Hello, a new Feliciano and Ludwig story.

This is my first one, of first 'proper' one.

This story has no real grounds in history, it's just a nice idea. So don't have a go at me for historical inaccuracy... not that many of you would ;3

Feliciano sighed happily as he walked down the lane from his house, he wasn't entirely sure why he had walked this way, he hadn't done in quite a while, but there was something that had seemed pretty about it today.

Not that it didn't always look pretty.

He stilled, hearing an odd noise coming from beyond the bushes.

As beautiful as this place was, it had become a little dangerous. A few of the people he knew had disappeared on their way to town, no one was sure why they were taken, but everyone knew by whom.

The boy swallowed hard as the noise approached, "I-If you are German, I don't know anything, I'm not worth kidnapping."

They didn't have to know he knew anything, he was just a kid, what would a kid know!

He exhaled in relief as a cat emerged from the bush, "Oh thank god… Kitty, I though you were a German wanting to kidnap me. Don't scare me like that."

He bent down and ran his hand through the cats fur, "Hey, kitty kitty, what are you doing down here anyway? There are big scary Germans down here, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind treading on a kitty."

The cat turned in his hand, purring softly, if he didn't know better he'd say the thing wasn't even paying attention to what he were saying. "Well then… Where do you live kitty?"

He looked at the tag on the cat's collar, and smiled, "Oh, I know where you live… Come with me kitty, your family is worried about you," he had seen a sign on a tree about a missing cat, and heard one of the neighbour children talking about their lost cat.

He leant down to pick up the little grey cat, "Maybe they think you've been kidnapped too."

The kitty began squirming in his hands, it turned on its heels and ran down the road, around a corner, towards someone's house, "Kitty?" Feliciano said with a frown, "Where are you going?"

He followed the cat down the row of bushes, whispering gently 'kitty, come here kitty.'

As he came past the high bushes he gasped to himself; he stood, finding himself looking at the back of a German uniform.

He hadn't expected to see this.

He watched as the cat walked up to the tall German, "Oh no…" he whispered to himself.

The cat rubbed against the man's leg, and the grey-suited man looked down at it, Feliciano's heart jumped as he saw the man smile.

"Hallo liebling, wo bist du hin? Huh, kitty?" the blonde man said as he leant down to stroke the cat.

Feliciano frowned to himself; he knew some German, his family had attempted to teach him it when the 'invasion' had started. The German had asked where the cat had been. The kitty knew him?

He was stroking and tickling the cat. Feliciano frowned, he had been told Germans were… ruthless, bloodthirsty, that 'under no circumstances must he talk to one of those bastards'.

Ruthless, bloodthirsty bastards didn't care about cats…

…He knew who the cat belonged to, and he knew where it lived and that the family missed the cat…

He should at least ask if he could take it back, it wasn't fair for them to lose their cat and this man didn't seem that bad.

He inhaled deeply, "E-Excuse me, sir…" he said, in English, he knew English better than he knew German, and he had been told that German officers were taught English in case they were captured.

The German raised to his feet, towering over Feliciano, his cold blue eyes bearing down on the young man, "What?" he questioned, confused by the presence of an English speaking Italian, he'd met no other that could.

Feliciano's eyes dropped to the floor, and he felt his skin crawl. "I-I…" he cleared his throat, "I need to take that cat back to its owner…"

The German looked between him and the cat, "Oh, you know its owner?"

Feliciano nodded, looking down at the cat.

"It's been following me all morning," the German said, taking the cat into his arms, the animal began to struggle in the man's arms, he cooed and it eventually stopped, it's eyes wide.

"I'll put my belt on its collar," Feliciano said gently, approaching the man as he undid his belt, feeling his loose trousers begin to sag as he did so.

He saw the German blush, "N-No, I'll uh…" the man reached into the bag he had slung over his shoulder, "I'll use my scarf."

Feliciano watched as he tied a cream and yellow scarf to the cats collar, and took a step forward, handing the smaller man the scarf. He would have been perfectly happy to use his belt, he didn't understand why the man had been so quick to stop him.

"…How will I return it to you?" Feliciano asked, smiling sweetly as he took the cat.

The German shook his head, "You don't need to... but I'm staying near here. If I see you I'll take it back."

Feliciano nodded; it was late autumn already, he could tell this winter would be cold, and this would eliminate the need to buy a new one for himself. He could just… hide, if he saw the German again.

He knew his brother would probably kill him for having just this much contact.

"Ve…" he cooed down at the cat as it rubbed against his leg, he moved his eyes back up to the German man, "Thank you for your scarf mr… uh…"

"Oberst Beilschmidt."

Feliciano frowned, "What's that?"

"Uh… it's a type of German officer… "

The Italian nodded, and began to walk away, leading the cat behind him, "Well, thank you Mr Officer Bell-shu-mit, and thank you for not kidnapping me."

The German watched the young man walk away, "…Kidnapping? Was?"

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