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Chapter 3: royal ball.

Chii stood with her eyes closed as Subaru and Kamui fitted her into her ball gown. The dress was made of the finest material, it was deep blue and purple, long sleeves, frills and ribbons layered and draped, and elaborate silver embroidery to signify her nobility. "My lady, we are finished. We can move on to your makeup and hair." Subaru smiled. Chii opened her eyes and looked at Subaru with a sad look before turning away. Kamui left for the bathroom to prepare the curling iron. Subaru placed his hands on Chii's cheeks and looked her in the eye; she reluctantly looked back. "I know there's something bothering you. I can tell." He quietly informed her.

"I don't know…" Chii said. "I just… will I ever love Lelouch?" she stepped off the stand she was on and into her deep blue glittering heels.

"You don't think you will?" Subaru asked leading Chii to the bathroom.

"I don't know… he's nice… but…" Chii stopped. "I don't feel, attracted to him." Chii looked to Subaru in question.

"My lady…" there was silence for a moment. "Then why did you agree?"

"I thought it would make mother happy." Chii sighed.

"Just wait and see, my lady. Just take life as it comes, let fate take its course." Subaru smiled.

"Thank you, Subaru." Chii smiled back.

"Curling iron's hot." Kamui stood with the curling iron in his hand and his usual plain look on his face.

Chii stood in front of the large double doors that led into Syaoran's home. Chii breathed in before the doors opened and she was led inside by Lelouch. All of the guests were already present for Syaoran's parents had held the ball in honour of Chii's and Lelouch's engagement. Chii scanned the room, a fake smile constantly present on her face. Her eyes found Syaoran; he was with his commoner girlfriend that Chii had had an encounter with at school, and Fai; the young man who had helped Chii not that long ago who was heading to the drinks table. Once Chii and Lelouch had entered and met with a few people congratulating them Chii made her way to Syaoran. "Well, I guess this explains why you talked about him as if you knew him." Chii commented to Syaoran as she stopped in front of him.

"Yes, he was present at school the other day too, didn't you notice?" Syaoran replied.

"I did. But I didn't want to be seen talking to or about any commoners on my first day of those lessons."

"Why does your mother make you take sport lessons at an actual school? Aren't you home schooled?"

"Yes but my cousin Yuui gave mother the idea so I have no choice." Chii rolled her eyes and turned to Syaoran's girlfriend, Sakura. "Listen, to be honest I don't like you. But during this party and for the sake of Syaoran I must tolerate you and be friendly."

"Seems we have the same opinion about each other. Deal." Sakura replied. The two girls shook hands and gave each other fake smiles.

"Well, it was nice to talk to you so I shall move on now." Chii excused herself. She walked around all the commotion; she didn't really want to be there. She was still confused about her feelings for Lelouch.

"Oh, Chii! Do come join us!" Chii's mother called to her through the crowd she had Lelouch with her. Chii slowly walked over with a forced smile on her face.

"You enjoying this lovely party?" Lelouch asked upon Chii's approach.

"Indeed. It's a lovely event that I'm enjoying." Chii lied. A small commotion could be heard and Chii noticed Syaoran fighting with his parents and decided to check it out. She excused herself from Chitose and Lelouch and walked over. Chii heard Syaoran's parents complaining about Sakura's back ground even though Sakura was standing right there. Chii noticed the look of sorrow and pain on Sakura's face and decided to intervene, stopping the argument. "Good heavens! What could possibly be causing all the commotion over here?" Chii asked innocently. Syaoran's parents instantly ceased arguing.

"Oh nothing at all, we were just commenting on the lovely dress Sakura is wearing." Syaoran's mother smiled. Sakura's gown consisted of a deep blue and black lace corset and a four layered skirt that started blue and faded to black at the bottom. Chii wasn't convinced, she knew what Syaoran's parents were like; her own mother.

"Ok then, so how about we all get some punch?" Chii offered Syaoran's parents. They agreed. As they walked to the drinks table Chii looked to Syaoran, "Look after your girlfriend, I don't want her crying at my party." She snobbishly remarked before heading with Syaoran's parents to the punch bowl.

Chii was chatting away about the lovely party and other royal matters when she looked over her shoulder and saw Syaoran and Sakura together. He seemed to be comforting her and she could tell he loved her dearly; she saw Sakura's cheeks turn pink as Syaoran kissed her cheek and led her away from the drinks table and onto the dance floor.

Chii slowly walked along the marble path through the back garden of Syaoran's home, her heels tapping as she found the secluded pond hidden in the garden. The moon light reflected off the shimmering ponds surface; Chii walked to the end of a small marble pier in the pond and sat on the end, slipping off her shoes and dipping her toes in the cool water making shimmering ripples along its surface. Chii always did this. Even when she was young she would always come here to calm her nerves and relax. The koi in the pond swam around her toes calmly, the moonlight reflecting off their scales of gold, silver and bronze. The koi were always attracted to Chii-they never came near anyone else, even Syaoran. Chii lent back on her hands to look at the starry sky only to find Fai leaning over her. "Hello." He smiled. Chii's arms gave out and she fell back, the koi swimming away from the sudden movement.

"What are you doing here?" Chii asked trying to scramble to her feet. Fai helped her up.

"Syaoran invited me." He answered obviously.

"That's, not quite what I meant." Chii looked at him, her eyes darted to his. The moon reflected off the beautiful blue they were and she found she was quite entranced by them.

"I know what you meant." Fai smiled and then blinked, snapping Chii from her trance. She blushed and looked away. What's… what's wrong with me? Chii thought. Why am I so entranced by his beautiful blue eyes…? Lelouch's eyes aren't like that. She blinked a few times and shook her head, looking back to Fai.

"So tell me. Why are you here?" She said in her usual demeanour.

"I'm sorry, you just looked upset so I thought you might want to talk, but then I couldn't figure out what to say first and then you leant back and saw me." he smiled bashfully.

"I looked upset?"

"Yeah, I heard you're engaged. Is everything between you and your fiancé ok?"

"You shouldn't ask such questions- it is none of your business!" Chii said harshly. Fai looked down.

"I'm sorry, I was just… curious." Fai sat down next to her. There was a silence before Chii lifted her toes from the pond water slid off her dainty feet. Chii lifted her knees to her chin.

"You still have my hat, right?" she finally asked.

"Why yes of course. Did you want to come over and get it at some point?" he responded. Chii contemplated for a moment.

"Ok then. I will come retrieve it tomorrow after noon." She stood, slipping her shoes back on and turning to walk away. "And, I wouldn't mind some tea. Syaoran is busy tomorrow so I cannot escape to there. I also would like to find out what it is that makes Syaoran trust you." She said before walking back down the marble path to the ending of that night's event, leaving Fai with a beautiful smile she could not see.