A Thwarted Hook

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Frederick Douglass

A/N: Based on spoilers for The Queen is Dead, and the fact Hook is yet again knocked unconscious in this one, by Emma no less, my muse tickled relentless for me to write this into an acceptable scenario. Even if the show is taking a turn that makes me want to change the channel I will for now retain hope that the writers value the asset they created with the Hook character and will eventually provide more back story and flesh him out more…and of course give us more juicy scenes with Emma.

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"Get Gold to your room and see how badly he's hurt!" Emma ordered Neal.

"What about Hook." Neal pointed at the sprawled form of the pirate.

"I'll take care of him. Hurry before he wakes up!" Emma shouted.

Neal got his father to his feet and helped him back to his room as Emma knelt down over the unconscious body of the vengeful pirate.

She sighed in desperation. "Oh Hook, why did you have to come here," she whispered. She took her handcuffs out of her pocket and once again chained him; shaking her head at the irony that this was the third time she had to do that.

The pirate moaned as she checked to ensure that he wasn't bleeding from the hit with the umbrella holder. Aside from a nasty bump he seemed to be okay. She backed away a bit as he gingerly sat up. His narrowed blue eyes bore into hers. He jerked on his handcuffed hand, clearly not amused and angrily growled at her. "Let me go, Swan! I'm here to finally exact my revenge."

She sat in front him. "How the hell did you even get here?"

He looked at her incredulously. "My ship of course. Now let me go!" He demanded in a dangerous voice.

She glared at him. "You can't do this! You aren't in Storybrooke anymore. If you commit murder there is no taking it back. The police here will throw you in jail for the rest of your life, and with your pretty face the other inmates will make your life a living hell."

He growled softly, "What do you think my last 300 years have been? I don't care what happens to me after I kill the crocodile." Desperation shone from his eyes.

She looked at him sadly. "I came here with Gold because I owed him a favour and because he threatened to kill you if I didn't. I find out Gold's son is Henry's father, a man I never ever wanted to cross paths with again! Hook, life doesn't always work out the way one wants. I'm not letting you kill Gold; you aren't dying on my watch!" She moved closer to him not breaking eye contact.

He tilted his chin up stubbornly. "This is my only chance, he has no magic here, don't deny me my only chance for revenge."

She whispered softly. "This won't end well for you."

His eyes shadowed with sadness. "I'm already dead. Everything I have tried to do in the last 300 years has been thwarted, if you stop me again you might as well kill me right now."

She flinched at his words and her heart twinged painfully.

His blue eyes took on a desperate, panicked look. "Do it, Swan. If you are going to deny me my only chance then end this now! KILL ME!"

In an atmosphere charged with heightened emotion, she put her hands on his chest. She pushed him back against the wall and kissed him with desperation. With equal need his hooked arm wrapped tightly around her waist as he pulled her tightly against him, deepening the kiss as if both of their lives depended on it.


Neal's voice suddenly gratingly broke the moment.

She pulled back from Hook, her heart racing.

"What are you doing?" Neal asked accusation heavy in his voice. "I called the police, they'll be here any minute."

Emma's eyes widened. "You did what? Why would do that? I told you I'd take care of this!'

She grabbed the key to the handcuffs while glancing at Hook who looked beyond stunned and was breathing heavily. She grabbed his face in her hands. "Listen to me, there is little time. If I free you - you have to promise you will go straight back to Storybrooke as fast you can. I know you have no reason to trust me, but please trust me on this, you have to go…please."

Though still dazed by her kiss, the desperation in her voice reached him and he reluctantly nodded. She removed the cuff and freed him.

"Emma, you can't just let him go!" Neal whined.

She glared at him. "I'm going to give him the change to escape that you never gave me! Go back to Gold and check on him and Henry!" She ordered.

After a murderous glare between Neil and Hook, Neal backed away to his apartment.

Emma noticed Hook's eyes lingering on the door to where Gold was taken.

Emma grabbed his arm. "No – you will get another chance somehow. But right now you have to get back to the ship and hurry!" She yelled at him and than after a moment as their eyes met again, she whispered, "please."

Hook's eyes stared into hers. He swallowed heavily, she knew what it was costing him to leave with his revenge unfulfilled, and then in the blink of an eye he leaned down and kissed her hot and fast, "for luck," he whispered as he disappeared out the door leaving her shaken by all that had just transpired.