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Part II

"I've given you three days, three entire days to finish the manuscript," Aikawa fumed, glaring at the silver haired author on the couch, "Tell me, where is it?"

"I don't have it," Akihiko replied plainly, his eyes fixed on the brunet in the kitchen.

"And why the hell not?!"

"Because I have been too busy snuggling with Misaki and making him all sticky a ho—" He cut himself off as a frying pan came flying in his direction and dodged it quickly, causing it to land on the floor behind him. "Misaki, you shouldn't destroy such expensive cookware."

Misaki scoffed. "As if you care about money," he said, but then walked over to retrieve the pan. He already knew that the pan was nearly indestructible anyway; he'd launched it at the bunny too many times and it was still completely undamaged.

"Sensei, you don't have time to fool around!" Aikawa continued, losing her patience as she watched the man 'flirt' with his lover, "I gave you some time off on your birthday so you could relax a little, but you have to get back to work! I can't push the deadline any further!" She shot up from her seat and suddenly grabbed the author by his collar. "Work, now!" With that, Akihiko was unwillingly dragged to his office, and the two soon disappeared out of sight.

A soft sigh came from Misaki's lips as he dried off a clean plate and put it back in the cupboard. 'He'll never learn,' the brunet thought. Throwing the dish cloth over his shoulder, he made his way upstairs and went to the bathroom to put it in the washing machine. 'I need to do the laundry tomorrow,' he reminded himself as he noticed how full the washing machine already was.

"No, you're not getting away! Sit down!" Aikawa yelled from the other room and Misaki flinched at the anger in her voice. Deciding that it would be better not to disturb them, Misaki quietly went to his room, grabbing the latest volume of the Kan from his desk while he walked over to his bed. Since he had been busy at work, he hadn't really had the chance to read the new volume yet, but he'd promised Ijuuin to read it as soon as he got time.

Once Misaki had reached his bed, his gaze fell on a small folded piece of fabric, and he frowned. It most certainly wasn't there the last time he entered is room, and he was sure that he hadn't put it there either. Then, he noticed a small note next to the unknown fabric. Carefully picking it up, he unfolded the paper and read it.

My sweet Misaki,

Since I haven't finished my manuscript, Aikawa will probably keep me busy for quite some time. That means that, unfortunately, I won't be able to play with you. However, I do not wish for you to become lonely without me pleasuring you and—

Misaki purposely didn't read the rest of this sentence and rolled his eyes. As if he would really miss that. Besides, if the author knew that he had missed his deadline, why hadn't he forced himself to work on it?

'Because it's Usagi-san,' the boy's mind answered, and Misaki continued to read.

In order to keep you satisfied, here's a little gift from me to you. I'm sure it will be put to great use, in many different ways.



Staring intensively at the fabric once again, Misaki was debating whether he should check it out or throw it away. He knew that his lover had bought him something weird—not that he wasn't used to that already—and yet he was feeling a little excited to find out what it was. What exactly did he mean by 'keeping him satisfied'?

'Wait, why would I even want to know?!' the brunet screamed in his head, tearing up the note in his hands. Akihiko was finally getting to him, turning him into a raging pervert. It was a curse, a contagious disease, but there was no way to cure it. Sighing once more, Misaki lifted the folded fabric with trembling hands, feeling the soft texture on his palms. He took a step backwards and allowed the fabric to fall down, holding one end in his hands.

"That narcissistic bastard," the boy muttered as he stared at the picture in front of him. Akihiko was on the cover, lying on pure white sheets, and wearing an unbuttoned suit jacket and dress shirt, with the burgundy tie still hanging loosely around his neck.

As much as Misaki couldn't stand the idea of his lover buying him a hug pillow cover, he had to admit that Akihiko looked damn good. Although he had never said it out loud, he had always loved seeing that handsome novelist in a suit. It made him look even manlier, more elegant, and irresistibly handsome.

Realizing his thoughts, Misaki quickly dropped the cover back onto the bed and growled. "Damn that idiot," he cursed, forcing himself not to stare at the fabric. He started wondering why his lover would buy him something like that, but then he remembered the hug pillow that Aikawa had given to the man for his birthday. Shivering as he memorized that dreadful day—though actually more embarrassing than dreadful—he took one glance at the cover again.

'Just what does he expect me to do with this? I don't know what's going on in that twisted mind of his, but I don't like humping pillows.' Despite these thoughts, Misaki was starting to feel some sort of affection towards the hug pillow cover, but quickly shook it off. It was a fake, which actually…kind of…disappointed him. 'Shit! Stop perving, self!'

After a while of debating with himself, he slowly took the cover in his hands once more, staring at those gorgeous violet eyes. They were almost as lovely as the real ones…almost; Akihiko's eyes had a few more shades of purple, and they were glazed magnificently.

Misaki tiptoed to the bedroom he had been occasionally sharing with Akihiko, trying to make no noise. He didn't want the man to find out that he was actually going to use that…thing, and cursed under his breath when the wooden floor creaked softly under his weight. Fortunately, the sound of Aikawa's voice scolding the author overpowered it, and Misaki continued his little journey.

The bedroom was as dark as ever, the single window covered by a plum colored curtain even though it was bright outside. Misaki would later punish the man for not ventilating the room properly, but right then he had other things on his mind. His emerald eyes darted over the bed until his gaze locked on the oddly-shaped pillow. It was still wearing its cover.

"All right then, here goes," the brunet whispered to himself as he approached the bed. He climbed onto it on his hands and knees, glaring at the Misaki cover, which was currently lying on its 'naughty' side. A blush tainted the boy's cheek as he quickly flipped the pillow over, not wanting to witness something so lewd. However, his ministrations stopped as he realized that he hadn't seen the other side of his own cover yet.

Glancing at the mildly wrinkled fabric next to him, he could feel his face heat up more. What if that cover had such a provocative side as well? Biting his lower lip, he tried to banish these thoughts from his mind. It wasn't like he wanted to see it. He quickly pulled the old cover off of the pillow, and was greeted by a very familiar smell: Akihiko's scent.

Even though Misaki was not perverted—he would deny this fact no matter how his body and mind responded—he loved the other's unique smell, the warm odor titillating his olfactory organ. Feeling drawn to it, he buried his nose into the cover he was holding and took in more of the scent. Akihiko smelled like tobacco, cologne, and a very special mixture of things that simply defined masculinity. And, if there was anything Misaki loved about Akihiko, it was how manly the author was.

A soft muffled moan came from the boy's lips as his blood starting flowing south, his manhood slowly coming to life at the memory of Misaki's lover. The end of the pillow lay between his legs, a gasp escaping him as he slowly lowered himself onto it. The friction made him aroused and terribly frustrated.

Misaki had been too caught up in bliss to notice that someone was standing in the doorway, staring at him.

"What are you doing?" a low, husky voice spoke. In slow, robotic movements, Misaki turned his head to see Akihiko there, a glint of amusement visible in his narrow lavender eyes.


"I-it's not what it looks like!" Misaki exclaimed, quickly dropping the cover and moving away from the pillow. He could feel his entire face burn, as well as his ears. Although he tried to defend himself, he knew that Akihiko knew the truth. He always knew, because his younger lover simply couldn't lie to him.

An attractive, yet devilish smirk decorated Akihiko's face as he slowly moved closer. "I think I can take it to mean that you like my gift…" he purred softly, "Have you seen both sides of it yet?"

Misaki violently shook his head, his cheeks reddening even more. He furrowed his brows as the man chuckled and turned around to face him. Unfortunately, he had temporarily forgotten about the bulge in his pants, as his erection was still fully present.

While the brunet noticed his mistake too late, Akihiko's eyes soon found the lump, and the look in those orbs turned alarmingly lustful.

"Well, I guess it's nothing like the real thing." As soon as those words had left his lips, Akihiko unbuckled his belt, the arrogant smirk on his face never vanishing. Before his lover could even futilely attempt to get away, Akihiko jumped onto the bed and claimed his reward for finishing his first job. He still had plenty of work to do right there.

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