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Chapter two- day

Dear Squee gee,
Happy holidays! I was just painting my walls, (not with blood but with actual paint!) green. Maybe it'll lighten up the place. Maybe you should visit latter and help me wash the walls. I just realized green isn't my color. Well anyway i'm going to go to 24/7 and forget about this sickly cheerful color before i get sick. Ha! Now Doughboy will have to deal with it! By neighbor!

Dear Pepito,
Thanks for your offer to come to the demon parade but i um, have an allergy to fire. Plus demons are scary. Hope you have fun. I'll just be in my room hiding from the scary parade clowns with Schmee...

Dear Zim,
I'm still pretty angry about what you pulled on valentines day. You try to hold my hand ever again and that's the last thing you'll ever do. Got it? Dib's going to drag me on a stupid leprechaun hunt so i might as well come with you and gir to the parade. But this better not be a "date". Ok? If i see that clown from last year he's going to pay for that...little incident.
Get lost,
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