WOW: toothbrush. There are some things that are just better left unsaid.

I take no responsibility for the following absurdity; I totally blame my muse - someone dropped her on her head when she was a baby.

Disclaimer: I don't own them; I do, however, own a toothbrush.


Drying off after his shower, Dean mentally congratulated himself on some epic outside-the-box thinking.

Whoever would have thought a toothbrush could be so useful for removing navel fluff?

Well, Sam's toothbrush specifically; given that it was newer and narrower than Dean's.

Quietly musing on various fluff-related imponderables like how the fluff gets there and why it's always blue, Dean suddenly heard Sam entering the bathroom.

"Hey Sam," he called, wrapping his towel around his hips as he pulled aside the shower curtain.


Sam turned, his toothbrush protruding jauntily from between his foam-flecked lips.

Dean paused.

"Never mind," he smirked.



Authors notes:

1. I completely forgot about last week's extra challenge which was to tell your readers something you like about yourself. This proves I've got the attention span of a gnat - that's something I don't like about myself! But anyway, from a purely shallow point of view, I like being a little bit taller than average at five foot seven and in my favourite three inch heels I like to think I would be able to look Sam squarely in the chin.

However, most importantly I also like that I'm someone who can generally (to paraphrase Monty Python) look on the bright side of life and that makes life on Planet Dizzo kinda fun!

2. This week's extra challenge is to showcase stories or writers who you especially like. It's impossible to nominate one story out of all the little gems I've found here over the years, but I will make a special mention to two writers who I read avidly in that past life when I was just a lurker, long before I'd even thought about writing fanfic or entering the fandom. Those inspirational ladies are Vanessa Sgroi and Deansbabybird, who, as well as being writers that I admire hugely, I am now proud to count among my friends.

Check out their awesome stories.