Chapter one

After the fighting, Harry watched the Weasley's and Hermione head to Muriel's, then Harry slowly walked up some of the busted stairs until he came to the hospital wing. He couldn't believe the way it looked, half one wall was gone, part of the ceiling down, Harry could see the sky outside and the doors lying on the floor, rubble had been moved into the back of the room and almost every bed with someone in it. Harry watched as Madame Pomfrey and two other healers were working on the seriously injured.

Harry sat wearily in a chair and shook his head, the ringing in his ears was driving him crazy and that was his reason for turning up in the hospital. He wasn't keen on being up here, seeing all the injured, plus he didn't want the matron to make him stay, all Harry wanted to do was sleep.

'Mr. Potter, I was hoping you'd come see me, come down to the last bed,' Poppy said wearily.

'You look and sound tired Madame Pomfrey, like me actually,' Harry pushed himself to his feet and released a groan, then slowly walked beside her.

'Yes, I think everyone feels like that, but I will rest soon. Now take a seat and tell me what he did to you.'

'All those injuries aren't bad except one. He did drop me and since I was in the great hall, I have this ringing in my ears, it's really driving me nuts.'

'You are talking a little louder, so the ringing must be loud, let me do a few revealing charms over you and see what's wrong,' the matron took her wand out and moved it over Harry's ears, then all over his head and down his body, 'Well you do have some damage to your inner ear, but you also have a lot more injuries, looks like you're in here for a few days.'

Harry groaned, 'Do I really need to stay here, I was going to head up to Gryffindor tower and sleep, for days,' Harry sighed.

'You need potions Harry, and charms, so sorry to say, you are staying,' she moved her wand and curtains were around the bed, 'Do you have something to sleep in?'

'No, that's one thing I didn't bother with when I was away. I'll just sleep in my underwear, like I have been for months.'

'Very well, why don't you get into bed and I'll bring you some potions.'

'Thanks,' Harry sighed, waited until she left, dropped his bag then stripped off his shoes, socks and clothes, leaving his underwear on, put his cloak, wands and glasses beside him on the small table, then climbed into bed. He's eyes were closing the moment he's head hit the pillow.

'Sorry Harry, drink these first then you can sleep.'

'Okay,' Harry pushed himself back up, drank the two potions before falling back down, 'I'm so tired that even all the noise won't keep me awake, I'm used to it being quiet, just Ron and Hermione, in a tent in all types of forests.'

'That's how you've been living, you seemed to have lost weight as well.'

'Yeah, there were times we didn't have anything to eat and couldn't get any. Now though, it's been since early yesterday morning since I've slept and eaten, but I'm just so tired.'

'Then sleep, I'll be back with more potions later today.'

'Thanks Madame Pomfrey,' Harry closed his eyes again and that was all he remembered.

Harry woke and looked around, then reached for his glasses and put them on. He couldn't hear anything and thought maybe everyone was asleep. He stretched, then stood, pulling his old jeans and t-shirt back on before moving the curtain aside. He stood there not comprehending what he was seeing and not hearing. He quickly pulled the curtains back and sat on the bed. Then he started to speak, he could feel his throat as he spoke the words, he could feel his mouth moving, but he couldn't hear the words.

Poppy stepped around the curtain, 'How are you feeling Harry?'

Harry shook his head, 'What?' he yelled.

'Oh dear,' she held up her finger, then took her wand out and started to move it over Harry's ears again, 'Oh,' she summoned her clipboard, 'Can you hear me,' she held it up and repeated those words, Harry shaking his head. She wrote again, then held the clipboard up, 'The damage to your inner ear is severe, worse than I thought. It seems to have caused your deafness. I'll keep giving you potions in the hope it heals.'

'Will they get better?' Harry yelled again but saw the matron put her hands to her ears, 'Sorry, did I yell?' she nodded, 'Okay, but will they?'

She wrote again, 'I'm not sure Harry, not until you have a course of potions and more healing charms. You said he dropped you, was it more than once?'

'Yeah, three times, first time I landed on my left side, my head hit the ground hard, second time my right side and again my head hit the ground, then last time I landed on my back, that still hurts a bit.'

Matron wrote again, 'Try to lower your voice, you keep yelling. Put your hand to your throat as you speak, you should be able to feel the difference from yelling to speaking softly.'

Harry put his hand to his throat, 'Okay, okay,' he nodded, 'Felt it, yeah, the movement is stronger when I talk louder. Um, can you keep this to yourself, apart from Professor McGonagall, at least for now?'

'Of course, now I'll get you some more potions, but drink these, they are for your other injuries.'

Harry drank the potions, 'I could use a shower and something to eat.'

She wrote again, 'Give me half an hour and I'll work the shower out. I can get a house elf to bring you some food.'

Harry put his hand to his throat, 'I have a house elf, I leave him here, I'll call him.'

She wrote and showed Harry, 'Okay, you do that and I'll get your potions, be right back.'

Harry nodded, 'Kreacher,' he waited then the old elf appeared before him, 'Oh, you've got a cut on you Kreacher, are you okay?'

'I am fine Master Harry.'

Harry bent closer, 'I can't hear Kreacher, sorry, but I was hoping for some food and a cup of tea.'

Kreacher nodded then disappeared, a few minutes later he reappeared with a tray and place it on the table.

'Thank you Kreacher, if you're okay, nod, if you're not, shake your head,' Kreacher nodded, 'Okay, thank you,' Harry waited until he left then started eating just as the matron stepped around the curtain and she handed him two more potions, Harry quickly drank them, then saw the matron nod before walking away. While Harry ate he kept tilting his head, 'Fuck, deaf, now what?' he sighed thinking about what his life will be like now, not hearing his friends voices, not becoming an auror, he can't do that if he couldn't hear, so what was he going to do. Harry finished eating, but only got through half of what was on his plate then he finished his tea before lying back on the bed thinking about what his life was going to be like now.