Seventh musfic.

Ice King Simon Petrikov woke up at 6:30 AM. Approximately.

He just re positioned his blankets and closed his eyes once more, trying to fall back asleep.

Because maybe then he wouldn't have to deal with life.

He got himself comfortable. Gunther (one of them at least) laid with a small rag next to the bed.

Eventually his digital clock beeped at the turn of the hour.

Ice King groaned. "Just let me sleep... I'm not in the mood to capture Princesses today."

And still he stayed in bed.

Odd enough, a Polar Bear-owl wandered through the open doors of the Mountain/Palace. It sniffed the air. It had a yellow tinted beak that actually had sharp teeth inside them, the equivalent of a human only having canine teeth but about ten times sharper. It had been following the smell of pizza that had leaked from Ice King's Home. It was three weeks old and basically unedible to the average humanoid, but hey. Polar Bowls (the official term, don't ask what dunderhead came up with that.)would eat whatever in this harsh land with little food. Most of the Penguins hung around the Ice Tower and were basically under the protection of the Ice King.

Sure enough, it saw the pizza and went for it. But it stopped a few feet from the box, as a scent had caught him.

Penguin... He looked around. One of the little flightless birds was sleeping right there!

The full description of the Polar Bowl goes as follows : Has the typical white fur of a polar bear (the actual animals that went extinct), the feet of a bird, a beak, and has limited flight (only about ten yards at a time from a high point, it's white wings were almost useless). Diet: Anything that can be eaten.

He charged the sleeping penguin, roaring and hooing all the way. Gunther heard the noise of course and turned over, now awake.

Gunther gasped at the bowl, only a few feet from him. "Wenk! Wenk wenk!" It hopped onto the Ice Kings bed, who turned to look at him.

"Gunther, you bad little penguin! I'm trying to get my beauty sleep! Not that I need it of course," He commented, chuckling at his own joke. Then his eyes fell on the Polar Bear. They widened.

"Gunther! You brought over a guest without asking? How rude of you!" Apparently not remembering the natural order of the food chain. He looked at the Polar Bear straight in the eye. "As King of Ice, Snow, Frost, and it's creatures, I command you to leave! I'"

Naturally bound to obey orders, he growled-hooed and stomped his way out. Gunther breathed a sigh of relief and leaned into Simon, and crawled under the blanket. For the first time, Ice King didn't seem to mind. He wasn't so 'evil' to break the Penguin's joy. Besides, he was like a stuffed animal, so cuddly and cozy.