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Warning: The utter sweetness that is Spencer Reid. May induce caries, so be warned!

„You never told us how you two met."

Harry shifted his gaze towards Hermione, who came back from putting her little hellions to bed. She had also prepared new tea and apparently managed to find some biscuits, which had survived the bottomless pitch some members of this family dared to call stomach. Harry took one of them and started to nibble on it.

"Hm… I might as well tell you now. It looks like those two won't grace us mortal beings with their mental presence anytime soon." Grinning, he jerked his chin in the general direction of his boyfriend and Ron, who were currently engaged in a game of muggle chess – The wizarding counterpart didn't work for a person without magic. It was actually pretty funny, if a bit boring, to watch them play. Both were frowning in absolute concentration and took ages to make a move. Harry was looking forward to the result; he had never seen either of them lose.

"During my first week in America I got a bit homesick and bored without any of you there, so I did something I used to do with you. I broke into a local bank and Spencer was the one about to arrest me, but it was love at first sight, so he let me go. It was all very romantic!" How Harry managed to tell the tale in absolute earnestness, he wasn't quite sure himself, but a shove to the side and a muttered 'prat' from Hermione was enough for his grin to eventually break free.

"Alright, alright, I'll spill. I didn't even talk to Spencer till the third time I met him, but you know the saying 'third time's a charm'. The first time I saw him playing chess against some random blokes. I really was a bit homesick, so I stayed for awhile and watched, because it reminded me of Ron. He beat one after another without a problem." "Sounds familiar," Hermione agreed, barely hiding her amused grin behind her cup – Harry smiled at her knowingly.

"It does, doesn't it? I thought he was kind of cute then, but I didn't do anything about it and in the end I left. The second time I saw him sitting in a café and noticed his mismatched socks. That was about a week later." Hermione noticed Harry's smile turning a tad sad and laid a hand atop his. She still missed Dobby as well, even after all these years. She was also beginning to see a pattern.

"But, like I said, third time's a charm…"


Harry entered the café that came the closest to making drinkable tea. Those Americans were too fixated on their coffee! Who cared about all those different variations and extras you could choose? – He certainly didn't!

He thanked the barista and put the right amount of money on the counter, before making his way over to the sitting area. Only now did he recognise one of the customers. It was the man he had seen twice already. He was sitting at a small, round table, a cup of - what Harry presumed to be - coffee in one hand, the other alternated between turning the pages of a book and letting its middle finger glide over the pages. Both movements happened in a ridiculously fast pace.

Harry took a seat at the closest table and cautiously sipped his hot tea, while observing the other man as inconspicuously as possible. The brown hair was noticeably shorter and more stylish than the last time he had seen the man, but he still gave off the air of someone who had been bullied a lot as a child and lacked self-confidence in social situations even nowadays. Sometimes looks could be deceiving, however. It was better to judge a book by its content - And speaking of books…

"My friends Hermione would kill to have that ability." The hand stopped in the middle of the page, before the man raised his head with a confused expression on his face. For a moment Harry contemplated what had sprung the expression into existence exactly. Was it the statement itself? Being spoken to unexpectedly? The accent? In the end, Harry decided to address the first – he had been rather vague.

"She's a notorious bookworm and reads just about everything she gets her hands on. Hermione is a quick reader, but… I guess she can't give you a run for your money," Harry explained with a small smile on his lips. Hopefully the clarification would wipe away the bemusement and get the other man talking. And talking he did, just not in the way Harry had anticipated.

Wow. It was fascinating how many facts and statistics about the brain, science in general and… a lot of other stuff a person was able to recite in about five minutes. Harry was pretty sure the other man had a lot more material to work with and it was kind of cute how he flourished, but unfortunately he did it in more than one way.

"You spilled coffee on your book." The other man stopped in his ramblings, blinked once, before he looked down to where Harry was pointing at. In his enthusiasm he had been rather forthcoming with sweeping hand gestures, thereby forgetting the cup in his hand. Harry offered his napkin, which was promptly used to dab at the pages until only some light brown spots could be seen.

"Thank you. And… I'm sorry about before. I must have bored you to death." The 'I always do.' didn't even have to be said, it was all there in the other man's dejected expression. Obviously not a lot of people appreciated being subjected to the well of information. Harry dared to lean forward and lay a hand on the man's forearm. "Don't worry about it. I may not have understood everything, but I don't mind you telling me all those things."


The hopeful look gave Harry no other choice than to smile and nod.

"Honestly. By the way, my name's Harry."

"Spencer Reid."

By the end of the conversation he also knew Spencer's occupation – FBI, who would have thought? -, some of his hobbies and had he been roped into attending a Star Wars Night at a small cinema two blocks away. Spencer had been shocked when Harry had admitted to never having seen the films before.

All in all, it had been a brilliant day.


"Well, the first kiss was weeks later, but that was the beginning," Harry finished with a soft smile on his lips, which was reflected on Hermione's. She was glad that her best friend had finally found someone to be happy with.

"I lost…"

Harry and Hermione finally refocused their attention on the two chess players, who seemed to have finished their game at last. Spencer had a disbelieving expression on his face, while Ron's showed smug satisfaction. It was more than obvious who had won and Harry was only half-surprised by the result. He put his cup down with a soft 'click' and arose from his seat. Two strides later he stood right behind his boyfriend, wrapped his arms around Spencer's shoulders and pressed a kiss to his temple.

"Looks like we finally have you two back. Hermione and I were just about to leave you be and have a bit of fun ourselves upstairs." Spencer threw a startled look over his shoulder, the lost game forgotten for the moment. Ron just snorted. "Mate, I'd rather believe Hermione having an affair with Malfoy."

Said brunette raised an eyebrow in mock consideration.

"Well, he does have a nice arse."

Harry and Hermione shared a mischievous grin over a spluttering redhead.