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The raven-haired teen sighed in dismay as he absently drummed his fingers against the filthy, off-white counter top, his emerald eyes glazed over as he slouched against the counter and stared into space. Snapping briefly from his daydreams, he once again scanned the strikingly vacant restaurant, searching for something to do, and finding nothing; he had already accomplished everything that was to be completed.

His head snapped up and his green eyes brightened immensely as the all-too familiar chime resounded through the empty room, reverberating off of the walls. Straightening and glancing to the door as the Nevada heat washed over him momentarily, he blinked in surprise as his mother, dressed in turquoise scrubs with her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, quickly shoved the door close behind her, not bothering to wait for it to swing shut on its own as she attempted to block the heat from entering. A small child was sat on her hip, her blond hair pulled back into two small pigtails as her inquisitive electric blue eyes eagerly swept over the unoccupied room.

The teen hastily walked over to the wall, unlocking the grimy door that served as an exit and stepped through, allowing it to bang close behind him. "Hey, guys," he greeted, tone pleasantly surprised as he quickly trotted towards them, grinning. "What're you doing here?"

"Jack! Good, you're here!" June breathed out, relief evident in her tired eyes as she lowered the child to the ground, making sure she was steadily on her feet before rising. "I was worried your shift would have already ended,"

"What's up?" Jack inquired, concern shining in his eyes as he frowned. He jumped, barely preventing himself from shoving his leg outwards as the small girl barreled into him, latching onto his legs. He permitted a small smile to slip past as she beamed up at him, blue eyes nearly glowing as she grinned. "Hey, Kate," he laughed before returning his gaze to his mother, who looked to be on the edge of a break down.

"I need a favor," she started, shooting impatient glances towards the door as she fumbled with the hem of her shirt, a nervous frown, more like a grimace, etched onto her features.

"Shoot," the teen replied, briefly glancing down at his baby sister as she clutched his jeans like a lifeline.

"Work called me. I have to be there in ten minutes, and I didn't have time to hire a babysitter. Can you watch her for the afternoon?" she practically begged as she desperately looked him in the eyes. He smirked slightly, laughing.

"You don't even have to ask, Mom. I'd love to watch the brat!" he teased, eyes shining.

"Hey!" Kate squawked, childish, high-pitched voice indignant. Her older brother laughed, grinning widely as he bent over and detached her small form from his legs, grasping her gently under the arms and lifting her up.

"Thanks, Jack! Love you, got to run!" June cried out, rushing to the door. They both watched her retreating form as she flung the door open, barely catching it before it banged against the wall, and flat-out dashed to the car. Jack smirked slightly, chuckling, and turned his head to face the three-year-old as his eyes lit up.

"Okay, until customers come in, I'm all yours!" he happily relayed, the half-hour left on his shift not seeming as oppressing.

It was a well-known fact that Katie Grace had her brother wrapped around her little finger, and it had been that way since she was born. Jack would do anything for her, and, though she is limited by her size and age, Kate would try to do the same for Jack. If her brother is unhappy, then she is unhappy. If Jack's happy, she is. If he's mad, she is, too, even if she doesn't know why he's mad.

"How long are we gonna be here?" Kate curiously questioned, already bored. Jack chuckled, shaking his head.

"Just a little while," he responded, eyes bright in amusement as he turned and walked to the nearest booth. He gently lowered Kate onto the seat, and quickly swung himself around to sit on the one opposite.

"How long's a 'little while'?" Kate inquired, narrowing her eyes as she rested her elbows on the table and propped her head on her up-turned palms. Jack looked at her, and, without missing a beat, replied,

"A little while," Katie giggled, swinging her legs as she stole a swift glance out the window. Her feet hit the seat with a 'thump' as she sighed.

The familiar bell chimed as the door swished open, a group of rowdy teenagers storming through, caterwauling as they shoved each other in the door. Jack resisted the urge to groan. "Stay here, Kate. I'll be out soon, and then we'll do something fun. If anybody messes with you, come up there and tell me, but other than that, don't move." He directed as he reluctantly rose from the booth, seeming to drag as he stepped to the edge of the table.

"'Kay," the small blond replied, frowning slightly. Jack gave her a soft smile and a thumbs up before walking off to the counter, quickly sliding in behind the register.


"Ready to go?" The teen eagerly questioned, coming up behind the booth on which his sister was seated and looking down at her. She jumped, eyes darting up to him, and, once she saw who it was, she grinned, eyes shining in excitement.

"Let's go!" she impatiently cheered as she quickly slid out of the seat, nearly falling in her haste. Clumsily sprinting around the chair and to her older brother, she enthusiastically grasped his hand, blonde pigtails bouncing as she struggled to pull him out of the restaurant.

"I'm coming!" he laughed, shaking his head slightly. Reaching the glass door, he swung it open with minimal effort and held it until they were both through, the Nevada heat hitting them like a ton of bricks. They were used to it, however, and it didn't slow either of them down as Jack chased the over-excited toddler across the parking lot, barely keeping up with her erratic path and unbelievable speed.

An up-beat tune reaching his ears as the phone in his pocket vibrated, he quickly snagged her arm before retrieving the device with his free hand. Checking the I.D. before flipping it open, he quickly lifted it to his head.

"Hey, Mom…" he greeted, voice pleasant. "Ya, she was fine, weren't you, Kate?" He released her arm as he lost himself in his conversation, and Kate eagerly glanced around, absently spinning in her boredom. She walked a few feet away, squatting down by a budding yellow flower pushing through a miniscule crack in the hot pavement, and studied it for a second before it became tiresome. Instead, she fell to the ground and crossed her legs, absently surveying the few cars in the parking lot. Not many were present, as was customary for the unpopular joint, but one vehicle in particular caught her attention.

A seemingly custom-painted, blue and pink motorcycle sat a few spaces away from the more ordinary cars, innocently leaning to the side as it sat. She smiled slightly, eyes never leaving the interesting motorcycle.

"Kate, are you ready to go?" her brother asked her, not waiting for a response as he flipped the cell-phone closed and jogged over to where she was sat. "What're you doing sitting down? You're gonna get dirty," he gently scolded, reaching down and lifting her to her feet. She giggled slightly, pointing to the vehicle.

"Jacky, look! It's a bicycle!" she excitedly revealed, jumping up and down as she beamed at her accomplishment. Jack laughed, taking her tiny hand in his own before making his way over to it.

"It's a motorcycle, Kate, not a bicycle. A bicycle is what I ride, the one you have to pedal. A motorcycle," he explained, grasping her underneath her arms and effortlessly lifting her up and onto the ornate leather seat before climbing on behind her. "Needs to be cranked," he pointed to the keyless ignition. "And driven in order to work." He took hold of the handle bars and ran his fingers over the rubber, taking in every detail of the vehicle.

"Does a bicycle have to be cranked?" Katie asked, looking up at him in confusion.

"No, they have to be pedaled," Jack revealed, mussing her hair slightly as he flicked one of her pigtails in her face. She gave a slight 'oh', and looked down at the bike.

"Hey, Jack," a new voice greeted, causing her to look up in curiosity. Jack looked towards the new person, but did a double take when he saw who it was.

"Oh, h-hey, Sierra," he awkwardly welcomed, fighting a blush as he ran his hand through his unruly hair. Kate glanced at her brother in confusion, then back to the girl, not understanding what was so nerve wracking about the interaction. "Wh-what's up?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just got out of cheer practice," she explained, tone smooth, though uncomfortable. "And who's that?" she questioned, her voice's pitch rising as her gaze fell on the child sitting in front of him. Kate blushed slightly, fidgeting as she looked back down at the motorcycle.

Seeing that Katie wasn't going to respond, Jack replied for her, more comfortable with a definite topic. "That's Katie, my baby sister," he relayed, smoothing her unruly hair. "She's three." Sierra beamed, eyes bright.

"Isn't she just the cutest thing!" She gushed, hands clasped in front of her as she gripped her books.

"We've always liked to think so," Jack awkwardly answered the rhetorical exclamation, smiling. If he'd had known that Sierra would like his sister so much, he'd have introduced them a lot sooner!

"If your mom ever needs a babysitter, just let me know!" the teenage girl demanded, eyes glimmering with hope as she looked to Jack.

"Of course! I'll give her your number… If that's okay with you, that is," he quickly covered, an arm wrapped securely around Kate.

"Sure! Give me a sec…" she pulled out a piece of paper and laid it on one of her books, bringing out a sparkling pink pen and scribbling something down on it. Shoving the pen back into her bag and folding the paper in half, she quickly handed it to Jack, who looked to be over the moon. "Any time after four!" she trilled, smiling at the suddenly shy toddler.

Jack quickly shoved the folded paper into his pocket, pushing it as deep as it would go. "Thanks! We always need a good babysitter," he began. He was going to say more, but instead, he had to focus his efforts on regaining a good grip on the handlebars and wrapping an arm around his stoic sister as the motorcycle suddenly reared up, backing out of the parking space while still in a wheelie and bursting forward.