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Chapter 27: The Darkness

"In an age of hope men looked up at the night sky and saw "the heavens." In an age of hopelessness they call it simply "space."
― Peter Kreeft

The purplish, scattered sky was now a black world through the window, and across the distance lights started to shine from the buildings and signs in the city. Hinata stared, wistfully, out the window from the pristine white sofa that she lounged on, her eyes gazing and admiring the city that lay upon the night. When she looked out into the world, she felt her chest elevate and her heart beat wildly; she felt excited as to what was to come despite how anxious she felt at the moment.

No matter how much she ventured out into Tokyo, she still felt as small and insignificant as ever; there seemed to be so many things out there...

"So, Hinata-san, you say this is going to be your first time on the runway, correct?", asked a rather eccentric looking woman, who wore a sultry smile on her bright, neon lips.

Hinata quickly came back down to reality and looked around at the group she was seated in. In came the faces of the models that she was scheduled to share a runway with, and she immediately composed herself and gave off a rather frazzled look, which gain a round of laughter from the others.

"I say, doesn't she have a rather sickly complexion? Are you okay dear? You look quite ghostly!", squalled a model with an apparently thick British accent.

The meek girl immediately blushed in embarrassment at the comment while the others laughed hearty and started to coo. It had been a while since she had been treated like a child – but that's just what she was right now, a child among adults who had seen the stars and the city and the lights.

"Yes, this is surprisingly going to be her first time on the runway – you could hardly tell she hasn't had a bit a training in her life.", commented Haku in his charming, sweet voice, which seemed to make the women from across he and the bluette sway with fantasy. In the midst of his comment, his arm went across her seat's head; the action reminded her of a scene she had seen between couples at movie theaters. She blushed heavily at the thought.

"I-It's only because you helped me, Haku-san.", Hinata silently spoke, and blushed once again when his fingertips grazed her shoulder in acknowledgment.

"Get a room, seriously.", muttered a handsome, dark-skinned model named Darui, who dully gazed in slight disgust at the 'sweet' scene.

Then the round of squeals and coos came again, once again turning the girl's cheeks to a cheery red.

"Awww, Hinata-san, why so cute?!"

"You two are so adorable!"

"It's so freaking sweet!"

"Oh my – Sasori-chan will be so jealous though!", laughed a woman, which started up a flurry of gossip throughout the small group.

...Hinata blushed from embarrassment of the situation taking place.

She felt more annoyed than embarrassed though; she knew what they were doing. They were trying to get on her good side by setting her up with Haku. They wanted to be her friends, just to say that they were friends with the wife of Sasuke Uchiha – they just wanted publicity. It made her feel insignificant.

Everyone always seemed to do things for gain. She could see the greed in their eyes, all watching her every move. She was probably exaggerating, but she could have sworn that she had saw that pretty British lady sneer at her a bit...

When she felt pressure on her shoulder, she looked up into Haku's stunning orbs, and saw a small, friendly smile come upon his lips. It was weird how her stomach started to flutter just a bit from the expression; it felt odd, but memorable. It had been a while since she had felt those butterflies for another male other than her husband.

Nothing good ever came from those flutters though. They were just warnings of bad intuition to her.

Hinata gave a small smile back to the man before pretending to tune back into the conversation. She ignored his lingering stare on her, and after a while, moved slowly to the end of the sofa, feeling as Haku's long arm slide off her shoulder gradually.

She didn't dislike Haku - he was going to be the first guy she would work with in her life – he was very handsome and beautiful at the same time, he was graceful, polite, had good pronunciation in both Japanese and English -

But she couldn't see herself being with him – he seemed too perfect; she was afraid that his kind persona would be a facade and that something sinister would be inside of him -

Just like Sasuke..., is what the girl immediately thought, which made her slightly go pale and cover her mouth in repugnance at the awful thought.

"Are you alright, Hinata?", asked a concern Haku as he looked towards her slightly shaking form.

She didn't respond, instead she stood up. "E-Excuse me.", she quickly muttered before scurrying off in sight of a restroom to rid herself of the bile coming up her throat – alsoleaving the group of professionals to look after her in slight worry and confusion and to leave Haku watching after her with dubious eyes...

"I guess that's a wrap then! Good job Group G! Make sure to be here tomorrow around 6:00 – no exceptions!", Yamato, the director, congratulated with an exhausted but bright smile. The large group before him bowed deeply before scurrying off and to the lounge room where the rest of the models were.

After the last person left out the door, Yamato snapped his gaze towards the young man below from the stage, who was currently on his phone. As always...,thought the man as he went down the short row of stairs and towards the row of seats.

Sasuke continued to scroll through his phone, despite the silhouette that decided to interrupt his perfect light. After a minute or so, he dropped the phone in his lap and glared up at the director, who in turn glared back with equal intensity.

Seeing that he had no time for 'games', the Uchiha moved his gaze away and stood before grabbing his jacket and phone. "Is everything in check?", Sasuke asked monotonously as he pushed his bangs back.

Yamato gave him a hard look, but nonetheless looked down at his clipboard, which was laced with sticky notes and scribbling from other co-directors. After a quick glance down, he nodded and hardly had a chance to say anything before he saw the Uchiha heading out of the door, already in his jacket.

"Wait!", Yamato yelled, causing Sasuke to stop in his tracks. "Are you going to leave already? You haven't even seen the rest of the groups yet – we still have Group A and E to look over!"

"Is it really necessary?"

Yamato gave the male a baffled look before shaking his head to rid out the disarray and lifting up the clipboard. "It is very necessary! What if they aren't equipped enough to walk for the show? I don't want Mrs. Uchiha down on my back on this, Sasuke - "

"Mother won't be.", replied Sasuke as he turned back around, his eyes dead and emotionless as if the conversation was of unimportance. "This show wasn't under Uchiha from the beginning – MGC is the only authority. "

The director sighed in agitation at the male's stubbornness. "Can't you just watch these last two groups walk? It won't take but a couple of min - "

"I have more important duties to attend other than watch a group of supposedly 'capable' models walk across this stage. You are an employee under my and the others order - and you will do your job, which is...?", Sasuke asked with a devious grin on his face, mocking the male who gave him a frown of disapproval.

Sasuke, not hearing any objection, turned around and headed towards the door...

"...Is the reason behind this need to get away because of Hinata-san?"

Sasuke paused as a shiver went up his spine, and turned to give the innocent-looking director a hard glare, but saw that he was looking at a sheet on his handy-dandy clipboard. "Hinata-san is in Group E...I only assumed...", Yamato muttered silently before looking up and giving the deadly man an anxious grin.

The Uchiha's hands unknowingly balled into fists, a sign to Yamato that his 'hissy-fit' was about to begin - Itachi had spoke about this act on many occasions...

"I suggest that you leave your dumbass assumptions to yourself before you end up standing in a soup line, Yamato.", the young man started. "I have a fucking interview to go to – she has nothing to do with me leaving, at all."

Yamato waved him off as he checked his watch with disinterest. "Sure, Sasuke. I will make sure to review each group thoroughly - "

"Send them home, now.", Sasuke suddenly said.


Sasuke sighed in annoyance. "You have so many fucking questions today – the painters are here. Send them home, now.", was his last order before he left out the door, leaving the director to look after him.

"Jeesh, ...Itachi was right. He does act like a snobby, little girl.", Yamato muttered before turning out the lights on the stage.

"So, you from around these parts...Hidan-san?"


"Really? Well...where are you from then?"


"Wow...South Korea, right? 'Cause, ya know...North Korea is kinda...dangerous...maybe..."

"It is."

"...Okay...so what do you do? I mean, besides from modeling of course?"


"Um..okay...", Tenten blanched, shifting uncomfortable in her seat. "I didn't really know that the Akatsuki did that – I mean, I kinda knew they got hookers and women and stuff, but I really didn't know they had a male hooker...that's kinda hot really..."

Hidan slowly realized her meaning before his eyes went as wide as saucers, and his hand left the wheel.

"That's not what I flipping meant, lady.", he quickly responded, but it only seemed to peak the woman's interest in the conversation.

"Oh, so you're dating one of them? I'm so sorry for assuming that you were a who - ", she was cut off by the loud gripping of the steering wheel.

Hidan looked over at her with wild, annoyed eyes."You're such an annoying wench, ya know that? I'm a flipping male – I like pussy cats , not freaking hotdogs or prissy poop, ya get my drift, ya girly dog?"he bit out carefully, stopping himself from cursing.

Tenten raised an eyebrow at his strange lingual before turning and looking back at the children in the backseat, who were sound to sleep, filling the car with soft snores. She finally got what he was trying to do...

She soon couldn't hold it in, and quickly stifled the giggles that threatened to come out of her throat.

Hidan furrowed his brow at her, glancing at her shaking form. "What?"

Tenten soon uncovered her mouth and let the laughter come out silently, further confusing the platinum-haired male in the driver's seat.

After a minute or two, the woman wiped a few tears from her bright eyes before responding to his expression. "T-That is so cute.", she finally said, which confused the male even more.

"What? What is so freaking cute?", he barked softly, careful not to wake the two in the back.

Tenten gave him a smile then, which made him give her a surprised look. "You must really love her."

...He finally got what she was saying, and looked into the rear-view mirror to glance at the blonde-haired child, who was slobbing heavily on the little boy's shoulder.

Tenten noticed how he instantly smiled when he looked at her, and tried to keep from cooing.

"...Yeah.", he finally replied. "She's really something...", Hidan said, and turned his attention back to the road.

Though there were few words, she could feel it in his voice – she heard no forced words. Everything he had said was smooth, like there was no thought to it. It was something that would make any mother's heart warm inside.

She then thought back to what had happened back at the building they were in previously – Aira didn't know what a mother was...

Tenten felt it was inappropriate to ask ,but she was curious and wanted to know – she wanted closure and advice from his answer -

"I'm sorry for asking but...about Aira's mother...", from the corner of her eye, she saw him stiffen at the mention, but felt it necessary to continue her question. "If you don't mind me asking, but what happened to her?"

She half expected him to yell at her, because of his slit temper that she had gotten acquainted with earlier, but instead, she heard him let out a deep sigh.

"Nothing happened to her. ", he said, his voice low as if someone was listening. "We just didn't click is all..."

Tenten bit her lip. "Did she not want Aira?", she asked before she knew it, and started to regret her inappropriate question.

This time, he didn't answer, and instead looked straight forward with a blank face. Oh, Tenten thought, and soon her heart grew heavy. She knew how Aira would feel if she had found that she was unwanted – she knew first hand what it was like since she was an orphan herself -

"I never wanted to expose her to that.", Hidan finally said, his voice low. "My love for her is more than enough – she doesn't need a mother to know that she will always be loved and appreciated."

Hidan-san..., Tenten stared at the male in admiration. There weren't many men out there like him – under his tough exterior was a caring father.

"...You're a good dad.", Tenten bluntly responded while smiling at him.

Hidan gave her a smirk and waved her off. "Let's stop with this mushy sh - poop already – where the heck do you live? I don't want that Hyuuga to call the cops 'cause you ain't home.", he said with sarcastic humor.

The woman almost said something, but then quickly shut her mouth. She had almost forgotten that no one knew that she and Neji were not together, or that she was living with Lee...

"Actually, I'm visiting a friend right now – on Gyuoka Street."

The male quickly gave her a look of astonishment before regaining his composure. "Woah, your friend must have a knack for vintage housing - ", he started, but Tenten quickly realized her mistake and corrected it.

"She's a commoner and she goes to the nearby university – she's such a simple girl. I sometimes wonder how I became friends with her.", Tenten laughed, hiding her nervousness. She waited until she saw him nod before gazing back out of the window, letting out a light sigh of relief.

Soon, his car started on the street, and Tenten couldn't help but pray that Lee wasn't at home at the moment. It would be too suspicious...

As the car started to near towards the house, the woman saw a car parked on the side – baby-blue shined from the light pole above it.

Tenten swore that this would be the first and only time she would be happy to see Kin. The pregnant woman was in her car, checking her face in her compact mirror in her hand.

"Right here!", Tenten almost shouted while pointing at the expensive car. "There she is."

Hidan peered through the woman in the car before looking back at Tenten. "She's a pregnant university student?"

The bun-headed lady shrugged her shoulders while getting out of the car. "Late night parties and hot and heavy nights – yeah, It happens sometimes.", she responded before closing the door and opening the door of the backseat and unbuckling the seat belt on Tenji.

After she grabbed the boy, she looked over towards the little girl with a smile before tucking a blonde strand behind the girl's ear and closing the door.

"Thanks for the ride Hidan-san.", Tenten said while adjusting Tenji. "Maybe we could hang out sometimes if you're up for it – Tenji needs someone other than the maids to chase after.", she said with a taunting smirk.

Hidan snorted. "Whatever.", he finally said, before giving a smirk of his own.

The woman turned before giving him a wave and heading towards Kin, making sure to keep up the act that Kin was her friend as Hidan watched them. She knew that he would continue to watch until she started to chat with Kin – it was only the polite thing to do.

She had wished he wasn't so polite this night.

Tenten gave off her brightest smile to the pregnant woman, ignoring how her eyes widened in surprise and confusion at the same time. This is gonna be harder than I thought, thought the bun-headed woman as she gave a slight laugh to Kin.

"Sorry for being so late – had to do a couple of things.", the bun-headed lady beamed, although it didn't reach her eyes.

"O-Oh...that's fine! I'm okay with that.", replied Kin awkwardly as she watched the car pull off and also Tenten's happy expression fall.

Tenten brushed passed the stunned woman and carefully placed Tenji into the car seat in the front before kissing his forehead. Kin soon started up the car before giving an unsure look to Tenten, who glared heavily at the Kin's stomach.

"So, exactly how many months are you? You look like a whale.", Tenten stated.

Kin laughed nervously. "Ugh, t-three months – it's, um, twins, we think.", she sputtered, feeling the glare on her belly intensify.

" 'We'...that's really...something.", Tenten muttered idly as she continued to stare at the growing womb.

She felt a slight ping hit her heart, but not out of anger or sadness.

God, why do I feel like this? , Tenten asked as she stared at Kin, trying to keep up her tough and angry exterior but finding it hard to due to the nervous look in the pregnant mistress's eyes.

She sighed and closed her eyes in anger then. "Damnit, You're such a pathetic person. I can't even look at you right now.", Tenten spat in agitation as she tried to muster up the little anger she had through frustration.

"I-I know.", Kin agreed quietly, averting her gaze to her lap, ready to take the insults for her actions.

"I mean, why the hell would you mess with a married man? Did you not care how it would affect his family at all? Did you only care about yourself, Kin? Do you have no morals at all?!"

Kin then met her storming eyes with her own wide ones. "I-I did! I told him that it would be wrong, but he...", the woman began, but couldn't seem to get anything out of her throat, and instead sighed. "It's a long story, but I swear that I didn't mean to hurt your family! I'm so sorry - "

"Save it.", Tenten spat and clung onto Tenji harder as she tried to push aside the feeling of guilt hitting her. "Your apology won't solve anything – it's only making it harder to...", she stopped mid sentence to look down at Kin, and saw something in those dark eyes that made her sick to her stomach.


"Why do you make it so hard for me to hate you?", she suddenly asked, catching the mistress off guard.

The pregnant woman gasped in surprise, once again, from the unexpected question from the woman. "W-What do you mean?", she asked.

Tenten balled her fists while still staring at the swollen belly. It was weird – no matter how mad she tried to get from the sight, she couldn't muster up anything. She was making her own head hurt just to think of how to get angry -

"I can't be angry at you, Kin, and I have every right to be angry. I want to be angry...but I can't.", the brunette admitted, her eyes finally becoming dull in thought as she continued to stare at the belly.

Kin bit her lip in slight fear at the woman's emotions. "I don't know what to say..."

Tenten sighed angrily before gripping her hair. "Just forget it – get Tenji home safely. Make sure he gets to bed, check his backpack to see if he had any assignments and if he does, make him do it during breakfast. I don't want my absence to hinder my child. After that, I want you to do something else personally for me..."

Kin nodded. "Yes, anything.", she quickly replied.

"When Neji is gone to work in the morning, I want you to pack Tenji up a couple of outfits – rainbow dresser, blue draw, the five outfits folded that have the little stars on them – the shoes are in the closet with the bear design on it.", Tenten said with swiftness. "After that, put them in your car."

Kin nodded, going over the list in her head without any question. "O-Okay, but what do you want me to d- "

"Meet me tomorrow at the Shinsu Bakery Cafe at 6:00 a.m.", Tenten said and gave off a small sigh. "...whatever you need to say or explain, you can say it there. We'll talk..."

A look of joy and relief appeared on Kin's face, as if this was the best news she had heard all day. "Thank you so much! I promise I will have everything in ord - "

"Whatever." ,Tenten cut her off, an emotionless look on her face. "Just get it done and don't get caught - and buckle your seat belt. This will be my last and final time telling you this, Kin.", she seethed through her teeth, which made Kin gasp in fear before she put on the safety protection.

With one last look at the sleeping Tenji, Tenten walked to the small house, not looking back as Kin drove off slowly. It would hurt to much to see her son gone.

As she pushed her sadness back ,she pulled out a key from her pocket and opened the door...

The sight before her made her sigh..

There lay Lee on the ruddy couch, hair frazzled about and snoring as loud as the Kungfu movie playing on the television. Tenten sighed before stepping over the mass of papers and thick medical books on the floor and went near the wildly sleeping male. She noticed that he still had on his scrubs – he must have just come back from his long hours at the hospital.

He overdid it again...

She shook her head. "You're such a dunce, Lee.", she whispered, and proceeded to pick up the paper and books on the floor...

She smiled the whole time.

I need to stop thinking about him, Hinata thought as washed her hands in the sink. He doesn't care – he's not a good person at all. Nothing good ever comes from thinking about him...I need to stop!, she shouted inner - ly to herself once more before brushing her hair out of her face and stepping out of the bathroom.

As she shook her hands off, she felt a presence behind her stop, which made her instinctively look back to see said person.


She scoffed and started back on her way – she sighed when he caught her upper arm.

"Hinata, we need to talk - "

"I-I can't, not right now, Naruto.", she persisted, and pulled her arm away from his grip and proceeded to go down the hall, but heard him again -

"Hinata, please."

His voice was sickening – it had felt as though she had kicked an injured puppy. She cursed herself for being so sensitive.

She waited a moment before turning to face him, trying to keep her stern look on her face despite how badly she wanted to apologize for the pathetic- looking blond before her.

"M-Make this quick. I don't have time.", she stated, and proceeded to follow Naruto.

Her stomach was churning and she felt like she was being forced to do something she didn't want to do – she didn't want to talk to Naruto. It seemed that every topic he brought up only caused her to be depressed or upset.

He was a bad omen to her.

She stared at his back, glancing over his broad shoulders and thin waist.

Hinata glared before looking away, a blush on her face.

Too many males here.

Naruto soon stopped and started to unlock a door on his left. He seemed jittery from Hinata's perspective – he dropped the keys three times.

He looked over her. She stared back before raising her eyebrow at this nervousness. He gave her a sheepish grin before opening the door and ushering her in – she passed him, pretending not to acknowledge his politeness, and looked around the strangely plain-looking room.

A snapping sound echoed throughout the room.

Her eyes shot towards the door in fright; Naruto noticed this and quickly unlocked the door before sitting in a seat. Hinata, heart beating, choose a seat farthest away from him, which caused him to sigh, but he made no notion to put emphasis on it. They were on different sides of the room – she wanted to as far away from him as possible, it was understandable.

"About Sasuke - ", he started, but was cut off.

"Please don't talk about him...", Hinata stated quickly. "I wish not to waste conversation on h-him, please..."

Naruto . "I'm sorry about his behavior, it was unacceptable."

Hinata started to bit her lip, but instead decided to say something. "O-Of course you would apologize for him, like Itachi-nii-san. I almost forgot that you were on his s-side anyway - "

"Hinata, please don't say it like that - "

"That's how it is Naruto.", Hinata responded, her eyes down-casted. "Might as well tell it how it is..."

Naruto suddenly stood from his seat, eager to get his point across. "I didn't mean it that - "

"W-We shouldn't be here talking; he might think that you're on my side or somethin - "

"HINATA!", the blond yelled out in frustration, startling the meek girl into silence.

The quietness passed through the two of them; Naruto plopped down back into his seat and started to run his hands through his hair while Hinata kept quiet, realizing her faults.

After a while, Naruto glanced up at her slumped form before speaking. "I'm sorry for yelling - "

"I-I had said before that if you wanted to talk to me, that the conversation would only be about the condition of Kushina-san. I-I meant what I said.", Hinata spoke, her voice hard and shaky from her nerves.

The blond nodded in understanding before sitting up further in his seat. "Okay, I get it...but could you come closer. It feels weird having to have a conversation from all the way over there.", he said with a bit of anxiousness.

Hinata blushed heavily before standing and walking to the chair that was seated in front of the small coffee table. She looked down at her folded hands, feeling that he was watching her by the feeling of heat on her face. She soon began to feel her nerves come up, and slowly poke her forefingers together -she started to curse herself for her silly action.

"You still have that habit eh?", Naruto asked as he looked down at her fingers with soft eyes. "I remember how in high school you used to poke your fingers together. I never actually knew why you used to do it all the time..."

Hinata ignored his speech and continued to poke her fingers. Reminiscing would do no good for her...

"I do now though...", he soon said, his voice low and husky, which quickly caused Hinata to stop her ministrations and look up at him with suspicious eyes.

"W-What?", Hinata questioned, confused at how his blue eyes gazed softly at her, not shifting for even a second.

"Is is true what you said?", he asked in curiosity as he started to rub the back of his neck sheepishly.

Hinata bit her lip. "About what?"

"...about you liking me in high school..."

The girl sighed before leaning back in her seat and look at the ceiling, trying to mask the way her heart was beating at the feeling of this weird situation. "I-It was a long time ago ..."

Naruto smiled lowly to himself as he started to pick at the coffee table before him. "I know but...it feels kinda new to me though. I would have never guessed you would have liked me. I thought all of the girls were head-over-heels in love with Teme."

"Y-You shouldn't have assumed that all of the girls liked Sasuke – there were quite a few who were interested in others.", Hinata commented slowly as she started to remember those days. "Alot of girls liked Nara-san and Neji-nii-san - "

"And me.", Naruto said shyly. "But there was only one who liked me for things far more important than my looks or wealth...", he spoke quietly as he stared at her.

Hinata looked back at him and noticed his intense stare – his eyes looked soft, like there was something making them become...sensual.

The girl gave an unsure smile at his expression as she tried to find a way to end this conversation and atmosphere. This was not about Kushina. I need help, Hinata thought as she saw Naruto's mouth about to move.

She didn't want to be faced with that question – it was too cliché, nothing good would come from it at all -

Please don't say it! No~

A loud noise came from her pocket just in the nick of time; Hinata inwardly danced as she quickly pulled out her cellphone and answered it, ignoring how Naruto snapped out of his daze quickly and retained a look of disappointment.


"Where are you?! I've been waiting for fifteen minutes on you, girl!"

Hinata rolled her eyes at the exaggerated voice at the other end. "I'm in the restroom – I'll be there in a minute."

"...break off your shit and bring your assets or you're gonna be hitch-hiking a ride!"

Hinata rolled her eyes once again at the childish order. Bi-polar Sasori "Whatever."

With that, the called ended and Hinata looked over at the slouched boy in the seat.

"I have to go now.", she said.

Naruto nodded and gave her a light grin. "Okay, we'll talk later."

Hinata didn't object to anything ; she quickly stood and hurried out the door, a slight blush across her cheeks as she felt his gaze on her leaving form. Naruto watched after her, a small look of sadness flashing in his eyes before his own phone rang -

Neji clutched the scroll in his hand as he walked through the halls of the quiet, hollow mansion, only the sound of his bare feet being heard against the marble floor this time of the night. The content of the scroll is what he ran over and over in his head, word for word, processing every word and phrase of the rugged writing. It was a long letter – of course, any letter would be long if the person writing it knew they were to see the great gates of the Heavens soon...

He had read the whole thing as soon as the Elder had given it to him, but he could only remember the words that had stood out to him, the words that were stained and blurred from tears -

...I just wanted just once to disobey the Hyuuga destiny. I wanted to choose my own destiny is all...

The young Hyuuga started down another hall, passing by the many portraits of the Main Family – all were dressed elegantly, clad in their white robes and grabs, their long hair thrown over their shoulder with elegance, their face stone hard like that of a Hyuuga. Unsurprisingly, their pale features and modern styles made them appear ghostly – which is what they were now, Ghosts of the Hyuuga's Past.

...I have only showed my ugly side to you, Neji, yet finally, as I may be writing my final letter to you, I finally understand my will...so please understand that if I may die tomorrow, that I am not being killed to protect the Main Family, but that I am being killed to protect my brother and my family...

He suddenly stopped as he reached the dead end of the hall.

...and you, my son...you must live. You are a man loved by the Hyuuga talent more than anyone in the clan...I wish I could have born you into the Main Family...

The portrait before him stared back with warm eyes, unlike the identical man by his side. It was funny how he could pick out his father, Hizashi, between Hiashi, even in a portrait – a painting that was only supposed to show the surface, but yet depicted into the inner meaning of the Hyuuga Clan...

Neji glanced down at the scroll in his hand for a second before he slowly placed the scroll onto the stand in front of the portrait that held the plate of burning incense. The Hyuuga male slightly bowed while closely his eyes, his mind around his father.

I understand, father...

He glanced once more at the portrait before letting out a breath, every tense feeling of dread and stress diminishing. He could say that he felt somewhat at peace; for the first time in years he could grasp what was going on in his life.

"Your mistress has returned, Neji-sama.", a void, bitter voice called out a few feet away from him, mildly startling him in his slight daydream.

The Hyuuga turned, his face in recognition of the feisty, elder chambermaid before him. It was Shi, one of the chambermaids that had been with him since the start of his journey through the Main House.

Neji analyzed her wrinkling frown and her graying hair before nodding and starting towards the entrance, ignoring how her glare seemed to burn holes through his back. He had gotten used to all of the glares and stares going on in this mansion; she was no exception -

"I will be residing on Hiashi-sama's land upon sunrise, so do not expect me to wake you or young master Tenji in the morning."

Neji froze upon hearing her voice again, and turned to see the old woman standing as still as a wall, her eyes dark with malice and disgust. Of course he knew why, but it still was quite a shock.

Nonetheless, he nodded in understanding, and turned again to leave towards the entrance, but not before Shi spoke again, this time with a low tone so quiet, that he almost thought he misheard her words.

"Your father would be ashamed of you.", were her last words before turned around and started toward the maids' chamber...

Neji could only stare after her, his face void but his heart restricted. With a sigh, he slowly turned and went forward.

He had accepted his fate and his destiny a long time ago – he knew he would experience the harmful truths and consequences of his barbaric actions, but it still hurt – it would hurt any strong man.

Infidelity is wrong, he knew, but he felt that he at least had a reason

Before he knew it, he found himself in the living room, looking at the woman, his mistress, Kin.

She stood before him, clad in a dark dress she had bought to slim her figure, yet it did nothing to cover her protruding belly; Her pregnant stomach was the first thing that had caught his eyes before he glanced over at the sleeping little boy she had on her hip.

He finally managed to look at Kin, who was giving him her usual timid -unsure smile.

She looked withdrawn and worn out, but Neji could almost tell that she had something that she wanted to say – something that she had been wanting to say all week – but, in actuality, he didn't care, no matter how many times he told himself that she was carrying his children.

He felt it his fault that she was in this situation, but then again, weren't they both subject to this affair?

With a nod, he went and reached for the sleeping child as she handed the child to him, her striking obsidian eyes still on Neji's face as he gradually but expertly retrieved the child as if he had done it many times before, and held Tenji steadily in his arms.

During the grabbing, the Hyuuga male's nose twitched instantly at the scent wafting off of the child.

His brow then furrowed when he smelt a rather familiar scent on the child, and found himself burying his nose in the little boy's locks out of instinct.

Kin, however, didn't notice the strange occurrence, and lightly blushed when she felt Neji's eyes meet her own. "He fell asleep on the way here, so I didn't get a chance to buy him dinner.", she finally spoke while pushing a long, dark thread of hair behind her ear, feeling quite self-conscious under his stare.

He nodded, watching as she started to look down at her feet, a habit that quickly reminded him of his younger cousin.

"Look people in the eye when you are speaking to them.", he quietly said to the startled woman before turning on his heel, but not before hearing her meek-like voice call out to him, once again reminding him of Hinata.

"You know, don't you?"

He sighed wearily, already tired from the conversation being held. "I could be mistaken.", he said, "...but I'm confident that I am not wrong. Her scent is still the same as it always has been – you were...with Tenten today?, he asked in confusion, ignoring how a guilty expression came unto her face.

Why, out of all people, would she be with Tenten? Was this a sick joke of some kind, or was this all just a dream he was in? Everything suddenly felt surreal in the room - the atmosphere seemed hollow and cold.

Still, in confusion, he waited patiently, the boy in his arms shifting and slightly drooling on his shoulder, but not breaking the man's sturdy hold on him. The silence went on for minutes, that seemed longer than they were; Neji still looked on at the woman while trying to grasp the odd situation happening -

Suddenly, a sound came from the woman's lips, a sound which made Neji snap out of his drone daze and into the teary eyes of his mistress.

He started to question her, but quickly put it aside as her pregnancy hormones and continued to wait for her explanation.

However, he wasn't expecting the sobbing words that came from her -

"You're still in love with her, aren't you...", was her drawled statement.

"What?", Neji asked, confusion now present on his features.

Kin shook her head in dismay, the tears still coming from her eyes. "You knew immediately whose scent was on Tenji – that is only a quality that a loving husband would have for his wife!", she wailed as she quickly seated herself in the nearest chair to sooth her aching feet.

Her sudden change in behavior was reverting to anger, and Neji couldn't understand just where the conversation was headed. He felt that it was an act she was putting up, but it was normal for pregnant women to have such mood changes. So, he decided to go along with what she was saying.

The long-haired woman groaned before grabbing her strands and tugging on them in aggravation. "Stupid, stupid Kin. I knew it, I knew you would do something like that – why didn't I just – ugh..."

"Just what were you doing with her?", he asked in a blank, uncaring voice, but in reality, he was as live as any obsessed man. So he watched her each and every movement, waiting for her answer.

Kin sighed deplorably and waved him off. "I-I can't, not right now – I feel stressed, but if you want to know so badly, she just wanted to see her son! I may not be a mother – yet- but I do know that a child needs its mother and vice-versa, Neji! Why can't she see her son like you do everyday - "

"Because she has twenty more days before she can actually have contact with him – if she is seen with him, she could go back to jail!", he barked, startling the pregnant woman frighteningly. "And if you are caught helping her, you could be charged as well."

Kin gulped a little, but shook her head. "That's stupid - nothing bad has happened so far - "

"So far...", Neji repeated, with a glare in his eyes.

After a moment of silence, Kin nodded in understanding and stood. "...okay, I understand.", Neji sighed in relief at her answer. "...I promise to be more careful next time."

Neji sighed in annoyance, and gripped his forehead in irritation of her sudden stubbornness. She wasn't like this before; it definitely had to be the hormones...

Just as the woman was leaving, however, a thought popped into his head which made chill bumps go up his spine, and he quickly bid for her to come back, which is what she did.

"What did you all do today?", he asked, his voice strained. It sounded weird for a wife and mistress to be having a 'girl's day'.

Kin yawned, her emotions now switching to drowsiness. "I don't know...but I did see her get dropped off by a man."

Neji's brow raised and he soon shifted Tenten on his torso. "What did he look like?", he asked with calmness, although he was anything but calm...

Kin strained her memory before she spoke. "He had...platinum hair and bright eyes."

Akatsuki..., Neji thought before nodding to the woman.

"I don't think they're dating Neji.", Kin suddenly said. "Although she d-did ask him if he wanted to go out sometimes.", she finally confessed, and quickly covered her mouth in sheer horror.

Neji, however, only nodded and started towards his bedroom, but was stopped by Kin -

"A-Aren't you...upset, Neji?", the woman asked shyly as she tried to stare down at her feet. "I-I won't feel bad if you tell me how you really feel about her – I know that you're still in love with her. Why aren't you showing any emotions at all?", Kin blurted out all at once, waiting for him to show his anger...

The Hyuuga stared at the woman for a while, analyzing her stance and expression, before a small smirk came upon his lips, making Kin give him a suspicious stare.

"You are right – I do still love my wife, no matter how I try to not show it.", he said. "In fact, I love her so much, and so well, that I know that she will never date the man you saw her with today."

Kin gave him an a frazzled look. "W-Why not...?", she dared to ask.

His smirk increased into a devious one.

"Because she's already in love with someone else – and it never was me."

The veranda was dark; the flaming wick of the lanterns outside the front door were out.

On the drive to Ino's house, Hinata noticed that not one car was on the road towards the outskirts of town. It seemed like all of the other large, extravagant houses weren't noticeable anymore; all that Hinata could see up the road was the dark, westernized house of the blonde.

When the vehicle stopped, the girl didn't move; her gaze stayed on the house. She could feel that something wasn't right; she was scared of what was to come. She had had this feeling before on many occasions – it wasn't a good feeling at all. She felt hollow, like her soul was leaving her body, making her as empty as her voice in this moment...

"So I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow, right?"

Hinata blinked a couple of times before she looked straight into the face of Sasori, who was smirking at her as his gaze was directly on her. She smiled a bit, letting the anxiousness pass.

"O-Of course you will – you're taking me to work tomorrow.", Hinata stated with a smile.

Sasori scoffed. "Ugh, if you didn't know this by now, gas is not cheap -"

"Think of it as punishment for having that t-threesome a few weeks ago.", the girl responded.

The redhead raised an eyebrow at the sentence. "Upset that you weren't apart of it?", he shot back.

Hinata scrunched up her nose at the question and punched him in his arm. "T-That's disgusting."

"That's what all the virgins down the block say.", Sasori said calmly, though his eyes seemed to dance in excite at the conversation. She rolled her eyes and began to open the door -

But found that it was still locked.

With a light sigh, Hinata turned back to Sasori, "Open the door - "

"You forgot to get your uniform.", he responded and pointed to the back. Hinata gave him a quick glare before she reached back and started to grab for the clothing, but quickly pulled back her hand when she felt a sharp pain come onto her hand.

Saon's cage had been opened, mysteriously, and he was know currently making a home on the uniform.

Hinata made no move – she watched with wide eyes as the cat stood up from its position -

The two looked at each other in slight fear and hesitation before they stared back down at the cat, and saw it raise its leg -

"Saon, no, this car is not your palace!", Sasori tried to reprimand.

"P-Please S-Saon-san, don't do it...", Hinata started, but found it too late...

They both got out the car, overwhelmed by the strong scent wafting in the vehicle. Sasori let out a couple of indecent words while Hinata pouted with her hand over her nose...

"BAD PUSSY CAT, BAD!", the male yelled, terrifying the poor kitten...

That was the start of the problems...

Sasori sighed as he stared at the still pouting girl, who he was currently sitting next to on the stairs of the house.

Hinata didn't dare to look at him, she was trying to air out her uniform; the scent would probably stay in there for a couple of weeks.

The redhead, looked down at the obese cat in his arms before smoothing out its tail.

"Are you pissed?", he suddenly asked, making the bluette look over at him with a deadly look.


"You get it – are you pissed? ...you just got pissed on, well, you uniform did...", he tried to explain, but her dull look told him that she didn't think of it as one of humor.


Sasori sighed. "I don't see what your problem is – you work at a pet shop. There are going to be plenty of times where you're pissed on – think of it this way, tomorrow, you'll blend in with the smell of the place.", he grinned, waiting to see her reaction.

Hinata glanced over at him, her eyes narrowed at his joke. Sasori grinned a bit until he saw that she, once again, denied the joke.

"You get it...because pet shops...smell like piss too...sometimes.", he finished before he looked forward as well. Saon purred a bit, filling the air of animistic sounds.

"I-I think your cat is a bad omen, Sasori.", Hinata finally said as she picked at her pants.

"Why do you say that?"

She shrugged. "I don't know...maybe the black cats that cross paths are actually orange ones, or they may apply to both.", she explained, not really knowing what she was saying herself.

Sasori sighed and looked up at the sky. "Sure Hinata. Orange cats are bad...", he drawled, and soon started to watch the sky. "There are a lot of stars out tonight..."

Hinata nodded and looked up at the sky as well. Just as before, the stars were shining there brightest tonight.

It was beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring...

"...look at how they shine for you,... Hinata..."


"You could hardly ever see them in New York...", the male commented.

Hinata looked over at him with doe eyes. "You've been to New York?", she asked in surprise.

Sasori nodded nonchalantly. "I told you that I lived in America for a while when I became a child..."

"Oh...", the girl muttered, remembering his story.

The girl sighed and brought her knees to her chest and stared at the brightest one.

New York...so many things...

She glanced over at Sasori again before she decided to go with her first mind. Telling him one thing would do no harm to her...

"I-If you go to the top of the skyscraper, y-you can see everything.", she finally said, pushing back the tears that wanted to flow.

Sasori looked over at her in interest. "Really? Even the stars?", he asked in curiosity.

The girl nodded idly while she gazed at the glittering sky. "During my senior trip I could see them, anyway.", she commented, swiftly and sneakily brushing tears from her eyes and trying to control her burning nose.

My life was so perfect that day – the most beautiful place to propose to the one you love. I felt like the most luckiest girl in the world that day because he said he loved me...but those words were never true...were they, Sasuke?...

There was no need to hold in all of the hurt – it was supposed to be okay to cry. But she was so tired of doing it. She desperately looked up at the brightest star, wishing that she could shine as bright as it so that this pain could go away -

" Granny Chiyo might have been up there a couple of times when lived in New York and never told me - I've never been a fan of tall buildings... but I guess it'll be worth it.", Sasori said drowsily. "Let's do it – one day, the three of us will go to the top of the skyscraper and see if your description of it was accurate."

The girl froze and looked over at him...

"The t-three of us?", she asked quietly and shyly, scared that it could be a joke.

"Deidara, you , and myself.", Sasori said and looked over at her. "You up for it?"

...She stared at him for a while in bewilderment and in fascination. It seemed like he knew what she was thinking; it was scary, but also...comforting.

Suddenly, a smile came upon her lips; she nodded confidently, which earned her a smile from Sasori before he looked back up at the stars.

He seemed interesting...

A purring sound soon surfaced in the air, and two pair of eyes turned towards the tabby, who was clawing at Sasori's shirt with a pitiful look. The redhead sighed and picked up the cat before caressing it.

"I have to go.", he said, looking at the girl with a small smile. "I forgot that cats were supposed to have meals everyday as wel."

Hinata nodded and the both of them stood, leaving the night sky to play with itself.

"Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow morning!", Hinata yelled as he went towards his car.

He sent her a pitiful, similar to the cat, and started to whine. "I'm not a morning person, Hinata!"

"You promised!", she yelled. "Oh, and if you see Gaara-kun tonight, tell him that I will pray for his speedy recovery!"

"Sure thing!", he responded and waved before he got in the car with the fat cat.

With that, she watched as he pulled off and waited until his car sped off down the street until she picked up her uniform and skipped towards the door before twisting the doorknob – it seemed that they knew she was outside...

Soon, she was met with a cool aroma of pine cones, the same smell she had come to know when staying with Ino, who had strangely became addicted such a smell. A small smile appeared on her face.

The chatter that she had heard seized when she shut the door, and that strange feeling came into the pit of her stomach again.

Hinata pulled off her shoes by the door before saying, "Tadaima.", quietly and stepping towards the dining room.

When she stepped towards the dinning room, her smile dropped due to the cold and tense atmosphere.

When she walked in, she didn't bother to look up at anyone; she kept her head down as she went towards the seat at the end of the table, not even looking up when she sat down. Something felt wrong – it was like her high spirits had disappeared upon entering this house. She only glanced at the table; the only recognition she could gather that it was indeed them was by Ino's long, blond hair draping on the table and by Konan's painted fingers nails accompanied by her official Akatsuk ring -

She couldn't take the stillness in the room, so she let her gaze hit the women before her. Ino stared at the table, her eyes a cloudy blue while Konan's face was as emotionless as ever as she stared back. Hinata felt a shiver go up her spine.

There actually is something wrong...but what could it be?, she thought.

She stopped and waited for anyone to start...

"I guess there is no point in keeping quiet about this matter, especially since it affects you, Hinata.", Konan began, her voice void of anything at all. "Ino will start off the 'back story' of the situation, then I'll let you voice your thoughts."

Hinata nodded wearily, cautious of the situation she was speaking of.

Ino sat up, giving the agent a glance before finally looking over at the Hyuuga. "...um...well, before the whole issue came up, I was just coming back from Osaka – we won by the way – and I was about to high tail it back to the house so that I could take Kushina out somewhere and trigger 'something' before Minato came by – oh, he came by earlier, you should have been here! We had such a good time! He's really funny and - "

The barbie stopped her blabbering when a hot glare stared to burn through her face and sighed, her 'cheerfulness' facade diminishing, setting forth her anxious eyebrows and primed lips. Konan burned her eyes into Ino's head, her emotionless facade starting to break as well, letting Hinata see the agitated and stressed woman inside of her.

Finally, Ino spoke, her face in an unsure smile. "I spoke to Shikamaru today – well, no, he contacted me today to talk about the case and ...such.", she stammered. "We talked for a couple of hours and he said some things and I definitely said some things in your defense - "

"What did he say?", Hinata interrupted, eyes wide and heart beating rapidly in her chest.

She waited for her lawyer to say something. She analyzed Ino thoroughly – she watched the blonde bite her lip and lower her eyes, which was one of those signs -

"He said," Ino started to begin again, her voice low as if this conversation was a hidden secret of the three. "...he said that Sasuke would be...willing to pay alimony and anything else that he can do..."

Hinata shrugged obstinately at that statement, not caring about such things. "What e-else did he say?", she asked again.

Ino's voice seemed to have been lost...The only thing she did was stare, her eyes shifting to a darker blue and becoming hazy; Ino turned away.

Konan jumped back in. "If you don't take the alimony and get over it, then Shikamaru is going to fight against your allegations, and with the way things have gone so far, Sasuke has a good chance of winning."

"B-But so do I. ", Hinata defended. "I'm telling the truth about what has happened."

Konan rolled her eyes at the girl's naivety. "Do you think that Shikamaru Nara hasn't won cases on the bad guys' side? That's where he gets his money and fame from – he and his family have being defending crooks and crooked businessmen since the beginning of their legacy. "

"So what? That doesn't matter! W-We can still win!", Hinata exclaimed.

"But what if we don't?", the agent asked, her gaze stern.

Hinata paused and stared at the pessimistic woman, a look of incredulity on her face.

"W-Why are you doing this?", the bluette asked, her voice shaky and her inner confidant fading...

"Because, whether you believe it or not Hinata, life doesn't always turn out the way you want it – look at how things have turned out this far.", Konan stated solemnly. "I'm just being realistic."

She was right, but still...

Hinata, with anxiousness, stared at Konan. "You don't t-think that we could win?"

She glanced over at Ino, who was still staring at the table, that look still in her eye.

Konan pondered over her question for a moment before her grey eyes locked onto the bluettte. "I'm not denying Ino's ability to perform her job at all, but in a realistic standpoint, we all know that if Ino went against Shikamaru ,and lost ,that her reputation would be tainted and that she would lose clients, despite the many cases that she has won. That's just what it is Hinata, its about reputation - "

"So you're saying that if we went against Sasuke, that I-Ino could potentially risk losing her job?", Hinata asked, her eyes large and her concern on the blonde, whose head had now risen and was looking towards both Konan and the bluette.

"I don't care about losing my job – I knew what risks I would be taking when I decided to become your lawyer.", Ino suddenly replied, a sincere look in her eyes. "However, that's not the case with you, Hinata..."

Konan sighed and folded her arms. "Which brings me to my point. The cons outweigh the pros in this situation it .", she stated with a bitter tone as she glared at the wall. "If we win against Sasuke, you get your justice, your liberty, all of that. On the other hand, you will get the social media's attention - "

"As always.", Ino agreed, nodding at the statement.

Hinata looked between the two with confused lilac orbs. "M-Media's attention?" That scared her more than ever...

Konan interlaced her fingers and leaned her chin on them, her gaze dull and unreadable. "Any other day I would support any decision you decide, but today I'm afraid I will have to step in and offer my own suggestions.", she started. "I'm your agent, so I feel that by some standards I know what's best for you – more that you do for yourself maybe. Therefore, I feel that you should accept Shikamaru's proposition."

"What?!", the girl yelled, her voice going dry at the serious look on Konan's face. "Y-You can't be serious! We can't do t-this - "

"No, we can. The question is can you.", Konan stated. "There are too many risks with this Hinata; accepting Shikamaru's proposition is better at this point in time."

"W-What are the risks?", Hinata finally asked, her eyes going red. That's when the point was brought to the knowing.

"You risk being unpopular in social media – most will be in denial of your claims, and will bash you because they will think of it as a pathetic attempt to get Sasuke back. You also risk your career, your fan base, Sabaku – the list is endless. You shouldn't be engaging in situations that can affect you in a negative way – that fight yesterday could have destroyed the foundation that Sabaku and Akatsuki created for you.", Konan deadpanned.

Hinata slammed her palms onto the table as she stood from her chair, livid at how insensitive her agent really was. Ino jumped, both out of nervousness and fright while Konan stared, unfazed by the girl's temper.

"Is that all you care about? Business? I could care less for it!", Hinata yelled, her eyes becoming teary. "After all that I've been through, you just want me to drop it? For him to just get away once again?!", the bluette yelled, angry tears beginning to fall down her cheeks.

The room became cold.

Konan, once again sighed, because the situation was getting vile by the minute. "Sasuke is a horrible man who has done terrible things, and he does deserve to be punished, but we honestly don't have any time to be wasted thinking or talking about him. It's about you now – he doesn't matter anymore. I think that it's time for us to move on to a different topic."

There was nothing she could say; she couldn't figure out what to say exactly. She turned her gaze on Ino then and saw how her blue eyes looked on at her in guilt.

"Our hands are tied. There's nothing that we can do but move on.", Konan repeated, her voice stern.

I can't...

She watched her tears fall on the table top, one by one, as she thought of the point over and over again.

We aren't going to fight...

"I'm so sorry, Hinata.", Ino spoke, watching the girl with mournful eyes. Konan, however, held nothing in her eyes – her face was blank altogether.

Hinata pushed out her chair, making it screech against the marble floor, before walking away from the silent kitchen, leaving the two women to watch after her.

She felt numb, as if this 'reality' was nonexistent.

Hinata opened the door to the basement, her mind blank – the first thing she spotted in the vivid pink room was a large, flat screen television on the wall, directly across from her large, pink bed...

Her body moved subconsciously to the bed before she sat down and grabbed the shiny, new remote. She clasped it in her hand, rolling it over and over in her hand. Soon, she popped on the television.

"Okay, so MGC is a business conducted through a cooperative which consists of Hyuuga's prodigy Neji Hyuuga, Nara's heir Shikamaru, and last but not least one of Japan's most influential men Sasuke Uchiha! So, Sasuke, can you tell us what is the purpose of MGC and how did you all come up with it?"

"When the others and I came up with this idea, we thought they we would keep it simple and focus on overseas trade since we all studied it in Sarutobi Private. However, we decided what would be the point of starting a business if we weren't willing to take a risk, so we decided to combine all of our specialties into the company to create a sort of diversity within it. Our main focuses are on fashion, overseas trade, and technology."

"Hmm, sounds powerful, I could literally feel the drool about to come down my chin! How does it feel to be nominated for Asia's Entrepreneur of 2013?", a graying, portly man in a conservative suit asked, his face glowing from gratitude from the male sitting across from him on the opposite sofa.

"I feel honored to be a nominee for such a category. It's a bit unreal, actually.", the male responded smoothly, a small smirk on his handsome face.

It was an interview being conducted by one Japan's popular special 'guest; shows. It had been such a long time since she had seen Sasuke on television – approximately two months. Despite how awkward and uncomfortable she was feeling, she continued to watch, because she wanted to hear his words, try to see if he would lie again.

"So humble – what a rare quality to have. Although on the inside, I bet you just know you're going to win, neh?", the man asked, a grin upon his chubby face.

Hinata watched as Sasuke smirked and stifled a laugh by casually rubbing his chin in thought.

Of course he does...

"You sitting here right now, it's impossible to think that such a handsome young man can do all these things at once – it's almost as if you're perfection at its greatest in the Uchiha family. Tell me, just how are you able to juggle your personal life, the media, and business all at once?"

Sasuke smiled then, a smile that looked so sincere that it almost fooled Hinata. "I don't really know. I guess it's just in my genes.", he simply stated, that smile still on his face as the elder man laughed joyfully at his 'joke'

The smile never reached his eyes.

Hinata watched the interview, but she tuned out the words being spoken – her view was still on Sasuke.

"L-Liar.", she sputtered, feeling the corners of her eyes begin to tear. "H-He's lying. N-None of what he's saying is t-true.", the bluette said aloud towards the portly man on the television, who was laughing and joking with the devious Uchiha, who was comfortably set on the sofa.

Her lips felt dry, and she could feel her skin becoming cold. "T-The secret to his success, their success, is cruelty, superiority over anyone they deem unworthy. Their lies are believable, and it is supported by their beauty; they could make anyone believe them. They don't care for anyone but their business – that's where their power lies. They seek for more power in any and every way, until they are satisfied and pass if off to the next heir...", she whispered, her tears coming down her cheeks as she stared at the television.

Why? Why did you hurt me? Why did you try to break me, Sasuke? Did you ever r-really love me? Why did you say you loved me, when you were telling a lie? And if you did, why did you hardly ever show it?

Did you hate me that much, Sasuke? I loved you, I still do...but I don't know if I should love or hate you. I love you so much, Sasuke, but I think that I ...really do hate you. I hate that you're beautiful, that you have such a wonderful family, that you are so important to everyone around you yet you don't even acknowledge it. I hate that you aren't appreciative of what everyone offers you, that you only seek, but never give. You're stubborn, and you don't care much for anyone other than yourself...but I think I hate you most of all because you were never witnessed the consequences of your actions …

You hurt so many people, Sasuke. You hurt your family, your friends, me – you just don't care., Hinata thought ,her gaze never leaving his face; she gripped the remote in her hand, wanting to smash it in his face but knowing that it would only ruin the new television in her room.

Hinata wiped the tears from her eyes before staring back at the television; they were showing the amount of fans outside of the building where the Uchiha was. Hundreds of them, all waiting for the man to come out...

Her heart was heavy and she was getting more cold, so she gripped the pink comforter, still not taking her eyes off of her husband on the screen.


Somehow, someway, she managed to close her eyes and drift off in her dreams...

Her dreams, however, were not that of Heaven, or her mother; it was instead of her life, starting from the beginning of her marriage, to the future, where it would end...

Hinata shifted as tears started to roll down her cheeks in her slumber.

It decided to rain that night...

The drive to the shop was quiet, just as soundless as last night's ride had been.

Hinata noticed how the redhead had given her a rather concerned look before turning his gaze back towards the roads – she was grateful was his choice.

She didn't know what to say at this point in time – she didn't want to say anything...

Depression weighed on her chest like a heavy stone, and she could almost feel like she couldn't breath. She tried staring out the window to suppress the pain she was feeling, but only came across more pain as she saw the life of the roaring city.

She hated to cry, but she could feel the tears prickling in the corner of her eyes as she stared out the window at the bustling people – why did they seem so happy today? Everyone looked to joyful and happy, without a care in the world at all...

Hinata closed her eyes quickly and laid her cheek against the glass, letting its coolness calm down her burning cheeks.

"Hinata...", she heard her companion call.

Hearing his voice only made her shut her eyes tighter, trying to control the tears that seemed determined to leak out.

She didn't want him to think anything was wrong, so she gave an audible sound of recognition to Sasori.

"Is something wrong?", he simply questioned while throwing a glance in her direction.

Yes..., she wanted so badly to say yes...

The bluette nodded her head, letting her indigo tresses loose as she tried to prove that she was, indeed, okay.

Right then and there, she heard him give off an exhausted sigh, as if he was tired.

"If you say so.", he said, and kept it at that.

Damn you, Sasori... She couldn't stop them now.

The girl rubbed the tears that tried to come from her eyes and looked over at Sasori, who also had apparent redness in his eyes, which she could only conclude came from lack of sleep last night.

She bit her lip a bit before sighing. "Did something worry you last night a-as well?", she stuttered, and cursed herself for doing so.

The ginger nodded and reached for the lattee on the side of his seat. "Did you see the interview last night?", he sternly asked, and took a sip of his hot beverage.

The girl nodded slowly before she stared down at her fingers. "Yes...Sasuke, he's been nominated for Asia's Entrepreneur Award."

"And that MGC is becoming a company that focuses on more than fashion.", Sasori added, which made Hinata raise her eyebrow at his knowing. "I missed the first part of the interview, but Kankuro and Temari filled me in on it when I stepped through the door.", he explained, and held out the latte towards her.

The girl looked at the cup for a minute before nodding and taking it from him, letting it warm her slightly cold hands. "You saw Gaara-kun last night after all?"

"It's a good thing that I did, Temari said that he hadn't went back to sleep after he had seen the interview."

Hinata gasped. "H-He's stressed? I thought he had taken the medication while at the office - "

"Sometimes it doesn't work, even the doctors know that.", Sasori responded quietly. "But, it's something...when I got there, I made sure to send him to bed. I stayed up 'till two watching him sleep."

"...Sasori...", the girl muttered after a few minutes of silence, "..about Gaara-kun...h-he told me about his past – well, some of it anyway , ...the demons...", she said, and saw that he didn't flinch or stiffen at her knowing of his cousin at all.

He just nodded. "He must trust you. No one knows of his past or condition other than his siblings, Konan and myself.", he commented, and threw her a side glance of recognition before continuing. "The demons are what effected him the most, but thankfully they are gone. The doctors insisted that the 'demons' were mere illusions caused by his insomnia, but if it were, wouldn't they still be here?", he questioned, and looked over at the girl, who watched him with wide-doe eyes, clearly interested.

"T-That was before he changed though...", Hinata responded. "But..."

Sasori raised a brow at her contradiction coming on. "But what?", he asked.

She felt it rude to keep intruding into Gaara's business, but felt that if she didn't ask, she would never know the answer.

"Yesterday, when w-we were in Gaara's office, the way he looked at me made me feel...frightened? B-But I wasn't scared, more o-of ...I don't know.", the girl sputtered, not knowing how to phrase it correctly.

This time, he stiffened, and Hinata couldn't help but feel the chill that went up her spine when she saw his action. He seemed only a quick second that his posture returned to normal, and he started looking at the road and signs thoroughly.

"He always looks like that when he's tired – don't worry about it.", he quietly said, his eyes never meeting her's.

H-He's keeping something..., she thought, a small frown coming onto her face.

But could she blame him? She didn't trust him half as much as he trusted her...

With that thought in mind, she sulked into her seat and let a slight pout come onto her face before glancing down at the latte in her warmed hands. With a slight shrug, she took a sip and stared out the window into the cloudless sky...

And then he came into her mind, and made her whole mood change...

All of the crying she had done last night made only a small stitch in her broken-heart. She felt disgusted in herself for her sobbing and her thinking of him – she felt pathetic, like a childish teenage girl. But that's what she was anyway, a girl. She was not a woman yet, but she was a wife; she didn't know whether it was okay to cry or be mature about it...

He always gets his way, and he's so vile too...

But why did she still care? It was simple – he was her first love...

She felt used, humiliated, and pathetic and stupid – she should have known that he would never love her, she wasn't pretty and stunning like the other girls that had threw themselves at his feet, she wasn't as smart as half of them anyway, and she wasn't popular -

The only thing that had set her apart from all the other girls was her title: Heiress of the Hyuuga Clan and Wife of Sasuke Uchiha

Now that she had lost those titles, what was left? A useless, vulnerable little girl with nothing-

while he had everything -

"Here you go – you want me to walk you in?", Sasori asked as he stopped the car in front of the shop, a small smirk on his lips once again. "Unless, you want a kiss instead.", he suddenly stated, and started to move his face towards her emotionless one.

Before his puckered lips came any closer, she pushed him back and got out of the vehicle with swiftness.

"See you tonight, Sasori.", she muttered and started to close the door.

He gave her a bewildered look. "You don't want me to swing by and get you?"

The bluette ignored the way his hazel eyes dimmed slowly, and tried to console the sadness and guiltiness starting to creep up...

She just needed some time to herself, after all.

"N-No, I'll be fine.", she stuttered, and quickly sipped the latte once more before handing it back to the redhead and to the shop, not wanting to look back at the leaving car.

...It was so, so hard. It was feeling like she couldn't differentiate between what was right and what was wrong -

Her heart started to go darker and heavier as thoughts started to plague her mind.

It didn't seem like there was any light – that there was no purpose for her life.

She believed – she believed so, so badly, but...

darkness seemed to be consuming her.

She felt like nothing that she did was right, that no matter how many good things she did, that it would all be in vain -

because in the end, no one would love her, she would just be there.

Hinata clutched her chest, trying to stop the tears from coming from her eyes. When she stepped in the store, she saw how a rile of barks and howls from the animals came from her presence, and also how happy the boy from the grocery store, Kiba, and his sister, Hana, were, talking and laughing.

Hinata felt the tears coming, rolling down her cheeks like rivers. Her muffled sobs startled the two behind the desk, and Hana's smile dropped at seeing the girl.

"Are you okay, Hinata-san? What's wrong?", the tall woman asked as she quickly came to the girl's aid, Kiba behind her.

She didn't answer.

It was getting so hard, her mind was clouded with vile thoughts, so vile that she felt like she was going to die.

Depression was so deep in her -

Before she knew it, arms came around her shaking form, but she couldn't feel the warmth. It seemed like nothing would subdue the pain in her, nothing seemed right.

"It's gonna be okay, Hinata-san.", Kiba muttered.

Hinata cried even more into the woman's chest.

How do you know...

She could feel herself slipping into the darkness...

No one is perfect. The reason why I have added all of these things into this story is to tell you all that life gets hard sometimes. The darkness can seem to consume, but I promise, it won't. I've been feeling down, like really down. When I put emotion into this story, it gets to me sometimes. I get so emotional, because I know that good things will come.

I've been depressed lately, but I know it WILL get better!

You all, please NEVER stop believing in your dreams and capabilities. No matter what you go through, just know that evil will not prevail, that everyone is not perfect sometimes. Forgive the ones who make you sad or angry, because they may be battling a darkness as well. Love everyone, because not everyone is the same. Live happily, choose happiness over depression or dullness. If it doesn't seem like it's ever going to end, NEVER stop fighting for happiness, because I promise that it will come.

Thank you all so much for your support, forgive me if this chapter seems BLAH or anything, I really tried. I'll edit later lol. I'll try even harder when I get started on the next chapter! 3 If you ever need to message me or just talk to me, I'm there! ;)

God Bless you all!

Next chapter: Hinata slips into the darkness - intro to the summary, "My husband is a fool because he tried to play a Hyuuga who knew how to play his game."

What will Sasuke want in his life?

Hmm, hopefully from what you all have read so far, Sasuke wants power. You know those people who just are like...greedy and stuff? That's basically what Sasuke's character in his story is - but you will see the reason why soon.

Did Hanabi run away? How old is she?

Hanabi is in high school, so she is probably...let's say, 15-17, probably 16. No, Hanabi didn't run away. You'll find out soon.

So far I got that Sasori speaks frech german espanish and maybe russian, are there any more languages that he speaks?

Yes, as you all have read, Sasori seems to speak a good amount of languages - this is due to the constant traveling he and his Granny Chiyo have done when he was only just a baby. Are there any more languages he speaks? English, Japanese, Korean are some as well. Let me tell you, it is possible to speak that many languages. One of my teachers in High School speaks 26 languages - I didn't even KNOW there were more than maybe five!

If Naruto had pulled out of the joint business with Sasuke, does this mean that MGC is no more? Is so, then what about the building next to Sabaku Co.? Who exactly bought it and what will happen to it?

Sasuke and the others are still in MGC, without Naruto. The building next to Sabaku is the MGC building - Neji, Sasuke, Naruto, and Shikamaru bought it, but since Naruto is out ,the three will finish with the payments.