Chapter twenty five

'He's stayed twice because I went to go into my dad's bedroom but it was locked, he never locks his bedroom door.'

'At least he locked it,' Molly said.

'So how are you and your father getting on now James?' Arthur asked.

'He's nice and funny, he's been telling me about the dragons he used to work with. I would love to see a real dragon, so father said he might work it out so I can go visit where he used to work. Dad's not too happy about that though.'

'Not happy about what son?' Harry asked as he climbed down off the horse, then laughed as Charlie climb down off the horse then he ended up falling on his backside because he's legs went out from under him, but everyone laughed as they saw Charlie sitting on the ground.

James walked over to his father, took his hand and helped him to his feet, 'Did you hurt yourself father?'

'Not really James, just my pride, but your dad could have warned me my legs might feel strange.'

'Where's the fun in that,' Harry smirked, 'So James, what wasn't I happy about?'

'That father said he would work out for me to see a dragon.'

Harry grimaced, making everyone laugh, 'I've had two bad dealing with dragons, I don't fancy a third,' Harry waved his hand and tables and chairs flew towards them, 'Can you sit Charlie or is your arse too sore?'

'Harry, language,' Hermione scolded.

'Sorry, it's hard to remember there are other kids around. James has heard me let loose a lot, but he knows not to say those words.'

'So when you cursed Charlie's name and pictures you swore at them as well?' George raised his eyebrows.

'Yep, a lot too.'

'And no, it's fine Harry,' Charlie smirked.

'That's not what I meant Charlie.'

'So Charlie thought you were asking for a specific reason,' Ron chuckled.

'Dad and father like to have sex, so father probably did.'

'James,' Harry shook his head, 'Private remember.'

'Sorry dad, but it's true.'

'He's right, it is true,' Charlie grinned.

'Yes, James was just telling us that he went to go into your room but it was locked and you never lock the door,' Hermione said.

'Okay, Charlie has stayed, twice.'

'You said no and now you are, what changed?' bill stared over at Charlie.

'Charlie,' Harry shrugged, 'I swim every night, it's been the only way I can sleep. So Charlie decided to swim with me that first night, but he had other plans.'

'I was standing in the pool, naked.'

'No details Charlie,' Molly stared around at all the children.

'So you couldn't resist Charlie or just decided to change your mind?' Ron asked.

'I couldn't fight it anymore, so we've been doing a lot of talking, working things out,' Harry gazed at Charlie then down at James.

'What, we know that look Harry, what's going on?' Hermione asked.

'I'm giving up teaching, I've already told Minerva so she's got a few months to find a replacement.'

'But you love teaching, I'm sure you could work out times to be here with James and Harry,' Molly said.

'I could have but I didn't want to, I want to be here always, but there's more,' Charlie took Harry's hand in his, 'I'm pregnant.'

'Already?' Ron blurted out. Everyone went over to congratulate Charlie, Harry and James, they noticed James looked happy about having another brother or sister.

'When Charlie told me I was shocked, then angry then I just finally gave in.'

'Why were you angry?' Fleur asked.

'I just thought it was too soon, we still have a lot of talking to do.'

'So father bottomed it to make sure he did,' James said straight forward.

Harry closed his eyes for a minute, 'Yes, he did but I didn't know you read about that James.'

'I read about everything including gay sex.'

'I think you're a bit young to be reading about sex, any type of sex,' Molly said but smiled kindly at her grandson.

'He is but that's just James, if he hears about something he has to read everything there is about that and his memory is like Hermione's.'

'He definitely doesn't get that from Charlie,' Ginny smirked.

'Hey, I am a teacher at Hogwarts little sister, so I do have some smarts.'

'You're very smart,' Harry smiled.

'Is that all I am, smart?' Charlie raised his eyebrows.

'Smart, funny, gorgeous, sexy, insufferable, rash, stubborn, you have a wide range of things that make you who you are, someone I love.'

All the Weasley's, their partners and their children all watched Harry and Charlie as they stared at each other. James smiled watching his parents because he could see like everyone else how much his dad and father loved each other, but James now knew he would have a family, two parents and either a brother or a sister, lots of aunts and uncle, cousins and there would be more of them, a lot more. Even though he loves his dad, it has been a bit lonely, now he has this huge family and it's just going to get bigger and he loved it.

'So apart from Ginny and Seamus, who are still yet to give us a grandchild, we're about to have another grandchild. Are you going to find out what you're having?' Molly asked.

'We're talking about it, haven't decided yet. There is one thing we've decided to do and would like to next week, with just the family and a few close friends,' Charlie said as Harry sat on his lap.

Hermione could see the look on Harry and Charlie's face, James smiled at both his fathers. 'Oh, I know what you want to do.'

Harry and Charlie laughed, 'Then if you do why don't you tell everyone miss no it all,' Harry smirked.

Hermione scowled, 'Don't call me that Harry.'

'Oh Hermione, you should be used it to by now. How often did you tell me to stop getting upset or angry about the names I've been called, you don't take your own advice.'

'He's right Mione, you used to tell Harry that all the time, but you don't ignore it and it's not like Harry means it in a bad way, he's teasing you like he's always done,' Ron slipped his arm around his wife's waist.

'Ron's right, you know I wouldn't say anything hurtful Hermione.'

'Alright, I know you wouldn't, but others did say that in a hurtful way, so it became a habit to get angry when I hear it.'

'Tell us what Harry and Charlie want to do?' Neville asked.

'They want to get married,' Hermione smiled at her friend who nodded before he wrapped his arms around Charlie's neck, then stared into each other's eyes.

The family could see Harry healing before their eyes, he's eyes lit up where a week ago they were dull unless he looked at James. Harry's whole demeanour has changed, from quiet and cautious back to his normal self, another thing with Harry, he smiled and laughed, a lot. As Albus Dumbledore said so many times, if you have love, everything else can be worked out because love is the most powerful magic there is. Harry has finally given into that love but more importantly, he has forgiven Charlie. They knew that Charlie got pregnant straight away for two reason, naturally he wanted a child, but it was his way of showing Harry he was with him for good, that he could completely trust Charlie. Everyone that knew Harry knew he was big on trust, once he had that, Harry Potter was you're friend, for life.

The end: