Prologue: Voice

"Y-You're lying, S-Sasuke.."

Her voice rung out in the quiet room. She was tired, not only from the affairs, the phone calls, the various lipsticks she found on him and on his clothing, but from all the heartaches and lies that he told her.

A sigh was heard from the other side of the room, momentously heightening the tense atmosphere in the room. She turned from the ten story glass window of the Uchiha corp. building and saw him, once again, looking at his phone. He casually placed the phone down and looked up at her from his desk.

"I'm lying?", he asked softly, his voice laced with an unknown mock that it made her stomach churn.

She couldn't stand that voice. It was so full of arrogance and superiority that it almost made her reconsider all that she had seen and heard about his infidelity.

No. She turned away from him once again and stared out the window. From her view you could spot her family's corporation, Hyuuga Corporation. Is this what these men were out for, power? She was tired of it, so so tired of that word.

"S-Shikamaru-san came by t-this morning and asked for the c-conformation of Haruno's p-position as the model o-of Uchiha."She bit her lip. "Y-You said that y-you would stop s-seeing her, but..." , You'll see her more often now…

A few tears fell from her orbs as she continued to stare at one window in particular. The window belonged to her cousin, Neji.

Sasuke sighed. "Sakura works here now, Hinata. Whatever ill feelings that you may have against her don't matter here..." His voice lingered in the air as the sound of his key board started to click.

She looked down at her feet and looked up at the window once again. Neji-nii and Kin, eh? Tenten would be devastated if she saw that her husband was cheating on her with another woman. On the desk that she had picked out for them. And that the picture of Neji, Tenten, and their son, Tenji, was broken on the floor next to Kin's expensive shoes that Neji bought her.

Hinata looked away once she saw Neji unbuttoning the woman's blouse.

She then looked back at her husband, Sasuke, who was blankly ignoring her very presence.

How could someone so cruel be so blessed? He had it all; looks, fame, money, a family that supported and loved him, and a devoted wife. How could he just look over her, leave her feeling depressed, strangely guilty, and used from all that he done?

She decided then that she couldn't take it anymore. She was done and, of course, tired. With one swift move, she grabbed her purse off the sofa and straightened out her skirt before attempting to walk out the room. Attempting

His deep smooth voice uttered the words that melted her icy heart.

"No one would ever take your place. I love you, Hinata."

She turned around and saw those smoldering dark eyes staring straight at her in expectance of hearing her say the four lettered word that she'd said for the past two years of their marriage. She sighed.

"I-I love you t-too, Sasuke." She soon stepped out of the room and left down the hallway.

That's when the woman of her husband's dreams came from around the corner. Sakura Haruno.

Her long, strawberry pink hair seemed to glisten from the building's giant windows and her tall and slender body showed through her business suit, a deep maroon. Her emerald eyes caught Hinata's. That's when the world exploded before her eyes.

"You came early." Sasuke's voice called out to Sakura.

"You did too. I'm glad you're so excited to see me." A light laugh was shared between the two before they both entered his office. Hinata stood, glancing at the door behind her before walking towards the elevator.

I'm slowly losing my husband, and I don't know what to do. Mother, what did you do - Did you stay or did you try to leave? The elevator doors closed as well as Hinata's eyes as she sobbed for her mother's gentle voice. And her own as well.