Since today's Akihiko's birthday, I wanted to give him a present, so I wrote this one-shot. It's nothing serious, but I hope you'll like it :)

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Part I

Akihiko sat on his chair, in front of his laptop, staring tiredly at the screen. Aikawa was sitting behind him on the couch, watching him carefully, but much to her annoyance his fingers didn't move. He was supposed to hand in the manuscript that same day, yet he still had to write twenty more pages. Unfortunately, the man was currently at a loss of inspiration, clucking his tongue in utter frustration.

Aikawa sighed. Normally, she didn't feel guilty if she forced the writer to finish his work, but it was a special day for him; his birthday. She had hoped that the man would be smart enough to finish his work on time so that he could celebrate his birthday without a care in the world, but of course he just had to be lazy.

"Sensei, this is why I ask you to take your work more seriously," she said softly, only earning a growl in reply. Why did he have to make it so hard for her? The redhead bit her lip as she got lost in her thoughts, debating whether she should give the man some free time or not. 'I know that today's the deadline, but...he looks like he wants to throw his laptop out of his window.' Indeed, Akihiko was glaring at the device as if it was his worst enemy. How was he ever going to finish the story when he was in a state like this?

"I miss Misaki," Akihiko whispered, closing the lid slowly. He really was in no mood to be productive.

Another sigh escaped from Aikawa's lips. "Look, I'll allow you to hand the manuscript in late, but just for once, okay?" She could feel those lavender eyes stare at her in shock and confusion, but instead of looking back at the author she simply walked out of the room. "I'll be back in three days, and if you don't have it done by then I will kill you." After her threat, the editor walked down the stairs, passing the gift that she'd left on the couch, and made her way out.

Akihiko was still sitting on his chair, staring dumbfounded at the empty doorway. Had Aikawa really just said that?

"Well, I guess she is still partially human," the man muttered to himself. He got up to get some coffee and made his way out of the office. His gaze saddened as he noticed how empty the condo was without his lover around. Misaki had to work that day, and due to circumstances beyond his control he would be home late.

Suddenly, Akihiko noticed a large package lying on one of the couches and cocked an eyebrow. He quickly made his way down and approached the mysterious present. Carefully, he touched it with his right hand, feeling that the content was soft.

'Did Aikawa leave this?' he wondered before he started ripping the wrapping paper off. A frown tainted his face when he looked at the long pillow in his hands. 'Is this…a hug pillow? What am I supposed to do with that? I already have my own personal hug buddy.' He smirked as he memorized holding Misaki in his arms at night, sleeping soundly next to him.

Akihiko lifted the pillow, about to walk away with it and throw it in the trash can, when he noticed another smaller square-shaped package on the couch. He dropped the pillow again and opened the second present, a little curious what Aikawa had bought for him. Throwing the torn wrapping paper aside, he spread the soft fabric and laid it down on the couch. His eyes widened as he saw his young lover lying there in his light green pajamas, one hand clutching the white sheets while he the other was balled into a fist, covering his sweet pink lips. His doe green eyes wore the most innocent expression that Akihiko had ever seen, and the boy's cheeks were covered by a mild pink blush.

'So cute…' was the only thing on Akihiko's mind as he stared at the image of his beloved Misaki, completely enamored. If only he could find the brunet in his bed like that for once. His hands slowly ran over the fabric, and he cursed under his breath that it was merely a cover for a pillow and not the real thing.

Now, after having watched a decent amount of commercials, Akihiko knew quite a lot about hug pillows, and one of those things was that most hug pillow covers have two different sides. Curiously, he flipped the cover around, and his jaw dropped. Again, there was a beautiful picture of his lover, but this one was rather…provocative. The buttons of the boy's pajama top were undone, exposing his flawless mildly tanned chest and his delicate pink nipples, while his pants were pushed down just enough to show his hard, leaking member. One hand was still clutching the sheets, but a lot more intense than before. The pink color on his cheeks was replaced by a lovely shade of red, and his eyes were glazed and lusty.

"Fuck," Akihiko cursed out loud as he felt his body respond positively. Despite that it was fake, it looked so real that his predatory senses kicked in, and he was ready to pounce the cover. It was the look in those lovely emerald eyes that made him lose it. He slowly moved back, trying to calm himself down.

After a few more minutes, the author gathered his strength and took the cover and the pillow in his hands, taking them to his bedroom. He knew that it was pathetic, but at least he could use it as a replacement while Misaki was gone. He peeled the cover down over the pillow and laid it in his bed. Then, he took off his shirt, pants and socks and crawled into his bed, holding the hug pillow tight. He stared into the fake green irises and smiled before closing his eyes.

For once, he was going to have to thank his demonic editor.

Misaki tiredly opened the door to the condo after a long day of work, trying to keep his eyes open and he nearly stumbled his way inside.

"I'm home!" he yelled, but much to his surprise it remained silent. Where did Akihiko go? Was he already asleep? "Don't tell me that he spent the entire day in his bed," the brunet muttered to himself as he slowly climbed up the stairs. His vision was kind of blurry and he was feeling hungry, but he wanted to find his lover first.

Softly opening the door to the bedroom, Misaki peeked inside to see the author in bed with…something big. To make it even worse, the man was…groaning…

'Oh God, he isn't…it can't be…' Horrible thoughts clouded the poor boy's mind as he sneaked into the room, narrowing his eyes as he approached the large bed. It wasn't a person lying next to Akihiko, but a large object of some kind. While this reassured Misaki, it didn't cure his curiosity in the slightest.

"U-Usagi-san?" the brunet asked carefully, trying to find out if the man was awake.

"Misaki…" A lustful moan came from the other's lips, making Misaki shiver. However, when the man made a rather questionable movement, Misaki freaked out. 'Wait, is he humping that pillow?!' He slowly crept closer until he was right at the end of the bed, and was shocked—almost horrified—to find out that his lover was indeed making love to a pillow while moaning his name.

"You pervert!" Misaki screamed out loud, but then quickly covered his mouth as he realized what he had done. His whole body started trembling in fear and panic as those lavender eyes opened slowly. He wanted to run away, but he was too scared to move from his spot, and he could only watch as his half-naked lover sat up in his bed.

"Huh? You're back already?"

Misaki noticed the unusually kind tone in his lover's voice and stared into his eyes. Why wasn't he in a horrible mood like he normally was? His eyes traveled to the oversized pillow next to the man and widened in surprise. The pillow looked exactly like him. He quickly grabbed the sheets and threw them off, but he wish he hadn't. His face instantly turned red as he saw the erotic picture of himself.

"W-what the hell is this?!" he stuttered nervously, looking back at his lover.

"It's a hug pillow," Akihiko replied innocently, but soon a smirk tainted his thin lips, "It was a birthday gift from Aikawa."

"Throw it away right now!"

"Only if you'll sleep in my bed from now on…naked," the author said, his eyes twinkling evilly.

"What?! No way in hell!" Misaki was about to yell at him more when Akihiko suddenly pulled him closer and threw him into the bed, locking his wrists in one hand. "Get off me, you pervert!" Of course, every word Misaki spoke just got lost into oblivion, and his lover pounced.

That day, Takahashi Misaki swore that he would kill Akihiko's demonic editor.

As far as I know, the hug pillow cover doesn't exist. I've never seen a hug pillow cover with Misaki on it, but this is just a design that I've had in mind for a long time. Unfortunately, I can't draw naked dudes xD

Thanks for reading this nonsense :P you guys think that I should make a sequel where Misaki gets a hug pillow with Akihiko on the cover? xD