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Chapter 15 – Epilogue

Bluestreak was grinning. Not an odd occurrence, to be sure.

The energon spattered over his frame and the yellow optic connected to a tangle of wires dangling from his hand were, however, a tiny bit more out of the ordinary, as was the shattered purple frame he was standing on.

Everyone was staring. Megatron's jaw was hanging in stunned horror. Optimus Prime was a frozen statue on the battleground. Prowl was fighting off a glitch. Smokescreen was looking on with some sort of twisted smugness. The Twins were making googly optics at the gunner.

And Shockwave... Well, Shockwave couldn't do much staring anymore. Actually, he couldn't do much of anything anymore.

"Well," the gray gunner said, shaking his hand and dropping the optic. It fell to the ground, cracking as it bounced across the organic soil. "That's the end of that."

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker would have been drooling, had they been of a species that was capable of such a feat. They shook the awe off and strode forward, wrapping the gunner in their arms, each claiming a solid, passionate kiss.

"Primus, Blue. You've never looked so good before."

Bluestreak giggled. "Thanks."

"Wait, what? When did this happen? Twins..." Smokescreen ground out warningly, his doorwings flared behind him.

Sideswipe glanced over. "What? We're courting Blue. Have been for a while now."

"Courting?" Smokescreen croaked, sounding rather strangled.

"Um. Yeah?"


The blue and red Praxian charged forward, claws outstretched. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker lurched away from their lover and took off, running for their lives from the enraged diversionary tactician.

Prowl shook his helm, and Optimus shot him a disbelieving stare. "Are you not- should you- Prowl?"

"Don't worry, Prime. Smokescreen will not harm them. Much."

Jazz's silver helm suddenly popped into view, the rest of his frame hidden behind his mate's. "Yeah, he did th' same fer me when Ah first announced Ah was courtin' Prowler," he said with a grin, then ducked back down.

Optimus stared some more, then just shook his helm and looked upward. "Primus, why me?"

Megatron was blinking rapidly at both Smokescreen and the Twins, and Optimus Prime and his officers. "What the frag?"

"Long story, Megatron," Jazz said, again peeking up from behind Prowl, where he was definitely not hiding. Because that would be unbecoming of the Head of Special Operations and the Third in Command of the Autobot forces.

"I... Are you all this crazy?"

Prowl blinked and exchanged a glance with his commander. "Megatron," he finally said, giving the warlord a flat stare, "is that really something you want answered?"

"I... You know what, Decepticons! Retreat!" This was just too weird. Not to mention he was down an officer.

The stunned forces took a moment, but they did follow their leader's orders and fell back. Smokescreen continued chasing the Twins, and the rest of the Autobot army watched on.


Bluestreak giggled. Life couldn't get better.

Well, maybe Smokescreen could stop chasing the Twins, but hey, you couldn't have everything you wanted.

The End