Chapter two

Kurt was lying on his bed thinking about the night before. He couldn't believe he had done what he had, it was so out of character, but he couldn't find himself to regret it. It had been amazing, and as spiteful as it sounded, it had been one hundred times better than the few times he and Blaine had done it, although he and Harry had matched those times the night before. Kurt hadn't been able to believe how much Harry couldn't seem to get enough of his body.

Lying on Harry's fantastic four poster bed, with its amazingly soft forest green sheets and the deeper green duvet tangled at their feet, they had lain most of the night. When they weren't wrapped around each other, thrusting, writhing and twisting together in the age old dance, they had been exchanging lazy kisses, gentle, searching touches learning each other's bodies. Weirdly Kurt had found himself feeling more at ease, more confident and comfortable with Harry than he had even at his last time with Blaine. He hadn't realised how much Blaine's rejection, words and actions before they had gotten together had still lingered and nipped at the back of his mind until last night. Each touch, each stroke, each tender brush of lips as Harry… worshipped, there was no other word for it…his body washed away the lingering doubt and hurt of everything Blaine had done to him.

And Harry had lay back and simply allowed Kurt to explore every inch of his gorgeous body inch by inch, allowing him to take his time and simply enjoy the time to learn Harry's body. He had even let Kurt take him one of their times together making Kurt realise that while he enjoyed being top, he preferred bottoming. But the six, six! Times they had done it through the night they had tried various positions, leading Kurt to the realisation that while he enjoyed the tender, vanilla love making, he also enjoyed it when Harry had taken him from behind in long hard, pounding strokes. He enjoyed riding Harry, his hands resting on Harry's tanned chest as he luxuriously rode Harry's long, thick cock before Harry wrapped his arms under Kurt's thighs and thrust up into him when his own thrusts began to slow, until Kurt was being held, his arms keeping him up with his head tilted back as he groaned in delight before collapsing forward, his face buried into the crook of Harry's neck as Harry worked their bodies together. Though the sex against the wall, on their sides, and the shower sex hadn't been anything at all to scoff at either.

They had napped in-between but they had woken each other with soft touches, firm strokes and Kurt even was confident enough with Harry to wake Harry with a blow job. Harry had seemed to delight with Kurt's body and eagerness, and even though his body was aching today, muscles aching in places he had never felt before, his bum was on fire when he sat on it, and his spine felt as though it had been stamped on, his body was littered with bite marks and hickies Harry had laid upon his skin throughout the night…but it was so, so, so worth it.

That morning when they had woken Harry had led Kurt into his huge shower stall that was a thing of Kurt's dreams and had tenderly washed Kurt's body while exchanging gentle kisses. It was Kurt who had instigated their last round of sex in the shower, Harry holding Kurt's knees braced in his elbows as he slowly and gently thrust into Kurt, their slick bodies moving together, the warm shower water beating onto their bodies, Harry's cock moving deeply inside of Kurt's clenching channel, their lips meeting in wet, sloppy kisses when they weren't resting their foreheads together.

Once they were done Harry had washed Kurt's body again, and seemed pleased when Kurt had returned the gesture happily. Kurt had been shocked when Harry had had breakfast on when he had stepped out of Harry's bedroom dressed in the shirt and sweats that Harry had left out for him. He hadn't been sure what Harry wanted him to do, but when Harry had sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, laughing that he hadn't actually asked if Kurt had wanted breakfast, Kurt had relaxed again and slipped into a seat at Harry's table.

Harry had served up a delicious mixture of fruit pancakes and coffee from a coffee machine Kurt had nearly drooled over, he had even managed to convince Kurt to eat some of the syrup soaked pancakes Harry was eating by feeding them to him. Kurt had soaked up the attention Harry was giving him, he was sure that this was going to be it, Harry had pressed syrupy kisses to Kurt's lips and they had chatted away as they ate slowly, on Kurt's part not wanting to leave and for it to be done. He had explained the whole situation with Blaine to Harry, who had been sympathetic and understanding of how Kurt was feeling. Kurt had told him about glee, and his dreams to go to college in New York and either be a Broadway singer or a fashion designer. Kurt hadn't laughed as much as he had when after trying to get Kurt to sing and Kurt refusing he had chased Kurt around his house until he caught the teen and tickled him mercilessly.

In return Harry had told him about moving to Lima from Britain after needing to get away and throwing a dart into a map. He was twenty two, had a four year old godson called Teddy who he clearly doted on and spent a lot of his time with as he and his grandmother had moved over as well. He had two best friends called Hermione and Ron who had married when they were all nineteen and had fought over whether Harry would be best man or maid of honour. He was currently enjoying his time to himself after leaving a police job and was currently just taking it easy before he started looking for another job here. That at least explained the scars Kurt had found littering Harry's body all over, though in no way marring it.

Eventually Kurt had said he should be getting home, Harry had told him to keep his clothes and he had given Kurt a lift back to the club to get his car. Kurt had been shocked when Harry had given him his number and written down his address for Kurt before asking Kurt for his. Kurt had written both his address and number down, excited that maybe Harry did want something a little more than the night before and had meant when he said he didn't do one night stands. But he wasn't getting his hopes up.

He had told his dad that he had been spending the night with a friend when he arranged to go to the club, Burt had been happy that Kurt was getting out again that he had barely asked anything about it, especially when he found out that it was a male friend. So Kurt wasn't worried about showing up at twelve in the afternoon in another man's clothes, he hadn't taken into account the two visible hickies on his neck.

After Carole, Burt and Finn had all freaked out at him for nearly twenty minutes telling him that he could do better than Blaine, that he shouldn't have forgiven him and gone back to him, threatening to beat Blaine or kill/shoot him – Carole was scarily descriptive to the point where all three Hudmel men had blinked at her wide eyed - he had finally lost his temper and screamed that it hadn't been Blaine. Of course that had led to a whole new round of questions and yelling. In the end Kurt had told a mostly/sort of truth. He had told them he had gone with a friend to a club, whose identity he wouldn't reveal as he wasn't out the closet, and he met up with a sort of friend from the gay community and they had hit it off.

When he had seen the canon about to blow, though he felt guilty about it, he had pulled a guilt trip saying that he had wanted time to relax and be normal with the one person that wasn't treating him like he was going to fall apart or constantly telling him stupid, unhelpful phrases like he would move on. The three of them had all looked guilty enough so Kurt had pressed in for the kill, he had reminded them all that he was of age, perfectly capable of looking after himself, had gone with a friend and that Burt and his mom had been married at eighteen, Carole and Finn's dad had been going out and Finn they all knew was sleeping with Rachel. Glaring he had told them just because he was gay and slightly effeminate didn't mean he wasn't a guy and that he should be treated like a twelve year old girl. They had all looked successfully cowed and he had stomped up to his room leaving them sitting gawping after him.

So here he was lying on his bed, thinking over everything that had happened, wondering over his bravery at standing up to his family about the way they treated him, and wondering if he really would see Harry again. He had seemed genuine when he kissed Kurt hungrily up against Kurt's car and promised to call or text him. But the part of him that was still reeling at Blaine's betrayal wondered whether Harry was just a player who had gotten everything he wanted from Kurt…a lot.

He had dozed off for a good half an hour when he woke to his phone bleeping. Yawing and grumbling to himself he had thumped his hand over the bedside table until he found his phone and held it so that he could see it thinking it was probably Mercedes with her fifth 'are you alright, he was an idiot' text of the day. He sat bolt upright when he saw the name Harry on his screen. Biting his lip his thumb hovered over opening the text as his heart thumped furiously in his chest. Feeling stupid he closed his eyes and hit open, slitting his eyes back open the read the text before laughing out loud.

Is it silly I am missing you already? H xx, Kurt could stop the happy grin that crossed his face at the words and the fact Harry hadn't turned out to be a player.

Only if it's silly that I can't stop thinking about you K xx, Kurt bit his lip after sending the text feeling his heart beating faster.

Ok, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that. Can I see you again? H xx

When? K xx

As soon as possible? H xx

Eager aren't we? ; ) K xx

Very! H xx

Do I get a date this time? K xx

That was the plan H xx

Really? K xx

Of course, I am a gentleman after all, I'm not just after your amazing body! H xx

Just? :o K xx

Well it is a part of it, I told you I don't lie H xx

So what would this date consist of? K xx

Whatever you want to do beautiful H xx

Visit to Paris for a weekend? K xx

Do you have a passport? H xx

You are crazy! K xx

Hey if that's what you want H xx

A date at a restaurant will be fine! K xx

If you're sure. What are your plans for today? H xx

Take it easy, catch up on my sleep and let my arse recover before finishing my homework for tomorrow :'( K xx

Didn't hear you complaining last night…or this morning XD Homework, ouch H xx

Mm, tell me about it, and I have glee with Blaine tomorrow after school :s K xx

That has to be really tough, my first ex, Seamus, shared the same dorm as me :s H xx

Ok, I take back that my situation is tough, the same dorm! K xx

"Yup, I went to an old fashioned boarding school, kind of name down from birth sort of place, where you get split into four houses, me and Seamus shared a dorm. Super awkward! H xx

I can imagine, it's bad enough having to see Blaine everyday K xx

It does get easier H xx

You are helping me see that K xx

I hope so, really, even maybe move on J H xx

You wouldn't hear me arguing ;) H xx

Kurt had spent the afternoon texting Harry before dragging himself to do his homework. So he couldn't really be blamed for his distraction at school the next day, what with Harry lingering in the back of his mind and tiredness holding him as well. The good thing about it was though he barely noticed Blaine, and the few classes that they had together that day he simply turned his thoughts to Harry, his gentle kisses and the cheesy, honest, caring, funny guy he had gotten to know the day before.

He knew all the other gleeks were confused at the difference in his behaviour but he couldn't bring himself to care. Especially not with Mercedes, who after claiming to be his best friend hadn't realised at all how bad things had been for him last year, hadn't spoken to him for weeks after he transferred, and then had been so busy soaking up the Sam/Shane situation to even listen when he started to get worried about Sebastian, and then when he and Blaine broke up started smothering him again. No their friendship was done as best friends. Scarily Santana and Dave now fell more into those roles.

He had quickly placed himself next to Santana and Quinn, also someone he had gotten a lot closer to lately, and so Puck. Finn was still eyeing him weirdly, Kurt would guess it was guilt, worry and from actually keeping the events yesterday a secret from the others…it kind of looked like he had gas.

"Dude, why is Finn giving you the gassy baby look?" Santana hissed.

"Yeah, he only does that when he's trying to keep something big to himself that he's not sure is good," Puck agreed.

"I…promise you guys won't say anything to the others?" Kurt bit his lip. At that the three of them huddled around him.

"Be quick, as much as I love her Britt can't keep a secret and she'll be here in five minutes," Santana said quickly.

"Alright, well on Saturday I went to Scandals with Dave and…" Kurt quickly told them the more 15/18 version of the events with Harry than the XXX but they were all grinning at him.

"Way to go Princess! Hooking yourself an older guy! Knew you could do better than the Hobbit!" Puck grinned thumping Kurt on the back. Quinn tensed looking worriedly at Kurt only to find him laughing.

"Well, now I know that! I mean seriously, one little kiss from Harry is easily 10 times more toe curling than any kiss we had," Kurt shook his head.

"Oh, then I can just imagine the sex! Wanky wanky Hummel! And my fellow ex closetier is getting his groove on," Santana chuckled.

"I am telling you he is so popular in that club it isn't fair. He walks in and about twenty people surround him. They've nicknamed him bear cub," Kurt snickered.

"Bear cub?" Quinn blinked.

"A bear is a type of category for a big butch, hairy guy like Karofsky's build, it's used in the gay scene," Scarily it was Puck that answered. Seeing the looks the other three were giving him he just shrugged. "What? I'm a healthy guy comfortable in his own skin, I check out some gay porn to see what it was like,"

"And?" all three of them asked at the same time.

"Wouldn't turn down some of the more effeminate guys," He shrugged again.

"You mean like Kurt?" Quinn grinned.

"Nah, we have way too much history for a relationship to work out, we can be friends but being together would never work, plus Hummel sr would pump me full of shots for even looking at him," Puck yawned.

"Why Puck I didn't know," Kurt gasped fluttering his eyelashes at the teen.

"Just because I bullied you doesn't mean I never noticed you had an ass a cheerleader would die for," Puck snorted. They blinked at him before bursting out laughing, Puck starting to chuckle along with them. They tried to sober up when Mr Shu cleared his throat to start but it was hard.

Most of Kurt's good mood had faded by the time he got to leave, he had had to listen to Rachel going on about how they couldn't fail at regional's with Blaine's voice and hers melded together, listen to Mercedes saying insults about Blaine whenever she could and looking at Kurt hopefully, put up with Blaine's mournful staring from across the room, then the idiot got up and sang a song he wrote about how sorry he was for hurting Kurt, then Rachel had announced that they were perfect together and Kurt should forgive Blaine for the sake of group harmony…Finn had actually stopped her and told her to be quiet.

Either way Kurt was not in the best of moods when he existed the school and stomped towards Finn's truck, trying to ignore the others on his tail, and the group of jocks who had just finished hockey practice. He pulled up short however at the sight that greeted him. Sitting propped up against his bike in washed out blue jeans that hugged his amazing thighs - Kurt could say from gripping experience - a white t-shirt that clung to his chest and around his biceps also working to highlight to gorgeous colour of his skin, black hair looking 'just shagged' as Puck would put it, his leather jacket thrown over the bike stood Harry himself. Weirdly Kurt felt something unclenching in his chest at the sight of the man.

"Hey, I thought I would catch you after school and spend some time with you…that alright?" Harry asked unsurely after walking over to where Kurt had froze, green eyes scanning Kurt's face concerned that he had got it wrong. Aware that his face was probably still tight from Glee he worked to relax more as he shook his head.

"No, seeing you right now is actually pretty perfect," Kurt sighed wrapping his arms around Harry's waist. Strong arms wrapped around him and tugged him closer.

"What happened beautiful?" Harry asked softly running his fingers through Kurt's hair. Kurt could hear the gasps of the gleeks from behind him when he didn't freak, he hadn't let Blaine do that…but Harry was different, rather than worrying about what his hair could look like with one strand out of place Kurt enjoyed it.

"Blaine, glee, being an idiot, Rachel shooting her mouth off. Don't want to think about it now," Kurt said tilting his head up, his eyes asking Harry for a kiss desperately not sure if Harry was ok with that. Grinning Harry bent down and kissed Kurt firmly, both of them enjoying the contact despite it only being a day. Once again in opposition of the hot kiss one hand was cupping his face, the other his hip gently.

"Phew! Someone turn down the heating!" Quinn's laughter close by dragged Kurt from the blank space he had been in where it was just him and Harry and back to reality. Blinking to try and clear his mind he grinned and snuggled into Harry's side as he saw Quinn, Puck, Santana and Brittany were all standing by them.

"Got a problem?" Harry's deep voice rumbled at the jock's standing in a huddle gawping as his arm wrapped around Kurt's shoulders. The warm, kind Harry Kurt knew disappeared as ice cold eyes turned on the jocks. Kurt thought some of them actually squeaked as they all chorused no before racing for their cars. When he turned to look at Kurt his eyes were sparkling with mischief making Kurt laugh and shake his head.

"Harry this is Puck, Quinn, Santana and Brittany, guys this is Harry," Kurt introduced Harry proudly, smiling slightly at the squeeze to the shoulder he got.

"Nice to meet you guys," Harry nodded to them.

"Dude that was awesome! So cool!" Puck laughed holding out his hand which Harry clasped.

"You are much hotter than he described!" Quinn giggled.

"It proves all the best looking guys and girls are gay or with someone," Santana smirked linking her pinky with Brittany.

"Are you a dolphin as well?" Brittany blinked. "Cause you're a much handsomer dolphin than Blaine,"

"Erm…" Harry looked at Kurt for help.

"Quinn honey put your tongue back in, he's claimed. It really is case and point Santana. Yes Britt he is also a dolphin, and yes he is very handsome," Kurt reeled off grinning at Harry when he chuckled at the last bit.

"This is the dude you were with Saturday night?! Kurt he's like older than us," Finn hissed coming over. Kurt wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or grin at the implication, correct as it was, that he had already slept with Harry. Revenge really was sweet.

"Yeah Finn this is Harry, and thank you I had noticed he was older. Harry this is my stepbrother Finn," Kurt sniped at Finn before softening as he spoke to Harry making Quinn giggle.

"Or Frankenteen as we call him," Santana snickered.

"Oh nice to meet you Finn, and don't worry I'm not a creeper or anything. I really like Kurt, and he's so mature our small age gap is no issue, he needs someone close to his mental and maturity level anyway," Harry said with a bright smile. Quinn, Puck and Santana burst out laughing catching the insult behind his words as Kurt caught him flicking his eyes to Blaine who looked sick.

"How did you guess?" Kurt whispered turning to press his face into Harry's shoulder.

"Instinct, I was a cop remember, I can read people," Harry smiled stroking the side of Kurt's face. "I'm sorry did I overstep the line?" He asked concerned.

"No…feels pretty good to have my….you sticking up for me," Kurt floundered on what they were.

"If you want me, I'm your boyfriend, so of course I will stick up for you," Harry promise.

"Really?" Kurt smiled happily pulling back. He couldn't believe he had found someone as amazing as Harry so soon after everything with Blaine, it was almost too good to be true.

"Really," Harry nodded.

"That's sounds good then," Kurt answered leaning up to kiss Harry.

"You know Burt and mum will want to meet him right?!" Finn interrupted after a moment, his cheeks bright red.

"Yes Finn I know," Kurt sighed unhappy at having his bubble popped.

"Your dad and step mum?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," Kurt pouted slightly.

"Well I was going to sweep you away for an early dinner at the Italian restaurant in town, but we can go any other time this week your free. Maybe I should come back with you and clear the air with your dad and step mum, set their minds to rest hopefully?" Harry suggested.

"You were going to take me to dinner?" Kurt gasped.

"I said I wanted to take you on a date," Harry shrugged suddenly looking embarrassed.

"I thought you were kidding when you said as soon as possible," Kurt laughed as he saw the blush appearing on Harry's cheek.

"Nope," Harry shook his head brushing a kiss along Kurt's jaw. "So rain check on the date, reassure parentals I'm not some weirdo who is only after your very sexy body?" He grinned causing Puck to start laughing and Finn to splutter blushing.

Harry held out his jacket which had been draped over the seat of his bike to Kurt who took it with a shy smile and shrugged into it while Harry climbed onto his bike and then held his hand out to help him on.

"Well this feels familiar," Harry grinned over his shoulder as he kicked the bike to life.

"From which part of the night?" Kurt snickered resting his chin on Harry's shoulder while he revved the bike.

"Cheeky!" Harry laughed. "Hold tight beautiful,"

Kurt realised as they turned down the road from school that he hadn't once looked back at Blaine after that initial smug look he hadn't looked away from Harry. His life was definitely looking up and hopefully forward. This amazing man seemed serious about wanting to have a thing with him, he was going to meet his dad! Now he just had to hide his Dad's guns before he revealed exactly who Harry was. Maybe his knives as well. And the hammer. And any general tools. Maybe the forks as well?