Hi everyone who's reading this!This is my first time being on here on this website and my first time writing a story where everyone can read and review by all of you. It's really cool, exciting and nerve racking, so bear with me. This is my first story that I'm publishing on this website from my one of most favorite book series.

Now, you all know or hopefully read the first three or four books of the Forgotten Realms so far where our favorite dark skinned drow Drizzt Do'Urden was on his adventure from his home to the above world. So, you know what happens in these first three books, now he's on the surface world, traveling and searching for a home to call his own. You traveled with him that far with the blind ranger to meeting Catti-brie and Bruenor in Dale but what really happened in between? What happens before he went to Dale, before the meeting the monks and seeing a dragon up close? What happens several days after the fight on Mooshie's Grove and Montolio's death? How did our favorite drow fare as he travels for his home? Follow Drizzt and his feline companion Guenhwyvar traveling far and wide for a place to call home while dodging stereotypical towns and villages that won't let him stay because if his appearance and encounters another person who's just like him but the problem is...he's not from Faerûn or this world at all and that he's stealing something from a traveling carriage that doesn't belong to him. Read on as Drizzt gives chase on this mysterious thief in black to return the item where it rightfully belongs but does it really belongs in this world or another? Is this thief just a cold hearted thief or maybe...a friend? Find out what happened and meet (my OC) an odd character with an mysterious aura or personality about him to match.

SPOILER ALERT! There might be hints of Drizzt's future in this story further in the series so I hope everyone read all the books.

I own some of these OCs in this story.

Note: I will probably answer a few reviews at a time and might not be able to update the story. So for right now I'm free until I can find a job and before this fall when I go back to college for a year to finish school. Don't ask about that part. I'll try my best to update as fast as I can.

Now I hope you like this story because I just thought of it while reading so many of your Fan-fiction stories. Some might even inspired this. So now without any further to do, here's my first ever Fan-fiction story called THE STRANGE ENCOUNTER.