I walked into the Uchiha manor calmly. It was a plane, simple home with tan wood floors, and paper walls. A few night stands held lamps and vases full of fresh flowers scented and lite the hallway. I needed to speak with him. I quickly scanned for his chakara. I found it quickly; it wasn't hard. He didn't seem to be hiding. But he doesn't need to. The barrier around this place is as easy to notice as a monarch butterfly in the forest. With a sigh, I briskly walked to what seemed like a kitchen. It had black counter tops and tan floors, walls and cabinets. He was leaned against the side counter, facing a wall with a pink lily airbrushed on it. His back was toward me. His shoulders were slumped and a sad demeanor hung around in the air.

"Madara..." I breathed his name as I hopped on the counter. Madara's eyes widened and he stopped staring, wheeling around. His sad demeanor dropped and he seemed to put on a tough facade. Hm. Pathetic.

"Who are you?" He demanded. I tsked my tongue, leaning back on both of my hands.

"Why so demanding?" I asked calmly, I chuckled, shaking my head slowly.

"Who the hell are you?" He growled, clenching his fists, his teeth gritting a little.

'Someone's been on edge.' I mused mentally.

I answered, "Your lover's brother."

Madara softened, a sad frown on his face before he growled and the frown turned into a scowl. "She's not my lover."

"I beg a differ."

"Saiyami never had family." He snapped, disgust clear in his voice.

I hummed and mused, "So she never spoke of the fam."

"Her family is dead." He hissed in a low voice.

"I'm fully aware, you think I'm breathing?" I asked. His eyes widened. "I died many years ago, when my clan was massacred. She, having the blood of our leaders, died as well, but was able to come back, only when she summoned my soul. She has been dying for years, slowly. I have been taking her life away - of course, I don't want to, but I can't help it." Madara's eyes narrowed in disgust. "Don't feel betrayed, I hid that book from her until I had torn out all of the pages that would have worried her. She never knew."

There was a pause.

"Why are you telling me this?" He asked lowly.

I shrugged, "Because just this morning Saiyami died, for real." I said coldly looking at him.

Madara, gripped the counter, leaning on it, his body stiff. "That's not possible..." He said slowly.

I gave him a blank look, shaking my head. "Of course it is. She is a Hanabira. It's only natural for her to die. But I have a feeling, since I'm still here, that she is not...gone forever... So with that news, will you help me?"

Madara looked at me with piercing eyes. He responded cynically, "Help you with what?"

"I will tell you more about it once we get moving," I offered. He hesitated but nodded reluctantly following me as I lead him from the house. What a naive boy.


I felt as if I was floating and someone was pulling me down. My head throbbed, but didn't do anything more. I sighed and tried to open my eyes.

"Don't move, you're in critical condition," I woman scolded.

"Who are-"

"Do not speak!" the woman yelled. Her voice had a bit of a plea in and seemed so familiar. "Saiyami, come on. You know better! How many times have you been injured?!"

"Ninami?" I called, sitting up. I regretted it as soon as I did. The throbbed ached into a full blown out migrane, but Ninami wasn't in front of me. The woman's eyes narrowed.

"I am not her. Ninami was my daughter. I'm, Keri, her mother. Also, didn't I tell you not to move?! Get back on the table, right now!" She slapped my forehead, to get me to fall back down, but I acted as if she was just being disrespectful, and glared at her. Maybe Madara rubbed off on me?

"Mom? Calm down, what's going on? Is she awake?" This voice was Ninami's. A deep and rich feeling of loneliness flooded through me.

"NINAMI!" I cried, lunging to the brunette as she walked in the door was of the all white room. I latched on to her and couldn't help the tears that formed in my eyes. Her annoyed gaze dropped as soon as she saw my eyes and she started crying too. My head ached terribly and tears of pain and sadness waved down my face.

"Saiyami...I..." She couldn't finish. Tears poured from her eyes as she stared at me.

"What? What did I miss? Is there something wrong...?" My eyes widened slowly as I looked at Ninami more. Something hit me while I stared into her eyes, and took in her cold presence. Her skin was ice. "Ninami...you're supposed to be dead."

Ninami nodded and frowned. "You're supposed to be alive, remember? I left you in charge of my boys."

My head hung instantly at the words. I hadn't protected them like I promised. "Ninami, I wasn't-"

"I know, Saiyami. I know..." Ninami whispered, hugging me closer. "It was a time of death. A lot of people died. I understand that. I have already been communicating with Izuna. It seems Madara is still alive, but not for very long..."

I lifted my head quickly at her words. "What do you mean not for very long? What's happening?" I asked, begging for her to give me a clue. Ninami's eyes clouded, and she shook her head.

"I don't know. I can just...feel it."

"I...I have to do something..." I mumbled, trying to stand. Ninami firmly grabbed my shoulders, keeping me down.

"Saiyami, you can't do anything. I know, I have tried," Ninami mumbled the last part, tears welling in her eyes again. I sighed, and put my head on her shoulder.

I whispered in her ear, "Ninami, the forbidden jutsu. I memorized them all, remember? I know how to do it. I know what to do. Will it possibly have me banned from here and hell? Yes. But is it worth it for him? Of course." I gave her a bitter smile and her eyes narrowed in a scolding way.

"No. Saiyami, no it's not. He will just come and join us. We could all be dead and free of the war."

"The war is over. I was...pregnant, Ninami. I need to go back give my child her life back. She was robbed of her life before she was even born. It's not fair," I reasoned, drawing my head back a little to look her square in the eyes.

"Saiyami, you just go here. Don't throw this away," Ninami begged. So the news of my child didn't shock her... I didn't even know I was pregnant. I kind of just...know.

"Resorting to begging? Ninami, you've grown soft," I mused halfheartedly. She scowled and shook my shoulders.

"You're being un-logical! He will join us!"

"Ninami, it's not his time," I protested, glaring at her.

"It wasn't mine, or Izuna's but we are here in this fucking place anyway!" Ninami exclaimed, roughly shaking my shoulders. The tears returned and her grip got weaker as sobs shook her body. But her gaze never left mine. Her head bobbed slightly, and she gritted her teeth.

She looked so broken, I wanted to hug her and fix her. I felt my heart sink and try to reach out to her, while my face hardened in anger. My heart was sinking and my brain was fuming. What a nice contradiction.

I left a lump grow in my throat. It was like a huge nut just wedged itself in there and wouldn't go down. Of course it was hard to breath. I tried to swallow it, but that seems to make it grow larger. She wasn't going to help me? Did that mean that she didn't want to leave. Why would she want to be dead?

"Do you want to stay dead? Never settle for that! I could get you out of here..." I hissed.

"What about the rest of them? Don't you get it?! This place is full of people who didn't get to live their full lives," Ninami huffed.

"Ninami, I'm not stupid. I know that. I...I have...been here before... It's weird...but this place seems so familiar. If someone would just drag my body out of the lake, then I'll be fine to heal again. But slowly this place is just eating at my body, stealing my chakara. It's terrible."

Ninami trembled, her eyes held fear and flooding love and then her head slammed into my chest and she began bawling. "I...I don't want to lose you after all of this time! Please stay! You just got here! Don't leave me!"

"Ninami," I breathed, wrapping my arms around her. Fresh tears squeezed from my eyes. My headache had dulled down into a slight throb, our cries helping the pain. "That's why I want you to come with me!"

She sniffed and choked out, "What about Izuna?"

"He can't-" Before I could finish I was pulled back by an invisible hand. It gripped at my arm and dragged me backward. "NINAMI!" I screamed in terror. She stared wide eyed and I saw her lips move and then her face broke into a mortified look.

"NO! SAIYAMI!" Just as she scrambled off the white floor, my vision faded into a hazel mixture of lights. Every sound I might have heard, her footsteps, her calling my name, her cries, echoed until they were gone. I was alone. It was like the dark room with Kirian, but this time, I was in a hazel room with no one. No one.

Days Later-

Days . . . I had been here for days. Was no one going to come? Was this the real afterlife? Was I being punished for speaking about getting out of here? Why was I so on edge in a world of hazel? When will someone or thing come get me? Was I to be here until a hearing? Or the hearing of the council?

Who or what took me, though?

I looked around. This place was starting to get eerie, as well. There were noises I would hear. Like kids screaming or a pounding or fire burning and a liquid drop falling to the floor. Then there were the things I would see. Like a redheaded man walking into the forest, staring at my six year old back, while I'm running. Running away from him. Then there are these flashes of Madara and Izuna and then Ninami. But...one I can't understand is that there is the one with a woman. I can't see her face, but I remember her brown hair. I feel as if she has blue eyes, but I can never remember. It's kind of as if I see her, but then again I don't. And there is a small amount of grief and the longer I see her the more the grief grows.

This place is weird and I think it's slowly driving me insane.

Did you know you still sleep? I didn't. But I'll close my eyes and then when I open them, I seem to wake up and I'm tired and groggy, like I just slept.

And even though there is no clock it's like there is one programmed into my head. It's as if a sixth sense is just me knowing the time. I like it, but then again I don't. It's kind of like a blessing that you could live without.


He had convinced me that it was necessary. They were voting Hashirama leader of the village we were going to build together. Rule together. I had tried to tell my people it wasn't how the treaty went, but in my absence, they turned on me. It was truly infuriating. I hated how they played the cold shoulder. It wasn't fair to me. What about me, huh? What about the things I did for that place? The things that they couldn't do, I did. The things they needed, I got for them. I was a great leader and this is how they repay me?

Trust me when I say I left a reminder of myself when I got out of there.

I still has no idea where Saiyami was. What happened to her? Even though Kirian said he didn't know, I could tell he did, but him being my only ally I didn't press the subject. I trusted him, but if he really trusted me enough to not run away and tell on him to Hashirama's men, then I wouldn't be afraid to make private plans.

Yes, he had worked for Hashirama. That's where he had been all of these years. On the other side. But now that he knew Saiyami's loved ones need him he was here trying to be the big brother Saiyami praised in earlier years.

He had told me one night, "It was your role to play the lover, husband, father. It's my role to be the uncle, big brother and your new brother."

I don't know how I should feel about that. I couldn't say I didn't think about Saiyami like that, but what if she didn't return those kind of thoughts like Kirian said she did. I would be crushed, yes, but I would still be there for her, hoping she would be ready for me one day.

I loved her more than any other woman I had encountered over the years; this kind was so much more powerful than those, as well as breathtaking. It was hard not to just grab her and kiss her. The more I thought about it the more clear my feelings began to get. I wanted to be glued to her side during the war, but I couldn't let my people down like that, you know the picking favorites and such. They needed me, and I shouldn't be the one to do that to them, should I?

I glanced around at the scenery the forest gave off. It was dark and I could barely see anything in front of me. The illuminated clouds let off dim light that didn't help with my sight.

The dark sky shifted slowly into a dark midnight blue and continued to lighten. 'I am ready. Today is the day, Saiyami. I need patience, because I attack at sunset,' I thought gazing at the sky through the thick forest.


Finally something happened. It was like in a blink of the eye I was somewhere different. A council room. It was just so cliche.

"Good evening, Saiyami," A woman said happily, I looked around scared. Who the hell said that?

"Shut up Asume," A raspy voice growled.

I whimpered as someone flashed in front of me. It happened again. They just kept on appearing a foot away from each other, circling me, and all taking a desk.

Greetings were thrown at me and people also scowled at me, looking down at me. Oh, I was used to that.

Ten desks. Ten people. Ten people looking down on me. One was a woman, the rest were men. How sexist.

"Good evening..." I mumbled.

"What was that child, you will have to speak up," a man with greasy black hair and dull grey eyes deadpanned. He had a long face that was chubby and glasses.

"Good evening, and I am not child," I piped trying to sound respectful.

He just clicked his tongue.

"Saiyami, do you know why you're here?" The woman asked kindly. I looked at her and I blinked. She was the woman... The woman from my vision. Her voice rang a pleasant bell in my head, but I couldn't connect anything. The dots were too far and different to connect it to. She had warm brown hair, inviting in a way. It made me want to touch it, pet it and sniff it. To see if it still smelled like lilacs. Wait. How would I know what her hair smelled like..? "Saiyami," the woman started. Her blue eyes shined beautifully. Deep, deep blue eyes that were so beautiful, and kind and loving. I wanted to cry; the mix of emotions messing with my head. "what was that? I couldn't hear you?"

I whimpered a little under the intense looks of people when she said that. Then I realized I had spoke. My words made perfect sense in my heart, but it took a moment before my head connected the dots. As soon as they connected, I did start crying. "Mom." I sniffed and wiped my eyes. "You're my mom aren't you?"

The girl, Asume, smiled and nodded happily. "Yep. Yep. Yep. Now we need to get back to what I had asked you earlier."

Huh? How could she just brush off my fact that I'm her daughter?! I felt betrayed, but listened. It was the first time I had seen my mother in years! I wasn't going to let that get to me.

"Alright," I choked out. "Please continue."

"As you may know," the man who shut up my mother earlier started, "you have lived your life. You made many mistakes. You died a terrible person, Saiyami." My eyes widened a little at the words he spoke. What? "Your father gave you that very trait. The blood that runs through your veins is curse and not welcome to the clan." I felt a fresh wave of tears spring to my eyes. That's why I was pulled away. I'm not welcome. I snuck a glance at my mother. Her face was clouded and her head was hung slightly. "We refuse to let you stay with us here in the Blooded Family."

Murmurs of agreement were tossed around. I wanted to stand, look around, and show my silent tears. I wanted to scream. But I didn't. I was calm and reserved.

"So, you will be going to hell, Saiyami. We want nothing to do to you."

"Is...is that what you got from me sitting on the floor?" I asked, lifting my hung head I stared into the man's eyes. "Who are you to give me judgment? Who are you anyway? I may have read all about this 'council'. It's just shit. All of it. Who? Who gives you the power to shove me to hell with the murders, rapists, child molesters, and adulterers? Did you review my whole life? Do you know of the things I have done to-"

"Save the enemy? Why yes."

"No. Innocent children they were sending to war."

"They were to enemy."

"Kids. Ones with lives ahead of them."

"Your death brings great things. The removal of a terrible person, and death of Madara Uchiha."

"Wh...What?! So soon? Where is he?!"

"Back in the real world. Waiting for death. He's welcomed it. He's already talked to his judgment council. They are sending him straight to hell."

I shook my head as my mother's eyes scanned me, giving me the 'you didn't' horrified look. "No. . ."

"Daughter like mother."

My mother snapped, "Leave me out of this, Shakoki."

"Now, Asume, you know as well as a fact you did this. The same blood runs through you that does her, just hers has a stronger dose of terrible, vai your husband."

"This has nothing to-"

"Stop mom," I ordered. I gave her a sad look and then face the man who first spoke. "If hell is where I'll go, then I want you know, I refuse."

"You can't-"

"There are scrolls in the Clan's meeting tree. The Tree House was home to all of our secret jutsu. Only in the eyes of the council could one escape back to reality. Everyone passes through here when they die. You're all from different clans. All different people. I recognize none of you, but I can see the features that differ. The hair and eyes. It's all so simple to see. All you have to do is look. But due to my tears you're all blurry, so I have to rely on my head to remember the books I had read while in the Tree House. The jutsu is quite simple, if I say so myself, but I have never attempted it, so I wouldn't know would I."

"Y-you're bluffing." Shakoki, the man who insulted my mother, stuttered, his eyes wide with horror.

"Bluffing? If I had never found that room and read the material, then I wouldn't even know about it. Trust me. That was the first I had heard anything about it. But I will tell you I had help," I informed, a sharp harsh edge in my voice.

We threw back at each other for a while. I was figuring out slowly that these people had no power. They couldn't send me to hell. They could send me to the other rejects in another realm. The bad people would just go straight to hell, they didn't want the rejects though.

Finally I was fed up with them I clapped my hands together and made different signs. Foreign and different signs, kind of like a secret hand language. But it made sense to me. I mumble the sign names, "Purity, eternal, never ending, new world, reincarnate, replenish, death, life." I then mumbled the thing I had to say, "In the time of judgement, in the eye of the council, my soul was to be banished. If banished I am band from the afterlife, if band from the afterlife, I am eternal. My eternal soul shall remain in reality. Reality will mold and shape shift, but I will stay. My eternal soul will differ with every life I live." Something in my gut squeezed my organs, but it wasn't the jutsu that did it. It was the words I had spoke. I was so young when I read it, so the words night now had made sense, but now that I recalled it, the worlds frightened me. I finished anyway. "With the eyes of the council, every member present, I go back home."

Everything went hazel as the room left, leaving an empty feeling. Then it was dark and I felt heavy, almost like I was trapped in a watery prison.