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Basically, Damon is having dreams of Klaus since after he had to drink his blood to be healed of the werewolf bite and slowly as months pass he realizes what he feels for him is more than bloodlust. But as always Stefan is in the way and Damon looses control. Can it ever end good for him, messing with the hybrid?

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The sound of the bottle breaking on the floor, made Damon shudder in his sleep and wake up. Whining he covered his face with the pillow and curled up on the couch. He must have fallen asleep, with the bottle in hand. ''No.. no why do i always wake up at the best part?'' he whimpered and stumbled to the bar for another one.

''Damn thing..'' He mumbled. It must have been the second and he was up for the third. He wasnt sure. Drinking was the only thing that kept him from thinking. And since he wasnt allowed to hunt in the town, Bourbon should do. Along with some blood bags.

He was home alone, thankfully. Stefan most probably was at Elena's cuddling with her and that teddy, in her bed. He should get the bottles to his room. Cant risk falling asleep at the couch again. Yeah, Elena and Stefan finding him moaning and mumbling Klaus' name in his sleep would probably be awkward. But those dreams. No matter what he did, no matter how drunk he was, they wouldnt stop.
Thinking of it, he closed his eyes, and with a smirk bit on his bottom lip. They were so real, so intense. The memories taking over his mind. He didnt want to wake up.

''Come now, love. Are you not tired of trying to resist me? All this energy you put on hiding your need for me. All this energy wasted..''

The sound of Klaus' voice, with that accent that send chills down his spin, still echoed in his mind, even if it was just a dream.
The way he had wrapped his arms around his chest, as he moved behind him. Damon leaned to him, his back against his chest. He wished he could feel his skin against his own and Klaus as if reading his thoughts, had started unbuttoning his shirt, as he leaned to his ear.

Damon shook his head and quickly sipped from the bottle to get himself back to reality.
How did everything change so suddenly? Its been so long that Stefan was gone with Klaus and Damon had done everything possible to find him, he had come close with Elena and his life seemed to be so incredibly peaceful for once. Not that he didnt want to find his brother. He wanted to know he is safe. Just he wished he wouldnt have to be at his shadow for once. To live life as he wanted for once.

And then everything comes crumbling down. Stefan is back, and Klaus is back and along with them that annoying Barbie sister of his. Klaus had gone and compel Stefan, making him the hero again. The one suffering, the one that needs help and understanding. Now that the compulsion was broken Elena had run back to Stefan like they were never apart. Like Damon meant nothing.

''You are mine, Damon Salvatore, whether you like it or not.'' Klaus whispered and with his double werewolf canines bit on the side of his neck just enough to rip the skin open. ''You see? You belong to me. Your life depends on my mood? Should i save you Damon? Are you worthy it?''

Frowning, Damon leaned to the wall for a moment, to keep himself from falling and crawled upstairs to his room. He shut the door behind him and vamp sped to the bathroom for a shower. Hot water always helped him sober up. He wanted to make himself feel. Make himself care. Because that was what brought him in this situation, what made him drink like a stupid teenager acting like a drama queen.

He was not hurt that he ended up the bad guy again, he was not hurt that Elena chose Stefan again. He was not even hurt that he was alone again.
He was drunk because he found himself not giving a damn. He didnt care about Elena, or Stefan or whatever trouble would tomorrow bring again. Hell, he didnt care if they'd all just disappear from his life once and for all. Maybe it would even be better.

''Mhm.. life's worth living..'' He smiled as he slowly laid in the tub of hot water and vanilla flavored bathfoam. How it always calmed him down, just laying in that tub, his candles lit everywhere in the room, a glass of Bourbon in hand and the silence.

A thunderstorm had started a few hours ago, it made him nervous, he never liked thunders but it kept him company tonight. The sound of thunders, the raindrops on the window, the wind screaming. It suited his mood. Angry but depressing.

Lost in thought, in his drunken mind, Damon wondered if he had turn the switch off again. Had he lost any humanity he had left? How was it possible he didnt care for Elena, he didnt care for Stefan. But then again, how was it possible he cared for him then? Him of all people. Maybe he should turn off the switch. Then the problem would be solved. He'd leave Mystic Falls and never come back.

But he didnt want to leave. He didnt want to leave him behind. They'd kill him. Stefan had lost his mind, all he could think of was revenge. He barely cared about Elena anymore. Damon guessed it was the tradition. When Damon loved Katherine, Stefan loved Katherine and when Damon loved Elena, then Stefan loved Elena too. But now? Damon had realized so long ago that he never loved Katherine, he certainly never loved Elena. He wasnt sure what it was he felt but it wasnt love.

And now that he had found someone else to care about, Stefan was right there. Stefan was the important one. The one Klaus cared about, the one he wanted. He could have asked from Damon to leave town with him. He certainly is much more fun and a better ripper. But no, he wanted Stefan.

He had no idea, how he ended up even giving a damn about Klaus anyway. After he had to drink his blood, to heal the werewolf bite, he had started feeling different. Like he needed him, but not just the sexual tension he always got after getting fed. He felt as if he could sell his soul if only he could be with Klaus. He'd give himself away to him and wouldnt think of it twice.

At start he thought it was the effect of drinking an Original's blood, but that wouldnt last. Its been months and Damon still felt as if he could just get in the middle to take the bullet for him. He never felt like that for anyone. Not for Katherine, not for Elena. He'd get himself killed for both of them, sure. But it was just how Damon was. He acted first and thought about it after. But for Klaus? For Klaus he'd rip his own heart out and hand it to him, just to amuse him, if he wished.

If it was just the blood, or some spell, a witch could have taken care of it. But when he asked Bonnie's help, she had said she'd tried everything but couldnt find what was wrong with him. He seemed to be perfectly fine.
That's when he realized. Indeed nothing was wrong with him, except that he was in love with a lunatic.

He always felt attracted to Klaus, always thought that they were meant to be, but he wouldnt allow himself admit it. They were so perfect for each other. They were alike. Only Damon would ever be able to accept Klaus' madness and keep him in his life. And only Klaus, that had gone through the same as Damon, and worse, would ever be able to love him. But Klaus didnt even look at him. He didnt see him. All he saw was Stefan, and Elena's blood and those stupid hybrids.

Growling Damon threw the glass to the wall, at the other side of the room, and dived in the water, to hid his tears, even from himself.
No, he wouldnt cry again. Not for Klaus, not for anyone. He'd go and show him what is like to have nothing. Then Klaus would only have him left. Damon would be his only option.

Feeling more sober, but not even close to be logical enough, Damon got out of the tub, his hair and body dripping water to the wooden floor as he got to his bedroom, and quickly got dressed then in a second was out of the house, in vamp speed heading to the Manor.