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The Strange Thief Named Sin


Drizzt slept peacefully in the darkness for how long, he doesn't remember. All he could remember was fighting against an creature that was about to cause harm to a traveling group he was with and then everything went black. The monster's face was not difficult to forget; its sadistic menacing smile, those piercing glowing soul less red eyes and that demented laugh. Suddenly he remember what happened next: He was attacked by that demon's final strike. He shivered at the memory. Wait...he can shiver? He moved his fingers and can actually feel them move on his command. So, if he could move his fingers... He concentrated and his arm move at his command as well. Good, that means I'm healing..., Drizzt thought then he wondered how he healed from that attack from the demon and concentrated on opening his eyes. It was some effort since he was resting so long and well but he finally opened them to a blinding light. He flinched and quickly shut them close. Damn blinding sun..., he thought with a frustrated groan. He tried to open his eyes again but this still time, slower. As he ease his lids open to reveal purple irises, he flinched again when the bright sunlight came into his view but he quickly blinked to ease the bright light which slowly begins to fade to reveal beautiful blue sky and white soft clouds. He then gaze his eyes downcast to see luscious green forest around him. He groaned and now concentrated to sit up. It is slightly painful and slow process but he reached his peek as he sat forward and leaned a bit on his hands and arms for support behind him in case he couldn't hold himself up. After a minute of rest, he dared himself to remove one of his hands from supporting him and place the same hand over his face to rub his forehead at the pounding headache that came as soon as he sat up.

"Ah, so you're awake...," a voice said softly to his left which made Drizzt froze in place. He didn't have his trusty weapons near by to defend himself from the owner of that voice. He stayed calm and turn to the person but only found a black cat sitting on its hind quarters, staring calmly and softly at Drizzt with those bright yellow yet amber eyes. Those had some intelligence like Guen's eyes when ever she stares at him like that. Drizzt first reaction was to look around the area to find the owner of that voice but remembering well that not all is what they seem, he stares at the cat and nodded.

"Yes...I am," Drizzt said cautiously as if afraid he might scare the creature away. But the cat didn't scampered away, in fact, its eyes twinkled with bright intelligence it has and its furry lips creased further upward to form a, if you can call it, gently smile.

"Good, we were worried that we didn't make it on time to save you...," it spook back without moving much of its lips. The voice sound beautiful, otherworldly and it had a echoing texture to it. Drizzt do not understand why but he feels comfortable with this creature. Sensing Drizzt's emotions, the cat sat up and lightly trotted over to Drizzt and climbed onto his lap then comfortably curled into a ball and laid there, its tail tucked neatly beside it. "Don't worry, young one, I will not harm you..," the cat reassured Drizzt.

Drizzt couldn't help but find that odd that a cat will not cause him any harm and smiled anyways before nodding. "I very much appreciated, friend," Drizzt said softly and reach towards the cat and gently petted its head which cat gave out a light purr in delight.

"Ah, Boss the lover of peace and scratches behind the ears... What more could you love?" Said a familiar voice that Drizzt heard before. This voice is cloaked in deep rich, velvet in a slight baritone tone but it had that hint act of smugness and mischievous tone to it. Drizzt stop what he was doing and turn to his right to see a familiar young man in black.

Standing tall and slightly intimidating, the young man wears a black silk shirt with long sleeves, leather gloves that reach mid way of his arm, on his waist is a black silver studded belt with sterling silver chain that is wrapped around the belt, pants that hugged his legs and leather boots that reached mid way of his thighs with silver buckles on each side. At each of his sides about the waist two twin sheathed swords with leather hilts and studded emblem sheaths and on his head broad brim black hat. The young man's skin was now warm caramel but slightly a bit darker, full lips, beyond shoulder length black silky hair that is tied at the base of his skull and what made him interesting was his deep violet eyes that resembles black. On the left side of his face is two visible scars; from his forehead, on his left eye to his chin and the other on his left cheek where they meet to make an upside down cross. His dark skin help see more scars about his neck but they're well hidden under the collar of his tunic. He was very handsome that could even attract an elf if he wanted to.

Drizzt's memories started to play throughout his head, the fight with the thief in black and he narrows his eyes at the young man who visibly flinch back a step from that powerful purple gaze. The young man may look different but it was quite obvious it is the same thief he fought before.

"Geez, calm down," the thief and back put his hands in mock of surrender. "I'm not here to harm you, I'm only here to check on you and from the looks of it...you're doing fine." The thief then walks over to his side of the camp site and kneel before his possessions, placing something inside a small pouch. Drizzt was curious but cautious as well as he watched the thief's every movement. The cat saw this and chuckle which caught Drizzt's ears.

"It is alright, young one, he's telling the truth. He won't harm you," the cat assured him. Drizzt raised a fine white brow before he heard rustling in the bushes. He abruptly turn towards them in time to see a familiar large black panther with bright intelligent yellow eyes. The panther caught those purple gaze before bounding towards Drizzt with glee in every step. Drizzt didn't have time to let out a short sound as the panther roughly yet gently tackle him back onto the ground. Luckily the little black cat jumped out of the way just before the large feline tackled the ranger.

Drizzt chuckled and laughed as the panther licked and nuzzles its large angular head against his while purring happily. Drizzt laughed and gently shoved the panther's head away so he could breath and said with relief, "Guen! I was afraid something had happened to you while I was out..." Guen purred and nuzzles his face again which made him chuckled softly. "Thank the Goddess you're safe..."

"Actually it's the other way around...," implied the thief which made Dirzzt turned to him with those powerful odd colored eyes. The thief arch an eyebrow and shrugged. "Hey, she was more worried about you than you of her."

Drizzt blinked in surprise. "How do you know of this?" He could never expect an thief to understand what Guen is thinking but then again... Drizzt turns to the black talking cat. That should not have surprised him.

The thief snickered and nodded from reading Drizzt's expression. "Yes, Boss told me what Guen is feeling and right now, she's very happy to see you awake and well..."

Guen confirmed it with a comforting purr against Drizzt's cheek which made him chuckle softly at her and smile. He gave her a good loving tug which she react kindly with a lick on his face and lightly shove her off of him so he can sit up. She laid perfectly still as she watches her master and companion sit with a slight wince at his chest. Guen gave out a low warning growl of concern. The pain from that attack still slightly hurts when moving a certain muscle but other than that, he was fine.

A brown wooden bowl that is beautifully crafted is placed on his lap full of hot stew of editable condiments mixed into it. A spoon as well was set next to the bowl, well crafted as the bowl to a matching set.

"Eat. You'll need your strength," said the person who gave it to him. Drizzt looks up int time to watch the thief walk away from him towards the a large pot that was sitting on a hot burning fire. Drizzt only stared for a moment longer before retuning his gaze back to the bowl on his lap. A thief that I was fighting against before is helping me heal and serving me food...? He's a strange one indeed, Drizzt thought and took hold of the spoon a bit shaky but held it well to scoop a half spoon full of the stew and eat it. It wasn't bad to Drizzt's tastes and continues to eat. Guen gave a content growl of a sigh and nuzzle next to Drizzt as he ate.

The small black cat trotted towards the thief and chats with him about something important. But Drizzt couldn't hear with his excellent elven hearing, they are only whispers of words which sound familiar to him. Then Drizzt realized, that whispering he heard while fighting the thief was coming from the black cat. Just what kind of creature is it? Drizzt thought curiously as he finishes his meal.

Half the day went to late evening and the sun slowly begins to set on the horizon as Drizzt begins to feel his strength returning and the pain in his chest disappearing with Guen staying faithfully by his side. Drizzt stretched and flexed his muscles carefully and when he felt no pain at all, he stood up with a great sigh.

"Feeling better?" Ask the thief who sat by the fire, now wearing his no sleeves black jacket that reaches to his ankles and broad brimmed black hat on his head, watching the flames die down. Drizzt and the thief begin to developed mutual feelings toward each other but Drizzt still a bit wary around the boy.

"Why are you helping me?" Drizzt ask the thief, wanting to know why this whole time of the thief's motives. The thief only lifted a shoulder as he turn his dark gaze at Drizzt. His dark eyes shimmer purple or violet from the light of the flames as he stare at Drizzt. Drizzt never met a human with odd colored eyes that is similar to his own. These eyes felt like they are staring right through him. The thief then suddenly smirked which send Drizzt on defense.

"Because I want to...," the thief said as if that explained enough and stood from his seat. He took hold of a small wooden barrel and chuck the water inside it at the fire to kill the flames with a smoky sizzling hiss. White gray smoke rise from the burnt yet drenched chunks of wood that kept the fire alive and the thief shook the barrel to the very last drop before placing it in his small pouch which extends at the shape of the barrel then contracts back into a palm size pouch. Drizzt had to blinked at that. He seen magic before and magic charms and even charmed objects never the one that the thief possessed.

The thief then tied the pouch to his belt on the right side and place his hands on his hips at he looks at Drizzt.

"Now that's settled...," then points at Drizzt's feet. "Can I have my cloak back, please?" Drizzt blinked and looks down at his feet to see a black cloak folded up into a pillow he could rest his head on. Drizzt looks back up at the thief before reaching down and picking up the cloak. What a strange thief..., Drizzt thought as he took hold of the cloak. The soft fabric slightly tingles in his hands. Drizzt felt a bit unsettled by the fabric but shook the feeling away and gave the cloak to the thief. The thief smiled and thanked him as he took hold of his cloak.

"You should get ready too," the cat behind Drizzt said. "We are about to take our leave.."

Drizzt wasn't quite done with them so he tighten his hold the cloak when the thief tries to take it. The thief blinks and gaze up at Drizzt with a raised eyebrow.

"First, I must ask a question of you and you must answer me truthfully," Drizzt requested. The thief blinked again as if a bit shocked that Drizzt was asking this and narrow his eyes just a bit.

"How can you be sure I'll answer truthfully?" The thief asked with a slight smugness in his voice. Drizzt then opens his mouth to reply that with a retort one when he suddenly felt the urge to-

"Duck!" Drizzt reached for the the thief as they both dived down to the ground when a arrow wheezed by where their heads once were before it strike the ground with a low thwang sound. Guen went low and growled loudly at the forest while Boss cat hissed with her.

The thief a bit taken by the aid but quite grateful and instantly stood up to his feet, glaring at the surrounding forest. Great, there had to be assassins, the thief thought and gaze back down to Drizzt who was getting to his feet. Another few arrows wheezed by again which them all jolt and move to dodge them. We have to get out of here..., the thief thought and grabbed Drizzt's arm and yanked him towards his cloak and possessions. Drizzt jolted from the touch as he was dragged towards his possessions.

"What are-"

"No time to explain," said the slightly panicked thief. He reached for Boss who in turn leaped towards him and onto his shoulder. Guen settled beside Drizzt, tightly close as Drizzt place comfort hand on her neck. The thief closed his eyes and whispered,

"Καλώ σου να με απελευθερώσει από τα δεσμά μου ένα δεσμά, ζητώ μόνο για σένα να μου άγκυρα και να βοηθήσει μέσα από το πέρασμα στο Μεταξύ κόσμο. Σκιά, καλώ εμπρός για να αποσυνδέσετε και σου ανοίγει σε επίπεδο ισχύος πέντε, να λάβει το ρόλο και τη μεταφορά μου στο σημείο όπου θέλω να είμαι."

Then about them, a black mist like shadow came alive from the thief's feet and form about them in a cold embrace which Drizzt was slightly alarmed as the world he knew disappeared before his eyes as he was transport into a world unknown to him.

While this happened, their assaulter aimed their arrows and fired but only miss by a hair as the arrows hit nothing but ground where the group once stood. The assaulter growled in frustration as they watch their target slip away into nothing.

% % %%******%%%%


Sin and the others reappeared in another part of the same region and realm but much closer to the mountains and a town that is more than several feet away. Sin sighed with relief as they escaped from their assaulter before it got worse. Drizzt maybe healed but he still needs rest to regain his strength. Sin turned to Drizzt who was blinking from the experience he could have never imagine and explain while Guen just growled with annoyance and shook herself from any lasting effects from the that spell. Sin smirked and stood from his spot, helping Drizzt stand as well. Drizzt jolted from that touch again and gaze up at Sin. Seeing that drows and elves seem to share the same height of five foot or so tall, Sin was much taller than him. Sin chuckled and let go of Drizzt's arm as it fell listlessly at his side.

"First time, huh?" Sin asked which woke Drizzt from his daze and stare at him with those purple eyes.

"What happened? What type of spell did you use to conjoiner that?" Drizzt asked with curiosity and anxiety.

Sin smirked. "No magic, just instincts," then he shook out his cloak before him which made a light thunderous fluttering sound to his ears. Boss then leaps from Sin's shoulders and lands softly on the ground before slowly strolling towards Drizzt's things and pointed to them with his nose.

"You better put them on," the cat advised which Drizzt took to heart and put on his chain linked tunic over his clothes, then gloves and his weapons before setting his cloak on his shoulders. Boss nodded his approval at Drizzt before returning to Sin's side.

"Well, now that I have saved you, twice, we can go our separate ways," Sin said and set his hat firmly on his head. "There's a town over there that'll let you in to rest...," Sin pointed off to his right which Drizzt looked and gaze back at Sin. "Just mention my name and they'll let you in."

"What is your name?" Drizzt asked. Being around the thief for so long he never got his name.

Sin smiled and said, "It's Sin."

Drizzt blinked. "Sin...a strange name. I never thought could anyone be named like that..."

Sin shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "Enh, my mother gave me that name. and I'm wearing it proudly for her sake.." then turns to Drizzt with a grin. "Well, I guess I'll see ya." Then turns to run into the forest.

"Wait!" Drizzt called out to them which made Sin gaze back at him with a raised eyebrow. "What are you intended to do?" Sin looks a bit confused before Drizzt continued, "You were about to steal that girl's prized possession...why?"

Sin blinked then gazed down at Boss who return the same gaze back to him. Both then look back at Drizzt who was now becoming a bit anxious.

Sin scratched the back of his neck, a bit nervous gesture. "Well, you can say we were after the girl's chest but it seemed that-"

"Let's just say, we need to return to our mission and that is all," Boss said firmly. Sin idly nodded his head at that.

Drizzt was not too sure about that but nodded his understanding. "If that's the case, then please enlighten me with one more thing.." Both shared a look with each other before nodded. "Why a kindhearted person must resort to this?" Sin blinked for a moment as if thinking before opening his mouth. As he was about to speak, Sin suddenly stopped in his tracks. Boss looks up at Sin with a concern expression that can be visibly seen on the cat's face. Sin seemed to be a trance again, that same trance before. Sin seemed to be listening to something then blinked his eyes and it was gone. Boss was very concerned now and Drizzt seemed concerned too before Sin gaze up Drizzt and smiled.

Boss and Drizzt wondered what is wrong when Sin gave his lopsided grin and said, "You know what, I have a better idea. Why don't we travel together to the village and talk there, alright? You'll get all your answers there."

Both Boss and Drizzt stare at Sin as if he just grew a second head. What did he say? Boss thought in shock as Drizzt broke the stare with shaking his head then gaze back at Sin with a light serious look in his eyes.

"I would very much like that, Sin," Drizzt said calmly. Sin smiled and nodded at Drizzt and gaze at Boss.

"Come on, Boss, please?" Sin slightly begged. A strange scene indeed, Sin is begging a cat... Drizzt could not help but chuckle at this.

Boss only stare blankly at Sin for a moment longer before letting out a sigh and nodded in defeat, "Fine. For now..."

Sin grinned and nodded then lend out his arm to Boss who kindly leaped onto and climbed into his shoulders. Sin got comfortable with the extra weight on his shoulders and turn towards Drizzt.

"Ready to go?" Sin asked.

Drizzt does not understand Sin's change of heart but he will not waste the opportunity to hear Sin's motives behind his actions. So Drizzt pulled out a small black figurine and place it on the ground, Guen pace around it before turning into mist then picking up the figurine and tentatively tucked it in his pouch. Drizzt then gaze back at Sin. "Alright, I am set. Lead the way." Sin smirked and walked ahead while Drizzt followed close behind. Unknown to them, they were being followed by dark figures in the shadows of the forest, carefully doing their best to remain out of sight until further noticed, ready to strike their targets as they reach the outer boundaries of the town up ahead.

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