The Calm Before the Storm


Drizzt looked beyond the black mist with his infrared spectrum vision as the distraction begins to fade away but he found nothing within or near by the mist. As the black fog disappears into the night air, no one saw or heard the thief escape from their sight. Drizzt sighed and changed his heated vision to normal while re-sheathing his twin scimitars since the moon was bright enough to see everything around him in some detail. The shadows grew thick and large then shrank into a thin light tone which the forest and anything living around more depth of what's solid and what's not. Drizzt was about to reach for the pouch at his side to call for Guen to secure the surrounding area that the thief did escape or any trail he left behind when he noticed the small wooden chest on the ground that fell from the thief's tunic he cut through. He bent down and picked it up in his gloved hand; it was small within his palm and very well crafted brown oak wood. He wondered why would the thief have this when heard that soft movement of armor as one of the armored men came walking towards hm. Drizzt turned to the leader of the band of soldiers who sheathed his sword with a muffled shink sound. The leader bowed before the drow with some grace of any human to possess.

"I thank you, young ranger for helping us deal with that thief," he said in his low and slightly thunderous voice. Drizzt just simply nodded as the leader straighten up and held out the chest towards the soldier.

"I believe this is what you're looking for," Drizzt commented as the leader took the small chest within his large gauntlet hands with a nod.

"Yes, it is," he replied. "Our young Lady had it stolen from within the safety of her hands. This time it won't happen ever again. She will be thrilled to find out her treasure is safe once again." Drizzt simply nodded again and was about to turn to leave when the leader spoke. "Oh, do please come and meet the Lady so she can properly thank you," he said with some slight enthusiasm in his low voice. Drizzt shook his head.

"No, I shouldn't great Leader," he said politely. "I should be going to finish my journey and not disturb you or your Lady." But the Leader shook his head.

"Oh no, it's not a bother at all," he quickly replied. "I must let you know our Lady feels it seems rude not to thank anyone properly who gave their time to help her in need. I must confess, it is a little overbearing but tolerable. Please come. It would please our Lady greatly." Drizzt was about to refuse once more but then thought it. Would it hurt to even just go there and let their Lady simply thank him? But then he would increase the risk of them seeing who he really is. But then it is just a thank you and you'll be own your couldn't hurt. Then Drizzt slightly bowed his head towards the soldier.

"I will gladly accompany to your Lady," he said politely. The Leader gave a short curt nod and turned from Drizzt which meant for him to follow. Drizzt straighten and followed close behind with the small band of soldiers hastily formed two short columns behind their leader and Drizzt as they walked back towards the carriage.


Sin sighed with some frustration as he peers down at his ripped black tunic as the cat leaped from his shoulders to the ground. He couldn't believe that swordsman had enough skills to touch him. If Sin hadn't moved on time, those swords would have cut right through him. As much as he doubt any mortal being can kill him but it still can hurt if any weapon impales his soft flesh. Sin sighed once more but more wary than frustrated then sat down on the forest floor under the thick canopy of trees above him which shield him from the light of the moon with crossed legs and rummaged through the pouch that was well hidden on his left side. He lifted the ripped tunic to try to salvage the best he could. He pulled out an needle and thimble of silver thread, it sheen and glitters in the moonlight. Sin then put the sharp thin needle through his ripped tunic, he held the two pieces together and pulled the needle out of the fabric with the silver thread attached to it then it brought the two pieces together as he sewed them shut. Sin continued this as, his partner the dark gray and black cat paced or trotted in animal terms in front of Sin while controverting within his thoughts.

His sleek small form almost blended with the dark shadows about them, almost turning invisible but visible again when he walked through a patch of moonlight from the canopy of trees above them. Only trait that is visible is his yellow-golden with a hint of green eyes that seemed to glow bright amber.

Sin tried to concentrate on his work with his tunic as the cat paces but couldn't help but worry about what's in his partner's mind. As he finishes, he sighed but more exasperatedly, paused at his work and looks down at the pacing cat before him.

"Alright, what's on your mind?" He asked in that deep rich velvet voice that can swoon anyone but his tone had a hint of annoyance which ruined the effect.

The cat paused as if he just now noticed Sin's presence which made Sin even more worried. The cat looked at Sin with those almost almond shaped, bright amber eyes with pupils dialuted within the darkness of the shaded trees. They glow brightly within the dark like two fireflies but then soften their glow as the cat realized his mistake make his partner worry. The cat shook his small angular head.

"Nothing is wrong, Sin," the cat replied softly which made his otherworldly voice with an echoing texture more soothing to a mother's cooing her babe to sleep. The effect was strong which suppose to silence Sin completely but Sin was use to that voice for so long that he grow immune to it. Sin knew that the cat was lying and tighten his grip on his almost fixed tunic.

"Boss, I know you well enough than anyone," Sin said with some care in his voice. "You're worried about something and that something has to do with our target correct?" The cat was only silent for a moment and Sin encouraged him to speak by leaning towards him. "Com' on. Tell me." Boss sighed.

"Alright," he gave in. "Remember when I said leave the chest behind?" Sin nodded, still holding his ruined tunic even though his grip loosened a bit. "Well, I never said that before do I? I never said 'leave it behind, we'll come back for it.' I always tell you to fight for it no matter what which intieson me to join in and help you." Sin nodded but more slowly as if remembering what Boss meant which he was right. That's right, Sin thought with realization. Boss never tells me to leave our target behind unless it's absolutely necessary. So why now? As if reading Sin's thoughts, Boss continued with an answer, "I think our target was not within the chest at all but the memory that held the treasure near dear. I sensed the power from the chest evaporated when it was far enough from it's owner which is that child then disappeared. I have a feeling that our target it not an object at all but a memory." Sin looks a little baffled by Boss's explanation which Boss noticed. "Let me put it a more easier terms for you...remember that one assignment we had that involved the elf's long memories of where our target is located?" Sin remembered and it was not fun, especially hanging around with the elves. Oh I can hear them now making fun on how badly I'm sewing my tunic, Sin thought with great disdain.

"They're were more patient with you than you are with them," Boss replied Sin's thoughts then continued, "but moving see memories have powers as well as any magical charmed object. They hold emotions which magic respond with the right ability to match that emotion and the more emotion and practice with it, the more powerful it will become."

"So you're sayin' is that our target wasn't the chest but the memory that's holding whatever object within it?" Sin asked now starting to understand, using his left hand to emphasis his question by waving side to side. Bossed nodded.

"Correct. Which means what Wiz said was true...'your goal is not the object itself but what lays what's bond to it'," Boss repeated Wiz's words to them which to have more power than anything can hold. Sin shook his head which made some loose black locks of hair eye fly over his dark eyes then groaned more exasperated irritation.

"I'm really starting to hate that guy," Sin said with some disdain in his voice. "If I go home and he starts bragging how right he was, I'm going to kill 'im. God, I hate his foresight ability."

Boss chuckled. "How do you think he feels? But let's start focusing on the matter at hand than worried about going home to our old silver haired friend."

"I'm actually starting be glade that phones don't work in this world," Sin mumbled, having great experience of Wiz calling him saying "I told you so" on the other end. Boss heard him clearly and rolled his bright amber eyes.

"Well be glade that none of the technology from your world works anywhere," Boss said with some serious hint in his voice. "If anyone find out how useful that technology is against magic, who knows what could happen." Sin nodded then resume to sew the ripped tunic to it's original state, even though there will be a small stitched line going down vertically on his dark tunic. Boss saw what Sin was doing and couldn't help but worry that those swords could do more than simply rip Sin's tunic. Boss slowly walk towards Sin before climbing on Sin's crossed legs and sat on his hunches on Sin's lap.

"Did anything beside the tunic that got nicked by those swords?" Boss asked with great concern like any parent would towards their child. Boss did practically raised Sin like a son so he felt more fatherly and motherly towards Sin. Sin heard him as he finished with the last stitch and shook his head with a cocky smile.

"Nah, I'm fine," Sin replied in deep concentration on the last stitch as he turned it into a tight knot. "No skin connect with those swords, just fabric." Then he mumbled with some anger in his voice, "A really good fabric." Boss nodded and lightly sighed with relief to here that. Suddenly Sin remembered something about that battle then looks at Boss with one more pause at his work as he pulled the needle and thread away from his now fixed tunic. "Say, Boss? Did you noticed anything familiar about that so called "ranger" I fought today?"

Boss stared at Sin, not understanding where he's going with this that his cat face can bear but he did thought about it and nodded. "He feels quite familiar, if that's what you mean and yet different...," Boss replied thoughtfully

Sin nodded. "Yeah, it felt like I fought someone like that before," Sin said staring absent minding off into the forest as if thinking, remembering something...then he bent down his head and used his teeth to bite apart the long silver thread from his tunic before placing the thimble and needle back into his pouch.

"Did you now?" Boss asked, very curious of Sin's encounters of many people and other creatures. Sin nodded again.

" feels like I seen someone like that before," Sin tries to explains and remembers at the same time. "It felt...surreal...I don't know why but I really felt like I've seen that stance before. Even though it was mixed with Surface World influence-," then it hit him. "I remember now!" He turns to Boss for conformation. "Remember the time we came here before?" Boss couldn't help but smile.

"Ah, yes, I remember...everything still the same but there are some new things I never saw before but nonetheless the same," Boss said gently and thoughtfully. Sin nodded.

"Yeah, but do you remember when we went to a place called the Underdark?" Sin asked with more giddy in his voice. Boss looked at him before nodding.

"Yes but what does that have to do with-"

"The person I was fighting today didn't have the speed of a human," Sin emphasized. "That man was an elf. And just an elf, a drow!" Boss looked at Sin like he gone mad.

"A drow? On the Surface?! But what would a drow be doing on the Surface and wearing the coloring of an ranger?" Boss asked now very confused.

Sin shook his head. "I don't know but he didn't felt menacingly...he felt more right at home...," Sin said with some thought. Boss remembered what he said earlier and nodded with an agreement.

"Yes, the young drow felt more home on the Surface than with his people," Boss said with a tone that said the drow has a different vibe about him. "He felt more in tuned with Surface World like he was meant to be here. His soul was pure as any Surface dweller and he fits right on being a ranger. Hmmm...I wondered what happened to him that made him leave his original home in the first place?"

"I don't know but I like it," Sin said with that suspicious glee in his dark eyes as they lit up violet in the night and his grin appeared on his young handsome pale face. "Finally, a drow going against the blood of his people, not fighting for chaos and pain but for order and peace." Then he lifts his head back a slight bit as he rubbed his cleaned shaved chin with his gloved hand. "Hmm, now thinking about it makes me even more interested to talk to him. I wonder what's he doing right now?"

"Well, at the moment, our top priority is to retrieve the object before They(1) do," Boss reminded Sin their true purpose. Sin gaze back at the cat a quite well rehearsed sad face.

"Aww, but I wanna talk to him," Sin said in a small voice then stuck out his lower lip and quiver it a little bit making his eyes large upper those long dark lashes as he tries to appear to be a innocent child who couldn't get what he wants. It worked many times on Boss in the pass but it begins to wear thin on Boss.

Boss only gave an deadpanned expression on his feline face. "No," he said firmly. "It may have worked on me before when you were a child but it doesn't work on me now." Sin then returned his expression to his show stopper grin with bright gleam in his dark eyes as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh well. Can't say I didn't try," Sin joked with Boss and Boss could only but rolled his eyes an inwardly groan. Sin then suddenly and gracefully went to his feet which made Boss fell back to the ground a low short yowl. Sin dusted himself off from the dirt that cling onto his fabric and straighten his clothes before turning to the cat the ground who was shaken himself from the sudden movement and excess dirt in his fur. When Boss was done with that, he sat on his hunches once again and licked one of his fore paws then rubbed them on his furry face, wiping any lingering dirt that he couldn't reach. He gave Sin a irritated leer before continuing.

"You could have warned me that you were about to move, you little imp," he said in a growl as he licked his other fore paw and rub the other side of his face. Sin laughed.

"What? And ruin the opportunity to see your surprised expression on your face?" Sin chuckled. Boss only glared at Sin before leaning back slightly to reach to his one hind legs as it stretched out before him and lick it as well. Sin looks on with a slight disgust look on his face."Cats are weird when they clean themselves," Sin commented which Boss heard as he lick his other stretched out hing leg.

"Excuse us for being cleanliness," Boss replied between licks. When he was done he went on all fours and arched his back then stretched out his long sleek frame while extending his claws as they scratched the grovel under him. He shook himself once more before looking back up at Sin. His amber eyes went back to yellow-gold hue with a hint of green as he look expectantly at Sin. "Are we ready to try again?"

Sin only rolled his dark eyes. "Yes, can we finish this so I can go home? I feel uneasy when leaving him all alone back home."

Boss nodded. "Understood," he replied and leaped onto Sin's left shoulder and curled comfortably about Sin's neck. "Is Shadow ready to continue?"

Sin looks down at his feet at the darker shadow on the ground below. It swirled and begins to mist but that's all before return a normal shadow again. Sin nodded. "Yep. He's fully charged and ready to go."

Boss gave an approve nod. "Alright then. Let's fly this time. We'll have a better view of where they went."

Sin nodded then whispered, "Release power level One." Suddenly black raven wings appeared on his back, unfolded to six foot wingspan and they slightly sheen with violet and indigo then blue highlights under the patches of moonlight from the trees canopy. Ah, that feels good..., Sin thought with relief as he flex his wings by angling them slightly then flapped them twice to get circulation going through them.

Boss, on Sin's shoulders, gave a nod of approval which is all the signal Sin needs. He extended his wings further about him before leaping into the air as he flapped them three times to help him ascend into the night sky. As soon as he reach a height he liked, he reached towards the neck of his tunic, brought out the black diamond which sparkled and gleamed with rainbow colors in the moonlight and with his light touch on the gem, it shimmered for a second and warmed under his touch then it made Sin and the cat disappear within the darkness of the night sky, flying towards their target.


Drizzt was a bit shocked to see so many soldiers down in one place. He had fought many battles on his own but he had a little help from Guen and a few other he call friends. To see the armored soldiers before him either unconscious or starting to gain consciousness was a slight bit alarming, especially they were defeated by one thief. Drizzt only followed the Leader towards the group who was being treated by a man in red robes with silver trimmings on the edges. The man in the red robes seemed to be a wizard which made Drizzt have a bitter taste in his mouth since the last time he met a human wizard and it didn't end well. Drizzt did his best to cover himself up from being seen as he pulled the hood of his cloak further down over his face and made sure nothing was revealing anything about him while he walked towards the fallen soldiers and the carriage.

The wizard in red robes sensed than heard the others returning and only continued with his work as he help the conscious armored soldier from the ground. The Leader ordered the other soldiers to help with the injured which they loyally obeyed followed his command and went to work while their leader walked right to the wizard in red robes with his back straight with pride as he held the wooden prize close to his chest. Drizzt stood just behind from the human wizard, still remembering his last encounter with a wizard did not sit well with him. The wizard turned towards the Leader with a firm line on his mouth since his hood is covering half of his face.

"Well, did you get him?" He asked in his deep soothing voice which can enchant anyone under his spell. The Leader shook his head.

"No, we've lost him during the battle," he replied his low booming voice but it was soft enough to be called talking level for him. "But we did retrieve the item thanks to the young ranger here," then turned to Drizzt behind him who stood a little ways off from everyone and then the robed wizard noticed that Drizzt's hood was pulled down, concealing his face. The wizard finds that strange and felt something odd, as if something is out of character of this stranger but no matter. He walked the short distance towards Drizzt before standing in front of the cloaked stranger and held out his hand.

"I thank you, kind stranger for retrieving the stolen treasure for our Lady," the wizard said in his enchanting voice which made Drizzt very uneasy but he hid it well and put out his gloved hand and gripped the wizard's.

"You are quite welcome," Drizzt replied in his musical voice that hand a light haunting tone to it. The wizard was than very interested in Drizzt ass he tilt his hooded head to the side, revealing his piercing blue eyes that glowed with power, still holding Drizzt's hand with a tighter grip. Drizzt tried his best not to flinch away from those eyes as they searched for something from Drizzt and even though he was well covered, he can feel them right through the fabric, into his lavender eyes and into his soul. He felt almost violated and wondered who long is this man will stare at him until a small voice caught their attention.

"Caedmon(2)! You have returned!" All turned to a young boy of an age of maybe twelve years or thirteen with warm brown very tightly curled hair that was cropped short to the level of his small chin around his small innocent face but if you look closely, there is some auburn color mixed into that luscious brown curly locks. He wears a stiff but breathable jacket with buttons fasten from his chin to his thighs, thick leggings, soft texture short heeled boots to mid way of his thighs, a sheathed sword but inches smaller with a sheathed dagger at his hips, and a hooded cloak with silver edgings and an interior what seemed to be wolf's fur but not just any wolf's fur, an worg's fur. The cloak seems heavy on his small shoulders but in actuality, the fur is very light weight and rare to wear upon. On the outside of the cloak is that symbol of the silver peacock with its head and tail plumes blossom widely as its wings open at the sides which form into a circle around its head and its feet clutched onto the wooden circlet with leaves and blooming flowers that surrounds it which is also silver. The young boy's clothes are white and silver, including the boots. Drizzt knew that this child was that of nobility and wondered why would a child of that great power is running around out here but then he noticed something else. The boy's voice was much higher pitch to be a male, more close to a melody than a voice then as the child get closer, Drizzt's firm line mouth turned into a soft amused smile. This child was not a boy at all but a girl in boys clothing. He seen women wore clothing like this but he couldn't phantom of why would a girl or a lady he might add, wearing males clothing in the first place. It must be for her protection..., he thought suggestively. He made another observation that another armored guard walked closely behind her like a shadow if you could a shadow in a silver armor with blue, light pale green and royal purple trimmings.

The lady in white stood before the Leader as the wizard let go of Drizzt but his blue eyes never left him. Drizzt find that a bit uncomfortable as the Leader bent down to the young Lady's level and hand her the small wooden chest. Her pale blue eyes widen, her small pale peach rose lips gaped with shock then joy as she saw her precious treasure returned into her possession once again. She took the small chest gratefully from the Leader and smiled with glee at him. Her pale blue eyes lit up in the moonlight to a silver sheen of gratitude, pleasure and relief of having her chest back in her small hands. Drizzt softly smiled at the scene before him.

"Thank you...thank you so much for returning my treasure," the little Lady said in a joy filled voice. The Leader shook his head.

"No, my Lady," he said that surprised Drizzt that this man's voice can get soft at all. It a soothing soft whisper that even surprised some of his soldiers. "We tried to get it back but it was the ranger who returned it to you." Then he pointed to Drizzt with a nod of his head over his left shoulder. The young Lady looked over his shoulder and saw the green cloaked ranger who looked very mysterious before her eyes. Her pale blue eyes shined even brighter with interest and curiosity as she smiled and walk up to Drizzt with her treasure close to her small chest while Caedmon, the leader of armored soldiers stood up to his feet. Since Drizzt was taught to give nobility respect, no matter how young they are and bow down before her as low as he could. Since he's am elf, he had an advantage for being more flexible.

The young Lady giggled softly for the formality but accepted it with respect and bowed back and straighten. "You may raise your head," she said with some change in her small voice. Her voice sounded like a young woman with years of practice being noble and generous. Drizzt followed and straighten and stood before the child whose height reach just above his waist. "I thank you very much, kind ranger of returning my chest where it rightfully belongs," she said with great gratitude written in her voice. "And for that you deserve an award."

The wizard cleared his throat at her last sentence which made her turn to him with an confused and annoyed expression on her young innocent face. He shook his head. She only rolled her pale blue eyes. Must you be so overbearing? She thought with irritation then gave the ranger her full attention then saw his hooded head shook from the offer. This shock her greatly. No one ever refused her offer of an award.

"I must decline the offer, young Lady," Drizzt said gently. "Seeing your treasure back to it's rightful place and the look upon your smile is quite enough for me." The wizard stared at Drizzt for a moment then nodded with approval, even the Caedmon was impressed. "For that I give you my welcome and bid you farewell. I must return to my journey." With that Drizzt bowed to them once more before straighten and slightly turned to grovel road to continue his journey. But the little girl was stubborn and ran ahead to block Drizzt's path with a stern yet determined look on her young face that made Drizzt stop in his tracks. The wizard groaned and Caedmon only chuckled. They know what they look meant.

"There must be something I can give you in return for your deed...," she said with some determination in her small voice. Drizzt smiled and shook his head.

"It is fine, my Lady-"

"Áine(3)...," she interrupted him. Drizzt looked a bit confused at her until she repeated the name again, "My name is Áine." Drizzt then was on high alert that this young lady just gave her name willingly to him.

"My Lady!" Screamed the slightly panicked and frustrated wizard but Áine gave him a stern look that silence him, for now. She then turns to Drizzt with a stubborn look.

"You now know my name and in return, I must know yours," she said with a hint of wit in her voice and silvery fire blaze in her pale blue eyes. Drizzt only stared at her for a moment then smiled. Such a strong willed lady..., he thought with a mental chuckle. She will be quite a handful for any future husband who ever try to quench her fiery spirit. Drizzt bowed his head to her, giving in to her challenge.

"My name is Drizzt Do'Urden, my Lady," he said politely then lifted his head. She stared at him for a second longer then smiled with satisfaction.

"Drizzt Do'Urden...," she repeated the name as it rolled on her tongue with some glee. "A strange name for anyone to have. It must be elven...," then she looked expectantly at the wizard who was shaking his hooded head from the choice she chosen but then realized she was waiting for him to answer which he gladly give.

"It is elven, my Lady," the wizard answered with some joy of giving lessons to his Lady. "I could tell he was elven from the beginning when we shook hands. It's not uncommon to have an elf ranger but they are a rare find. They never get much involved with humans," then he looked at Drizzt with an suggestive gaze. "You must be in training, am I correct?" Drizzt was a little unnerved that the wizard knew he was an elf from a simple handshake and began to worry that the wizard may know more about him than he's giving off now.

Drizzt nodded his head at the question. "Yes, I'm still in training. I'm traveling right now to learn the way of ranger on my own and to find my home," Drizzt answered honestly. He really wasn't hiding anything from them except his true identity of being a drow.

The wizard for the first time in Drizzt's short time encountering him, actually smiled. He smiled softly as if remembering something far from his past. "Ah, your lone journey to become a ranger...," he said thoughtfully. "I remember my time when my teacher told me it was time for me to go on my journey to discover myself and the magic around me. I had to go to different wizards throughout my life and understand then learn what make each one different yet the same." He lightly sighed then remembered the last word Drizzt said. "Searching for a home, you say?"

Drizzt only nodded and Áine became concerned for Drizzt.

"Your traveling all over Faerûn in search for a home?" She asked with some distress in her voice. Drizzt looked down at her and smiled gently. She only met him for only a moment and already she was concern for his well being. Drizzt then kneel before her and place an reassuring hand on her small left shoulder.

"Don't fret, Lady Áine," Drizzt said soothingly which brought some distress from her face just a bit. "I will be fine. I survived on my own far longer than you ever known. So do not worry about me." She nodded but that concern look never left her pale blues which made the pale blue color into a much deeper blue. He smiled and went back to his feet. "Now I must be leaving."

"You do not need leave so quickly," Áine insisted then glance towards the wizard with some suspicious silvery gleam in her eyes before turning more to glance the carriage. "You can come ride with us."

"Lady Áine!" The wizard screamed with shock. She looked at him with a slight lazy expression.

"It is the only way I can thank him properly," she said firmly that meant no more further arguments. Her pale blue eyes then shone brightly at Drizzt with a smile. "You must! After all you are walking our way to the next be easier for you to come travel with us." Drizzt stared into her pale blue eyes that shimmered brightly in the night that almost resemble silver stars above their heads. He know if he argues with her, she will only keep trying until he says yes. He softly chuckled. Very determined little Sprite...she'll be definitely be handful when she grows, he thought with a smile. He gave out a weary sigh and slightly bowed his head towards her.

"I am in your depth, Lady Áine," Drizzt said gently then straighten. She only smiled with triumph.

"Well, since he's riding with us, I suppose I can give my seat in the carriage," Caedmon said in a suggestion. The wizard turned his head to the Leader with wide eyes.

"You're going to give up your seat for a stranger?" He asked with some slight panicked in his voice. Caedmon smiled.

"I owe him my gratitude for keeping my men alive after that short spare with the thief," he said with much certainty in his voice. "This is my thanks to him for saving them helping retrieving the lady's treasure," then he gazed to Drizzt then bowed. "Again I'm grateful for your aid." Then he stood back up and ordered a armored soldier to send for his horse. One immediately saluted and ran off to gather his leader's horse. The wizard only let out a groan of frustration then went back to healing the last few soldiers which they instantly woke up from their unconscious sleep and look around confused then went back to their feet.

Áine smiled at Drizzt let out her gloved hand towards him to hold. "Come. You're my special guest which means you get the privilege to hold my hand to the carriage," she said with a clever tone in her voice. Drizzt couldn't help but laugh and held her hand in his gently grip.

"It is a pleasure, my Lady," he said in a soft voice which made Áine blush red in the moonlight but quickly hid it from him by turning away for a moment to gather her wits so her face can return its original color. Her guard noticed and couldn't help but feel a little jealous but hid it well under the blank mask on his face.


He flew over the forest of the night under the moon light since the clouds disappeared from sight which gave way to stars galore. You couldn't get this much stars back home unless you move away from cities that polluted the night with their lights, Sin thought as he gaze upon the scenery before him. It was the most beautiful thing he could ever seen that remind him the old days before progress of industry and business grew and destroyed most of the most beautiful spots to watch the stars and sunset. Sin sighed as he remembers those good days but he will have to make do with what he has. At least he could travel different worlds to see this kind of scenery again.

The cat on his shoulders look about the scene, searching for their target while Sin was distracted by the landscape. He "felt" about a few more minutes until he felt that certain magic trail which caught his attention. He turned to Sin with great certainty in his bright yellow-gold green eyes.

"Sin, our target is straight ahead," he said at Sin's right side. His otherworldly voice broke the spell on Sin and glance at the cat then nodded. He opened his raven black wings wider and flew downwards for a moment then leveled to follow the trail that the cat indicated. Alright, this time we're getting it right, Sin thought with some determination and fly on.


He felt the magic from a distance once again but then felt another familiar kind of magic that he engross with many times before. He smiled sinisterly at himself then muttered an foreign language that similar to Latin but it sounded backwards. Suddenly his dark being begins to change from his original form into something else entirely. His eyes changed from soulless red into a cold green and his long black hair grew short above his shoulders and turned dark brown and his ghostly white skin changes into a warm living color of soft peach rose and his full lips that form in a sinister smile transformed into a soft smile that can fool anyone. With this mask, no one can see the real monster underneath. He smiled once more before fading in the darkness that surrounds him and into the position as he waits for his target to arrive.

A/N: Sorry, I have to stop here because I have to find for my wizard in red robes.

1)They- Sorry I didn't put this information in earlier but if you've read it so far you could of guess of what kind of They Boss was referring to. If you don't they're Demons that try to retrieve the magic charms or creatures for their dark purposes. You just met one of them.

2) Caedmon- it means "wise warrior" in general Celtic names

3) Áine-(AN-yuh or AW-ne) from Old Irish aine "brilliance, wit, splendor, glory"; "joy", "brightness", "fasting", "praise", or "radiance". In legend, Aine was the daughter of Fer I (Man of the Yew) and the traditional name of the queen of fairies of south Munster, an important and varied role in Celtic mythology; was believed to dwell at the place now called Knockany (Cnoc Aine, "Aine's Hill"). Also used as an Irish form of Aina, Anne, Ann. (I like said before, I was very interested in Irish language, names and culture ever since I found out I have a little Irish blood in me. I also might include some Native American names in here as well. You know the reason why I just said that last part. ;) God, I love finding out where my blood comes from. XD)

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