Secrets of the Capitol

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The rating is teen because of violence, and the abuse that the capitol inflicts onto its prisoners. There will be no awkward descriptive romantic scenes in this story. :)

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Summary: When Gale and the rescue team go to rescue Peeta, Annie, and the victors that the Capitol captured after the Quarter Quell, they find some things that they didn't expect to find. Namely: the four circle of magic characters. Many events ensue. Set during Mockingjay. Sorry: summary sucks, story is really epic!

Disclaimer: I don't own Hunger Games or Circle of Magic. If I did, I wouldn't have killed Finnick or Prim, leaving Katniss emotionally scarred for life, and leaving Annie heartbroken and their child fatherless. Just saying.

Chapter 1: The Mission

Gale's POV

We crept through their prison. White-washed walls, no colors except the occasional crimson splash. Blood. A person's blood. Bled to drain the secrets from them. This is the only remainder of them. Who knows what became of them.

Boggs waved us forward, and we then crossed a corridor. The workers were having a coffee break, cause heaven forbid that they torture people without their daily dose of caffeine. The monsters, they don't seem to be shaken at all. They've probably witnessed so much, you would think that they would be haunted by the images they'd seen and the horrors they'd committed. But you'd be wrong. They were having a lunch break and joking with each other.

I clenched my hands and wished that they would drop dead. They would pay. No one would be hurt with them gone. The world would be better without them. I pulled an arrow from my quiver and fitted it to the string.

"Gale, no," Boggs whispered, "not yet. Later. We can't blow our cover yet."

I ground my teeth in frustration. How could he just stand there and do nothing as the monsters prepared themselves for the next bought of torturing innocent people.

"Fine." I muttered.

"Ok, people, let's move. When the capitol folks go back to the secure sections of the prison, wait until they are out of the view of the cameras, and then dispatch them. Do it quietly, we can't have them raising any alarms before we've even got into the place. And make sure we get their passes. They're our key to the locked doors."

Briar's POV:

Pain. That's all I knew. It hurt so bad that all else slipped away. The voices of the strange men and women faded immediately when they started doing whatever it was that they did when they did not get what they wanted.

I didn't even know what they wanted anymore. At first they had wanted information on where I came from and who I worked for. They mentioned things about districts and explosions and something called the hunger games, but it was all meaningless to me. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I told them so, and not in the nicest way either.

That had been when the pain started. As the men got more and more frustrated with the lack of answers, they got more and more inventive with their punishments. I just stopped trying after awhile. If I gave up, if I refused to live, the pain would stop.

But that didn't work. They kept me alive. I didn't know that people could live through the things that I lived through. It just hurt so much.

I did know that I couldn't hold back the screams that they tugged out of me. I know I babbled, in all the languages that I knew, and that I cried for my mother and Rosethorn and Lark and the girls.

The girls. In the times that they left me strapped to the cold table, I had time to think about them. They had come through with me, and had been captured along with me. I hoped so bad that they weren't going through what I was going through. I know they wouldn't be able to handle it.

They hadn't grown up in the streets like I did. They hadn't had to work in sick houses where men choked on their own blood. I was strong. I would make it through this. I had to. I had to. For them I would live through this.

But that dream was crushed quickly. The people here seemed to hurt me for the sake of hurting someone. They knew I didn't have any answers. That was clear, or I would have talked. But still they came with their sharp instruments, with red hot metal that burned, with whips and harnessed lightning.

And all I knew was the pain.

All thoughts of the girls fled, all that I was focused on was the pain in my body and the smell of blood and the straps holding me to the table. My stomach was empty, had been for days now, but that pain was dull compared to the agony my skin was feeling.

I succumbed to the waiting darkness, the smell of sweat, fear, and urine fading to the numbing black.

Gale's POV:

We found Annie almost immediately. She didn't have any information that they wanted, and was basically being kept to torment Finnick and keep him in line. There was minimal security. It was almost like they thought that we would be too scared and wimpy to event dare think of the idea of attacking them. Well, their loss.

She was very hysterical and had to be carried away screaming to the hovercraft. And with that our cover was blown. Alarms screamed from hidden speakers and the sound of pounding feet could be heard from within the walls.

The fighting would begin.

Good, I thought, I finally get to bust some of the monsters' heads open. They deserve this. We can finally pay them back for all the trouble that they've caused us. This is what I signed up for.

And the soldiers started to pour out of openings in the walls, like cockroaches fleeing the light.

Briar's POV:

Noise. Loud, loud noise. It wasn't screaming, I was used to that noise. It was more like the sound of people dying and in pain. I had heard that noise before. When the pirates attacked, the sound of the wounding had wafted to our ears and assaulted our senses until the injured started to die.

Tris had been terrified. And she had had nightmares for weeks afterward. I had wondered why. Now I knew.

I hardly slept anymore. First of all, they didn't let me sleep. They kept me awake to study me and the effects that exhaustion would have on me. Secondly, I didn't want to even if I could. The events from the past weeks were just lurking around in the darkness of my mind, waiting for emptiness to fill. If I fell asleep, I didn't want to know what memories would come to the surface.

I didn't know if I would wake up.

The table I was strapped to was jolted into movement. Three workers were pushing and pulling my cart fast and jerkily. They seemed nervous and were talking amongst themselves above me.

"What's going to happen?" "I don't know, they just said to secure the prisoners." "What are they going to do if they catch us?" "We can't think of that!" "Watch out!" "Hey, the prisoner is awake! Wasn't he supposed to be sedated?"

And with that I felt the prick of a needle in the crook of my arm. When the darkness started to advance upon me, I cried out. I didn't want the darkness. With the darkness came nightmares and memories. They would swallow me whole. I wouldn't survive it. No. No. No. No. No. Please no darkness.

I slipped into unconsciousness with tears staining my cheeks.

Gale's POV:

We found Johanna while several of the monsters were trying to wheel her away. She was painfully thin, with a shaved head and a body full of bruises. She looked to be unconscious, but when jostled let out a cry that tore my heart open.

She had been part of the rebellion and had paid the ultimate price for it. Some would say the death was the ultimate price, but I strongly disagreed. Death was a release. It let us escape from the hurt of the world. It was peace. It was happiness. It was much better than this horror of Panem.

But the worst thing that could happen? It would be being kept alive through pain. When you wanted to die but couldn't. When people kept you alive only so that you could hurt more. That was the ultimate price.

"Hey!" I yelled at the monsters.

At the sight of me, one let out a high-pitched squeal and fell to the ground in a dead faint. Pathetic. The others apparently weren't as weak as the first. They kept on pushing Johanna's cart away from me, away from rescue.

Fine. If they wanted a fight, they would get one. I shouldered my gun and fired. The gun rocketed back against my shoulder, but I kept control of it. The monsters weren't so lucky. They went down in a spray of blood, crimson that splattered against the walls, Johanna, against me.

I resisted the urge to vomit. Now was not the time to lose sense of the situation. I couldn't afford to lose my head. One moment of hesitation could mean my death. And I did not plan to die today.

I started forward to go to Johanna. I had no idea of what I would do when I got there. All I knew was that I had to get her out of here. She deserved at least that. It was the least that I owed her.

But something intervened with that plan. A searing pain shot up my back. It seemed as if my shoulder was on fire. I wouldn't be surprised if I looked behind me and saw flames eating at my clothes and skin.

It was the first monster. The one that had supposedly fainted. The lily-livered one. But I guess he wasn't that weak after all. He had a dart gun in his hand, and I knew immediately that he had fired it at me, and that was the reason for the pain that I was feeling.

Stupid. Stupid! You let your guard down. That could have killed you. Where would Johanna be now then, huh!

I leveled my gun and shot him in the forehead. A messy thing, but a necessary one. I couldn't let him warn anyone of my whereabouts. The victors were too precious for me to risk that. They were what we were risking so much for. They were why we were here, and they were what mattered.

I leaned against a wall. I was exhausted. I knew it was from the blood loss, but it just seemed like I was in great need of a deep, deep sleep. But I couldn't sleep. I had to see the mission through, even if it was just guarding the rescued victors from any monsters who might try to steal them back.

I was leaned against a wall that doubled as a mirror. I didn't know why they needed a wall in a place like there. Did the monsters need to primp and arrange their hair before they went to torture innocents? Ha. Probably. They always had to look their best, right? I snorted. Pathetic. Just pathetic.

But my 'moment of peace' was soon to be short-lived. I heard a click, the cocking of a gun, and was instantly on high alert. I looked to the end of the hallway for the attacker, my gun trained on that point.

But the attacker didn't come from around the corner, but the mirror I had been leaning against. A hidden door opened and burly man rushed out at me. At such close ranges, we both didn't dare fire any shots. We could hit the victors, and we both didn't want that.

Instead he swung at me with the butt of the gun, hitting me squarely in the jaw. My ears rung and I staggered backwards against the mirror. A crack formed and slivers slid to the ground. With those slivers, I saw a chance. I quickly grabbed one and thrust it into his chest.

He gasped and stumbled back. He looked to be in shock, but it didn't seem to be a fatal wound. I was reaching for a second piece when he fell to his knees with a thud. Blood was gushing down the front of his shirt and out of his mouth. He kneeled there for a moment before keeling over to lie still on the ground.

I cautiously walked up to him and nudged him with my foot. Was he dead? Was the threat to the victors gone? When I turned him over, I knew it was. His eyes stared glassy and unseeing into mine. I quickly dropped him to the ground and wiped my hands on my pants, fighting nausea.

What else could I do now? I couldn't stay here with a dead man staring up at me, but I couldn't abandon the victors either. We weren't ready to leave the Capitol. We had yet to find Peeta, and he had been one of the main objectives.

There was the empty room, I thought. The room that the burly man had come from. There could be more monsters in there; it was for the best to check it out.

So I crept towards the door. When I got there and looked around the corner I was shocked to see the mirror that I had been leaning against had been a one-way window. The man had known I was there all along and had been watching me the entire time. But the question was why he was in there in the first place.

When I rounded the corner I was presented with my answer. My answer was so shocking that I stared dumbfounded. I could not move. It was so horrifying. What kind of monsters were the people in the Capitol that they could commit such heinous acts and get away with it, and not be questioned in the slightest?

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