Hello! I just wanted to say, for those concerned few, that this IS egyptianlily13. I'm sorry about that, but it does say in the last (but not final) chapter of 'A World Fallen' that is under my old account. I will not be updating that one anymore.

To those of you that are new, thanks for reading my story! I rather struggle with paragraphs sometimes but that's all. Anyway, enjoy :D


Chapter 1: Candle in the Wind

The Chitauri poured endlessly from the hole in the sapphire sky, like a festering wound alive with maggots.

Natasha Romanoff, the feared and fearless Black Widow, gazed at the sky with no expression, her eyes like ice.

Clint Barton appeared at her side, fluidly drawing an arrow from his quiver and earning again his nickname, Hawkeye. A Chitauri tumbled from its craft and its skull cracked on the concrete, alien guts splattering everywhere. He grinned for a heartbeat but when he noticed his partner's expression a shadow of fear loomed in his mind, too large to be ignored.

The Avengers were hopelessly outnumbered, and no matter how many Chitauri they managed to kill there were always more, like a never-ending river. "Clint." She whispered, "We can't win. They just keep going, forever and ever..."

Now he knew they were in deep. It sunk in that she'd finally called him Clint rather than Barton, but he ignored it and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

He had three arrows remaining, and as the thousands of Chitauri gathered in the sky he felt the last flicker of hope vanish like a candle in the wind.