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A young girl, only about six, walked through the thick forest. Her light brown peasant shirt and shorts fitting comfortably around her small frame. Her light, sky-blue eyes scanned the forest, curiously, swishing her long scarlet hair from side-to-side behind her. When the forest met meadow, she skipped through mindlessly, her hair bouncing up and down. She was enjoying the beauty of the tall yellow grass. She giggled, liking the feeling of the grass as it tickled her. She didn't notice the two brothers on the other side of the field, watching from afar, gazing at the unusual red head with wonder. After a moment of just skipping she stopped, tilting her head sideways a little, trying to hear the faintest sound of…clashing metal? The boys heard it too, but ignored it, fascinated with the girl. She was so cute, so small, so fragile looking.

She didn't get scared when she found out it was coming from the direction of her village. She stood there confused as the sound got louder and screams seemed to mix in with it. The boys, however, started to retreat, feeling their hearts drop at the horrible sound. She looked around hopelessly confused as to what was going on. Sadly, just missing the boys as the faded away with the tree line. She took in a breath and slowly started in the direction of her village.

She started to get a little nervous as the grass rose higher and higher around her, and soon enough was taller than her tiny body. When she got back to the forest, she hopped around, taking her time to get back, and ignoring the growing sad feeling in her gut yelling to run away. When the forest broke again, it was her village He village burned in the after noon light, the heat radiating making the summer more uncomfortable. She again looked around hopelessly trembling at the terrifying sight. She gasped in horror at the sight of her fellow village people lying abnormally still with a gooey, crimson, liquid running from their body. All with kunai shoved deep in their back.

She shuddered, almost falling to her knees and weeping but the deep hole in her stomach made her little legs run as fast as the could through the broken village to their secluded home on it's outskirts.

She felt something fiery spread through her body, making it even harder to deal with as she ran.

She bolted out of the burning inferno and instantly spotted their large, and abandoned looking farmhouse. She didn't stop her self as she neared it's wooden fence and instead let herself run into them, and then trying to sloppily climb it.

After multiple times she stopped and snapped her head up. Her teary eyes scanning the from of the house.

"Mommy! Mommy!" She cried, wishing for her mother would answer her calls. She felt most of the negative feelings drop out of her body when the front door flew opened, and her mother came out running. She was screaming something that the little girl couldn't understand.

Not until she was a few feet away.

"Saiyami! Run!" Her mother barked. The redhead shook her head stubbornly, reaching through the gate to try and grab her mother's hand. Her mother shot forward a desperate, and angry gleam in her eyes, but they died as time seemed to slow down as Saiyami's mother grunted and whispered, "Run!" As she fell dead right before her daughter. A kunai stabbed deeply in Saiyami's mother's back, right where her heart would be. Saiyami started shaking as the red liquid pooled out of her as well.

"Mommy! Wake up!" Saiyami shrieked, climbing the gate and crumbling beside her mother. There were footsteps in the dirt path that seemed to ring in her head.

Step, step, step. He came closer and closer. She looked up at him as he started to chuckle. The man was a blur as her tears blurred the scenery and made everything one big mess. He held up a bloody kunai and waved it around.

"Nighty-night, sweetie." He taunted, making her feel insecure and hopeless. She whimpered and yelled for her mommy again, but she didn't stir. Tears streamed out of the young girl's eyes and her hair stuck to her damp neck. She whimpered again and scooted back as he took more steps forward, feeling that she was betraying my mother by leaving her like that, alone face down in the dirt, with that man coming closer. He swung the kunai threateningly close to her. And in an instant she felt fear mixed with sorrow, hate, and sadness. It was overwhelming, making her numb inside. She wanted her mom to stand up, hug her, while whispering nice things in her ear like she always did when Saiyami was scared.

"Mommy, please. Stand up." She whispered. When she didn't move, confirming she wasn't here anymore, she felt betrayed. Betrayed, because her mother not saying good-bye. She was furious at the man for being here. She snapped her head up at him and growled. Her tears stopped and she looked at him disgustedly. He smirked.

"So does this sweet child want to fight back?" He mocked. She felt a pang in her chest and then, her world flashed black, and there was nothing. A new spirit pushed her's aside, and locked her's in a room whispering reassurance. She left the spirit do as it wanted, only seeing black, and hearing nothing. The spirit kept on saying softly that seeing black was better than what she would see right now, and hearing nothing was better than hearing the sounds that where coming from this man's mouth.

Saiyami's POV

I looked around. Still dark. I could feel my body jerking… doing something. I wasn't sure what was really going on. I didn't want to look. I didn't care about much right then. Mother had been hurt. I felt a tear drip down my cheek. I hope she will be okay.

"Mommy..." I sobbed, shaking. I felt a ghostly hand rub my back.

"Sweetie, please don't cry." A soft voice begged. He made me feel good inside.

Like his words were true, and he would somehow make everything better. I sniffed, trying to control my emotions in front of the thing. After a moment I stopped sobbing and took a shaky breath.

"Okay," I said sort of unsure. "Who are you?" I asked. Looking around. I expected another light touch, not that a translucent red headed boy would appear in front of me. He was a little taller than me, and had green eyes. I stared for a moment.

"Hi, I'm—"

"I know who you are." He said, smiling.

"So, who are you?" I asked. He seemed to ponder this a bit.

After a moment of silence he replied uncertainly, "I don't have a name." I felt bad for him.

"That's sad. Everyone should have a name."

"Would you mind naming me?" The boy asked.

I nodded, not seeing the harm and letting myself name him. I took a moment.

Then it hit me. "Kirian!" I declared.

"Kirian..." He paused, and I bit my lip. He smiled a little. "I like the ring to it." He said proudly. I gave him a small smile. I looked down and nibbled on my lip for a second or two before looking back up at the boy.

"So what happened? You know… out there. Did you let the man get away?" I asked. He shook his head, as if thinking over what to tell me.

"Just don't think about it." He said dismissively, shrugging. I nodded once.

"Okay then," I looked up at him. He was obviously older. "Are you going to stay?" I asked quietly.

"Of course!" He said cheerfully, taking my hands and pulling me up into a standing position. I smiled at his friendliness.

He let me have control of my body again and when I got control of it again, we were in a forest, lush and thick. It was getting dark, making it harder to see anything. I gave a confused look.

"Where is mommy? I asked.

Kirian's voice rang from inside my head, "I took you far away form there. It is not a good place for you to be." Kirian's ghostly figure said quickly. Even though Kirian looked real he sounded to be sort of faded, like an old memory. I whimpered. Feeling alone again, even though Kirian was here.

"But where will I sleep? Mommy always said that wherever we were together, that was home..." I pouted, new tears slowly brimming my eyes.

He didn't reply so I let a few tears go, a dense feeling in my heart. My throat became dry as my eyes let tears flow.

I felt a jolt in my heart and a lump formed in my throat, and I only let out a sob. I didn't know if he meant temporarily or not, one night without mom was going to be hard… even with Kirian here with me. Kirian whispered, "Shh, you have me. It's okay. I'll protect you. Don't worry. Shh..." His words made my heart feel warmer and his embrace made me happy.

When I was done crying I dabbed my eyes and sniffed a little.

"Where do we sleep?" I asked, looking around. It was dark now and the critters moved every where, making scary sounds that I was used to.

"We could sleep on some moss... or make a fort with the moss and lay on the grass under it." He suggested. "You choose." I could feel the sad smile in his voice. The one that was trying to reassure me for the better, even when I was feeling so sad, so depressed.

"I'll make a fort, I know how to make those pretty well." I gathered moss off of the trees and sticks from the ground. With that I made a very small fort and surprisingly slept comfortably, sleep overwhelming my mind as soon as I closed my eyes and lied my head down.