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Surveying the Damage

"Have you any luck finding him, Caedmon?" A child asked wearing a gray cloak from one of her guardians, sitting on the comfortable well made bed. A young girl of age of maybe twelve years or thirteen with warm brown very tightly curled hair that was cropped short to the level of his small chin around his small innocent face but if you look closely, there is some auburn color mixed into that luscious brown curly locks. She looked haggard and withered as if she turned into a old woman in just a few moments. After dealing with a monster, it weakens her spirit just bit.

The traveling group is staying in a quite subtle tavern that was far within the town they escaped into. All of her close guardians and armored men was placed protectively about the tavern for any more surprise attack from would be assassins and other things. Her close guardian wizard Blyth in red and silver cloak stood by her side with brown sheathed sword hanging at his right side of waist like a shadow and her best commander of her small groups of knights in a silver armor with an silver emblem cloak of an a circlet of leaves and a few flowers surrounding a bird that is best describe as a peacock dancing in the circlet and it is in pure silver. The warrior dubbed Caedmon, stood by the door frame of her room.

The armored commander in silver armor shook his well pampered head that is slightly bristled from the battle earlier. "I'm afraid not, my Lady. We haven't found a single hint of where they went," he replied gravely.

That brought her hopes down. She wanted to thank the cloaked ranger dubbed Drizzt and give him the proper food and bedding but that wretched thief and a horrid beast came then destroy what ease of mind she had. I pray for his safety..., she thought to the heavens, in hopes that someone is listening.

Blyth smiled before placing a seat next to her on the bed. He put an arm about her small shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"Cheer up, Áine," he said soothingly. "He's safe and sound. You know he can handle himself well easily..." He more said this to himself than his young charge. She only cling on to him like a child she truly is.

"I can't help but worry, Blyth," Áine cried. "What if he does need aid from his wounds? I saw him fell before we reached the sanctum of the town! He's far from hurt, Blyth!"

Her guardian sighed and nodded. "Yes, I know...I was there...," he strong voice faded, remembering Bey Gudwick who died this morning. They had to buried him near by the battle his fought with his life in order to protect Blyth and their young Lady. Blyth sighed, remembering that event so clearly. Áine felt her close guardian and companion change of demeanor and cling tighter, hoping that her presence will ease his pain. Blyth could only do but smile at her effort and held her tighter.

"Well, no matter what, we must continue our journey," Caedmon stated as he walks into the room. "Our friend Drizzt would want that. Both he and Bey." His face was grave after hearing about how Drizzt went down from that last sneak attack the demon made. They are not sure if Drizzt is still alive.

Áine has no choice but to sadly agree. She prays that he still lives and some where out there, they will meet again.

"Yes, till then, get some rest, my child," Blyth gentle as he stood up from the bed, taking the cloak about Áine's small shoulders with him. "Bath, change and sleep. We'll continue our journey tomorrow before the sun raises." Áine nodded and begins to shed her clothing as one of the maidens of the tavern shoo the men out but Áine begged for Blyth to stay near by so he did but only outside the bed room door. After a good clean bath and some food into their systems, they begin to prepare for bed, well, Áine's case that is. She put on her long sleeved nightdress then tucked herself int bed while her close guardian Blyth watched over her like a hawk.


Unknown to the traveling party is a traitor among them but they hid themselves well to blend in with the group to be appear as harmless and friendly. The traitor hid themselves withing a dark cloak as they travel to the outskirts of town near the dark forest as the sun fell behind the hills surrounding the town making shadows appear to be moving, growing larger and more terrifying to anyone's eye but this one was not afraid of measly shadows, the traitor was more afraid of its Master who welds its very life. It has to get the young girl to her destination or the master won't be pleased. Already the assassination attempts failed along the way that's to that wizard and the Lady's few good loyal men.

It sighed and rushed through the forest ground, trying to be seen by any unsuspected campers near by, its dark cloak flows behind it as it seemed to float across the dark like some dark spirit of the forest. It trad further and further until it reached a certain campsite that it been searching for. It smiled and causally walks over into the bright light of the campfire. Sitting around the campfire are four dark cloaked men with their hoods brought over their faces to hide their identities. One of them flicked towards the traitor's direction as it strides into the camp with ease.

"So you finally show..,"one of the cloaked on the traitor's left said as he stood. Then pulls the cloak down about his shoulders, revealing a young man of his late thirties with many scars that can put the greatest warriors into shame. Scar over his left eye which appears to healed completely shut, at the right corner of his mouth is lifted back to give distinctive hint of his upper teeth to have an illusion of him smirking or sneering at his opponent or victim. He was completely free of hair which he shaved off many times, a missing left ear from the scar over his left eye and lips, cheeks and forehead had multiple of little scraps and scars as well. His black eyes shined from the fire light and his well built body frame hidden under the black cloak.

The traitor said nothing at first until it stood within feet of the cloaked group. "I have a bargain that you can not refuse..," it said in a low whisper, hush voice as if afraid who is listening on their conversation.

"What kind of bargain ye're proposing?" Another cloaked figure asked in his deep northern accent voice at the traitor's right.

"It involves a certain thief and ranger you must get rid of at once so my master's plans won't go wrong," the traitor replied with some chide.

"Let me guess, a certain someone must disappear from existence?" Another one asked in his slight southern of Faerûn accent voice.

"You catch on quite quick for an assassin," the traitor comment which only made the speaker shrug as if not caring the insult.

"So, who are we going to kill?" The scarred man asked with some eager in his voice. The traitor smiled slyly from the young man's eagerness to kill.

"First thing first, what's in it for us?" A female voice spoke. You could not tell if she was female because that heavy black cloak that pooled about her feminine frame but that is how she like it. It can throw her opponent or victim off sometimes. That suggestion brought the other three interested as well and turns to the cloaked traitor expectantly.

The traitor knew that it had to increase the bounty ten fold so, it reached within its cloak which made the other four tense, holding on to the hilts of their weapons, and pulls out a heavy sack before throwing it at their feet. The sack fall open when it hit the ground with a low metallic thud, spilling out gold coins. All look on with large wide eyes until one of them reached forward and bit into the coin to see if it was genuine. It was real as any other coin. All grinned with delighted evil glee then look at the traitor.

"We'll get the job done," the scarred man said with sinister intent. "Tell us who and they'll never bother you no more."

The traitor just smiled a lopsided sinister smile, revealing his sharp teeth. The deal was set and the two thorns of his Master's side won't thwart his plans no longer. Prepare yourself, lil thief, he thought.

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