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Ichigo didn't know why he had left the warehouse where he had found both acceptance and training from others like him. All he had known at the time was that he had left to find some space to think in, was that something deep within him was left with a deep-seated, nagging feeling that the other Visoreds simply weren't powerful enough. What that lack of power had to do with him, Ichigo simply wasn't sure of. That lack that he sensed though, kept irritating him to the point that he simply had to get away from the others before he snapped and attacked them.

Which is how Ichigo found himself laying quietly on top of the Haunted Mansion's roof at an abondoned amusement park not too far away from the warehouse he had been training in as he watched the clouds flow across the bleached-out summer sky. As he lay there, Ichigo used the peace and quiet currently available to him to try and center himself again. But the more he tried to focus on bringing himself back to how he had felt just a few weeks ago, the more his attention was pulled to a part of him that felt...lacking or craving, as if he was missing something important to himself that would complete him. And it had all started the moment that he had managed to call his hollow mask to him under conscious control.

Letting out a deep, heartfelt sigh, Ichigo closed his eyes and rolled over onto his stomach. Giving up on trying to figure out why he felt just ever so slightly off and why being around the Visored pack just irritated the heck out of him lately, Ichigo decided that taking a short nap in the day's warmth might go farther for his health with his current piece of mind than any further heavy thinking. However, Ichigo was kept from restful, forgetful slumber by a new irritation. After he had been almost asleep, Ichigo was jared out of his hazy state by the sensation that his skin was a size too small for him as well as a feeling of increased warmth that could not be simply explained away as too much time in the sun since it seemed to eminate from deep within his gut. Grumbling in irritation, Ichigo gave up on trying to get any sleep in and sat up.

'Maybe some excercise, then,' Ichigo thought to himself as he leapt off of the building's roof. 'Glad I decided to leave my body behind for the Visords to watch over. Of course, I don't plan on being out that long either, so my shinigami form is fine.'

Ichigo did a bit of stretching before he started out at an easy jog. He knew he should be working on his speed, but Ichigo decided that a slow, easy jog was better for him today. It would hopefully help him work out that too tight feeling that had over taken him on the roof, even if it did nothing for the warmth that was still blooming in his gut and starting to spread outwards thoughout the rest of his body as he moved.

Ichigo fell into a gentle pace that was easy to mantain and quickly started to zone out, losing most of his awareness of his immediate surroundings as his mind fell into a state of blissful numbess. Ichigo lost track of the time he had been doing laps of the abandoned park when he was drawn out of his mental fog by a sharp, stabbing cramp in his lower abdomin. Startled by the suddeness of the pain, Ichigo groaned loudly and wrapped his arms around his waist as he fell to his knees in front of the fun house.

Ichigo couldn't figure out what was happening to him as he became increasingly aware that he needed something. That he was craving something that would ease the burning fire now beginning to light up his veins as he knelt on the broken path, trying to ease the horrible aches deep within his gut. Unbeknownst to Ichigo, his eyes had taken on a ring of bright, glowing amber around the pupil, contrasting sharply with the remainder of his eye which mantained its normal deep chocolate brown color. He also grew a fragment of his hollow mask around his left eye and on up into his hairline. The mask piece had stripes of bright red that started from the inner corner of his eye and fanned out until they bled into his hair, leaving red streaks it.

Ichigo looked up suddenly, drawn from his world of misery and confusion by a sense of pressure and a taste of power that made some part of him hum in pleasure and acknowledgement, while also leaving Ichigo with a vague feeling that this person might be a worthy sire and would need to be tested.

'Wait...sire?! What the hell! Why am I thinking that!?'

Ichigo forced himself up onto his unsteady feet. Once up, Ichigo reached back over his shoulder and grasped Zangetsu by the hilt. Bringing his blade up in front of his body, preparing to defend himself from whatever or whoever it might be that came after him. Only to feel a sudden lack of presence that signified the other person had dissappeared. Ichigo only had a moment to sigh in relief before he collapsed to the ground once again from the pain. It felt like his guts were re-arranging themselves.

"It is as you predicted, Aizen-sama. You may find him in the abandoned amusement park."

"Thank you, Kaname."

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