Coda: Let Me Give the World to You

After Castiel fell, one of the first things Dean wanted to do was teach him how to drive a car. Not just any car, the impala. Of course, this was after Castiel learned how to cook, because as Dean put it, he wasn't their "chef". So when Dean insisted that Castiel climb into the driver's seat, Castiel's palms immediately began to sweat and he cursed his human body for betraying him again.

"Dean, I don't think this is a good idea."

"Come on Cas, why not?"

"I could get us killed, it is not worth it," Castiel says flatly, turning to look at Dean, refusing to touch the keys that Dean is holding out to him. If Castiel knows one thing, he knows that a car weighs at least one ton, and that one small miscalculation could send them hurtling into another car or a tree, or anything in between. When Castiel looks at Dean, he is prepared to refuse again but instead Dean is looking out the window; the keys in his lap.

"I pretty much taught Sammy how to drive, and my dad let me try it out when I was 12. I was terrified and refused to do it again for another year until dad really started needing my help and he forced me to learn. He would clench his teeth and swear each time I hit the brakes too hard."

Castiel's eyes widen in surprise, for it is very rare that Dean openly discussed his childhood or his father. He slides his fingers over, grasping Dean's hand and squeezing, unsure of what other course of action to take. He wants Dean to continue. Even when Dean is talking about nothing important, he loves the sound of his voice; even more though, he loves when Dean willingly bares his soul, so Castiel holds his breathe waiting for Dean to continue.

Dean turns to look at Castiel, a soft smile on his lips. "I promise, Cas. I won't be like that. I'll teach you like I taught Sam, and if you really hate it, you can stop and we can wait."

Castiel pauses and again it hits him hard enough to nearly make him see stars; he can still see the way Dean's soul shines. The sun is streaming through the windows of the car and it creates a halo affect around Dean's hair, making it look much lighter. His green eyes sparkle and Castiel can see his freckles peeking out against fair skin. He nods slowly, gulping, as he takes the keys from Dean's lap, because he wants to give a little bit of that trust back to Dean too.

By mid-afternoon, Castiel has the basics down. He's refused to go over 30 mph, but he feels fairly safe going on a slow speed. His coordination isn't excellent, but not terrible either. As they pull onto a deserted road, Dean encourages him to go faster. "I promise, Cas, you will love it."

Castiel puts his trust in Dean again, pressing down harder on the gas pedal, allowing it to inch near the 40mph ticker. "Ok, now roll down your window," Dean says as he rolls his down and the car fills with a gust of wind the loud sound of air flying by.

"Dean! I can't take my hands off the wheel!"

"Here, I'll hold on to it, you roll down the window with one hand and keep the other on the wheel. Hurry, do it."

Castiel lets out an exasperated sigh, but does it because he secretly thinks the wind does feel nice. He hopes Dean doesn't say anything about how they are back to going 30mph again, but he doesn't. Castiel rolls down the window quickly, holding his breath the entire time and keeping his eyes on the road ahead.

After the window is open, and Castiel surges back up to 40mph, a wide grin spreads across his face. He doesn't realize as they move faster, because it suddenly feels like flying again, if he can just ignore the metal body surrounding them. He looks at Dean, very briefly, and laughs before keeping his eyes trained on the road ahead.

As they return home, Dean is driving. He figured Castiel would want to ride in the passenger seat with the windows open this time. Castiel leans his head slightly outside of the window, a large grin on his face.

"Hey, careful, Cas. No body parts outside of the car," Dean warns with a smile, and Castiel obliges. This time he lets the wind flow through his hair as he watches Dean drive; the ease that spreads over his face and the calm that sets into his bones. For the first time, he can understand why driving means to much to Dean; it feels like flying.

It was very soon after Castiel fell that Dean came back to the bunker with a cell phone for Castiel.

"Here Cas, I figured you need one of those now. You remember how to use it right?" He says as he tosses a heavy silver phone into Castiel's lap and Castiel picks it up, flipping it open.

"Of course, Dean."

"Awesome. Well, just don't go racking up the bill with text messages like Sam."

Castiel looks up at Dean again, who appears to be in a slightly foul mood. He can only assume it is because Dean had to go shopping, or maybe he is annoyed with Sam for some reason. He can never be sure. Tilting his head to the side, he ventures to ask, "What is text messaging? I believe I have only ever used calls on a cell phone before."

Dean turns around, a smile on his face this time, "It's easy. I'll show you. Like I said, don't use it too much but it can be handy." Dean grabs the phone from Castiel's hand and Castiel notices as their fingers meet, there is a slight bit of hesitation from both of them. Dean pulls a chair close to Castiel, and Castiel pretends not to notice that he can smell Dean's aftershave and nearly count the flecks of gold in eyes when they meet his.

Dean plays with the phone for a minute, adding in the contacts for Castiel. It doesn't take long; they don't know many people these days. He adds his name, Sam's, Garth's, and then Charlie's for good measure…just in case. He frowns slightly and goes back to edit his own name, adding an asterisk in front of it so that it shows up first in Castiel's contacts lists. He's not sure why it matters, but he doesn't dwell on it.

"Here, Cas. I put everyone's phone numbers in here for you," he says as he shows Castiel the address book, and how to pull up the menu. "Texting is just writing out a message rather than calling. So each key has three letters it corresponds to, like this," he says as he shows Castiel how to type out a message.

"Try to send me a text," he tells Castiel, pushing the phone back into his hands.

"What do I say?" Castiel asks, frowning slightly.

"It doesn't matter, Cas! Anything. I just wanna make sure you know how to use it," Dean says, waving his hands around in annoyance.


Thank. phone.

A minute later, Dean's phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out, a small smile pulling across his face and he laughs lightly. "Good enough. Just make sure to use the space bar and you'll be fine." He types out a quick reply on his own phone before walking back to the kitchen to make them dinner.


Anytime, Cas :)

Castiel isn't sure why, but his heart leaps just the smallest bit at that and he thinks that he really likes texting.

A few weeks have passed since the whole Crowley incident, and life has moved on in a very pleasant manner. Castiel's foot is still in a cast, but he uses crutches to get around and the pain was never anything he couldn't handle. He quickly found that the easiest way to subdue any pain was to tell Dean, and he would immediately be covered by Dean's body, who promised he'd "make it better" with kisses and other promises of the sexual nature. Castiel had no objection to this either, and it wasn't like he abused his power…much.

They'd finally bought a TV too, and invited Charlie to stop by and help them break it in. So that was how they spent a whole weekend watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended edition. When it was over, Castiel couldn't help but ask about the books, wanting to know more of the story. He also had a sneaking suspicion that it was one of Dean's favorites, or at least Dean referenced it enough to be.

"Do we have the books here, Dean?" he asked, hoping that they did.

"Of course!" he exclaimed, jumping up from the couch where he was nestled between Charlie and Castiel. He brought back five books, dropping them onto the coffee table in front of them.

"Woah, what's this, Winchester?" Charlie said, eyeing Dean suspiciously as she picked up one of the larger books. "Have you read The Silmarillion, Dean? Really?" She says with a pleasant laugh.

Sam laughed as well but kept his mouth shut when Dean shot him a look. "Hey, it's a cool book."

"Ya, I wouldn't have thought you'd like the history of Middle Earth, Dean," Sam retorts with a wide grin. It was rare he got to tease Dean back about being a nerd.

"Ignore them, Cas. You should read it. The story about Beren and Luthien is my favorite," Dean says as he runs his hands over the worn cover of the book.

"Wowww," Charlie says, bringing her hand to her mouth, "you are so obvious man, really."

"Hey, there's dragons and a whole friggen army of balrogs…don't judge. It's awesome." Dean says, grumpily sitting back down next to Castiel and wrapping his arm around his waist, pulling him closer.

A week later as Dean crawls into bed next to Castiel, a small smile crosses his face. Dean is careful not to knock into Castiel's foot, and he tries not to complain since they've had to switch sides of the bed to keep Castiel's foot from being bumped around at night. Instead, Dean crawls up slow, running his hands up Castiel's stomach.

Castiel looks at him and grins, putting his book down. He pulls Dean closer, almost on top of him and smiles even wider. Dean looks up, through his eyelashes and kisses Castiel on the mouth, gently, before pulling away again.

"Hey Cas, when I was in high school, actually it was the last high school I went to…we had to read Lord of the Rings for class. English was the only class I could do really well in without trying, but I read the books anyway and I loved them, you know. But then we moved and I didn't get to talk about it in class, and it was the last high school before I dropped out. So I read everything else I could get my hands on…so uhh…I like that you are reading it too."

"I read the story, Dean. About Beren and Luthien," Castiel says quietly, wrapping his arms tighter around Dean, pulling him further onto his chest.

"I loved it. I understand why you like it too, Dean."

"Oh, and why is that?" Dean says with a small laugh.

"She chose to be mortal, to be with the one she loves. I think I understand that."

"At least I get to be the dude in it," Dean says with a growl, pulling himself full on top of Castiel, running his hands through his dark hair and pulling on it to tilt Castiel's head up to meet his lips. Gingerly, he kisses Castiel on the lips, before sinking into a more powerful kiss that leads to me, as it always does with them. As Castiel had learned early on, Dean is a tactile man, and Castiel couldn't say that he wasn't the same.

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Let Me Give the World to You- Smashing Pumpkins