Chapter one

Kurt wriggled nervously on the stool he was sitting on, feeling completely out of place here. He did not know how he had managed to allow Dave to talk him into this, though the other teen had been an amazing support to him since the whole Blaine/Sebastian situation. Though it had been strange at first Kurt was glad that they had formed a friendship after their first meeting at Scandals because it had been Dave that he turned to when he caught Sebastian and Blaine snogging.

He knew that they meant well but nearly everyone from New Directions hadn't helped by either smothering him, doing the 'you're young' 'plenty more fish in the sea' and other things like that that drove him up the wall. Even his dad and Carole had started getting on his nerves, no one seemed to understand that he just needed time to heal, to be treated normally, and not have it brought up every five seconds.

Now however he was harbouring dark and evil thoughts for 'bear cub' who was currently chatting up some cute feminine twink after dragging him here. He thought it would be good for Kurt to get out, chat some people up, get chatted up, and dance with some guys. And he was regretting coming here now, no one had chatted him up, he wasn't the chatting up type and no one had wanted to dance with him, so he was sitting at the bar nursing a drink and wondering when he could run away from this humiliation.

He jumped when a bare arm was pressed to the bar right by his elbow and a hot chest was pressed almost right against him. Sighing he wondered why the bloke didn't just go to the bigger gap further down rather than trying to squeeze in here, even if he did have very lovely tanned muscled arms.

"You look a little lonely over here, you not with anyone?" Kurt was glad for the pounding music as he let out a completely embarrassing squeak as the man spoke into his ear with a husky, British accent. Turning he stared shocked into sparkling emerald green eyes of the dark haired man, that was very, very close to him. Kurt couldn't stop his eyes from dragging along the man's body, though he had placed himself so Kurt could do just that. The man was wearing a pair of skinny black faded jeans, a pair of what looked like knee high black leather boots and a black vest top. Nothing special, nothing dressy but it still made him look super hot as they accentuated his muscles muscled 6,2 body that was still slender, more like a runner or a swimmer. His skin was tanned a deep golden shade, though it was littered with little silvery scars that stood out against the shade of his skin. His face though was even more mouth watering than the rest of him, his high cheek bones were slightly sculpted, his amazing green eyes were almond shaped and currently were rimmed with black eyeliner making the green pop even more, his lips while being a little thin were a tempting red.

"I..erm…I'm…with my friend," Kurt stammered out, cursing himself for sounding so childish with this gorgeous man talking to him.

"Ah, so the big guy's not your boyfriend?" The man was grinning now and it was only making Kurt more flustered so he only managed to shake his head. "Got one on his way?" the man pushed. At that however that torturous image of Blaine and Sebastian snogging each other and tugging at each other's clothes flashed before his eyes and he lowered them away from the man as hurt flashed through him again. "Woah there beautiful, what did I say?" Kurt was stunned both by the beautiful comment and warm, big fingers under his chin pulling his head back up.

"I erm…just…well…just broke up with my boyfriend," Kurt sighed.

"Well that's shit! I'm sorry for bringing it up, but if it's worth anything the guy is clearly an idiot for letting you go," The man smiled warmly at him. "I'm Harry by the way, if I'm annoying you, please just tell me to go away,"

"No! I mean…no you're not annoying me. I'm Kurt," Kurt flushed at how eager he had sounded, sure that this man was going to laugh at him, and he was a man, he looked about twenty two if Kurt would guess, five years older than himself, what the hell was he doing talking to him?!

"That's good, when I broke up with my last boyfriend my friends annoyed the hell out of me, telling me I was young and would meet someone else, meanwhile they're all super lovely dovey. It made me want to scratch my own eyes out, or theirs depending on the day," Harry laughed waving to the barman.

"Tell me about it. My step brother and his girlfriend have this whole off again on again thing, but while they are on again they're sickly enough to give you diabetes," Kurt rolled his eyes. He blinked when a beer bottle was placed in front of the man and a fresh drink in front of him.

"Ah, I may have been looking over at you for a little bit, a fresh drink will be nicer after how long you've been stirring that one," Harry grinned sheepishly suddenly looking like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

"Why have you been looking over at me?" Kurt asked completely confused Harry blinked at him before he smirked and leant closer again.

"Because even from across this place I could see you had the most gorgeous face, you have an amazing figure, your skin is perfect, and from where I moved me and my friends to I could see you had an amazing arse," Harry rumbled into his ear. Despite the embarrassment and the blush that shock to his cheeks Kurt let out a giggle.

"The skin is a lot of work and a hell of a lot of creams, and my clothes are designed and picked out to make my body look good," Kurt shook his head.

"And the rest," Harry snorted. "Trust me beautiful, it's all you," He added running his eyes slowly up and down Kurt's body in a way that made Kurt's breath catch.

"You're just being nice hoping to get your leg over," Kurt scowled, his defences coming up at how shaky this man made him feel. And the idea he was lying to him, Blaine had been his boyfriend and never said anything like that to him, not to mention the whole 'sexy' issue was always lingering in the back of his mind.

"Well I wouldn't mind getting my leg over, not going to deny that - it would be counterproductive to my point - but I don't lie, and I don't really like one night stands and quick fumbles in the alleyway here. Now, if you don't mind me being nosy, why would you think I wouldn't be telling the truth? I'm guessing it has something to do with the ex?" Harry spoke intently and seriously, pressing closer to Kurt again, his beer bottle clutched in one hand, the other again resting next to Kurt. Kurt had never been more aware of someone's presence before, Harry was like a small ball of sunlight, strong and warm at the same time, making Kurt want to rub against him like a cat. And he had never met someone as to the point as Harry besides Rachel, but it was in a not hiding things way rather than the brutal, insulting manner of Rachel's. The scent of musk and slight sweat came from him due to how close they were and it was rocking Kurt's senses so he found himself spilling everything to this man.

"…And then he went to my dad and got him to give me the talk," Kurt groaned burying his face into his hands, completely embarrassed at having told him all this.

"So let me get this right, the guy who later would go out with you told you you weren't sexy, then tried to force you to make sexy faces in a mirror? When he knew you liked him?" Harry frowned.

"Basically yeah, I just can't really do sexy," Kurt shrugged taking a big swig of his drink. Once again Harry gave a disagreeing snort.

"What your ex doesn't seem to realise and you have started to believe, is that there are dozens of different types of being sexy. Everyone can be sexy, it doesn't have to be prostitute, standing on the corner sexy. You have a confident, innocent, comfortable in your own skin sexy," Harry shrugged.

"What about you?" Kurt found himself asking, mentally hitting himself, that had been flirty!

"Me? I'm a devil may care sexy, I don't really give a flying one what anyone thinks anymore. What I want I want and I go for it," Harry smirked at him. Kurt suddenly had a feeling he was talking about him. "Dance with me?" he asked huskily.

"I…erm…me? No, sorry no," Kurt shook his head rapidly his face turning scarlet again. It had been a knee jerk reaction to the question and now he was partly regretting it.

"Why not?" Harry asked with a pout.

"Because," Kurt tried to keep his eyes away from those lips.

"Don't you think I'm attractive?" Harry's pout deepened as he turned his body so that he was now leaning on the bar allowing Kurt's eyes even more access to him.

"You know I do," Kurt huffed turning his eyes away. Big mistake.

"So dance with me, one dance that's all then if you want to sit down I'll bring you right back here. Come on what could go wrong?" Harry breathed into his ear, seemingly having sensed that this was Kurt's weakness. What could go wrong? Ha, only that Kurt could try and jump the poor man if they got any closer.

"I don't know," Kurt shook his head. However that seemed to be the break Harry was looking for, because the next thing Kurt's hand was in Harry's and he was being tugged onto the dance floor with very little complaint on his side.

Harry pulled them halfway into the crowd before spinning and tugging Kurt against him by his waist. Kurt couldn't stop his gasp at the feeling of body warmed muscles pressing against his own chest and strong arms wrapping firmly around his waist. Harry's nose found the back of Kurt's ear as he started moving their hips together. Kurt's eyes fluttered and he wrapped his own arms around Harry for support more than anything else, only now he could feel the muscles moving in Harry's back, that scent surrounding him, the beat of the music making it easy to lose all his shyness, his uncertainties and insecurities and just enjoy dancing with this man who seemed genuinely interested in him.

One dance turned into three, which turned into six, which turned into twelve until they had to make their way to the bar to get a drink. Kurt's body had never felt more alive in all his life, he had danced facing Harry, with his back pressed to Harry's chest, both of them getting sweatier as their dancing got dirtier, Harry's hands had stroked his chest and back in a way that left tingling through his skin, his hands a few times even reaching down to cup Kurt's bum and hold him closer as though testing the waters - Kurt had definitely not complained. They had danced with their faces pressed into each other's bodies, Kurt was fairly sure that he was going to have a hicky on his neck after Harry had buried his face there while they were dancing chest to back, he had then started nipping and suckling at Kurt's pale skin, pulling only groans and whimpers from Kurt's lips. They had danced staring into each other's eyes, the intensity and passion flaring through Harry's eyes so intense and hungry Kurt's breathing had become even more strained, and he had no doubt his own eyes were reflecting exactly the same back at Harry.

Harry's arms were wrapped firmly around Kurt's waist, his front pressing firmly into Kurt's back as they approached the bar, Harry waving the barman over.

"What do you want to drink beautiful?" Harry's voice, even huskier with exertion and thirst nearly made Kurt's eyes roll back into his head.

"Just water," Kurt gasped out.

"2 water!" Harry shouted over the bar. Kurt went to argue when Harry paid for both, but one look from the man and he just took a sip from the bottle handed to him.

"Wow I didn't realise I was so thirsty," Kurt grinned after gulping down half the water.

"I was trying to ignore it for as long as possible," Harry laughed leaning in closer to Kurt. "I really want to kiss you right now," Harry sighed, never having left Kurt's personal space.

"I'm not arguing," Kurt said bravely raising his eyes to lock with Harry's. Barely a second later he found his lips caught in Harry's, the older man devouring him like a dehydrated man seeing water for the first time. Kurt's gasp at the intensity of the kiss allowed Harry to swipe his tongue into Kurt's mouth with a groan that Kurt could feel more than hear. However as opposed to the fiery movement of his lips, Harry's hands were gently and tenderly cupping the back of Kurt's neck and his left hip. Kurt's own arms quickly wrapped themselves around Harry's neck, putting himself into the man's strong arms, pressing himself as close to Harry's hot, sweaty body as he could manage, groaning himself at the feeling of the proof of Harry's interest in him poking into his hip.

Pulling apart with a deep gulp of air the hand that had been on the back of Kurt's neck brushed tenderly across his cheek as Harry smiled warmly at him.

"Geez, you should be illegal," Harry shook his head before leaning in to brush his lips along Kurt's cheek and back to his mouth.

"Hey Kurt, everything ok?" Kurt grumbled mentally at Dave for interrupting what had been another delicious, consuming kiss. Pulling apart from Harry he didn't remove himself from the man's arms as he turned to glare at Dave, who looked like he was well snogged himself.

"Dave this is Harry, Harry this is my friend Dave, who I came with and then disappeared," Kurt blinked when his best bitchy, ice tone was met with Harry chuckling into his shoulder while Dave looked sheepish.

"Ah, sorry Kurt. Just thought I would check you are ok," Dave grinned guiltily.

"I am perfectly fine, now get lost," Kurt scowled at Dave as Harry's chuckling into his shoulder became more pronounced.

"Alright, have fun then," Dave laughed, in no way offended as he went off to find his twink again.

"Stop laughing," Kurt huffed smacking Harry's shoulder. When Harry lifted his eyes his green eyes were sparkling with his amusement making it hard for Kurt to keep his pout on his lips.

"I'm sorry," Harry apologised.

"Hm, I don't believe you," Kurt sniffed. When Harry's lips attacked him Kurt's mind blanked out until Harry pulled back. Licking his lips Kurt gave a shaky grin.

"That's a little better," He laughed breathlessly.

"Don't feel pressured, but come home with me?" Harry asked softly, his fingers brushing Kurt's cheek again as though he was fascinated with the movement.

"I…yes, I want that," Kurt knew he was taking a risk, he knew he was probably going to regret this tomorrow or tonight when Harry politely told him that he had gotten what he wanted, he'd see him around.

"Are you sure, I don't want you to feel like you have to," Harry asked concerned, though his face was looking eager.

"No, I'm sure," Kurt nodded. Harry kissed him firmly once more before wrapping his arm around Kurt's waist again and led him out the club, only pausing for Harry to pick up his jacket from the cloakroom.

"Oh, do you mind bikes?" Harry asked as they hurried into the car park glancing at Kurt who blinked.

"I've never been on one," He shrugged as he was led to a gorgeous Harley. One that was clearly well loved and cared for.

"First time for everything I guess," Harry laughed pausing and looking at Kurt, then the bike and then Kurt again. "Here, put this on, you'll freeze," Harry said holding his leather jacket out.

"You're wearing less clothes than I am!" Kurt argued.

"I don't feel the cold, don't worry," Harry shook his head jiggling his jacket a little. Laughing Kurt slipped his arms into the sleeves and allowed Harry to zip it up. "Geez, you are a walking wet dream," Harry groaned making Kurt blush. Grinning Harry got onto the bike before holding his hand out to help Kurt on.

"You're not over the limit are you?" Kurt asked a little worried as Harry kicked the bike to life.

"Don't worry, I only had two beers," Harry shook his head, luckily not offended at all before roaring off down the road, Kurt clinging to his waist and laughing happily.