Because UsUk is really cute, I create this ^^ This was meant to be really fluffy. Like, chinchilla fluffy. (which if you haven't held a chinchilla….they're as soft as snow :3 Super cute and a stress reliever. My biology teacher has two named Whiskey and Tequila~)

Arthur's green eyes slowly opened as sunlight poured into his cozy little room. He rubbed his eyes and yawned cutely, his eyes focusing on the person curled up against him. Alfred stirred slightly, burying his face in Arthur's chest. The Brit chuckled softly, resting his chin on top of the sleeping man's head, running his fingers through his soft, short blonde locks. His free hand snaked around his body, holding him close. Alfred began to purr.

Arthur thought his lover was still asleep, soon knowing otherwise when he felt Alfred's teeth gently graze over that particularly sensitive place on his neck. He gasped lightly, a pleasured shiver running through his body.

"Good morning, beautiful," Alfred murmured softly, pressing a kiss behind the elder's ear. He began to kiss down and up his neck, up his throat and under his chin, teasing another sensitive spot.

Arthur smiled, running his fingers through his hair, enjoying Alfred's lips on his neck. "Good morning, gorgeous…" he breathed, lifted his head.

Alfred turned his baby blue eyes to Arthur's dark green eyes, smiling softly as he kissed him. Without breaking the kiss, he moved so that he was hanging over the smaller man, his dog tag dangling from his neck. Arthur stared up at the American, his hand reaching up to slowly touch his face,

"Last night was amazing," Alfred whispered, covering Arthur's hand, leaning into the warm touch.

"It was a special occasion….America….Your Independence Day-"

"Sh. You'll start crying," Alfred said, pressing his lips to Arthur's forehead. "I don't want you to kill the mood."

Arthur chuckled and pulled Alfred down on top of him, groaning softly (Alfred was a big country; therefore he weighed quite a bit). The younger nation settled on top of the older nation, putting most of his weight on Arthur's lower half, ending up with his feet hanging of the bed. He nuzzled the Englishman's hickey littered stomach, pressing small kisses there until he dozed back off, purring contently.

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