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3rd Person P.O.V.

It was oddly quiet in the household, making Toshiro a bit curious. Not once had it been this quiet ever since Senritsu came, the only time it was this quiet was at night when Senritsu was asleep. It was about sunset, so Senritsu shouldn't be asleep yet, shouldn't she? Toshiro stood up from his seat at the table he was finished eating and walked down the halls to Senritsu's bedroom, once Momo's. He stood near the door, listening for any sounds of life in it.

Toshiro stood there for a while, waiting for a noise, but when he didn't hear any, he slid the door open a bit and peeked inside. He didn't see Senritsu anywhere, which freaked him out a little. He finally took a step inside and looked around, no seeing the girl. Now he begun to panic a little. He quickly walked up to the door that lead to outside and slid it open and looked around outside. She wasn't there either. Toshiro ran out onto the yard, frantically glancing around for her.

Toshiro jumped when he heard a girl yell out loud, and it took him a while to recognize that it was Senritsu's. "Oh my god..." Toshiro muttered under his breath, running up closer to the tree line where he had heard the yell come from.

"Let me... go, you old fart...!" the voice of Senritsu's said, sounding like she was being strangled. Toshiro began running deeper into the forest, hoping that he was going in the right direction.

"As if, you little shit!" a man yelled loudly, making Toshiro think that it was one of those people who attacked Senritsu when he had first found her. That made him pick up his pace, he wouldn't allow Senritsu to get hurt like that again. He wouldn't.

Toshiro finally came up closer to an opening in the forest and ducked behind a bush. He peeked over it, seeing 4 or 5 figures standing in the middle of the clearing. That was odd about the scene was that the people standing up were in black robes that a shinigami would wear. And what confirmed Toshiro's suspicious was that he saw swords hanging at the sides of the people. Toshiro's eyes also widened a bit more when he saw that Senritsu was struggling in one of their arms.

"LET... ME... GO!" Senritsu yelled, squirming around before twisting her head and bitting the shinigami who was holding on to her's hands. The shinigami yowled in pain, instantly releasing Senritsu to care for his bitten hand. Senritsu was about to take the chance to run away, but one of the other shinigami grabbed her arm, yanking her back to him.

"You damn brat!" The shinigami hissed, pulling out his zanpakuto and pressing it up against Senritsu's neck, making Senritsu stop struggling and gulp. Toshiro's eyes narrowed, dammit, I can't help her again... "Finally... jesus, why the hell do we have to bring this brat back to Seireitei?! She's nothing but trash!" The shinigami complained.

"It's an order from Captain Kurotsuchi! You have to follow orders from captains!" one of the other shinigami hissed, folding his arms over his chest.

"Who cares?! This damn brat is a handful! Why the hell would Kurotsuchi want this thing?!" The shinigami objected. Toshiro gritted his teeth, there they go again, calling Senritsu something else rather than a human being.

Toshiro heard a snapping noise from behind him, making him jerk his head in that direction only to be yanked up into the air by the back of his shirt. "Oi, look what I found." a person said from behind him, which made Toshiro groan in irritation. A shinigami caught him watching. Great.

"A onlooker?" another shinigami asked as the one holding Toshiro walked into the opening while holding Toshiro up in the air.

"Yup." The shinigami said, tossing Toshiro into the middle of the group of shinigami, "What shall we do with him? Kill him?" Toshiro's eyes widened before he pushed himself off the ground and stared at the shinigami in disbelief. "Oh, would you look at that! It's the kid everyone hates in town! I think we'd do them a favor by getting rid of him, don't you think?"

"Don't you dare hurt him!" Senritsu yelled, flailing her feet around. Sure, it shocked Senritsu that Toshiro was there and watching this unfold, but she knew Toshiro would've confused by not seeing Senritsu in the house. The sword was pressed up against her neck once again.

"Shut up, brat! You have no right to speak in this!" the shinigami holding onto Senritsu yelled, making Senritsu squeak in surprise of his loudness.

"So, shall we kill him?" The shinigami asked once again, stepping up to Toshiro while pulling out his sword and pointing it to Toshiro's neck.

"Eh, do what ever you want with him, it's not like anyone in town'll miss the brat." one of the other shinigamis suggested, making the shinigami pointing his sword at Toshiro's neck smirk widely.

"I like the sound of that." the shinigami sneered, about to pull back his sword and swing it down onto Toshiro's head until a voice called out to them.

"Oi! What are you guys doing?!" The voice yelled, the owner stepping out of the forest and into the opening. The owner was a woman with short strawberry blonde hair, light blue eyes and she had a pink scarf tied around her neck. She had a silver necklace that went into her... cleavage, and not to mention her shinigami outfit was quiet revealing of her chest. Both Senritsu and Toshiro gapped at her.

"L-Lieutenant Matsumoto!" One of the shinigami gasped as the shinigami holding Senritsu dropped her to the ground without a care and the shinigami pointing the sword at Toshiro sheathed his sword.

"What are you all doing? Attacking children? I expected more of you..." the woman sighed, putting her hands on her hips and shaking her head slowly.

"B-But we were ordered to bring the girl to Sei-!" One of the shinigami started, but Matsumoto cut him off.

"Are you lying to me? Did you just attack these kids and made up an excuse? You all are shameful. Go back to Seireitei. Now." Matsumoto ordered, making the men shiver in fear.

"W-we were ordered to by C-captain Kuro-"

"Go. NOW." Matsumoto growled, making the men yelp and run off. She sighed and walked up to Toshiro and Senritsu, "are you two okay? I'm sorry they did that to you, they won't bother you again."

Finally finding her voice, Senritsu said, "T-Thank you, miss."

Matsumoto laughed and patted Senritsu on the head, "Oh, don't be formal, I'm Rangiku Matsumoto. You are...?"

Senritsu let off a smile, "I'm Senritsu and this is Toshiro. It's nice to meet you, Rangiku!"

Rangiku smiled back, "It's nice to meet you too."

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