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(Sesshomaru's POV)

"O…Otosan?" Inuyasha whispers from somewhere beside the stoic lord after a long silence passes between the gray haired men.

"I am back Inuyasha." It seems like those few words were all it took to make the situation real for the teen because he runs from his brother's side and throws himself into his father's waiting arms. "Look at you, you've gotten so big. Why you're almost looking at me eye to eye."

"Hardly." He laughs from under the man's clean shaven chin.

Sesshomaru remains perfectly still and his mask is carefully composed as he stares at the supposedly dead man he hasn't seen since he was nine years old. Even considering the massive timespan between their last meeting, the man looks just as Sesshomaru remembers him. The scar on his cheek is just as prominent as it was fifteen years ago, his eyes are just as hard with that hint of softness that makes a person want to get closer to the man, and his matching silver hair still sits on top of his head in a long ponytail. Granted the man does look somewhat smaller, although still bigger than the both of them, and for some reason he appears rather weak. The Yakuza lord's lifeless eyes seem to ignite when the man makes eye contact with him but the rest of his face remains blank. He continues to stroke Inuyasha's hair soothingly as he addresses him. "It has been too long Sesshomaru." Despite his weakened appearance his voice is still deep enough to reverberate through the whole mansion.

"Why are you alive?" Sesshomaru spits bluntly.

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha lifts his head from his father's chest to stare at his brother in disbelief.

"It's alright." He pats the boy's head softly, earning him a smile that Sesshomaru nearly growls at. "It's a very understandable question."

"One that I have yet to get an answer to." He adds in impatiently.

"Shall we go into the other room to chat?" Before the Yakuza could give a rude remark, Inuyasha grabs his father's arm and leads him into the sitting room. Sesshomaru manages to stay blank as he follows them but he can feel his nails digging into the palm of his hands in his efforts to control himself. Inutaisho smiles when his youngest son pulls him down to sit directly next to him on the velvet couch and takes the offered cup of tea that Rin brings to him. Sesshomaru remains standing and crosses his arms before leaning back against the wall near the entrance.

"Otosan what happened to you? Myoga-jiji said that you died a long time ago and that's why I came to live here. Have you been okay this whole time?" Inuyasha voices Sesshomaru thoughts as the man calmly sips his tea.

"Well Inuyasha the doctors did say I only had until sunrise to live. That is why I sent that note and you to Sesshomaru through Myoga but that night I slipped into a coma instead. I actually just woke up last week and it took me a while to remember who I was and what was a going on which is why I did not come here right away. And I also had to find where this was exactly."

"Why was I not informed of your situation?" Sesshomaru barks angrily.

"Simply because there was no one to do so."

"But Otosan what about Myoga-jiji? How come he never came back to let us know?"

"Well Inuyasha he too had no knowledge of the situation. He never came back to the hospital when he dropped you off. He just found out a couple days ago, via me, that I was even alive. That is how I was able to locate this place."

"And why did they keep you alive this whole time? Shouldn't they have pulled the plug years ago?"

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha stares at his brother in horror again but the young man doesn't even acknowledge his gaze. His icy glare is focused directly on their father.

"It's alright Inuyasha." The man reassures just as calmly as he's been since he got there. "As for your question Sesshomaru, you're right. They were supposed to pull the plug but they also must try to get in contact with a family member first to ask permission. Seeing as Izayoi and my parents are dead, they were out of the question. They had no way to contact you so they settled for the only other person available; your mother." The young adult's eyes widen a bit at that revelation. "Trust me I was just as surprised as you are. Apparently they called Kazuna every year to suggest pulling the plug and each time she refused. I would think that she would inform you but I'm honestly not surprised." He sighs and shakes his head slightly as Inuyasha scratches the side of his head.

"Well okay I have one last question." Sesshomaru's narrow golden eyes stare deep into the murky halcyon ones in front, void of all emotion other than hate. "Why are you here? What was the point of making this journey exactly?"

"Sesshomaru why are you acting like that?" Inuyasha cuts in once again. He can't understand why he hates their father so much. "He has nowhere else to go remember? Our house burned down! Surely you'll offer—"

"No the fuck I won't."

"What do you mean?!" He snaps back, standing up to glare at his brother. "He's our father!"

"As you would say what of it?" He sneers sarcastically. "And mind your business Inuyasha, stay in your place. The grownups are speaking."

"Got to he—"

"Inuyasha it's alright." Inutaisho interrupts his sons with an amused smile. "There's no need to worry about me."


"I did not come here seeking shelter in the first place. I would never ask anything of Sesshomaru, I don't have that right."

"I repeat; then why are you here?" Sesshomaru questions coldly.

"For one thing I wanted to see my sons—"

"You only have one son here." He cuts in.

His father only chuckles at that before continuing. "As you wish. And I also came here to apologize and take my responsibility off your shoulders."

"What responsibility?" Realization dawns on him when his father's eyes settle on Inuyasha. "I…that's not necessary…"

Inutaisho raises an eyebrow at his first born in surprise and rubs Inuyasha's head. "Sesshomaru I never meant to force such a heavy responsibility on you. You were only nineteen for Kami's sake and now I'm here to make your life much easier." Inuyasha's eyebrows knit together in a frown when he realizes what's going on. If things keep going the way they are he has a feeling that he might have to choose between his brother and his father!

"You have no right to decide what a heavy responsibility for me is. I can handle anything and I've been handling "your" business for five years without a problem. Don't you dare look down on me." He growls out through clenched teeth. "We do NOT need you, so if that's all you came to say then you can leave and stay out of my sight for the rest of your miserable life."

The middle aged man closes his murky brownish-gold eyes for a moment before standing up and fixing his coat. "Sesshomaru this is not up for debate. I shall be leaving here with Inuyasha."

"Oh?" Sesshomaru's eyes sparkle with the aspect of being challenged. "You really think so huh? Let me know how that works out for."

Inuyasha jumps off of the couch when he notices how his brother's trigger finger twitches towards the silver pistol hidden in his belt. "Sesshomaru don't! I'm sure we can work this ou—"

"Cool it Mr. Mafia-man. I am not challenging you or anything like that. I am a grown man and I find your little criminal games distasteful and childish."

"…" His teeth clench together so tightly that he's sure he heard a crack from somewhere in his mouth.

"I have legal custody over Inuyasha and that's that. I am his father and therefore it is my job to raise him. I can see that you two have become unexpectedly close so of course you can visit us in Okinawa whenever you please but—"

"Fuck you! Where the hell do you get off?! You're missing for five years and you think you can just come into MY home and start making decisions you bastard?! I'll fucking kill you! You know nothing. I'm taking perfectly good care of him and can probably provide him with everything he needs and anything his heart could possibly desire while you couldn't do that if you worked up to the last moment of your wretched life, you piece of shit!" Inuyasha eyes widen as he stares at his brother panting and all red in the face. Never, in all his life, has he seen the composed man completely loose it like that. But again their father looks absolutely unaffected and calm. His face is relaxed and when he speaks it still has a mellow tone to it.

"You are right about one thing my son. I probably can't buy him every little thing he could possibly want but material possessions are completely meaningless when it comes to the cost of his life."

"What are you talking about?!"

"I know all about you Sesshomaru!" It's their father's turn to snap. "Aren't you now the boss of the Yakuza in this city?"


"Yes, your little maid told me all about how your day has been. How Inuyasha got KIDNAPPED by people who were most probably going to kill him! Is that what's best for him? You want to put his life at risk for your selfish pride and your petty hate for me? I don't think so. I won't let you do something so foolish."

"I…I've handled all of that. As you said, I am now the boss so there's no chance of that happening again."

"Don't be so naïve! You and I both know that somewhere down the road there is going to be someone who tries to pull the same stunt you just did. They'll try to overthrow you and in the process Inuyasha could end up getting hurt or worse yet even killed."

"..." His mind instantly jumps to Bankotsu.

"Inuyasha go pack." Inutaisho regards his youngest son quietly before moving towards the front door. Before Inuyasha could even move Sesshomaru grabs him around the arm roughly and yanks him against his broad chest.

"You're not really going with him are you?"

"I uh—umm no but—uh can't he stay here with us?" He responds nervously. Their dad had stopped at the entrance to the sitting room to listen in on their conversation.

"There's no chance in hell that's happening. And besides we don't need him. Just forget about him and let's pretend that this never happened."

"I can't do that!"

"And why not?" The mafia lord truly can't understand what's so difficult about doing exactly as he says. So what their father returned? That doesn't change anything and Inuyasha should feel the same way!

"Because he's our dad! P-Plus what if he gets the police on you? Since he does have legal custody over me you could go to jail."

"Fuck the police. I can handle them and I can take care of him."

"…Can't you come and live with us?"

"What?! Are you out of your mind? After how hard I've worked to get where I am, you expect me to just give it all up for…" He trails off when he sees the look in his eyes. Inuyasha's eyes had gone wide at prospect of what his next few words were going to be. After a long moment of silence, Inutaisho turns around and decides to state what is going through all their minds.

"Inuyasha what I think he's trying to say is, he is not willing to give up his life of crime and power to be with you. Am I right Sesshomaru?"

"Piss off you ancient bastard."

"Is he right Sesshomaru?" He looks back down to find pleading puppy eyes staring back up at him. It truly reminded him of when they first started living together and the kid used to stare at him with so much want in those big golden eyes.

"…" What is there to think about? Why is he hesitating? He's worked for this for what feels like a lifetime. He's never wanted anything more in his life than this title and he's supposed to give that all up to live in the countryside with his much despised father and kid brother? All this power for that? How ridiculous! "If you don't stay here then…this is goodbye. I will not go with you nor will I come to visit." His stomach churns at the look on his Otouto's face. So many emotions ran through at once it was almost impossible to pick up on all of them: shock, confusion, realization, betrayal, anger, hurt, and pain as etched clearly on his face.

"Fine…if I'm not worth more than your career then…I guess I…I'll get out of your hair. I wouldn't want to be a distraction."

"…..As you wish." Inuyasha's mouth hangs open slightly before he runs upstairs to pack his things. Inutaisho sighs before sparing a worried glance at his eldest son and moving outside to wait for the hurt teen.

Sesshomaru blocks out every single emotion that tries to rise within him and finally settles on his most favorite feeling: indifference. He doesn't bother waiting for Inuyasha to return and decides to retreat to the sanctuary of his office to get started on some work. Ten minutes later there is a soft knocking on the door so he mumbles for whoever it is to come in. It's Rin. "What is it? I'm very busy."

"Oh um…" She has her head bowed downed and he can't pick up on any traces of her usual giddy manner in her voice or posture. "My apologies Lord Sesshomaru but Inuyasha is getting ready to leave and well…"

"Bid him farewell for me."

"U-Uh!" She looks up in shock at his dismissive nature. "Are you s-sure Lord—"

"That is all." He cuts her off letting her know she's dismissed.

"Yes my lord." She bows quietly and disappears from view.

The Yakuza lord keeps his head bowed over his work scribbling vigorously and giving his complete focus at the task at hand. He continues to work even when Inuyasha's loud exclamation of, "NANI?!" rings through the house. He continues to work even when he can hear the car pulling out of his driveway. He doesn't miss a beat when the sky outside his window turns from orange to dark blue. His pen doesn't dare hesitate when he feels a tight pain in his chest. He completely ignores the guilt and pain that threatens to break through his façade and settles for lighting a cigarette. The stubborn young lord continues his work well into the night until he falls into a restless sleep right at his desk.

(Time Skip!)

Two months later

"Lord Sesshomaru those letters from Yura of the East has arrived."

"Ah excellent." The lord nods his approval as Kagura hands him a document regarding trade with the fierce Russian mistress. "Anything else?"

"Erm yes well…I've convinced Bankotsu to follow your lead for now."

"Oh?" He looks up from his paper in genuine surprise at the blushing woman fidgeting in front of his desk. "And how, may I ask, did you manage to do that?"

"Um, well no you may not ask." She smiles deviously before dismissing herself from his new, much larger, office. He chuckles to himself as he signs off on the agreement and relaxes into his chair. But of course his peace is short lived when his desk phone starts ringing.


"Lord Sesshomaru umm…" Rin's cheery voice turn solemn as she figures out the best way to inform him of whatever she needs to say. He decided a couple weeks ago to make the young girl his secretary.

"Spit it out Rin."

"Inuyasha-kun called again…"




"And…well I just thought I'd let you know, that's all."

He hangs up without another word and tries to busy himself with some paperwork but it's too late. The damage is done. He hates when his little brother calls. For one thing he never answers. He's even changed his cell phone number to ensure that they never speak again. The first week was torture; his phone would ring everyday three times a day! Now he just calls about once a week but he still hasn't spoken to the teen since that moment in the sitting room. Now, in all honestly, he's not avoiding the teen to be evil or anything it's just that…he knows if he speaks to him everything will come caving in. The kid will someone sneak through his defenses, crush his composure, and manage to melt his heart the way he always does. And that's exactly what he doesn't want! If the kid manages to tug at his heart strings, the Yakuza lord might find himself doing something absolutely foolish. The boy has made him weak and the mafia lord is willing to admit it to himself. Because once he acknowledges the problem, he can do everything in his power to ignore it which is his way of fixing it. That is why he does not even allow Rin to relay any message the boy might have for him every time he calls. If that makes him a selfish bastard then so be it. He can't feel guilty or any pain if he chooses not to recognize the situation…at least that's what he tells himself to ease his aching heart at night.

He sighs and shakes his head slightly to rid his mind of all these superfluous thoughts and continues on with his typical day. Of course after finally achieving his lifetime goal he feels accomplished and proud but…he can't shake this feeling of emptiness. As if something is missing. He can't say he's happy because he's not. Could that really be because of Inuyasha? After stepping out of the shower he wraps himself in his black robe before getting into his empty bed. That's one thing he's had to get used to again. With no Inuyasha to try and sneak into his bed at night, he's had to settle for sleeping alone in his ridiculously large bed. Of course many concubines, male and female, have been throwing themselves at the new young Yakuza boss but he finds none of them the least bit appealing. Was Inuyasha really the only one he's ever been and only he will ever be attracted to? Maybe he is a bit narcissistic. He closes his eyes in an attempt to fall asleep but as usual he doesn't fall asleep until four am.

The next morning he awoke at seven to take care of his duties and meet important clients. He didn't finish his work until about three pm much to his distaste. He decided to join Kagura, Koga, and Rin for lunch at the local café and currently he is sitting at a round table with the trio.

"Afternoon Sesshomaru-sama, has your day been well?"

"Hn." He mumbles at his maid/secretary from behind his coffee. "Any important calls?"

"No…well Inuyasha called again…" Why did he call him twice this week?

"…I said important Rin."

"Oh…then I suppose not." The group remains silent until Kagura crosses her arms disapprovingly at the deceptively "mature" man at her side.

"Why can't you just return a damned phone call?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You know damn well what I'm talking about! He doesn't just call Rin you know."

"Oh?" He looks up from his drink briefly but pisses the lady off more when he just shrugs nonchalantly.

"Yes oh! He even calls Koga to try and get in contact with you." The silver-haired man looks over to the brunette who simply nods in agreement.

"Well sounds like harassment. Just tell him to stop."

"I can't believe you—"

"Kagura just drop it." He warns with a hateful look in her direction. He knows firsthand that if there's anyone who can talk up how he truly feels, for some reason, it's her. Maybe because she's one of the few people on this world not terrified of him and makes him think about what he really wants.

"I beg your pardon but I will not just drop it my lord. Do you know the type of questions I have to answer for you?"

"Shut the hell up Ka—"

"Does my Oniisan hate me?" She pouts mimicking the boy almost perfectly. "Did I do something wrong?—"


"Please will you tell him I called? Will he be coming to visit soon? Can I come visit him?—"

This time he stands up and slams his hands down on the table hard enough to make everyone in the café jump, everyone except the red eyed mafia woman, that is, who only continues on.

"Is he mad at me? Is there any way I can fix this?—"

"Kagura I am ordering you to stop or else you will find out what happens when you defy This Sesshomaru." She closes her mouth at the order but feels satisfied when the man sits back down with a disturbed look on his face. She got her point across. Ten minutes go by in absolute silence before Rin looks at her lord.

"The reason he called twice this week is because…his birthday was yesterday and all he wanted was…to see you…Lord Sesshomaru…"

God Dammit'. Dammit all to the fiery deepest pits of hell. He can feel his stomach twisting into a highly uncomfortable knot. There's nothing he can do now to stop his sudden heartache and despite his best efforts all the memories of the boy, which he had previously kept locked in back of his mind, comes rushing forth. Everything that he didn't want to acknowledge and admit is now inevitable. He won't say he can't live without the boy because quite frankly not only is that cliché, ridiculous, and an exaggeration but it is also completely untrue. He can go living without him. The people who say that they can't live without another person need to get over themselves and are most likely people who are insecure and will most develop a codependent relationship with that person. But what he feels is that he doesn't want to live without the kid. He can go through his days just as he has been these past two months—blank, in denial, uncaring, empty, and unhappy but he doesn't want that. He thought he never wanted anything more than his current position but he was wrong. For the first time since his father left him, he realizes that he has been lying to himself. He doesn't want to spend another night without the hyper active teen wrapped tightly in his arms.

The two teens at the table jump in surprise when the previously motionless lord jumps to his feet and fleas the restaurant. Kagura only smiles knowingly and wonders to herself why she never decided to become a life coach.

Sesshomaru rushes to his car and moves in an almost robotic way through traffic to get to his home. When he arrives he completely ignores Jaken and nearly runs to his bedroom. He yanks an old duffle bag from his closet and begins the chore of filling it with clothes from his closet and dresser. After packing his pistol, he pulls a white gold ring from under his pillow. It's the very ring that his father had given him when he was a boy. He had stopped wearing it all those years ago when Inuyasha asked him if he hates his father why does he wear it. The pre-teen was surprised when he asked for it and the mafia lord had blatantly refused and thrown it out the window, seemingly "lost forever".

He slips the ring on and hurries to his office next where he logs in to his laptop to take care of some business. Afterwards he pulls a piece of copy paper from his printer and scribbles down a note:

To whom it may concern,

I, Lord Sesshomaru, am bestowing my rank and power to lady Kagura. I am stepping down and disappearing into the countryside town of Okinawa. Jaken. Rin, and Kaede, you may all stay here if you wish and Kagura may have my house if she wants it. Feel free to serve her but I have also deposited $20,000 into your bank accounts if you want to leave and live your own lives. You have my humblest thanks for serving me faithfully these past years and do not fret (Jaken) I will come back to visit from time to time. No matter what you decide make sure someone takes proper care of A'un. I wish you all the best and farewell.


He folds the note neatly and leaves it in the middle of his desk before turning to the huge map on his wall. His father had left his address with Rin and when the girl gave it to him he couldn't bring himself to throw it away and instead pinned it to the map. After stuffing the card in his pocket he grabs his duffle bag and sneaks out the side door to avoid running into Jaken. After one more glance at the place he's called home for six years, he gets into his car and drives towards the bus station.

As he pays the teller for his ticket to Okinawa a thought occurs to him. How is it so easy to leave the home he's lived in for more than half a decade? As he takes his first class seat near the window, the answer comes to him suddenly. The place never felt like home before Inuyasha showed up. It was always simply a living arrangement. Nothing more, nothing less. But after the boy arrived that feeling changed. There was someone, other than his hired help, there to welcome him home after a long day at work. Someone to eat his meals with and to wish a goodnight. Someone he had a blood bond with and someone who adores him even after all the wrong he caused him. He can only hope that his Otouto still feels the same way and will accept him into his life.

Six grueling hours later, he's finally able to step foot off the wretched bus. He squints against the invading sunlight and the pristinely bright blue sky is almost too much to take. He can hear birds chirping everywhere and there's plenty of large trees and greenery everywhere. Definitely not his style but there's no turning back now. He had fallen asleep when the terrain had turned from his beloved city life to plains, meadows, and mountains. This is going to take some getting used to. He breathes in the fresh country air and can't stop the flashes of childhood memories that come to him. Okinawa isn't really in the middle of nowhere or anything. It's actually quite a large town and has city-like aspects to it but most people live in suburb like homes.

He scoffs in disbelief when he calls for a taxi and instead a horse drawn wagon system meets him near the bus station. After a more than irritating ride, his brother is finally. He's standing right in front of his house. The little square house is crème white and has a bluish-green roof and shutters. The yard is nothing special and the house itself looks to be a two bedroom one bath type of place. After stalling as much as he could, he steps up to the green door and rings the doorbell. Scuffling can be heard through the paper thin walls as someone make their way to the door and suddenly swings it open. It's his dad.

"Oh. Sesshomaru, to what do I owe this visit?"

"Is Inuyasha here?" He answers with a question of his own.

"No he's at school right now."

"I see…"

"But if you'd like to come in and wait then he should be here in a few minutes since classes are almost over." He nods and steps in when his father moves to the side. He's immediately met with a cozy looking living room with a small fireplace, two crème couches, a coffee table, bookshelf, and not much else. To his left is a small dining room, which connects with a small kitchen, containing a table with three plastic chairs around it. The only other thing is a small hallway which must lead to a bathroom and the two bedrooms. He takes a seat on one of the sofas as his father vanishes into the kitchen. After a couple seconds he comes back with a glass of lemonade that the ex-lord accepts. Inutaisho takes a seat on the other couch and eyes his first born, expecting him to start talking, but when he doesn't he speaks again. "So what brings you here?"

After taking the time to drain the beverage slowly he looks over at his father in amusement. "What you think this bag is for show? I'm moving to Okinawa."

He almost laughs at the skeptical look he gives him. "Really why?"

"To be with Inuyasha."

"What about your wor—"

"I quit." He cuts in bluntly. "So I could move here without putting him in any danger."

"…Well…we're happy to have you." The smile he gives him almost makes his scowl falter. He's not here to make his father proud but he must admit…he's missed that look of fatherly pride from the man. "You can share a room with Inuyasha or if you'd prefer the sofa then by all means make yourself at ho—"

"Don't get ahead of yourself old man. I don't plan on living here."

"Where will you go?"

"There's a house two doors down from here that's for sale."

"Hmm, well until you get the paperwork settled and all that real estate nonsense you can stay here. I doubt that Inuyasha will allow you to stay in a hotel instead."

"…" Why does he get the feeling that he's going to end up staying here much longer than expected?

"And I'm glad you still have it."

"Wha—"He follows the man's blurry gaze to the ring on his finger and his father chuckles when the young adult actually blushes in embarrassment. "Don't feel too good about yourself! I don't plan on keeping it much longer—"

"Dad I'm home!" They both pause at the sound of Inuyasha entering the house. Inutaisho rises to greet him at the door and to take his more than heavy book bag from his shoulders.

"Welcome home. Why so late today?"

"Aha." He clears his throat nervously at his father's scrutinizing gaze. "I had a little run in with some i…di….ots." He trails off quietly when his brother suddenly stands from the couch, making his presence known. "Se…"

"Welcome home Inuya—"He nearly falls over when the sixteen year old runs into him and throws his arms around his neck.

"Sesshomaru?! How? When—wait no!" Just as the ex-Yakuza was about to return his affection he gets pushed back by the unpredictable adolescent. "Where the hell do you get off, huh?! You completely cut off contact with me then suddenly show up and think everything's going to be okay? Well fuck you, you bastard!"

His eyebrows raise in surprise because in all his days of knowing him the youngster had never in any way disrespected him. He's pretty taken a back to say the least. "Inuyasha, I admit that I was wrong but—"

"Rot in hell."

"I want to make things better."

"Too late."

"Why is it too late?" He questions doing his best to hold in an exasperated sigh.

"Sesshomaru you wouldn't even answer a single phone call. For weeks, I even cried thinking it's something that I'd done but then I realized that you're actually nothing but a spoiled brat."


"Yes!" He continues with a fierce glare that the other can't help but find cute. "When you want something nothing else matters. You don't care about how it will affect others or who you have to step on to get whatever it is you desire. I've chucked it up to your fucked up childhood actually." He looks at him smugly but Sesshomaru only half smiles at the youth. "You didn't get enough hugs when you were younger with that fucked up mother of yours. And then of course there's the whole waah daddy abandoned me shit. All that has turned you into a greedy, selfish, spoiled, sob story!"

Inutaisho chokes on his spit from somewhere behind them but to everyone's surprise the young adult remains calm. "Are you finished?"


"Let it all out?"

Inuyasha nods despite himself since the guilt is sinking in now from what he said. He's not the mean type…well not to the few people he cares about and Sesshomaru is definitely number one on that list.

"Good because you're right."


"Yes. Nothing else matters right now except for what I want. Which in other words means that nothing else on this Earth matters to me except spending the rest of my days with you."

Inuyasha tries to hide his blush by lowering his head so his fringes could hide him from view but Sesshomaru places a hand under his chin and tilts his head up to look at him. After trying to convey how much he loves the boy through his eyes alone, he whispers, "Sorry for missing your birthday." Before slipping his father's ring on his finger.

"You're giving me your ring?" He questions in awe.

"It's my most prized possession." He mutters honestly and can see Inutaisho's sickening grin from the corner of his eye.

"And you want me to have it?"

"Well I'd say my most prized possessions belong together."

The teenager buries his face against the elder's chest in an attempt to hide another blush. "You're such a fucking jerk." Comes his muffled reply.

"Yeah? Well jerk or not, I said forever remember? So you're stuck with me until then." Inuyasha looks up just in time for the ex-Yakuza lord and now his lover to press a tender kiss on his plush lips. At first he tries to resist but decides to stop trying to fool himself and throws his arms around his neck to bring them closer.

"Forever…" Inuyasha breathes out in agreement when they break apart, only to lean into another kiss. As he wraps his arms around his slender waist he can't help thinking:

How did this kid melt my heart?

He decides that some things are best left unanswered and loses himself in the heated kiss. The thing that brings them back down to earth is the loud THUD! they hearof Inutaisho fainting to the ground. Woops…His forevers just keep more and more interesting…

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