Author's note: Hello people who read this!

This is my first story, so it may be crappy, but please enjoy it!

I do not own Bleach!

The end.

It's coming. The end is coming so quickly its terrifying.

I don't want my life to end, but I can't stop it.

I can only just lay here, bloody and broken, watching my life slowly slip away from my grasp.

Damn the night sky, looking so cheerful with its shiny bright stars. With it's two brightest stars to the side of the crescent moon, if it was turned, it'd be a smiley face.

But this is not the time to smile.

Everything is num, the bright stars slowly getting darker along with everything else surrounding me.

I can laugh at how pitiful I must look, a girl laying on the newly red stained ground near the edge of town, bloody and three quarters dead.

I struggle to let out a breath, watching the translucent puff of carbon dioxide slowly float up into the icy air.

I attempt to twist my head to the side, wanting to get one last look at the town I grew up in and was treated like trash.

My head followed my directions and turned, but it stung from the fresh wounds that were made on my head, making me wince.

I curse quietly for not being more careful with myself and slowly gazed up to the town sideways.

But I was expecting a semi-good view of the town from the angle I was at, not a view of a boy standing at the tree line, staring down to me with a shocked expression.

He didn't move, neither did I.

The boy had bright white fluffy looking hair and a nice turquoise eye color.

His mouth was slightly open, it looked as if he wanted to say something or he was gaping at the bloody sight.

I didn't care either way, it's not like it was going to he me live.

He slowly began taking a step forward to me, then began running up to my side.

When he got closer to me, he plopped down onto his knees and started looking at my injuries with an intensely worried look.

He caught me staring up to him and asked me, "W-what happened?!"

I could only give him a pitiful look, I can't speak from the face my jaw is halfway broken and if I tried to talk, it'd only hurt a lot.

The boy took the hint and didn't ask if I could speak or what happened again.

After a second and a half of thinking, the boy slid his arms under my back and under my legs, lifting me up.

He turned to the tree line that leads to the town and started running into town while carrying me.

I wanted to shoot him a confused look, but the amount of blood loss took over and forced me to begin fainting.

Just as I was about to shut my eyes and give in to fainting, I heard the boy mutter something like, "don't worry... I'll get help."