Disclaimer: R.A. Salvatore created Guenhwyvar and Drizzt Do'Urden I am but expanding on his creation and don't seek to steal his work. The poem is my own but those characters mentioned, scimitars, and the Underdark are his.

"By Your Side"

Alas, my lavender eyed friend
the struggles in which you bear.
My master, my companion,
at your side I shall remain.
The realm in which I reside
is a prolonged place of rest.
When you summon I arise.
Our destinies are intertwined
as we fight for our existence.
Metal glint of your scimitars
flash side by side
with my unsheathed claws.
Together we shall face
the toils of the Underdark
and the golden light of the surface.
I see the pain in your soul
and you know I sense its turmoil.
You freed me from my servile bonds
by extending the hand of friendship.
Let us withstand all
dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden
for black panther Guenhwyvar
will be by your side.

Author's Note: I was inspired by the Forgotten Realms books 'Homeland' and 'Exile'. A kind friend lent me the books (they know who they are) and I'm waiting to read the others. I hope you enjoyed the poem, please review.