The Morning Star

A figure lied in the middle of a dark area. He too, had a dark aura; however he himself was incredibly beautiful. He had beautiful light blonde hair, silver dead-looking eyes, a toned body with fair skin and a handsome face. Basically put, everything you would see about him was beautiful. Yes, this was the fallen angel, Lucifer the morning star. He was alone in a barely lit, large and regal hall, where at the end, was his throne.

Lucifer looked at something shinning in his hand and sighed. "Can you hear me?...I thought not..." He sighed as he put the shinning thing in his pocket and sat on his throne, hand still in his pocket. He let his thoughts drift as he hummed to himself a beautiful melody. Soon enough he was lost in a memory.

"Hahaha! You can't catch me Father!" A small angel flew away from man in white robes.

"Don't underestimate your Father Lucifer! Get him Michael!" He only laughed out loud.

"WAH!" Lucifer cried as he bumped into his brother. They both laughed and Michael held him tight. "Hahaha, no! I must escape!" Lucifer laughed when his Father began to tickle him.

Tears started to drift down Lucifer's cheek. While sleeping, he held the glowing item even tighter.

"NO! I will bow down to no one... NOT EVEN YOU!" Lucifer cried out in extreme anger as tears of frustration rolled down his cheeks. He began to violently swing his sword at his Father. However, to no avail, as his attacks were blocked off by a shield. Michael defended the Father, and began to parry Lucifer's attacks.

"My dearest son, what are you doing?" The Lord asked calmly. "It's not too late to come back, please stop this."

"NO...YOU LIAR! I DESERVE THAT POSITION JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO! I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU!" At this point Lucifer was screaming at the top of his lungs. Soon however Michael disarmed him. Lucifer fell to the ground, unable to even stand anymore.

"My son...don't do this...this isn't you. Please come back, it's not too late." The Lord said as He offered His hand.

"You liar...YOU LIAR!" Lucifer yelled as he swatted it away. Michael readied his sword. Just then however a hole opened up in the ground, and only the pure angels were not falling. The Lord grabbed Lucifer's hand and said. "It's not too late my son...please..."

"I would rather die." Lucifer said. Teary eyed, the Lord let him go, but not before Lucifer grabbed one of His hairs trying to pull Him down with him.

Lucifer woke up crying. He cried "Father...Father...AH! I'm sorry! I can't do this anymore! Please take me back! PLEASE! I can't do it...I miss you so much...never have I felt so alone, so incomplete, so miserable...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...Please forgive me...please...please..." He wept and wept like a child, for what seemed like hours.

"Don't leave me alone...don't leave me alone...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...Forgive me..." He cried but heard no answer.

After a while he heard a voice, a familiar voice. A voice so loving, so beautiful, no man can comprehend. "This is your punishment; until it is done you will not leave." The Lord said to him.

"P-Please...I don't care if I'm here for an eternity, just if I'm here with you!" Lucifer begged. "Don't leave Father please! DON'T LEAVE!" He cried and there was no response. He hung his head low and began to sob again.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." He continued on and on. Huddled in his throne, he cried for his Father and there was no answer. Lucifer was alone again.