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The Storm has Come


Sin continued to soar in the night sky, searching for their target once again. On his shoulders laid an comfortable black and gray cat even thought his fur is dark as the starless night but his eyes glow intuitively in the dark. His bright yellow-green eyes shined like separate rings, thanks to his pupils which are now round black disks within those bright irises, against the night sky like distant twin rings with a hint of amber in them. Anyone can be hypnotize by those eyes as soon as they gaze upon them but right now, they are more focused on find the location of their target.

As they flew in silence in the night sky, the cat instantly sensed something from the distance behind them. He hissed and turned behind Sin's leveled body. Sin heard and turn slightly around in his prone from and sensed it too. He searched within the darkness and noticed at the last minute a bright flash of red strike near his head. It a some type of red lightning but Sin knew better that this was no ordinary phenomenon, this lightning had dark magic engrave into it. Sin was thankful that the lightning only streak a foot away from his head but the force was enough to dithered him from his path for moment, flapping his black raven wings frantically to regain his barrings while the cat on his shoulders hissed and yowled as they went slightly down then when he finally did, he returned to his original spot. He looked back once again to find the attacker but only find darkness of the night with a dim lighting of moon that's not helping much at all. You gotta be fuckin' kidding me, Sin thought with a growl then kept searching for the attacker but no dice. Where the hell are you?!

; SIN!; That's all that Sin need to listen to as he skillfully dodged to his left from an oncoming second attack of the same red lightning that was directed at him from above. This attack help Sin to locate his assailant with a grin on his face. He closed his dark eyes and concentrate before opened them once again but something about his eyes were different; they turned bloody red which glowed coldly in the darkness. Sin looked up and saw his assailant before it disappeared again but Sin got a good look at it. A demon?! Here?! Now?! Sin thought with a hint of shock and frustration. He sensed the demon reappeared below him. Oh no you don't...! With that Sin straighten his body vertically then stilled his wings and flatten them on his back so he could fall straight down, feet first. He became an fast projectile falling from the sky then instantly his feet connect with something solid as it made a grunt sound as Sin's booted feet impact against the solid body below him. As quickly as the attack from Sin came, Sin then flexed his wings open to keep him afloat in the sky as they flap rhythmically. Sin watched as the demon fell to the ground below him.

The demon was stunned for a moment as it fall a few feet from the sky but then regain his composure quickly and flapped its bat like wings, regain its lost of balance and flew back into the sky near Sin.

Sin and the demon stared down at each other, sizing each other. Red eyes glare at one another for the longest of moments before the demon strike first and charged at Sin. Sin skillfully once again dodge the attack but that is what the demon wants as it quickly turns to it's left with its left leg swinging upwards towards Sin's face. Sin saw this as well and dodged once again then flapped his wings to back paddle him from the demon to give him some distance to collect himself. A lock of that gorgeous black hair fell into his right eye which he gracefully tuck away behind the right ear. So, if one demon is here, that means there's more..., Sin thought which the cat nodded at Sin's thoughts.

; Boss, I think the best idea right now is to split up; Sin thought to the cat. Boss, looked at him from the corners of his cat eyes which are now slightly narrow as his suggestion. Sin didn't take his eyes off the demon but he sensed Boss looking at him with some doubt. ; For now; Sin continued with some reassurance. ; We have to reach the target before they do and you know that. So trust me, we'll see each other again soon;

; I am not worried about that; Boss replied with a hint of concern in his otherworldly voice that has some echoing texture to it. ; I'm more worried about leaving you here alone without any support;

Sin gave his cocky grin as another sign of reassurance to the cat. ; Relax, Boss. There's nothin' to be worried about. I can handle myself;

; That's what worries me the most; Boss insisted with more firmly. Sin grinned again but more musing at Boss's parental instincts.

; C'mon, Boss. You can trust me. Besides, I got Shadow at my side and he'll do everything in his power to keep me safe; Sin thought to him.

; It's not your safety I'm worried about. I know you'll be safe but I'm more concerned about how you will contain yourself from losing your sanity; Boss said with great concern that is now painting his voice. Suddenly they both sense the demon conjuring it's dark powers about him which send Sin on edge.

;Boss, you better get ready 'cause I'm about to make an distraction for him to look at me, okay? ; Sin thought to the cat which the cat had no choice but to agree and set his claws tight into Sin's clothing.

The power around the demon grew more threatening and sinister as the floated there with its wings flapping to keep it hover in the air. Its pupil less red eyes glow soulless and cold towards Sin's way. Sin clenched and unclenched his fists at his sides, his adrenalin begins to raise within him.

; Ready...; Sin thought to the cat which the cat's body tensed with anticipation that made the claws sink deeper into the fabric on Sin's shoulders.

Silence past between the demon and Sin besides the occasional passing breeze which lightly whistled in the air about them. Both hovered in the darkness for a few more moments when the suddenly the demon attacked. It charge forward towards Sin, with its claws extended menacingly at Sin. Sin clenched his fists one last time before charging towards the demon as well. Both came head on as they came inches from each other.

; Steady...; Sin thought the cat as the feline held on tight on Sin's tunic. Then the demon and Sin was centimeters from each other which Sin brought up his tightly closed right fist at the demon's face and the demon brought his right clawed hand towards Sin's face as well. Before each attack hits its mark, both the demon and Sin dodged at the last minute, letting the attacked grazed each other.

; NOW!; Sin thought before a single scratch begins to form on his left cheek, slightly below his scars, adding more to the collection. The cat successfully launched from Sin's shoulders into the sky then fell a few below both Sin and the demon. The demon flinched as Sin's punch grazed at the left cheek of its face, not noticing a black furry object dislodging itself from Sin's shoulders and falling to the ground. Sin would have an heart attack for the cat as it fell a few more feet before changing its shape. It shifted and turned into another form of an animal with dark feathers, an large wing span as two wings sprouted from its back, two large wide eyes, a beak and two tuffs on its head that resembles little horns. The animal hooted for a moment, regain its balance in the air and flapped frantically to keep it afloat then soared into the night sky from sight.

Sin sighed with relief. Now, back to business, Sin thought with a grin on his pale face then he left kneed the demon in the gut as it grunted in response. Sin smirked. Impact! Now, let's have some fun...


Drizzt Do'Urden rode in the carriage, sitting next the red robe wizard who introduce himself as Blyth(1), a guardian of the young Lady Áine EanAirgid(2) of the EanAirgid Clan that is pledge to her every whim and safety by blood. He will always knows where she is located and danger she is in by sensing through her moods. Like his family before him, me must do everything in his ability to protect her till death. This both intrigued and disturbed Drizzt. Being bond to the one person for the rest of your life to make they survive towards adulthood then married with children until they pass on to set on another generation? It was quite an devotion that no regular human or elf can can handle. Strange traditions there are on the Surface World but then he fought along side with an blind man against the an army of orgs and becoming an ranger at the same time...strange is not the right word he would describe his events any better than Blyth's traditions.

Sitting next to little Áine is her other guardian Ardwyad(3), the son of Caedmon who is the leader of the group of soldiers that surrounds the carriage. He sat next to his charge with a blank expression which Drizzt can't read. His father trained him well, he thought with admiration to the young man and he is quite young for a guard his age but can be mistaken as an man from a distance with those strong arms and lean built body frame under that armor. Young Ardwyad clutched his sword tightly in his right hand, ready to unsheathe it at any moment. Drizzt couldn't blame him. After the head on encounter with a thief that can defeat more than one armor soldier in one night then meeting and sitting in the same carriage with a stranger that won't reveal his face can put anyone on edge, including Drizzt.

After the introduction they rode on in silence besides the sounds of hooves from the horses and occasional flick from the reins of the carriage driver who was now more nervous than anybody. All soldiers look around them, above them and sometimes below them as if another attack will from the earth up. Drizzt had a run in with that thief which gave Drizzt of sense that thief was no ordinary thief to be tangle with if you are human. That strength, that speed and grace that can put any elf to shame. What exactly was he? And what did he want with a small chest? That reminds Drizzt... He side glanced at the small chest that is clutched in Áine's small hands as she looks down at it fondly with an sad expression on her innocent face. That object must be quite dear to her..., Drizzt thought and couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards her way which was caught the attention by her guardian Blyth.

"That little treasure is a very dear thing to our young Lady's heart," Blyth whispered for only Drizzt to hear since he knows Drizzt an elf. Drizzt turned his attention to Blyth with some interest to the story that he was about to tell. "Inside that chest is a precious item that belong to her mother who died five years ago after an dreadful illness that couldn't be cured. Many have tried, even with magic but nothing prevailed...then we lost her." Drizzt looks at Blyth under his hood with a sad gaze that darken his lavender eyes to almost purple. "Her mother and her were the same...same personality, grace, beauty...she had all that from her mother and they were quite close. You could have easily mistook them as sisters...," he said thoughtfully then his voice went grave, "When our Lady saw her mother die before her, she was crushed from within. She wouldn't eat, sleep or talk to anyone. It took some time before she spoke again and eaten then returned to her natural self once more." Drizzt nodded. He knew how that felt. He lost his father, Zaknafein, years ago to his Mother as a sacrifice to save him. No one can ever replace a parent that loved you for you. How he would gave to have his father at his side once again but he had to survive for both of their sakes. Now thinking of his father brought memories not only his father but Montolio as well which dampen his mood even more which Blyth sensed as Drizzt's hooded head slightly bent down.

"Lost someone dear to you as well, young ranger?" He asked carefully. Drizzt took a breath and straighten his neck.

"I lost my father two years ago as he tried to protect me," Drizzt in a hush voice, hoping that only Blyth would hear. "He was a brave warrior to go against his people belief to save his and mine. I was left to survive on my own after that...but I still wished he could have come with me. Then I lost a dear friend of mine who help train me to become an Ranger today."

"You lost a parent too?" Asked a tiny voice from across the carriage. Drizzt looked up from under his hood and saw pale crystal eyes darken to almost clear blue as a small pools of water of innocent, purity and knowledge of pain of lost. Drizzt could finally capture the age this child, she was at least elven or twelve years old. Oh how those eyes stare into him as a man who lost a relative than a stranger.

Drizzt nodded his head to her question which she widen her eyes to make her appear younger like an infant.

"I am sorry for your lost, young ranger," she said in her small voice. Drizzt gave an acknowledgment nod at her direction and was about to speak but young Ardwyad spoke before he could.

"I thought elves were the symbol of pure good and earth itself, not horrendous acts..," he stated with a suspicious tone rising in his voice. Drizzt could have easily winced from his sheer stupidity if he wasn't trying his best to hide all emotion from under his hood. They did not know he's a drow as of yet, so keeping his identity hidden was must, especially they went all the way enough to give him a ride to the next town. Drizzt was at a stand still with Ardwyad and was about to feel panic within himself when Blyth came and saved him.

"I've dealt with Sun elves and Moon elves who were corrupted by darkness within them, so it's best to not judge a person by their appearance but their actions," Blyth said with some firmness in his voice that made even Drizzt slightly wince. "You are still young, Ardwyad, but if I were you, I would keep my accusations to yourself." Ardwyad reluctantly went quiet and set firmly back into his seat. Blyth nodded then turn to Drizzt. "You'll have to forgive him, young Drizzt. He has his father's stubborn streak and authority personality for some time and was not properly taught the ways of respect until now," then he glared at the lad from the corners of his piercing blue eyes which sent shivers down the boy's spine.

There was a sudden tap at the open window at Drizzt's left which all turned to see Caedmon riding his steed beside the carriage. He nodded to Drizzt which in turn a nod back to him as a sign of respect then look on to everyone else.

"We're arriving to the town within minutes," he reported which Lady Áine nodded.

"Alright, thank you," she replied. Caedmon nodded then rode on ahead of the carriage. Áine looks at everyone with a small smile. "It seems we're almost there," she said with hint of maturity in her voice.

Blyth nodded. "Yes, and once this business is done, we can return home," he said with slight exasperation in his voice. Drizzt couldn't help but chuckle at that. Apparently someone is not fond of traveling as they said they be. Blyth side glance Drizzt with a grin on his lips. "Don't get me wrong, Drizzt. I am very fond of traveling, I'm just not fond of traveling with Lady Áine. Her safety is top priority."

Drizzt only nod to that. It does make sense after all but to Áine it was irritating as she pouted with a "hmph" sound.

"You didn't have to come, you know," she said in a vexing tone. "I did not requested a guardian to travel at my heels," then she turn her head away with a huff. Blyth only rolled his eyes at that an said nothing, knowing that if he did, there will an argument he can't will. Drizzt chuckled again and Ardwyad smirked at his Lady.

They traveled the rest of the way on the dark grovel road in comfortable silence until the first row of the column of soldiers surrounding the carriage saw the lights of town before them. Caedmon held back his reins again to report this to the people in the carriage. All thanked him as he trotted ahead once again. A few more feet and they will be in a Inn or Tavern for rest and food or even a bath if you will. They were about to enter the edge of town when Caedmon halted the traveling party to a stop with a shout. Everyone, including the driver of the carriage, pull in their reins and as they slowly but quickly come to a stop. The group inside looks on with confusion.

"What is happening?" Asked Áine in a unsure tone. Blyth only shook his head as he pop his head out the window with an raised eyebrow. Could it be that same thief? As if sensing Blyth's uneasy thoughts, he too pop his head out the window to see. Since he can see quite clearly in the dark, especially with infrared spectrum of seeing heat which he did as soon as he let his head and saw before the row of armored soldiers on horses is a lone figure in a distant. To a person who could see the shadowing of the figure from the lights of the town before them, it seem like a regular person but to Drizzt's heat vision there was something off about about this person. For anything living or such that can give off heat, is either red, yellow and a tiny bit of white but this person, this person was giving out pure black of cold like some of the surrounding area and in the center of his chest is a white circular mass where the heart is. What is this creature? Before Drizzt could even give out a hint of something wrong, Caedmon spoke to the person ahead.

"Good evening, my friend," Caedmon shouted. "We would like to know if any of you Inns are open right now!" The figure only stood in silence for moment before it moved. It walked towards them with a odd gait stride which suggest Drizzt that this was no human. Drizzt looked back at Blyth who in turn gave the same impression that this wasn't human either and nodded. Drizzt nodded back and open the carriage door and Blyth followed close behind. Áine and Ardwyad was confused but when Ardwyad noticed the tense atmosphere around both Drizzt and Blyth, he put an arm around his Lady and held the hit of his sword tightly. Áine gave in instantly when Ardwyad place his arm about her small shoulders and waited for another battle to commence. Could be that thief again? But how could he? They left him a few tracks behind.

Drizzt and Blyth walked up and stood behind the row of seated armored soldiers, Blyth ready to call forth any spell he could think of and Drizzt gripping tightly on the hilts of his twin scimitars at his hips.

The figure continue to walk towards them in silence. Caedmon find this odd but continue to encourage the person to talk with his voice even though he was gripping the hilt of his sword on his right hip.

"Good sir, I'll ask again, does your town have an Inn open at this hour?" He asked but there was some hint of stern tone rising in his voice. All soldiers surround the carriage instantly when they noticed the tone to their leader's voice and was now tense with hands gripping on hilts. Still no reply from the person who was walking towards them in that odd gait. Drizzt saw the heat in the center of that person's chest changed shape as it immediately covers the whole entire body in seconds, making it appear to have intense heat emanating from it. Drizzt's lavender eyes widen at the spectacle. What kind of creature is this?


Sin dodge the next attack from those extended claws of the demon under him then extend his right leg and swung to the demon's back which it grunted on impact. Both of their wings flapped tremendously making light thudding sounds in air as each of them moved to side, dodge, dive and maneuvered from each of their attacks. Sin was having fun but this was getting old very quickly. I should be at Boss's side right now and this demon is not even strong, Sin thought with drone tone. Sin then caught two the of the demon's clawed hands with his own. The demon growled with frustration and tried to break the grip from Sin's but Sin held with great strength, not letting go as the demon flew left, right, wiggled and thrust his hands out of Sin's which loosen more of that lock of black hair into Sin's right eye again. Sin only chuckled at the demon's trivial attempts.

"What? Having some problems?" Sin asked with a grin. The demon growled louder and tried even hard to loosen the Sin's grip but Sin still held on. Sin yawned then said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, why haven't I thought of that?" The demon ignored him and try to shake Sin off but received another yawn in reply. "Ya know, this is getting old. It think it's time to finish this," and with that Sin extended his raven wings which cease the demon's movements before lifting his arms high above him with the demon in tow then thrust them down to the ground below as he let go. The demon plumed to ground below with an stun expression. Sin grinned once more before he dive after it. As Sin followed the falling demon, he crossed his arms and each hand clench a hilt of a sword then pulled them which send a ringing tune but it was lost in rushing air of the descending Sin. With bright gleam in his red eyes which are now glowing brightly and his black swords shined with him as they descend on the demon below. Before the demon could even regain his barrings, Sin was already upon him with swords on the verge to strike.

"Don't even think about it," Sin shouted in the the rushing of air around them then the swords strike true as they went through the demon's mid section. The demon first let out gurgled then grunted a cry of anguish as the swords cut through it before going still. Black blood sprouted over Sin's swords and droplets cling on to Sin's face and arms. The eyes of the demons went dim then bleak with no life within them as the two halves of the demon fell to the ground with its entrails of small and large intestine following close behind with blood trailing it. Sin open his wings to slow his descent then flapped them again to hover where he stopped as he watch the body fall and disappear from sight. Sin made a throat sound of approval then crossed his arms again and slide each sword back into their sheaths in one quick fluid motion again which a muffled ringing came into his ears with a soft click. The adrenalin begins to decrease within him.

Sin sighed. "Well that's done," he said then was about to fly after Boss but suddenly another bolt of lightning came his way from behind him but this time it was a gray color. Sin quickly sensed this, gritted his teeth and dodged to his right as the lightning strike the air before him and exploded into a bright ball of light and smoke before turning behind him to see new attacker.

Behind him are four more demons dress in dark clothing and cloaks but the demon who shot that lightning bolt appears to be the leader of this group and is very strong. Their bat like wings flapped rhythmically as they hover where they float. Sin let out a groan. More of them?!Oh, come on! Give me a break! He thought with a whine as his eyes raise towards the heavens.

The demon who attacked had yellow eyes and have distinct human features which Sin noticed. The rest had red eyes and hoods on their heads to cover their faces. The Leader had short black hair that's pulled back into a clean combed do, pale skin, slightly pointed ears which told Sin he was still changing from his human disguise and elongated fangs that overlapped his lower lip. The Leader smiled or more like sneering at Sin.

"I do apologize, Sin, but you're not going anywhere," the Leader said a sinister glee of his low yet seductive voice. Sin rolled his red eyes.

"Seriously? Can I at least meet you guys on the way there?" Sin whined. "I'm not in the mood to fight." The Leader lifted one shoulder.

"Oh well. Looks like you have no choice," he said and with that he strike again with another gray lightning heading Sin's direction. Sin then dodged again to the left but then was intercepted by a foot of one of the three other demon aiming at his head. Sin hastily ducked in time but then he saw claws came at his face. Only had little time to move so he tilt his head to the left and two claws grazed his right cheek which he slightly wince at the sting then using his ability as best as he can, he disappeared then reappeared on another region in the sky from the demons. He hover there to catch his breath and wiped the deep red blood that was dripping from his scar with his gloved hand. He panted and breathed to calm his racing nerves and pulse even though the adrenalin is rising again. That was close, Sin thought. Okay, now what? But before he could even think further, a shadow fell behind him and he turn quickly as he could but his face hit a fist instead. He gritted his teeth from the pain that shot from his right to his brain then flapped backwards from the demon who punched him, that same lock of black fell into his face, covering his right eye.

The Leader hovered inches higher than Sin with the moon at his back as his yellow eyes glow menacingly with a sadistic grin on his face, showing his elongated fangs and sharp teeth. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stare down at the now cornered Sin since the rest of the demons surrounded him.

"Well now, let's say we end this, shall we?" He asked in his sadistic tone. He was enjoying cornering Sin but what he doesn't know is that Sin had another ace up his sleeve or in this case, under his feet.

It looks like I have no choice, Sin thought then said out loud, "Let's." Then he concentrated on his power that he held within him under a seal which he have to break sooner or later. He was about say those magic words but something stopped him. A cry at his right made him turn to look as which the other demons followed.

The demon at Sin's right, closely behind him screamed in agony as he was sliced into from the head down to his crotch then went silent as the two halves fell from the sky. What the-?! Before Sin could even finish that thought, another cry erupted to his left on the Leader's right. The demon was suddenly cut in threes as the head, shoulders and left arm one way while the mid section and right arm came after in the other direction and the legs came last and fell to ground with blood and entrails trailing behind. Black blood rained on everyone as they stare on in shock.

"What the-how are you-?!" But the Leader could finish that sentence when he saw what hovered behind Sin that took his voice away. Sin noticed and turned and his eyes widen.

Standing just behind Sin was a man in a long thin black jacket the flows to his feet that tarted and crusted with a darker shade of black that might be fresh blood from his kill, beyond arm length sleeves that is tarted and crusted like the bottom of the trench coat, black leather gloves that is open at his fingers and knuckles, black vinyl pants that hug his legs and thighs, black leather silver heeled boots and a black shirt that is unbutton near his collar bone. He had fair skin for someone whose aura is cold and dark and have beyond shoulder length black hair that slight curls at the tips. His hood came over his face, not showing the top part of his facial features, only his lips which was showing his sinister smile. His white sharp pointed teeth and fangs shimmered in the moon light of the night from the shadowing of the hood. That smile sent cold chills down Sin's spine and knows who that smile belong to. This creature floated or hovered there that spot for a moment before his sinister smile grew into a sadistic glee.

"Alright, which one of you is the strongest?" He said in a sinister voice that rumbles like thunder and growled like a dragon. This voice shook every demon, including Sin, to the core. The aura about this monster was dark and menacing, as if nothing darker can penetrate this creature's already dark soul.

"H-how did you get here?" Sin asked him. The hooded creature turned his head in Sin's direction which Sin now regretted.

"Why do you care? Shouldn't be on your way now?" He asked in a irritated tone. Now Sin was annoyed.

"Yeah I was but these bastards got in the way!" Sin replied firmly at the creature. If Sin could see, he would see the hooded creature rolling his eyes right now but Sin knows he is. That woke up the demons around from that fearful trance back to reality and gather their strength, the Leader grew hatred towards the monster who killed his subordinates.

"How dare you destroy my minions!" He shouted distastefully at the hooded creature. Sin rolled his red eye.

"Oh boy you're going to have fun," Sin said sarcastically then tucked that annoying lock of hair behind his right ear.

The creature grinned evilly at Sin. "Ooh, that I will," he replied then reached in his opened trench coat and pulled out what seems to be...

"My hat!" Sin screamed with joy and flew as the creature flicked it in Sin's direction. Sin gratefully caught it in his hands. His broad-brimmed black hat was back into his hands again, a little dirty but it it'll survive. I thought I lost it during the fight with the ranger, Sin thought with a smile then dusted off any grime and dirt on it before sat it firmly on his head. I can't be Sin the Shadow Thief without my hat. He patted his hat to make it's there and like it was an animal.

"I found it on ground and I knew instantly it was yours," the creature said in his cruel voice as he smirked at Sin. "Next time, don't lose it and I won't return it to you. I just might keep it myself."

At that Sin put his hands firmly on top of his hat like he was going to lose it again by those words.

"There's no way in hell I'll let you take my hat," Sin said, challenging the creature's warning. The creature was about to reply but was interrupted by gray lightning that streak in between Sin and him which they moved just inch away from the attack then exploded behind them. Both Sin and the creature turn their gaze at the Leader who shot that lightning bolt. The Leader's expression was fury as he was getting tired of being ignored.

"No more of this chit chat! It's time to take things serious, you fools!" He shouted at them in anger. Sin couldn't help but snicker. Wow, aren't we touchy? Sin thought with a chuckle. The creature beside him laughed maniacally into the night which everyone look his way.

"I see, so you're the leader of this group, eh?" He asked with a sadistic glee. "Good, then I'm about to have my fun." Then he turn to Sin. "Go now. I'll take care of these little pests."

"Pests?!" The Leader screamed outrageously which made him even more furious than before. Even his subordinates back away from the fury of their leader.

"Ooh, I think you made him mad," Sin said with a smirk.

"Good, I like 'em mad," he replied. "Go."

"Are you-"

"Go! Unless you want to become my next meal," he sneered at Sin. Sin made a face.

"It's good to see you too," Sin said in gruff then flapped his wings before soaring into the sky which starting to lighten as dawn begins to approach. Sin has to hurry or those bastards will get the magic source before he do. That made him even more determined as he flapped his wings harder once more before reciting, "Καλώ σου να με απελευθερώσει από τα δεσμά μου ένα δεσμά, ζητώ μόνο για σένα να μου άγκυρα και να βοηθήσει μέσα από το πέρασμα στο Μεταξύ κόσμο. Σκιά, καλώ εμπρός για να αποσυνδέσετε και σου ανοίγει σε επίπεδο ισχύος πέντε, να λάβει το ρόλο και τη μεταφορά μου στο σημείο όπου θέλω να είμαι."(4)

Shadow heard and heed those words as Sin spoke then suddenly formed about Sin's form into a dark cool embrace and then warped the space around him making him tighten his wings against his back. The space around him became distorted and nauseating. The world he knew was gone in seconds then into a world that no one knows that ever existed. The air became thick and heavy to breath and many sweet scents hit his nostrils that almost made him dizzy. Then the smell of constant death hit him like an fist personally punched his lungs, he nearly passed out and coughed but regain his composure and ignored the pungent odor. The odor didn't go away as he flew over the dark land. It was dark, desolate, cold, and dead. The world before him was a mirror of the human world and beyond but only darker and depressing. Sin continues to fly in this world which he calls the Shadow World or the In Between World where spirits are bound to the place they died until they are ready to move on. Sin sees orbs float from place to place, spirits wondering for eternal peace but they know very well there isn't one. The dead scenery of trees, animals, humans and other rushed by as he flew faster and faster. Sin flapped his wings harder to gain more momentum and wants to fly out of here. Shadow felt Sin's will and heed it as he forms around Sin again in an dark embrace and the space around him appear to be warped making it distorted and nauseating then Sin returned to the Faerûn realm once again but in another part of the earth in a short few seconds. Still, the sky lightens as the dawn continues to approach which he must hurry.


He floated there as he watches these pathetic pests try to intimidate him from a far but all they got is a bored yawn. He lift his black leather fingerless glove hand which showed his one inch long sharp black nails, that is open at the knuckles as well, put it near his mouth and yawn dramatically at them. That infuriated the Leader even more.

"That's it! Go! Attack!" He ordered which his subordinates meekly followed then he followed them after words.

Both demons went to the hooded creature's sides with extended claws while the Leader attacks head on with his hands gathering power at the center of each palm. As they got closer, the creature got very bored. He was hoping for more than this but he dealt with it as they strike. Demons at his sides plunged their claws into his sides which he slightly wince at the sudden sting then the Leader with gray lightning gathered fiercely in his hands strike into his chest which the hooded creature gave a gurgle grunt in response. The Leader laughed.

"Ha! Not so bad now, are we?!" He laughed then send a horrendous shock throughout the creature's body which twitched and spasm in his grip before going limp. The Leader laughed at the weak and spineless he had to face. Now, for that annoying thief..., he thought thoughtfully and was about to let go of the body but a chuckle caught his ears. He stiffen then lifted his head at the face of the monster before who was chuckling then the chuckle grew into a laugh before gradually turned into an maniacal laughter. It was a sadistic laugh, a fierce laugh that put solid cold chills down any dark creature's spine. All the Leader could do was stare into the eyes of a beast, a monster that's not of this world. Those were pitch black like tiny black holes that sucked all life away, any joy, the only thing you will feel when you gaze into those black holes is fear. Terror filled the Leader as did to the other two. The hooded creature laughed some more before finally comes to a stop and gaze down upon the weaklings who couldn't kill him. His smile turned fierce and feral as he grinned ear to ear.

"Is that the best you've got?" He ask in callously which made each demon stomachs turned into stone and their beating centers of their chests dropped dramatically with grave terror. The hooded creature reached out with his fingerless gloved hands and gripped the Leader's forearms which he response but stiffen by the touch. The creature smiled even more at the sight and smell of fear emanating from them. "Yesss, fear me as you should, for I am M2(5)," he said sinisterly then leaned forward to the Leader's face with that evil grin growing wider. "You must heard my name by now have you?" The Leader's eyes widen as he recognizes that name and shook in dismay.

"No...no it can't be...it can't be you...," the Leader replied in fear rising more in his voice. The creature in he black hooded trench coat nodded.

"Oh but it isss...," he said seductively which the Leader grew numb.

"No..you're...you're the-the Demon Eater," he said in a hush listless tone which made the other two demons flinched with terror and pulled their claws out from M2's sides. M2 didn't gave them much noticed, only to the Leader who is shaking where he floats. M2 smiled fiercely then tighten his grip on the Leaders arms and yanked them out from his chest with a sicken suction like force that could make an iron gut feel queasy then his wounds instantly regenerated back to fair skin again, leaving only holes where the attacks had strike.

"That's right. I'm M2, the Demon Eater, well known as the Destroyer of Darkness," he said gleefully then let go of the Leader's arms which the Leader gratefully flapped backwards far from M2's reach. "And now that we got to know each other, let's end this quick and painless or...," then his voice darken low and feral, "..you rather have it slow and agonizing?" The Leader thought of a better idea.

"Let's retreat, now!" He shouted which other gladly followed without any encouragement. All flapped their bat like wings desperately to get away but they were interrupted but a several arrows passing in front of them and these were not original, they were drenched in purest of water from earth and made out of unicorn's horn. The arrows glowed brightly against the dark sky like white streaks of light before disappearing into the night. All three demons gaze down at the second figure who was shooting those arrows. The figure down below wore a black cloak with the hood over its face. It seems to be a male as it aimed another arrow in their way. The demons were irked by this second person who joined and was about to attack him but suddenly felt a presence behind him, smiling sinisterly.

"Uh-uh," M2 said playfully, enjoying the terror grew within them. "Now we don't wanna do anything nasty, now, do we?" The voice licked the Leader's left ear as he could feel the warm breath of the monster resting his chin on his left shoulder. The Leader stiffen and tensed. M2 chuckled. "Don't be afraid, this will end very quickly."

"Wha-what you talking about? It's three against one. How are going to handle those odds?" The Leader asked hastily. M2 chuckled evilly.

"What do you mean?" He asked then leans in, his hot breath exhaling into the Leader's left ear as he places each of his bloody covered hands on his shoulders. Those claw like nail sinking in deep into his fabric. "You're all alone," he said in a husk whisper.

The Leaders eyes widen as he watches his two demons, now sliced apart into meat chunks, blood blood and their entrails trail down as they fell towards the ground. His body went completely numb and colder than usual with fear and dread. No...how...how-but he couldn't finished when his shoulders were let go, the stinging pain of those nails cease.

"Now that's taken care of, I have one more pest to go," M2 said callously as h licked his teeth as they ache to chomp into that measly flesh. M2 then reached with his left hand to his right side of his head, grabbed something slightly warm zipper like handle next to his right ear that was part of his skin, he pulled it away from his skin which pulled the skin of his face then pulled it from right ear to left ear. It made the unzipping sound you hear from unzipping from an coat which made the Leader turn to that sound as the zipper pulls on M2's skin and separates the skin of his cheeks and mouth. Finally his mouth was free and unzipped into an larger mouth that cut of his head, full of rows of teeth. The leader's eyes would have popped out of head of what he saw before him. M2 smiled a feral grin which opens his mouth wider which encouraged that evil smile of his and drool dripped from his mouth. His tongue came out and lap at his lips and teeth once more taking away the drool as he gazed at them with such hunger that the Leader took an involuntary flap further back and shook visibly with terror.

"Now, let's eat!" And with M2 lunged at the Leader who didn't react in time from M2's reach as M2 grasp his prey by the shoulders once again with his face facing M2. The Leader screamed in fear as if someone will come and save him. M2 could laugh before he extends his lower jaw to the Leader's chest. The Leader's eyes turned into large dinner plates as the upper and lower rows of teeth came down in quick snap! Black blood rain far below to the ground as M2 munched on his meal, the crunching sound of the skull cracked and crushed in his mouth as he chewed the head and shoulders. Drool mixed with black blood as it drips down at the corners of his mouth. Demon's blood painted his hands and face, his shirt and sleeves. He held on to the rest of the body which twitched for a moment then went listless. M2 then swallowed before chomping again on upper chest which has the rib cage and slurped in the arms while chewing them into smaller bits. The crunch sound again is from the bones that lay within the body was he chews. More black blood paint his face, arms and clothing as he munch down his food. After swallowing, he chomped down again on the mid section of the body which he only worried about the spine and he rest are just organs which are easily chewed and swallow. After that cam the lower abdomen and thighs. The hip bones was a little tough to crack but M2 eventually broke it easily to swallow that too and down the hatch it goes. Finally is the legs and feet which was very easy to crunch and destroy in the matter of seconds then he gave one last swallow before licking his fingers and mouth from the blood left of his kill. M2 moaned with ecstasy as the power from the demon is absorbed into his body as he digest the demon within him. He was intoxicated by the amount of power that flowed into him for a moment before calming down to lick his lips and the corners of his mouth once again. He did the same for his fingers as he descends to earth with a graceful light thud onto his booted feet. His partner walked up next him with his bow and arrow rested comfortable on his right shoulder. Delicious, M2 thought with satisfaction then he smiled seductively to his mate.

"Come, let us go. Our work here is done," M2 practically purred to his mate. The hooded male nodded and followed close behind. M2 smirked to himself as he thought, Good luck, Sinny boy. 'Cause you're gonna need it. And with that, they walked through a doorway that opened to their world then closed with swiftly as it came.

A/N: Okay finally! Sorry, I didn't mean to add in another character but I just love him so much that I couldn't stand it!

1) Blyth-(BLIITH) from Cornish word for "wolf". Blythe. For Cornwall Celtic names

2) EanAirgid- is actually two Irish words combined which is "éan" means "bird" and"airgid" means "silver". Even though it's a silver peacock, it still in the bird family so I used bird instead.

3) Ardwyad- means "protector" in Celtic names of Wales.

4)In English-"I call upon thee to release me from my chains an shackles, I ask only for you be my anchor and help pass through the in Between World. Shadow, I call forth to unbind thee and unseal Power Level Five, take the role and transport me to where I want to be."-The spell in Greek since Shadow as know in my profile is Greek so he listens better in his own tongue.

5)M2-learn about him on my profile.