The After Effect of the Storm


Both Drizzt and Blyth stood side to side tense at the approaching figure ahead of the row of soldiers. The person continue to walk their way without stopping and Drizzt, with his heat vision, still see this creature before him. The form tried to keep a human appearance but Drizzt can clearly see wings at the back of it, horns sprouting from its head and menacing claws as hands. He knew this was not human.

"It's not human," he commented which Blyth heard clearly and nodded.

"Yes, I know. I sensed its essence from here," he replied back. "Its very much of other but what?" The that question was mostly to himself but Drizzt shrugged a shoulder and slowly pulled out his twin scimitars with grace. Caedmon heard Drizzt pulling out his scimitars so he pulled out his sword as well. All the other soldiers followed in pursuit.

"Who are you and want to do you want?" Caedmon shouted at the creature in human disguise. This made the figure stop in it's tracks. It only stood there, momentarily thinking something then chuckled. It low and silk for human's ears to catch but Drizzt heard it clearly and presume his stance while the magic gathered at the finger tips of Blyth hands. Everyone tense, preparing for a fight that might be in their favor but Drizzt knew better.

Then the chuckle became louder for the humans to hear which all grew on edge than before as the chuckling turn into a laughter before turning into a cackle. It was cold, cruel cackle that sent shivers down every fighter's spine. What was this being laughing about? They got their answer when the person before them stop instantly to glare at them with piercing red eyes that glowed from the shadowing of his face. Drizzt now can get a prospective of what they are facing.

"It's a demon," Drizzt said low for only Blyth to hear. Blyth nodded gratefully at Drizzt.

"I see, now I know what spell to use on it," he replied back with now power gracing his voice. Drizzt wish he could use his ability to darken the area around them to confuse not only the humans but the demon as well so he could get a better judgment what name to call him to get rid of him. But he couldn't risk exposing himself just of yet and something about this demon seems different from the rest. He couldn't put his finger on it but something about this demon tells him that he really didn't belong here. Not that every demon belong here first of all, it's just that this one is from another world from beyond his comprehension.

The demon in human disguise then smiled sadistically at them with a burning white teeth from within the darkness of his face. The smile grew and grew until it almost appear to be cutting off half of his head. Here it comes, Drizzt thought in anticipation as the demon stared down at them before fading into the dark. All looked around for its presence.

"Where did he go?!" One soldier screamed in slight panic in his voice. All searched for the demon for any hint of where it is attacking. It didn't took long before Drizzt sensed it from a distance to his left from behind. He quickly turned with a swing of one of his scimitars at his left which in seconds contact with something solid that made his scimitar sang in a metallic muffle tone. All turned towards Drizzt's way to see Drizzt at a head on battle with the monster.

The demon anticipated Drizzt's movements and deflected the scimitar with his lower right arm with that same sadistic smile plastered on his fair face while his short dark brown hair settled softly around his head. It looked so inhuman that only for a short second it made Drizzt regret facing him. His scimitar sank into that soft flesh of a human but Drizzt knows that demon skin can be as strong as any armor built in Faerûn. The demon before him only smiled even more which ruined the handsome human face he wear and made his red eye glowed more menacingly.

"So you're the one who saw through my disguise... I understand now," he said in a light seductive way mixed obvious glee. Drizzt was a bit disgruntled for what the demon meant when the tingling at the back of his neck told him to move. Drizzt smirked at the demon which made it arch an fine eyebrow before swiftly sidestepping to the his right. The demon did not have any time to react when a bright flash caught his red eyes as Blyth recite a spell then launched a full attack at the demon's direction. The white light of energy shined brightly in the night like the sun from the finger tips of Blyth hands streaked out like lightning would during a storm across from where he stood to the demon and strike where it true. It hit the center of the demon's chest which the demon gave out a cry of sudden pain as it flew backwards into the tree line of forest. He crashed into two trees before disappearing int the darkness once again. Drizzt and the others watched with awe and amazement as the demon disappear into the dark forest around them. The light from Blyth hands faded slowly before returning everything back into darkness of the night.

"Well done, Blyth," Caedmon praised the wizard which the wizard only reply back with a nod of his hooded head. He heaved and his breaths were shallow from where Drizzt can hear. That spell took most of his energy, Drizzt thought with empathy before heeding the area where the demon landed. He and Blyth knew that spell was strong but not strong enough to kill a demon. Blyth begins recite another spell which made the air around them buzz and tingle against their clothed skin. Drizzt shudder as Blyth collected enough power about him while Drizzt watched on, searching where the demon could strike next. Sensing the tension from the two and feeling the odd sensation about him, Caedmon then hopped off his horse with his sword posed and ready. The other armored men followed their leader soon after with their swords ready as well. Archers knocked their bows with arrows ready to let loose into the night, surrounding the carriage as they knelt. Horses about them began to feel eerie about the air them and stomped their hooves gingerly on the ground. Their riders were near enough to sooth the steeds as best as they could.

Within the carriage, Ardwyad held his Lady close with his sword now out from its sheath while Lady Áine clutched on Ardwyad's arm with one arm while the other tightly on her small little treasure chest. The nerves within everyone risen a tad as every second pass by them as they sat there, waiting for the demon to reappear. As they waited, hiding in the brush not far from them, the demon raise to one of his knees, wincing at the sudden sting in his chest. He place a hand there and waited as his wound or more like a burnt bruise healed within matter of seconds. He grunted of approval then looks up at the group before him that stood several feet from he knelt. He sneered a smirk. My, my. Aren't we clever? He thought with a chuckle. Now, to get to the target..., then he gaze upon the carriage guarded by surrounding by archers, posed and ready. He gave another smile of evil glee. This is going to be fun! With that, he then leap from where he knelt into a several feet above the tree line of the group's vision until Drizzt heard the sudden rush of wind and rustle of leaves before looking up at the demon rising into the air. The demon hover there for a moment which gave Drizzt time to sheath his scimitars to reach for his bow and arrow from his back then cocked the bow back with an arrow aiming high at his target all one smooth motion, then the demon plummet back down to earth like a projectile with a purpose. Noticing Drizzt's ready bow and arrow into the high, Caedmon then commanded his archers, "Archers! Above!" All the archers lift their bows and nicked arrows into the air to capture the sight of the falling demon above their heads. The demon smiled.

Drizzt aimed then let loos of his first arrows which signal the others to follow suit. Caedmon then shouted, "Fire!" Arrows went flying towards their falling target above their heads then reload again. Drizzt knows mere arrows won't harm the demon in any way but they need it to stale the demon long enough for Blyth to conjure enough magic to at least to weaken or cripple it for the others retreat into town near by. The demon gave out a laugh of how pathetic these humans are before opening an extra layer of skin off his back that broke through the weak skin of the human he was disguising as with loud sickening rip noise as his dark bet like wings which glow terrifyingly deep red by the moon behind him sprout out. He use them to fold about him to become a shield which they prevent the arrows from piercing him with ease. When the on coming arrows ceased, he opened his wings to appear to be larger to the human eyes as he descend to them towards the carriage.

The carriage driver saw this and scream with sheer panic and terror as the monster descent further upon them.

"Anytime will do, Blyth," Caedmon called out to the wizard. The wizard continue to summon more power about him which took all his concentration but he did gave a little attention towards Caedmon by sparing him a glare that requested him for patients before returning to his concentration. Drizzt didn't waste time to fire another round of arrows from his stance which Caedmon saw and commanded for his men to do the same. Arrows flew towards the demon with great accuracy. Demon could not help but roll his eyes at this and used his wings again as a shield to repel the arrows from him. But the firing of arrows were relentless as a certain few would by pass the demon's wings to gaze his cheek and ear. This infuriated the demon as he came on them with great force. Flapping his wings to make the arrows recoil back to the ground which armored men either flinch when an arrow grazed them or came their way, ducked to the side before returning fire or taking a hit with grunt, removed the arrow from where it entered and try to return fire while wounded. Drizzt saw this and placed his bow upon his back before pulling out both of his two scimitars once again which sang out towards Caedmon who nodded and ready to tell his archers to cease attacking.

The demon was now a few feet above the carriage which the driver screamed and jumped from porch to the side on the ground to hide behind the carriage. Drizzt then dashed across the short distance towards the carriage right then Caedmon shouted a cease fire which every archer followed precisely then pulled out their swords from their sheaths. Demon could not phantom why they stopped their firing when he saw something dark green dashed across the ground, in between and behind the group of armored men before leaping onto the carriage with grace and speed. Demon almost collided with the dark forest green hooded figure when he opened his wings to slow his descent down by a notch. After that worked, he shot out his legs and try to kick Drizzt off the carriage. Drizzt foreseen this and swung his scimitars low from his right to the left upwards as he twisted his body, ready for impact which it did made seconds later. The demon's foot collided with Drizzt's scimitars before rebounding into the air once again. The demon growled with frustration before he charged down again, head first and arms thrust out with long claws posed to strike. Drizzt was ready and leaped into air at the same time. Both meet with blade and nails as metallic rang into the air. The impact surprised the demon a bit as he about to bound back into the air but Drizzt reached out in a flash and grabbed the demon's foot then used his weight as he fell back to earth to bring the demon down with him. Demon let out a small short cry of astonishment as he came crashing down to the ground with Drizzt. Archers surrounding the carriage moved several feet away as both fell to ground a few feet from them. Drizzt gave a slight grunt from the impact on the ground but rolled instantly to his feet with scimitars up. The demon was stunned for a moment before realizing that's he's once again on the ground then in a flash was on his feet as well. That little bastard! The demon thought with disdain at he gaze at Drizzt with intense hatred. He extended his hands into claws before both he and Drizzt charged again.

Like lightning fast, Drizzt danced with his scimitars spinning and twirled in his grasp as they collide with the demon's claws and rebound then back again, he writhe and sidestepped from demon's advances to find a opening for him to strike while the demon did the same for himself. Caedmon nodded to one of men to join in and charged forward which they obliged with no hesitation. A few armored men came running to Drizzt's side with determination written on their faces under their helms. One armored soldier strike at the demon's right side which the demon saw coming and reflect it back with his right claw by swing back then another took a aim at the demon's left which demon growled and deflect that as well with his foot. Drizzt charge head on with one scimitar going low and other high to his eye level. The demon didn't react in time as blades cut through his wings with no resistance. The demon howled in pain then growled in irritation and turn on Drizzt with anger in his red gaze and claws coming down to finish him. Drizzt jumped back a few feet from the strike as they come down on nothing but air then ground with such force that it shook ground beneath their feet.

Horses neighed in distress and about to gallop away from the scene but a few soldiers grabbed the reins to reel them back to their spot where their riders left them and sooth them once again. Every horse was very skittish now.

This much noise and action woke the town near into a start as people gathered from their homes and businesses to gaze at the entrance to see a battle going on. Men got quickly dressed to gather whatever weapons they could find and hopped out from their homes and ran towards the entrance to aid in every way they can. Some others stay behind in case any more try to pass through into their town. Women and children look on fear and horror, wondering what is happening. Town guard officials race across with swords and spears drawn towards the sounds of battle.

While they are fighting to keep the demon at bay, Caedmon then ran to the driver's side and pulled him up onto his feet by tugging on his cloak. He took note of the increasing of people with weapons at the entrance of the town and took it as a blessing.

"Get on your feet!" He ordered which the driver meekly complied with a indifference expression on his face. Caedmon then shoved the man back onto his seat and shouted, "Move! Now while we still have it distracted!" The nodded hastily, no needing the further encouragement and with a flick of the reins, the horses reared up for a moment then took off towards the town. Caedmon looked at his men. "Archers stay and help the Ranger and Blyth while the rest come with me to protect the Lady!" All heads nodded majority of the group hopped onto their horses and galloped away with carriage towards the crowd. Caedmon then looked at his men fighting against the demon with Drizzt and Blyth concentrating on the magic his conjuring which grew in strength one last time before hopping on his horse.

"You all better come back in one piece!" Caedmon shouted which all gave him a grin and smirk. Drizzt couldn't but smile at that and Blyth only gave a lopsided grin. Caedmon smiled before flicked his reins and his horse took off with the carriage and his other men.

The demon saw this and was furious. He couldn't believe he was so close on taking his target before the others did but now it's getting away, out of his reach. Damn it all! With that, he summoned all his strength about him that is similar to Blyth but quicker and he tore apart the human skin he wore into small pieces that slid down to the ground. All watched as the demon then revealed himself to all to see.

The dark being had the appearance of an man, a young man of twenty years with waist length jet black hair, his skin deep red and seemed to contain scales like reptile, his face is very handsome to capture any woman's eye, long black horns the sprout from the crown of the forehead his skull and curled back over his head, and his body is slim but very well built. He's wearing a black long sleeve tunic, black leggings, black boots that came midway of his shins, and a floor length black cloak. As the moon glows down the rays of light caught the being's hair and it shined dark red like it was drenched in blood. The being's hair is so dark red that it appears to be black. His eyes went from red to black as he shifts into his comfortable form. Those almost resembles someone else but Drizzt wasn't sure if he was assumption was accurate so he kept that thought to himself.

The being stared at Drizzt and the other men surrounding him a little longer before he reacted by lifting his right arm. They watched as he pointed with one finger towards the fleeing carriage before him. Drizzt's lavender eyes widen in panic as he shot from his spot as he spin on one leg and swung with other as swiftly as he could, to interrupt the being's concentration. But that didn't faze the demon at all as he only glared at Drizzt and caught Drizzt's on coming foot by an unseen force. Drizzt froze in mid strike as he wondered why he stopped when the armored around the them repeat the process Drizzt was about to do but with swords raised or aiming low at the demon's legs. Even that didn't stopped the demon at all as he use that same unseen force and hold each soldier in mid strike as they stare on in panic and shock.

The power gathered at the tip of the being's long sharp nail which appeared invisible of a red glow that caught everyone's eye. No! Drizzt thought in fear and try to desperately fight against the unseen force that's holding him but no matter he or any of the struggling soldiers do, they couldn't break free. The demon smirked a sharp toothy grin as he ready to release his attack.

"NO!" Drizzt screamed as he watched the demon released his hold of his power which was sent across towards the retreating group of armored soldiers and carriage. The gathering crowd of towns folk saw the red light streaking towards them and shouted in horror. Caedmon only had time to see the beam of red light coming towards him with wide eyes.

Just as the red beam of light was about to hit its target, it seemed to meet with an unseen force or shield that stood between the retreating group. The demon's eyes slightly widen with confusion and astonishment. Wha-? That's all it could get out from his thoughts when a great of power hit with relentless strength that it knocked the demon a few feet down the road which broke the hold on Drizzt and others. Drizzt and the armored men land on their feet and straighten quickly as they watch the demon hit the ground with a cry of anguish. This power seem to be crushing the demon to the ground and purifying it at the same time. Drizzt turned to the beholder of this power with a smile.

Blyth stood strong with his arms raised as he pushes the demon further down the road with all his concentration and energy. Gritting his teeth, Blyth kept pushing and shoving the demon to the ground while the demon tries to raise to his feet. This would of continued for a while if it weren't draining Blyth's energy and life source. Blyth sweated, heaved heavily and his strength weakening, he continued to hold the demon back and hard as he can. Drizzt knew that Blyth can't keep this up very long and look behind him to watch the carriage reach the perimeter of the town with the Caedmon and his men. The towns folk help them enter the town hastily which Caedmon gave a grateful nod to them. Drizzt nod to that then turned to the demon who was now beyond irritated, he began to fight back against the unseen force.

"You damn HUMAN!" The demon screamed with such anger that it rattled Drizzt but not enough to faze him. Drizzt went to Blyth's side as the wizard begins to weaken further more. The armored soldiers did the same. Drizzt was quite taken back how admirable these men are as few are still injured from the arrows earlier. Their blood decorated their silver armor as it trickle down over the metal surface, mixing with dirt and grim from their sweat of exhaustion. Still they stood strong besides Drizzt and Blyth.

Drizzt gaze up into the sky and noticed the stars were gone and the moon was fading its inner glow as the sky lightens from black to dark blue and blue. Dawn was coming and Drizzt must find a way to get the demon to feel the light of the sun. He glanced to Blyth at his left.

"Blyth, I want you release your power on my command then leave with the others," Drizzt said calmly. Blyth shook his head, not even looking at Drizzt.

"I can't and I will not," he replied wearily, his strong voice begins to drain. "I won't let this thing harm our Lady. And if I have to kill myself in order to destroy that monster by using this ability then so be it." With that, he forced more power and strength into this magic spell which was killing him in the process. The demon let out another cry as he was shoved down again.

"No," Drizzt said firmly. "Your life is important to your Lady. She needs you. You were there when she was born, when she lost her mother...you have to be there for her. You're the only close relative she has. You cease this ability once I give my signal." Again, Blyth shook his head.

"I can't young one," then he finally turns to Drizzt with all knowing eyes. "I'm already old, Drizzt. I have not much to live for. Caedmon and Ardwyad will take good care of her. Now, I want you to take the men here and leave." Drizzt shook his head.

"I'm not leaving your side," Drizzt said in a tone that meant it. He won't leave his friend. Enough of his friends had died...Drizzt set his feet firmly on the ground besides Blyth who looked on in shock but then gave in with an exasperated defeated sigh.

"You win," Blyth said softly then smile at the young ranger before turning back to the demon. "Men of the EanAirgid Clan, I here by the order of Lady Áine , to stand down and return to the others!" All the armored men gaze at Blyth as if he grown and turned into an org. "You heard me! Return to Caedmon's side at once to protect our Lady!" All looked at each other, unsure if they should follow or go against it. "Go NOW!" Blyth screamed at them which all flinched slightly. After a several seconds of thinking, they stood their ground with swords raised.

"No, great wizard!" One of the soldiers screamed back to Blyth's left. Blyth looked with an raised eyebrow.

"We won't leave!" Another one shouted at Blyth's and Drizzt's right.

"Yes we won't leave you alone! We promised our Commander we will return in one piece, that includes you, great wizard!" The same soldier shouted at Blyth's left. Blyth was speechless and Drizzt could only chuckle.

"It looks like they have their minds set," Drizzt with a chuckle and admiration. Blyth again was speechless as all soldiers, and one ranger, stood by his side, ready to fight if the demon wasn't destroyed. Blyth then softly chuckle to himself. Youth these days..., he thought thoughtfully then concentrated on continue, if not to destroy then to weaken the demon at least which it was working, for the time being.

The dark being was getting irked by these annoying ants and couldn't take no more. He then conjured up enough energy into his left hand then to his index finger before pointed it at the wizard's direction. The power grew into his one nail as he smiled. Die human, he thought as he release his power like an arrow shot from a bow.

Drizzt sensed the demon's energy surging from his position before knowing instantly what the demon was doing. No..., he thought and reacted as quickly as possible and stood before Blyth which caught on with confusion on his contorted face of concentration. Drizzt stood ready to take a hit by the demon's attack but it intercepted by a silver flash at his left. The soldier didn't have time to gave out a cry as the red beam of light pierced his chest. His face formed into a silent scream of pain as he fell to ground with a metallic thud. Drizzt eyes widen.

"No!" One of the soldiers scream in anguish and went to his side. He fell to knees to check how bad the wound was. It was inconceivable. There was no healing from that wound as it went straight through his heart in one shot. His friend look down at the dying soldier who has smile on his face.

"Bey! Hang on! We'll get you to a healer!" His friend at his side said with great pain and desperation. Bey would not or couldn't answer as his last breath escape him with a great sigh then he was gone. "Bey? Bey?! BEY!" His comrade shook the now dead soldier but it was too late. Bey was gone. The soldier then bowed his head. "You died honorably. You may now rest peacefully with the Halls of our ancestors." All bowed their heads in respect for the death of their comrade, including Drizzt. You fought nobly...rest in peace, Drizzt thought then looked up at the demon with fire burning through his lavender eyes. From a distance, the demon laughed.

"Really now, you think you can defeat me with simple tricks like this?" He laughed. The soldier who knelt by his dying friend's side, stood up from his spot turn menacingly at the demon.

"It seems that we can," he replied back in fury in his voice. "You're on the ground with no means of escape, only death. Your idle threats can't faze us." That only made demon to give a feral smile at the soldier.

"Well, let's find out shall we?" He said sadistically then he place both of his hands under the unseen force that placed him on the ground and pushed back. Blyth staggered a bit before digging his heels into the ground again at the sudden shift in the power he's using.

"Wha-?" That's all he had to say when the demon said, "Refua(1)," then the power coursing through his hands erupted. The magic spell that kept him down on the ground disperse and vanished. Blyth looks on in disbelief. This happen before when he on the verge on capturing the thief but his wall of fire just disperse and vanish.


"Don't be too shocked, human," the demon said as he stood up from his position with smug on his face. "I can easily eradicate your magic spells or abilities in one simple command." Then he noticed the wizard's expression and his smug widen. "Let me guess, this happen before, didn't it?" The wizard then only give the demon a glare before suddenly sinking to the ground to his hands and knees. Drizzt was quickly at his side. The wizard coughed and heaved as if he trying to retrieve the air that had been stolen from him. Drizzt looked on with great concern. The demon laughed as the other soldiers gathered around the fallen wizard and the kneeling Drizzt. "Oh dear, it seems that he couldn't handle that much power from that spell," he said nonchalantly. Drizzt glared at him with fiery eyes of bright lavender that shined from within the shadowing of the hood which the demon caught and thought to be the most unusual and yet beautiful jewels to gaze upon. There's only one person who share the same color as this man but sadly they always appear to be dark violet..., he thought as he gaze back into his memories. He smiled sinisterly at Drizzt. "My, aren't we spirited today," the demon said as Drizzt stood with scimitars ready. "Ah, you want to fight me?" Then lift his hand at Drizzt's direction with palm facing up. "Come and get me," as he flex his hand to beckon Drizzt to the challenge. Drizzt stepped forward but several of the soldiers stopped him.

"No, Ranger. We'll take care of this fool," one of the soldiers who stood by Bey's dying body. "Besides...," he turned to the demon with a glare of his own, "...we would like to have revenge for our dead comrade." Drizzt saw that burning hatred in those warm brown eyes that almost glowed gold in the night under his helm. Drizzt thought for a moment before speaking.

"As much I want to agree with you, soldier, but I can't let another die tonight," Drizzt said to the soldier beside him. The soldier turned to Drizzt with that burning gaze. "Trust me. I handle beasts worse than him and I'm the only one who is more compatible to his speed and strength. I want you and your men to take the injured and...," Drizzt turn his gaze to the only dead soldier on the grovel road, "the dead to towards the town. Carry Blyth with you." Drizzt looks back with a burning gaze of his own. That bright lavender gaze made the soldier slightly flinch at the sight of them. He never seen or heard of an elf with purple eyes but he kept that to himself and nodded. He would oblige by Drizzt's orders, for now, and yelled the same orders to the others. At first they were adhesive but then helped the injured, two gathered Bay's dead body and carried him off, two went to the wizard's sides, help him stand then half carried and half dragged him away from the fight who did argue with them while the rest covered rear as they retreat. Some hopped on their horses that stood loyally waiting for them while others walked with injured as their other comrades held the reins of their steeds. One placed Bey's dead body on his steed and trotted away. They occasionally gave Drizzt disgruntle glances as they within the boundary of the town. Drizzt was glade for that and return his gaze to the demon who only watched the whole scene before him.

"My, don't we feel confident?" He said with a chuckle. "You think you can keep up with my speed and strength?" Then he disappeared before Drizzt's eyes before he could even blink but he knows the demon's tricks and held up his scimitars and spin around until he hit something solid. The demon was a bit taken back and jumped from where he was about to attack Drizzt which was behind Drizzt's left side. Drizzt smiled as he turn to face the demon.

"I don't think, I know," he said with some confidence in his voice. Drizzt knows he can't kill a demon, well learned from his drow kind rituals, but he can try to distract it and maybe sent it away from the town. I hope I sound confident than I look, he thought. Now to keep the demon focus on him. He would like to have Guen's aid for this but the demon was too quick to catch a beak to call out the cat just of yet.

Drizzt charged forward and swung his scimitars once more as he danced. The demon reacted back but deflecting and dodging each attack from those dancing blades. He writhe and moved out of line of attack from where those blades will land. He growled. I don't have time for this! The demon thought with frustration. Drizzt then spin on the ball of his left foot and lift his right leg and swung it at the demon's head which the demon blocked with his lower left arm. Drizzt suddenly twisted at his hip and spun the right scimitar towards the demon which again the demon blocked with his other arm, at that Drizzt smiled and did the same for his left scimitar. The demon did have time to block or react as the scimitar to his face. He roared an animated roar of a tiger and bear mixed then thrust his arms forward. That action made Drizzt almost made him loose his footing but he quickly regains it and attack again with scimitars dancing in his hands. The demon was beyond irked.

"You little...!" He growled and lunged forward and grabbed Drizzt by the throat through those spinning blades. Drizzt tried to stop him from reaching him but that end in vain as that cold hand grabbed his throat with ease. Drizzt gurgled as those nails sink into his flesh which made wince from the sting of pain, startled for a moment that the demon was willing to risk loosing a hand in order to grab his throat. Drizzt didn't have time to think as the demon wind up his arm which is connected to the hand that is holding Drizzt before his sprung his arm forward while letting go. Drizzt flew several feet from where he was held and into a tree, hard. Drizzt gasped as his breath escaped his lungs when he hits the tree on his back before sliding down to the ground, dazed. The demon only grinned with satisfaction then turned from Drizzt towards the town to his target.

Drizzt gritted his teeth and moved from his position even though every muscle of his back and some below screamed in protest. He ignored them and stood within moments. he felt the warm liquid that trickle down his neck to be absorb into his tunic. It was blood, his blood but he ignored that too, he had worse injuries than this. He was about to resume his stance and attack demon while his back is turned but something told him to freeze where he stood. He looked over his right shoulder to gaze upon something furry and large.


He flew over the scenery towards his suspected target they have been searching for while Sin takes care with the demon far back. Boss didn't expect more to arrive with another unexpected guest as well to aid Sin but he didn't mind. As long Sin has someone to keep him from loosing his sanity, it was fine with Boss, even though these two never get along.

He continue to fly in his owl form, conjuring all the magic he can touch within this realm to search for the his target. When he felt that familiar tingling energy of that same wizard he fought earlier, he immediately flew in that direction it's coming from. He flew as fast as he could but the time he reach there, the sky begins to lighten as the on coming dawn makes its appearance. Damn it! He cursed as he encompass about the scene below him and gazed upon the ground where the road separate the forest in two towards the town and down below is another demon fighting with the humans. The wizard he could sense from a distance was weak from using the spell he used earlier and one soldier dead. I came too late. Then he noticed a figure that look familiar to him. It had dark forest green cloak that flows behind it as it fights against the demon with his twin swords...wait, scimitars! Yes it was the drow ranger he and Sin was discussing about earlier. This ranger kept the demon busy as the humans in armor gathered their injured and the weak wizard away from the demon and him. Maybe it's not too late..., then he was about to join in when the demon was infuriated and grabbed the ranger's throat, wind his arm back and flung him across the road into a tree. The ranger hit it a sicking thud. Boss could feel his pain all the way from where he hovered. The demon then turned away from Drizzt towards the town where their target resides. Oh no you don't! And he dived down towards the demon while at the same time transformed into another shape.

His form grew larger and larger until it was four times larger than horse, wings gone and replaced with fore paws, claws replaced hind legs, feathers evaporated into a fur coat, feather tail stretched and into a long tail that twitch occasionally, tuffs formed round ears, the beak into a muzzle with long sharp jagged teeth, his large disk like eyes angular and slanted with his angular head and his small body frame stretched as well and elongated into a sleek form with tone muscles. He fell towards the demon's back as he soared over the stunned ranger and hit where it's true.


It leaped over Drizzt as it landed on the demon's back. The demon gave out a cry as it landed on him. He then turn his gaze to his assailant and next victim but froze.

Staring back at him was a large cat or panther with its large paws placed firmly on his back. It large but sleek form with toned muscles twitched under that smooth and short black-gray coat that shimmered silver in the moon light, its long tail swish left to right occasionally and large angular head was the size of a toddler. Its large dish eyes glowed bright amber and yellow-gold in the night that seem to glittered with other colors mixed into them. They was hypnotic to stare into if they weren't so shone only pure hatred at the demon. The panther growled, baring teeth with its round ears pressed down on its head as it gaze down at the demon. The growling made not only the panther but the demon vibrate under it. The demon make a short breath between his teeth. Damn! If he's here then that annoying thief is too..., the demon thought and try to twist within the panther's grasp. The panther growled and hissed as it pushed more firmly on the demon to keep him still.

The towns folk saw this and gasped in shock at the large creature which Caedmon and his men noticed with startled gaze. Concern for the Drizzt's safety, Caedmon ordered some of his still able men to aid the Ranger immediately which a good few nodded and hopped on their horses.

Drizzt stare on at the large creature on the demon's back. The panther at least six foot tall on its four paws and four times larger than a horse. He won't be surprised if this panther could swallow a horse in one bite. He never seem such a creature as large as it. He then realized the panther seemed to be helping him and no one was watching him so he reached to his pouch that hung from his waist. He pulled out a small well sculpted black figurine of panther and set it on the ground before him.

"Come, Guenhwyvar," he called out eagerly. Sensing her friend in dire need, black mist formed about the figurine then it grow and took shape into a large black panther that reach about to his mid way of his chest, her sleek structure and well built muscles form under that pitch black fur coat with a long tail that twitched with anticipation of fight to begin. Guenhawyvar swung her angular head slightly left then right, surveying the area for anything suspicious and found a larger panther struggling with a person underneath it before looking towards her master and only companion with assumption in her intelligent yellow eyes. Drizzt nodded. "Guen, that panther is our ally. Its aiding us by holding down a demon. We must do everything we can to stop him." If Guen had a voice, she would easily replied him back but all she could do was turned in her sleek form and bound towards the larger panther holding down the demon. Drizzt bent down the figurine, picked it up and placed it in his pouch then followed close behind.

The panther struggling with demon it turned to Drizzt with an intelligent gaze of its own. Drizzt didn't realize how big it was until Guen trotted next it stood her full height against its. It was at least three times her size. Even Guen was a bit taken back but the sheer size of this beast but may was it beautiful. Its black-gray and coat gleamed as shiver in what little light the moon was giving as it changed its position in the sky as the night begins to fade into day. Drizzt must keep the demon at bay long enough, Drizzt knows quite well the demons weren't very fond of sunlight like the drow.

The panther growled as the demon continued to struggle. The demon sensed the dawn was approaching and no matter what realm he's in, he couldn't stand the sun. It reminds too much of any light creature he come in contact with. He needs to find a way to get the behemoth of a cat off of him. He was about to use his powers again when he felt another hot breath of an animal on him. He gaze up into another pair of yellow eyes that glared down at him. He groaned. Oh great, another cat. And to think this can't get any worse..., he thought before he felt that familiar sense of that certain someone he been trying to avoid. He let out an low growl. This has to end now! He gaze up the familiar purple eyes burning brightly under that hood that came into view with scimitars pose at his throat.

"You won't be harming anyone anymore," the cloaked figure said and was about to dove his scimitar into the demon's throat. The demon chuckled which both panthers caught.

"Not today," he said in a low voice and then grinned. A black mist like shadow leaped from beneath him and strike the cloaked figure. The shadow clawed hand went through Drizzt which made him froze in stunned disbelief. He felt cold chills went down his spin and back up again as whatever coursing throughout his veins and body made him numb and dizzy. He could speak and lash out at the demon as this same attack retreated back beneath him, leaving a paralyzed and uneasy Drizzt. The demon laughed as Drizzt fell to the ground, his face contorting in anguish, ill from that sudden attack, making his hood gave way a little to reveal his dark skin on his left cheek. Drizzt fell on his right side to the ground, curling into ball to help give rid of the pain that surge through him. The large panther looked on in stunned silence before returning that scorching gaze back to the demon. Guen went to her friend's side when he fell. She licked and purred against him as he grunted and hissed in pain when she touched him. Guen looked on with an distraught gaze. What can she do?

What's happening to me? Drizzt thought distress. Why do I feel so...much pain? I can hardly feel my legs and arms anymore. And before even Drizzt could understand, his body tensed again as pain shot into his brain and his world went dark.


The demon laughed again as the ranger fell to ground with a thud then looks at the larger panther.

"I hope you have a wonderful day, Boss," he said his taunting sweet tone. Boss was about to tear the demon apart but the demon faded into the ground as a shadow and slither away into the faded darkness. Boss growled as he watched it escape from his grasp but then , if he could, grin when he saw a familiar form diving down after it.

The demon was close to freedom but he didn't leave without feeling sudden pain of a sword plunged into him. The shadow hissed at the sting of the blade sinking into it then gaze at the hilt and the gloved hand which hold the hilt and the other arm connecting to that hand. He saw Sin staring down at him with cold dark eyes as he knelt on the ground beside the shadow.

"What have you done?" He asked toneless voice which almost sent shivers down the shadow's spine, if it had any. The shadow chuckle in a whisper.

"I gave him what he deserves. A bit of demon venom can go a long way, especially if you leave a mark on him," it whispered. Sin's dark eyes widen.

"You what?!" But the shadow struggled then set itself free from Sin's blade with a hiss and vanish in the dark forest which begins to look menacing as the sun begins to slowly raise. Sin let out short breath between his teeth and pulled his blade out from the ground and sheath it once again. Sin turned to the collapsed forest green cloak ranger. Sin's face was grim. Fuck! Then ran towards Boss with his wings folded neatly on his back. He reached to the ranger's side but only to get forced back by another black panther that was twice smaller than Boss. It growled at him. Sin put his hands up before him, showing he's harmless.

"Easy there, big fella," Sin said in a hush gentle tone to ease the tension from the panther.

"Sin, that 'fella' is a girl," Boss said to Sin's right ear. Sin glared at the larger panther known as Boss.

"How am I suppose to know?" He asked in a harsh whisper before returning his gaze to the panther. "Can you at least calm her down so I can check how bad he is?" The panther only gave Sin a snort of a reply before slowly stalks over to the smaller one. The smaller panther loomed over her friend protectively as the larger panther came inches from her head. He large head was twice the size as hers as he rubbed gently against it and begins to slowly purrs.

Sin was about to get impatient when smaller panther didn't respond back with only a low growl till he heard galloping hooves coming their way. He looked over the two large panthers to see a small group of armored soldiers on horses racing their way at their direction.

"Booosssss," Sin gave Boss a great hint that trouble is coming. Boss only lift his head to group heading towards them then put his head near the smaller panther as if not fazed by this.

"Just keep them occupied while I talk to her," Boss said as he begins to purr again. The smaller tensed when she heard the hooves coming rapidly at their direction but suddenly felt calm again but she still growled at the larger panther when he rubbed his large head against hers.

Sin rolled his eyes. "Fine, make me do all the dirty work," he said in a gruff of defeat and distaste and went around the two felines and stood in the middle of the road. He then whispered, "Shadow, hide us well."

A black form enlarges at his feet and replied, "Yes, Master." The voice sounded as if the shadows was speaking themselves, whispering low, quiet and husky whistling tone. Then the black shadow at his feet formed into black mist once again and blasted all around the on coming soldiers with raised swords. The horses they rode reared up from the sudden black mist the abruptly appeared before them and begins to panic. Each rider try to calm their steeds down.

Sin smiled. This should keep them busy, then turned to look over his left shoulder at Boss. "How's it coming?" He called out.

Boss rubbed and purred against the smaller cat's head. ; Do not be afraid. We are only here to help. If you let help your friend, we'll do everything we can to save him but it's all up to you; He thought to her in that calm otherworldly voice the soothed even the most untamed beast. At first she couldn't quite understand what he wanted but then slowly but surly begins to rubbed back and purred.

; Ah, so your name is Guenhwyvar. Such a lovely name for a beautiful cat like yourself; Then he took his head away to stare into Guenhwyvar's bright yellow eyes.

One of the soldiers knew this trick to well and knows the black mist is harmless and urge the horse forward which made the others followed close behind. Sin felt a lone mist reach out and hover near his left ear.

"They're coming," it warned in a whisper. Sin gritted his teeth and turn over to Boss.

"Anytime now," Sin gave warning to Boss. Boss growled at Sin's impatience but his eyes on the smaller panther.

; You can trust us. We won't harm you or your friend. So please, let us help; At first Guenhwyvar wasn't convinced but she sensed pure magic emanating from his body which is a good sign. Guenhwyvar purred back which Boss took as an answer. Boss gave a low moan of a growl then bent his head down at the dark forest cloaked ranger that collapsed. Boss then opened his mouth and gently gripped the unconscious ranger in his large mouth, teeth sinking softly against the easily broken body of the ranger's to keep him from falling out. Guenhwyvar only watch but growled when she saw those large dagger like teeth sink into her friend's body. Boss only gave an reassuring growl before turning to Sin.

; Alright, we can leave; He thought to Sin since his mouth was full.

Sin nodded and asked Shadow, "Ready for another round?" The long sliver of black mist coiled around Sin's neck.

"Yes," it answered in that hush whisper tone, almost eager. Sin then closed his eyes and recited,

"Καλώ σου να με απελευθερώσει από τα δεσμά μου ένα δεσμά, ζητώ μόνο για σένα να μου άγκυρα και να βοηθήσει μέσα από το πέρασμα στο Μεταξύ κόσμο. Σκιά, καλώ εμπρός για να αποσυνδέσετε και σου ανοίγει σε επίπεδο ισχύος πέντε, να λάβει το ρόλο και τη μεταφορά μου στο σημείο όπου θέλω να είμαι."

The mist then left the group of soldiers on their steed in stunned silence as they watched the mist slither from around them and surrounded Sin, Boss with the ranger in his mouth and Guenhwyvar who was a bit skittish about the moving mist and growled. Boss calmed her with a loud purr that stopped her quickly and soothed her.

The soldiers then realized what the thief was about to their outside the wall of swirling mist realized what's happening and race forward to save their ally.

The mist contracted closer and closer as it swirled faster and faster until it engulfed all occupants within it into another world. The black mist the settles before all the soldiers' eyes and faded into thin air as the sun raises over them, revealing nothing but an empty space where the occupants once stood. Everyone stood still in stunned silence of awe, confusion and defeat.


They returned to the same realm they left but into another part of the forest but not far from the town that their target is residing in. Sin then gasped and fell back on his hunches with a grunt. Boss and Guenhwyvar shook themselves to rid any excess mist that slightly swirled about about them. Sin sighed with relief then turn to the mist that now gathered and formed into an outline of a person. Sin smiled at it.

"You can return now and rest, Shadow. You did great," Sin said gently. Shadow bowed before him and straighten.

"I will," then it formed back int Sin's shadow under his feet. Sin sighed once more before getting back onto his feet. He dusted himself from any linger mist and dirt then turned to Boss. Boss looked on with his burden in his mouth, slowly dying. Sin sighed with exasperation.

"Well this is going to be a long assignment," Sin commented to himself and Boss to hear. Boss only grumbled.

; At least you're not carrying a body in your mouth; He commented back in a thought to Sin then noticed something on Sin's head. ; I see you got your hat back. At least that's good news; Sin rolled his dark eyes.

"Shut up," he mumbled back then took a step forward towards Boss and the unconscious ranger in his mouth. Finally, I get to speak to you face to face, Sin thought with some excitement. He was about to kneel and help with the body but instantly was intercepted by Guenhwyvar once again, growling warningly at him. Sin stepped back in shock with hands raised once again. Not this again..., then glared at Boss's way who seemed to be enjoying this since he's grinning with that body in his mouth. If cat's could grin any larger that is.

"I thought you took care of it?!" Sin screamed at Boss. Boss could only grin more.

; I did. She agreed to let us help if I do it; Boss thought back with a chuckle and Sin let out a groan. Oh yeah, this is going to be a looonnnnnng assignment.

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