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Racing Rebels: Return of the Star Racers

Chapter 1 - Crashing on Nourasia

It was approximately one year and a half after the Great Race of Oban. On this day, a brother and sister wandered through space, searching for a particular planet.

The ship sped through the galaxy as the sister steered it, recalling the memories of her brother and her constructing it not too long ago.

"Okul, do you see it? Do you see Nourasia?" she called towards him as she halted the ship. The brother looked up from the map of the galaxy.

"Yes! It's straight to your right, Exca!" He responded, quickly.

Exca nodded as she made an immediate turn towards her right as she searched for the planet. Seeing nothing, she scowled and looked back at him, expecting an explanation.

"Relax, we'll see it soon," Okul assured as he read his maps, searching for the exact coordinates.

The sister huffed as she slumped in her seat, staring ahead and waiting for a glimpse of the planet known as Nourasia.

She didn't have to wait too long however, as the planet became visible.

"Brother," she began, smirking, "we're going to Nourasia!"

The brother sighed in relief briefly before gripping his surroundings at the sudden force he felt. He let out a shrill scream and Exca laughed as her destination towards the elf planet came closer.

Sensing they were near the atmosphere of Nourasia, the sister forgot her cheery attitude and tensed as she prepared for the crash-landing that was to be ensued.

"Oh no!" sobbed Okul as he braced for the consequences of Exca's careless driving.

"Hold on brother!" she screamed, seeing the beautiful land of Nourasia appear before her. Praying to be alive after this, the alien gripped the wheel as she tried to stop the ship from crashing.

Eva gave a huff as she ran into the school, dragging her school bag along. As she passed her schoolmates, the girl looked at her watch for the time.

"Oh damn, I'm gonna be late," she dashed through the hallways to avoid tardiness. After jumping every other step on the staircase, and turning another hallway, she finally reached her classroom. Eva slid the door open and stepped inside just as the bell rang.

The teenage girl sighed in relief, only to be called upon by the teacher, Mrs. Pruitt.

"Eva," she began, tinkering with her glasses before looking at the girl, "you're late...again. Try to come to class early. Now please, take a seat."

The teenage girl nodded, but immediately stuck her tongue out when the teacher turned away. Taking a seat, she began to rummage through her bag, searching for a pencil.

As she searched, she noticed a pencil being extended towards her as if being offered.

"Oh thanks..." she began, only to stare at the person beside her in complete silence.

It was the new alien transfer student named...something. He had been here three days, if she recalled correctly.

The transfer student nodded and turned away, paying attention as the teacher began the lesson. Oddly enough, she found herself looking at him the whole period. It had been the first alien she'd seen in over a year.

She'd have to make a note to introduce herself later.

The final bell rang, signaling the end of the day for students. Eva ran past the rows of classrooms, heading towards her locker.

Reaching her locker, she opened it, throwing her books in and shut it close.

The teenage girl ran a hand through her black hair as she headed towards the exit. A series of hushed whispers caught her attention however, and she angled her head to figure out where they originated from.

Two students, one unknown to her and the new transfer student, stood by each other, talking and pointing towards her on occasion. They seemed to be unaware that they had caught her attention.

"Ahem," she cleared her throat, placing her hands on her hips, "What are you guys talking about?"

The two students froze and met her gaze. The alien student moved away from his friend first, standing up straight as if he was trying to compose himself.

The human one flinched and moved away from the scene. Eva cocked her eyebrow at him as her foot began to tap against the floor in an impatient pace.

The alien began to speak only to be thwarted by his friend, whom began dragging him away.

"H-HEY!" Eva growled as she took off after them, only to be halted by a thought.

Her dad was bound to be here soon, and she didn't want to keep him waiting. Giving a huff, the former racer turned around and exited the school to go wait for her father.

The Prince of Nourasia had been seated, facing the formerly great landscape of his home, as he meditated. It had been a while since he last done so. The war with the Crogs and the aftermath of it had been time occupying, hindering him from his usual sessions of meditation.

Aikka opened his eyes and stared at his surroundings. The beautiful land he once knew was barely recognizable. The Crogs certainly had left their mark, but he knew with much effort, Nourasia would grow back to its former glory. Especially, if the newly formed alliance with Earth was considered; though things were a bit shaky between the two, it was sure to get better with time.

Speaking of Earth, his mind drifted to the Earth girl by the name of Molly he had met over a year ago. The promise he had made to bring her to Nourasia.

Thinking of it now, he doubted it would happen for a long, long while. If not ever.

He gazed at the slow drifting clouds. Aikka personally liked the sky. At a time where his thoughts were so cluttered, it helped relieve his mind of the troublesome ideas that welled up in his brain.

The elf prince had grown more comfortable as the minutes passed, until he saw something falling straight down in the distance. A few moments later, the object had collided with the ground. Oddly, he heard no explosion. No sound. Nothing. Just a trail of smoke that traveled up the skies before disappearing into nothing.

He furrowed his eyebrows and stood up, alarmed. Fear had embedded itself inside Aikka. The thought that the Crogs had returned shook him to the core.

He ran away from his spot, intent on finding his mount, G'dar. The elf prince rushed by Canaan, his fencing master, and a few others before he was able to find the giant beetle.

Grabbing his bow and arrow, he settled himself on the saddle placed on his most trusted companion.

Canaan ran up to him, bewildered and at the same time, worried. "MY PRINCE, WHAT IS THE MATTER?"

Prince Aikka shook his head, "It is...nothing, Canaan. Just keep watch. I am only going to check on something of no importance."

With that, the prince's beetle flew off, leaving a storm of dust to those left behind.

Minutes passed by as Aikka made his way towards the scene. Spotting the smoke in the distance, he urged G'dar to head towards it.

The beetle screeched and stopped abruptly, deciding he didn't want to go any further.

"Please G'dar," the elf prince begged, "we must do this, for the sake of Nourasia."

The beetle screeched a bit before again flying toward the smoky destination.

It seemed G'dar had changed his mind. The alien elf sighed in relief, relaxing in his seat momentarily before straightening up with a look of determination on his face.

They had reached there faster than Aikka had anticipated, and soon after, he found what he had been searching for.

A spaceship of some kind lay on the ground. Specks of rubble were scattered across the earth near the ship. The elf prince jumped off and approached the ship warily, gripping his knife, just in case the occupants in it were to try and ambush him.

The small, careful steps brought him closer and closer to the spacecraft. As soon as he was in arms-length, the prince of Nourasia's hand slithered across the exterior.

He pulled away and hissed at the sudden burn. Aikka should have known better, but he hadn't. So now, he suffered a burn on his palm

Ignoring the pain, he examined the craft carefully, looking for an entrance.

This didn't look like a Crog ship, but if there was anyone alive, it was his duty as a Nourasian knight to make sure the people of his realm were not harmed.

Finding a door that looked like an entrance, the prince approached it, only to be halted by the sudden call of his name.

"My prince, Aikka!" called a voice and before he knew it, a fellow Nourasian knight was by his side.

Aikka turned back to face him, a sudden expression of surprise. His peer shook his head at the royal prince and looked at the craft.

"My…" the knight began, "this is what it was?"

The prince blinked in confusion. So he hadn't been the only one to see it? Actually, that was reasonable, but he hadn't the time to reflect on these thoughts. He didn't even know the name of his new found companion.

"I am afraid so," the prince responded. "We must enter, to make sure there are no invaders inside."

The knight nodded and paced up towards the door. He began tinkering with it, determined to get it open.

Aikka turned his head and noticed the other knight's beetle right next to his own. They seemed to be speaking, in a sense. They spoke with noises rather than words, of course. He gave a brief smile, but his attention was pulled back to his fellow knight at the sound of a collapsed object.

The knight smirked, a bit too proudly for his own good, as he stood by the doorway.

Aikka took a good look at the interior of the ship as he entered, searching his surroundings.

"Come," the prince called towards the elf knight. The knight nodded and followed him inside.

The two males had begun from the entrance, but as they descended farther inside to explore the few rooms, they were coated with nothing but darkness.

The prince briefly stopped and using his magic created a bit of light for the two to ease their search. Also, he didn't want to risk getting a stubbed toe.

It worked for some time, but as the minutes passed, Aikka's magic began to deteriorate. The knight suggested ending their search, but the prince declined.

He was adamant, and they continued. Honestly, the prince was a bit curious, for there were many interesting artifacts. Oddly enough, most of the objects were in good condition.

When they finished going through all three of the rooms, Prince Aikka and the knight rested in the last one. The knight seemed to tinker with a toy of sorts while the prince pondered. In none of them were they there.

Suddenly, they heard a faint sound of someone groaning in the distance. The knight shot up from his seat, dropping the toy in the process. The two looked at each other as if mentally communicating, though both were silent. Neither moved, for fear they'd scare away the only lead they had as of now.

Seconds, minutes, passed until they heard it again. As soon as he did, the knight took off, sprinting towards its direction.

"Wait!" hissed Aikka before chasing after him. The prince spotted the Nourasian entering a door he hadn't seen before.

While the Nourasian knight had entered without a thought, Aikka entered with precision.

Besides the darkness, the Prince was not able to see much. Deciding once more to rely on his magic, the elven alien formed a ball of light while whispering the words of old Nourasian. It lit up significantly, considering he was waltzing around like a blind man. The prince looked closely at the sight of a body slumped over, what seemed to be a table, with another standing by it.

Aikka walked over, assuming it was his companion. Luck seemed to be in his favor, for there the knight stood, a look of shock evident on his face.

"I...what is it?" the knight asked and the prince hinted fear engraved in his tone.

The Prince was about to speak when the groaning noise came again. They stayed silent, looking at one another before Aikka made his way to it.

Not surprisingly, he found another alien of the same species. The prince bent down beside it, and it looked at him.

"Oh, hello there," greeted the form weakly. It was to speak again, but instead, fell unconscious.

The prince's eyes widened. Had...had it just died? The Nourasian searched for an area where he could feel for a pulse. Just as he was to find out, the sudden call of his name, once again, stopped him.

"Prince Aikka!" whispered the knight as he held onto the corpse of the other alien. "We must be getting back. Take it with us!"

The prince nodded and gazed back at the form in front of him. He picked up the body with much care and placed the alien on his back. Aikka followed the knight outside, and once outdoors, they set the bodies onto the ground.

Getting a better look of the two, Aikka had determined one was female and the other, male. Sometime later, the knight and the prince made their way back to the kingdom, along with the bodies of the two unknown aliens.

And Aikka had learned the name of his companion, which had been Kytsim.

The two Nourasian knights then rode off to the castle, intent on reporting their findings.

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