Summary: Sesshomaru is a Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) underboss trying to make his way to the top. He lives alone and is a heartless bastard that doesn't care about anyone else. What happens when he learns that he has a little brother that he's suddenly asked to take care of?

Author's Note: This story is a special request from duchessme so I will only adjust the plot and what not to her liking. But please enjoy : )

Warning: This fanfic will become shouta/incest. Don't like, don't read. However nothing too ridiculous will happen until Inuyasha is at least a teenager. Until then it'll most likely be abuse. Don't like, don't read!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Inuyasha characters (Duh -_-)

Chapter One: Enter Sesshomaru, the Yakuza Under-Lord

(Sesshomaru's POV)

"Open up old man we don't have all fucking day!"

"Yeah you're trying Sesshomaru-sama's patience right now!"

Said man remains still and simply closes his eyes from his post against his black Porsche. His golden eyes remain closed as his minions, so to speak, bang on the glass window to the little laundry mat they're currently in front of.

"Fuck you!" His eyes snap open dangerously when he hears the man's response from beyond the window. "Fuck you all! I don't need your sorry ass protection so why should I pay you protection money? What are you protecting me from?!"

"WHAT?" His minions are in an uproar. "How dare you, you ingrate!? We should kill you…" He tunes out the rest of their outbursts as he finally straightens up. He uncrosses his arms and pushes his abnormally long silver hair behind his elfish ear before moving slowly and calmly to his trunk. After rumbling around for a few seconds the hood closes with a loud snap which draws everyone's attention. They watch him silently as he approaches the wide glass window. The old man's eyes grow wide in horror when he notices the thick wooden bat clutched nonchalantly in the stoic man's grip.

"What do you need protection from, hn?" The four members around him look at each other and step back at the sound of their Lord's even and chillingly calm voice.

"W-W-Wait Don—"The poor sixty-eight year old man barely gets his plea out before Sesshomaru is already yanking his bat backwards. The old man covers his face desperately as a loud CRASH! rings through the dark empty street and he's showered in glass. Sesshomaru pulls his arm back and gives another hard swing which sends glass shards everywhere. Some even cuts his self but he doesn't even flinch.

"Stop it, just stop this! Please! Okay! I'm so sorry, please don't do this! I'll give you your money! Just stop this!" Sesshomaru ignores his pleas and breaks the remaining glass left on the large window before finally throwing down the bat and stepping into the little shop. As he approaches the small cut up man cowering on the floor screams reach his sharp ears. His eyes snap over to the cash register where he can see a young woman and two kids, that can't be any older than six, huddled under the counter. He looks away with cold disinterest and instead focuses on the old man now at his feet. "Now do we see how vital protection can be?"

"H-Hai S-Sesshomaru-sama!"

"I would hate for something like this to happen to you again," Snickers can be heard from outside at the harsh man's obvious lie. "And can you imagine what such a hot tempered delinquent would do to you and your family over there?"

"Please no—"

"Give me my money." He interrupts curtly.

"O-Of c-course." The old man nearly drops the yellow envelope from his violent shaking but he manages to place it in the expecting hand of the boy that must be at least forty-five years younger than his self.

"My men will be back next week and there better not be any issues."

"N-N-Next week?! I just paid you! How—"His sentence is cut short when Sesshomaru kicks him down flat on his back. Before the senior can regain his composure, he feels the pressure of the Yakuza lord's black boot in the middle of his chest.

"You pay dues every four weeks on the last Sunday of the month correct?"

"Nnngh…gah…hah, hah."

"Correct?!" His foot presses down harder in irritation. He's already wasted too much of his precious time on such a trivial case.

"Y-y-y-y-esss!" The man chokes out desperately and Sesshomaru lets up a bit.

"Exactly and next week is the last Sunday in December is it not? It is not my fault that you decided to be three weeks late on your dues, now is it?"


"When my men come back you better not give them anymore problems. Or else there will be no warning next time, understood?"

"…But next…week is C-Christmas. Can't you-!?"

The familiar sound of a gun being cocked makes the man swallow his words as he stares into the barrel of Sesshomaru's .44 Magnum. "Un-der-stood?"

"PAPA!" The little boy that was under the counter shocks both of the men when he suddenly charges out of his mother arms and at an un-amused Sesshomaru. "LEAVE MY PAPA ALONE YOU BAD GUY!" To his disgust the boy actually latches onto his arm that is holding the gun.

"Shippo NO!" The lady, who could only be the boy's mother, comes rushing over, which causes her daughter to follow suit. "Shippo let go!" He doesn't know where the little boy's strength is coming from because between his mother pulling him and Sesshomaru trying to shake him off his arm the blue-eyed kid manages to stay latched on.

"Get your brat!"

"Shippo let go!"

"NO! He's gonna' hurt papa!" Sesshomaru's eyes widen in shock as the little brat sinks his teeth into his arm.

"AH Fuck!" Without any hesitation whatsoever, he takes the gun and belts the kid in the back of the head with the back of his pistol. His grip on him instantly becomes slack and Sesshomaru flings him to the floor limply. Within seconds his previously orange hair is stained red with his own blood.


"Mommy is head dead?! WAAAAAAAH!" He tunes out the rest of the woman's and little girl's shrieks and instead walks back to the broken window. When he steps out three out of four his members are simply smirking at him in amusement.

"Well wasn't that a bit harsh, even for you, Sesshomaru-sama~?" Jakotsu's overly flamboyant voice only serves to irritate the impatient man further.

"I don't like children."

"Hee-hee, big surprise there."

"Suikotsu." He chooses to ignore the girly man at his side and instead address his bipolar member of the group. Well bipolar isn't the word to describe it, they are all pretty sure that the buff man has split-personality but Sesshomaru could care less. As long as he gets his job done he's only another useful subordinate to the Lord. His personal problems are none of his concern. "Go with Renkotsu," Sesshomaru continues referring to the only member who wasn't smirking at his actions. Although everyone knows that the bald man can be very emotional he still puts up a façade of being this stoic mysterious man. "And deliver this money to Naraku-sama."

"Hai." They both bow slightly before getting in one of the three cars the group had come in.

"Kyokotsu," Sesshomaru finally names the last member in his small group. He tries to minimize conversation with this one since he believes that he's mentally retarted. If it wasn't for his enormous size of 7'1/300 pounds Naraku wouldn't keep the oaf around. "You and Jakotsu are dismissed." The big guy says nothing and simply moves to one of the two remaining cars to wait for Jakotsu. Sesshomaru shakes his head when he realizes that the idiot is drooling. Jakotsu attempts to hug the Lord's arm but Sesshomaru grabs his hand and twirls around him (pulling Jakotsu's arm behind his back painfully.). "What have I told you about touching me?"

"Boohoo Sesshomaru-sama. You really are in a bad mood huh?"

"This is not something I should have been called for. You all completely wasted my time which is also wasting Naraku-sama's time. I should kill you all. Next time you better handle your business properly because if This Sesshomaru is called in for something as commonplace as collecting dues, I might do just that. Understood?"

"Hai, hai."

Sesshomaru releases the queer older man and gets into his black Porsche. In no time he's on the familiar commute from the city to his home on the outskirts of the huge city. He was only in the Musashi District of the Western city lands. His city or rather, Naraku's city stretched over an almost inconceivable amount of territory. It should practically be a whole other state/province. And it only pisses him off that he only has complete reign over the Musashi Province. Granted it is one of the biggest sectors in his city but Sesshomaru is not satisfied with such circumstances. He wants it all; he is the conquering type after all. Many people would call him greedy for the way he thinks. He is one of six underbosses in the largest Yakuza tribe in all time and…he is only nineteen years old. People cringe at the mere mention of his name. What more could he want? Well he wants Naraku's position and he does plan on achieving just that, not eventually but…in the near future. He only has to get the five other underbosses on his side and it'll be like taking candy from a baby. It shouldn't be too hard. His mind wonders to his fellow Lords in mild disdain:

Kagura: That should be easy enough. The black haired/red-eyed cutthroat woman is actually in love with him or something foolish like that. It should be no chore to bend her to his will.

Muso: That should definitely prove to be more difficult. The long-haired average looking man is actually a close relative to Naraku. However he is surely only in his position due to that tie with his Boss. Because he is actually pretty normal and average in every way it might not be too difficult. He doesn't seem to even care about his work which thoroughly pisses him off. But there are rumors that he is madly in love with some woman. He can use that to his advantage.

Akago: Akago is even younger than his self and another relative of Naraku. He is just an albino brat with whitish-lilac hair and purple eyes who will do anything to get what he wants. When he gets bored he tends to do reckless and violent things just for the hell of it. And he loves manipulating people. He may be hard to manipulate but Sesshomaru only needs to humor him and find something he wants that he can't get his self.

Jinenji: This might be even easier than Kagura. Jinenji is a mild-mannered giant with huge eyes and short hair who is even bigger than Kyokotsu. People only fear him because of his stature. If they got to know him they would know that he's just an overgrown weak worthless excuse of a Yakuza Lord. All Sesshomaru really needs to do is whoop his ass…maybe even simple verbal abuse will suffice.

Lastly there's Bankotsu: This will definitely be his biggest trial. The long-haired man is absolutely ruthless and psychotic. Bankotsu is as power hungry as his self and there is already whispers on the street that he wants to overthrow Naraku. If he can't convince him to back down and let him take the lead instead then he'll just have to kill him. That will also prove to be a challenge since he's pretty skilled with a sword and gun such as his self.

Sesshomaru waits patiently as the gates to his mansion-like home slowly creak open. The gates are golden and have his Yakuza crescent moon crest on the front which matches the Prussian blue tattoo on the middle of his forehead. He's not as tatted as most of his members simply because he thinks it's superfluous. He has magenta stripes tatted on his eyes lids, across his cheeks, and wrapping around his wrist. All in all he's a very eye-catching man though. People mistake him for frail-looking despite his lean tall stature. He's light-skinned with amber gold eyes and has knee length silver hair which had went prematurely grayish/silver by the time he was four. And he's definitely a flashy dresser as most Yakuza members. He does not go as far as Kagura or Jakotsu but he does wear intricate high-class garments.

"I'm home." He mumbles out blankly to no one in particular after having road up the hill to his estate and entering his enormous house. His eyebrow arches slightly as Jaken, his butler, rushes down the stairs. How in the hell did he hear him?

"Welcome back Sesshomaru-sama! I take it everything went smoothly?"

He only stares down at the midget man before him with no intention of acknowledging his question. He always wondered what made him hire such an annoyingly jumpy weird looking man. Because of the man's severe chlorosis, or hypochromic anemia, his skin gives off an odd green color. If that's not enough the man only stands as 4'0, has a glistening bold head, and bulging eyes. It must be his loyalty. "Is my dinner ready?"

"Of course my lord, the cook has just finished." He allows Jaken to take off his white coat and makes a move to head to his exquisite dining room, when Jaken's stammering stops him short. "U-u-u-um Sesshomaru-sama?"


"Um t-there a-a-are s-some—"

"Out with it!"

The short imp-like man jumps at his master's tone and bows gracefully in apology. "Um yes my lord! There are some p-people waiting to see you in the sitting room."

"People? Who? Is it Kagura?"

"No my lord."



"A client?"


"WHO?!" He's really trying his patience right now.

"Oh right! Gomenasai! They are travelers from another city—"

"You let strangers into my home?"

"They bare important news!" His eyes bug out further at his Lord's suddenly calm tone.

"…For your sake…you better hope so." Sesshomaru continues to walk and ignores the imp's audible gulp which resonates down the long hall way. The door way to his sitting room is only a few feet away from their current position (under the stairwell) so it takes him no time to barge in and find a surprisingly familiar old man seated on one of his plush arm chairs. "Myoga?"

Said elderly man jumps up in alarm and faces him with a nervous smile on his face. "Long time no see eh, Sesshomaru-sama?"

Long time no see indeed. He hasn't seen the short, pointy-nosed, balding old man since he' seen his own father nine years ago. The ancient man has always been a family friend and he can remember him constantly being around when he was growing up. But all thoughts of his childhood leave his mind as he glares at the man coolly. "And to what do I owe such a disturbing visit?"

"W-Well, unfortunately, I bare bad n-news." He watches as he extends his short arm back towards the chair. His eyebrows furrow in confusion until he hears the sound of little feet hitting the ground. The back of his chair had concealed any other person that may have been in the room and when a little hand reaches out to hold the old man's offered hand Sesshomaru eyes widen in genuine shock. Now, partially hiding behind Myoga's leg, is a little boy no older than ten staring at him curiously. His gaudy red jumpsuit is immediately attention grabbing but what really catches the stunned lord's eyes is his actual appearance. The little boy has matching silver hair that reaches down to his slender waist and big puppy amber gold eyes. His skin is much tanner than his own and features are not as refined but there is no mistaking the shocking resemblance between the two. "Here you are." Sesshomaru's sharp eyes snap back to Myoga who is now holding out an envelope. He snatches it quickly and tears it open to find a letter:


By the time you get this I will have already passed on to the next world. There was a terrible fire at my house in Okinawa. I tried to rescue Izayoi but failed miserably…but I did manage to save the boy you see now. I suffered unimaginable injuries and am told that I'll be dead before the sun comes up. Listen to me my first born: I know you must hate me for leaving your mother for a woman of such low class but you must understand…well how could you? You've never been the loving type. But this is not about me or you or even the women. This is about that little boy, he is your half-brother. He has lost everything in a matter of hours and has nowhere left to go. I know about you and your lifestyle and cannot say I'm proud or approve. Normally I would send a child into such dangerous and horrible circumstances but…what choice do I have? Neither Izayoi nor I have any other family left. Please son, this is my final request as a man on this Earth: Find it in your heart to care for him. For your brother.

-In Loving memory, your father,


After re-reading the short letter three times Sesshomaru is finally able to pry his wide halcyon orbs from the paper shaking in his hands. He looks back towards the elderly man to find him still clutching onto the boy's little hand anxiously. "…"



"This is your Otouto. Inuyasha."

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