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"What are you doing here?" Ludwig groaned in German, tucking his feet under his seat, Feliciano doing the same, looking up at the man in confusion.

Gilbert shrugged, looking down at the Italian boy, "Who is this?" he asked raising an eyebrow, again speaking in German.

"Speak in English, don't be rude, Gilbert… His name is Feliciano, he is teaching me Italian," he half-smirked.

"Si, that's right," Feliciano squeaked, straightening in his chair and smiling up at the white-haired man. "You are Ludwig's brother? I was hoping to meet you."

"You know about me, I-"

"I am paying him to teach me," Ludwig interrupted, sliding the change from the hot chocolate towards Feliciano. The boy looked shocked, but took the change as not to break their cover.

"Uh, ok," Gilbert huffed, he shook his head, "Well, this is Sophia. See, red hair, pretty right?"

Ludwig looked the girl over, "Hallo…" he sighed, "Gilbert, I'm in the middle of something."

"But Sophia is free now," Gilbert smirked, "You did promise me."

Ludwig growled, "I can't. Gilbert. I'm busy."

Feliciano frowned and sighed, turning to the girl and talking in Italian to her. Ludwig tried to keep track but the two talked too fast.

Feliciano pushed back his chair and stood up, "Lu-Ludwig. I didn't know you had a girlfriend."

"I don't, Gilbert said he would introduce me but she isn't my girlfriend," Ludwig defended, frowning slightly.

"She says you and her are supposed to go out," Feliciano squeaked, sounding upset.

Ludwig sighed, glaring at his brother for a moment, "We are, Gilbert was getting worried because it's been so long since I went out with a girl."

Feliciano nodded, "Si, I'm sorry, I didn't know. Should I, uh, should I leave?"

Gilbert nodded pointedly, "Ja you should," he leaned in to whisper in Feliciano's ear, "I'm trying to get him laid, little boy, run along."

The boy huffed, seeming to flinch at Gilbert's words. "Ok… I'll-I'll see you later, Ludwig."

Ludwig huffed and got to his feet, rushing to take Feliciano's hand. "Feliciano, I'll see you on Sunday, ok?"

Feliciano looked down at their cupped hands, shaking slightly, "Si," he mumbled, trying to hide his grief stricken expression. Ludwig flinched as Feliciano pulled his hand away, and walked out the door.

Ludwig watched after him, wanting to follow him. He stopped himself, knowing it would arouse suspicion.

"What a curious boy," Gilbert said with a shake of his head. He turned to Sophia, "This is my brother, Ludwig, the handsome man I said I would introduce you to."

The woman began to talk in near-perfect English, her voice high and song-like, "Hello sir, it is lovely to meet you."

"Ja, you too," Ludwig replied, smiling falsely, "How do you know Gilbert?"

"I helped him learn English, and the Italian basics, I work with your people," she smiled, taking Feliciano's seat and smiling.

Gilbert patted Ludwig on the arm, "I'll leave you to it," he smirked, turning and leaving the shop.

"You know, if you wanted to learn Italian, I could teach you, I have more experience than that little boy," she smiled, the distaste in her tone not hidden well; she must know Feliciano already.

"No, it's fine, I like Feliciano," Ludwig said quietly in defence, crossing his arms on the table and his feet beneath his chair.

"He is ok, his brother is an arse though," she said with a smirk and a shake of her head. "I'm surprised he is allowed to talk to you actually; his brother is so controlling."

"He has told me about his brother," Ludwig nodded, "I don't think he knows that he is teaching me."

Sophia nodded, "Yes, probably best to keep it that way, Mr Vargas is… well he thinks less of me for my job."

Ludwig shook his head, it seemed odd how someone as seemingly closed minded as Feliciano's brother could be related to someone as lovely as Feliciano.

"It's amazing that Feliciano has any friends, with what his brother puts them through. I know no one who will go to his house unless Romano has invited them," Sophia continued, picking at her nails as she talked.

"Feliciano is a wonderful boy, I would think he was worth his brother's sourness," Ludwig smiled, the sweetness in his tone betraying him.

Sophia nodded, glancing down at Ludwig's hands, "Si… What is it you do. In that big building in town? Gilbert won't tell me what it is he does."

Ludwig shook his head, "I can't tell you. We do secret things," he smiled, "Nothing harmful to the people here."

"Good," she smiled, nodding.

Ludwig hoped there was no change in his voice between the two subjects, but he could tell from her tone that there had been, "You needn't worry," he tried to assure her.

She nodded again, "I am sure," she paused for a moment, exhaling gently, "Is Feliciano your only friend other than your brother?"

Ludwig sighed and nodded reluctantly; not many of the locals knew English, none knew German, and his comrades were always weary of him for some reason, he'd tried to make friends but no one seemed to want to know. "Ja."

She huffed slightly, "You're not as talkative as Gilbert is," she pointed out.

"There is usually only one loud mouth per family," Ludwig almost sneered, smirking as he spoke.

Sophia giggled slightly, "That is not true here. Everyone is talkative, no one wants to fade into the background."

Ludwig nodded, "But whenever I do talk, people listen to what I say. I don't simply jabber, what I say has meaning."

Sophia scoffed, "I don't jabber."

"I didn't say you did. I said I don't."

Sophia nodded, and looked up at the clock on the wall of the shop, "I have to go," she mumbled, "I have a meeting. I would like to see you again though."

"Oh," Ludwig said, getting to his feet as she did and walking with her to the door, "Ja, it's been nice talking to you. I am free… Monday evening? If you'd like, we could go out then?"

She smiled, "That sounds fine. I will be here at 7." She gave a small nod and said goodbye, Ludwig did the same in return.

As she left he flicked his eyes to the floor, his gaze sticking to Feliciano's footsteps. The boy wouldn't have gone far, he didn't think, he would have continued shopping.

He had nowhere to be for another half an hour or so, so he followed the indents in the snow, following the ones he knew belonged to Feliciano.

They didn't go back to the town, they meandered down a hill, a few slips recorded in the snow. Ludwig pulled his collar up and tightened the belt on his coat to fight the cold. He walked through a small patch of shrubbery and saw Feliciano sitting on a bench, slouched and staring at his feet, his bag of shopping on the seat beside him.

He walked to the boys side, not sure if he should speak up, or wait for him to notice him. He bit his lip as he decided.

"Feliciano, are you alight?" he asked the boy's sunken frame.

Feliciano's head jerked upwards, and he inhaled a gasp, "Oh, Ludwig," he said quickly, forcing a smile onto his face, "I-I thought you were going off with that lady."

Ludwig shook his head and took a seat in the small gap on the bench, "No," he stated, "I… really, I have no interest in her, she is lovely but I am not interested."

Feliciano's smile shrunk, less false now and much softer. "Ludwig, I, I must say I am glad."

Ludwig huffed slightly, "I did not intent to have interest in her anyway." He paused for a moment, turning his head to focus on Feliciano, "Why are you glad?" he asked, hoping he knew the answer.

"Because," the boy stumbled, "I, uh, I like you… I was hoping you'd rather have interest in-in me."

Ludwig smiled slightly, his insides squirming, "I do have interest in you, I like you very much, Feliciano."

"You do?" he asked, his eyes snapping to Ludwig's face, scanning it for any sign of deceit.

Ludwig nodded, "Ja, I do. I think of you a lot, I can't help it, you make my heart race," he confessed.

Feliciano squeaked slightly, blushing through his smile, "I feel the same," he said quietly.

Ludwig's smile widened and the two sat in silence for a few moments, watching the few passers by on the other side of the park.

Feliciano huffed slightly, "So what do we do now?" he asked quietly, "I've never told anyone I like them before."

Ludwig shook his head; conformation that he hadn't either. He swallowed slightly and moved his hand to touch Feliciano's on the bench, the boy flinched slightly at the touch and looked down at the hand before taking it gently.

"We should," Ludwig started, thinking over the sentence, "We should continue in secret, as we were planning."

"But it would be a relationship, not just a friendship," Feliciano said to clarify.

"Ja," Ludwig smiled, giving the boy's hand a small squeeze. Feliciano let out a small titter and squeezed back.

"We will still meet on Sunday?" the smaller man asked with a wide smile.

Ludwig nodded; it made sense to carry on as they had planned. "I will take you to dinner," Ludwig offered, "I will buy you pasta."

Feliciano's head jolted up, "Oh," he said, as if realising something, "That reminds me, I have your change," he removed his hand from Ludwig's and pushed it into his pocket, retrieving the coins the man had given him. "Here," he said as he held it out for the other man to take.

"Nien, it's fine, Feliciano. You take it," Ludwig said as he pushed the boys hand back to him, "I don't need it. Buy yourself something nice with it."

"Oh," Feliciano squeaked happily, returning the coins to his pocket, "Ok… Uh, Ludwig, I have to get back to shopping."

Ludwig nodded, knowing it would happen eventually, he got to his feet and pulled Feliciano up with him. "Ok. I will see you on Sunday, at 12."

Feliciano nodded, "Yes," he said pointedly, holding Ludwig's hand gently. He swallowed and sighed, "I-I do have to go, I am sorry."

"It's ok, you go. I should probably find Gilbert before he worries."

They stood together awkwardly, unsure of what to say or do. Eventually Feliciano cleared his throat, and took a step backwards. "Goodbye, Ludwig," he said gently before turning and walking off.

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