother.

Bella, is she gone?

"You're a dead man," was all I said as Emmett climbed into the room, Alice hadn't noticed in her fit of rage that Emmett had circled the house and was hanging off the edge of the window.

"Ah, she'll be fine."

"Yes, she will be fine, you on the other hand…"

"There you are!" Alice jumped down the stairwell and ran into the living room.

"Bet you didn't see that one coming!" Emmett bellowed before running off into the forest with Alice close behind.