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Racing Rebels: Return of the Star Racers

Chapter 6 – The Batsai Team's First Race

Exca sat in the darkness, patiently waiting for the first race to begin. She groaned in exasperation and sat back, contemplating about the event that was ahead of her.

She didn't really know anything about her opponent, but she blamed that on the fact they were signed up for the race at the last minute.

The Batsai yawned before complaining, "Augh! What's taking them so long? I wanna race!"

"You mean crash Exca. You seem to forget you do that a lot," responded her brother as he peeked his head from his designated spot.

"Shut up Brother! Aren't you supposed to be loading ammunition or something?" snapped back the sister, and he held no response.

"Now, welcome back ladies and gentlemen!" rang the voice of the announcer in the distance.

"Oh goody!" whispered the sister as she focused her attention on the presenter who was also her old friend, Devatula.

She brought her claw to the wheel and gripped it. The female twin couldn't believe she'd be racing in a matter of minutes.

It was unbelievable, and she could feel the faint sensation of nausea swirling in her tummy.

No, she wouldn't let that take hold of her.

The sister shook her head and looked forward, waiting for her introduction to begin.

She didn't wait long as Devatula's speech wandered to the introductions of the racers, "Now! Let's introduce our first contestant! From the planet Batsai, I present you, Batsai Exca and Okul Dro!"

"That's what I'm talking about," happily whispered the furry alien as she guided her eyes to the controls that ran the ship.

Searching for the on button, she pressed against it, and the spacecraft began to start up. She relaxed into her seat, but failed to notice that her fingers forced their weight onto a red triangular switch that would complicate this first race more than she could have imagined.

Exca was startled when her spaceship took off at alarming speeds. She let out a yelp as the darkness she had previous been accustomed to, was rapidly fading away. She could see the opening she'd been scheduled to come out of once Devatula called her name, but with her current predicament, she was sure she wouldn't be appearing as peacefully as she thought.

"EXCA, WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" screamed her brother.

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID!" was her reply as she realized she'd crash if she didn't do something soon.

The light at the end of the tunnel only grew brighter, and the sister could spot a wall right in front of her.

That wasn't good at all.

As she exited into the crowded arena, the Batsai placed her attention onto not colliding into the barrier that was just a short feet away from her.

She did this by placing her claws on the controls and pushing with all her strength to her left. The female twin was able to accomplish this, but just barely.

She sighed in relief as she finished the turn to her left, but it was only short-lived as she caught sight of another wall once more.

The sister once more twisted the wheel to her left, and she, once again, avoided a crash.

And yet, that didn't calm her at all. The reason being her opponent's ship was exiting out of the tunnel she previously had been in.

"Mother of Batsai!" the sister cried as she hurriedly searched for something that'd slow her out-of-control spaceship.

Then she saw it. The triangular yellow button that sat remotely an arm's length away from her, and she extended her limb with much speed to press it.

The force she'd given was enough to activate the switch, and she sighed in relief.

However, on her screen popped up a timer with the words '0:20 seconds remaining.'

She gazed upwards to see if 20 seconds would be enough, and that relief she once held evaporated like water would on a sunny day.

Exca tried for an alternative by trying to continue to spin the wheel like she's done the previous two times, but when the sister's claws tried to maneuver the controls, a message popped up and overlapped over the timer.

In bright red letters, it read, 'Please wait till emergency shutdown is completed.'

"AUGH!" she screamed in anger and slammed her body into the back of her seat. They were so close now!

Her eyes wandered back to her screen as the countdown continued.

0:07 seconds remaining.

The Batsai closed her eyes as she realized what was going to happen in less than 7 seconds. They were going to crash. They would possibly die, and the mission they'd been assigned by their master would go undone.

And she'd never get to have a race, or see Prince Aikka again.

She tensed as she awaited the impact of the collision that was to come. Except at the last second, a loud ring ran throughout the interior of the ship, and then, the ship suddenly settled to the ground in a gentle manner.

The female twin snapped her eyes open as she realized that the ship, her own ship, had been successful shutting down.

Exca then couldn't help but wonder how close they'd been, and when she stared ahead of her, she almost fell out of her seat.

They were so close, it was ridiculous! A feet or two exactly, and it was so frightening that she'd narrowly escaped a possible death.

Then as she was overcoming her shock, Devatula's voice boomed unexpectedly.

"M-My! That….that was quite a turn of events was it not, Audience?" started the older alien, trying to not make the situation any worse. "Uhh…w-well…should we begin the race now that this….event is over?"

There was silence followed by a quiet cheer. The crowd must've been at a loss of words.

"What is it, Audience?" Bellowed the female covered in tentacles in a much cheerier voice.

The screams grow louder, and the sister leaned back with a sigh.

"That's better! Well then, let's continue the race. As I'm sure, you must know Batsai Exca Dro and Batsai Okul Dro for their outlandish introduction by now! Now, let me introduce you to Lord Kahn Mutzki of planet Knumtskew!" Devatula continued as she did several gestures to the crowd.

The cheers, screams, and few boos went silent as Exca tilted her head in confusion.

Knumtskew? Where in the galaxy was that?

"Exca!" she heard randomly, and the twin turned backwards to see her brother leaning against the door that led to his designated spot. He was glaring at her as his claw lingered around his stomach area.

"Yeah?" the sister responded.

"Are you done screwing up now? I don't think my tummy can take any more of this craziness."

The Batsai's eyebrows furrowed in annoyance, "Go back to your pit, and prepare your guns or whatever you do! I'm going to need you to watch my back and shoot Mudcakes down when he tries to attack us."



"His name is Mutzki."

"I DON'T CARE!" yelled Exca as she shifted her gaze from the Batsai male back to the front where she could see the outside world from her large window.

"Racers! Please take your positions," Devatula said at a sudden.

"Go brother!" screamed the sister as she started her ship up once more.

Okul rolled his eyes and headed back to his pit as he shook his head.

The female twin started moving her ship until it was side-by-side by her opponent's.

She looked to the side, trying to spot a window where she could get a good look of adversary.

Unfortunately, there was none, and she frowned.

The Batsai decided to try and focus her attention on the confident announcer's voice as she began to explain to the crowd of how the course would work. She found herself unable to concentrate on what Devatula was saying and relaxed into her chair as boredom overcame her.

Then, an idea hit her, and she leaped forward into her seat as her eyes scanned for a button. Upon finding it, she jabbed her middle claw onto it, and a list of names came up.

She skimmed through it until the name popped up. Pressing the switch again, a signal replaced the inventory of words.

Faster than Exca expected, the face of a blue elf in his early twenties appeared on her screen. He wore a mahogany mask that covered his spring green eyes, and a ridiculous white hat that reminded her of fire.

"Hi!" greeted the sister, trying to ignore his weird appearance. "I'm Exca!"

He seemed startled to see her face at first, but moments after, he tilted his head upwards and seemed to be focused on something other than her.

He then shifted his gaze to her before giving her an odd look, "….Hello?"

"Listen, I just wanna say sorry for almost getting us killed," she stated with a weak smile.

Once again, he seemed to not be listening to her as he resumed looking upwards and away from her.

She was about to call out to him when he disconnected from her.

The sister blinked in confusion at first before scowling. How rude!

She growled a bit until Devatula interrupted again, "Now racers, get ready!"

Exca did as she was instructed and concentrated on the race course that was ahead of her. The race was to begin in a matter of seconds.

As she did this, a blast of blue energy flew across the sky before exploding into a shower of glittery particles.

"Get set!"

Another blast of energy.


As these words were said, Exca motioned for her ship to move forward with as much speed possible. From that point on, she was only worried about winning the race and beating her opponent.

The sister guided her ship as she exited the arena and into the course. She was excited to say the least, but she'd have to set aside her excitement for a bit as she spotted a large stone wall come into view.

"What the-?!" she screamed as she twisted the controls to her right in an attempt to not crash.

It was successful as she avoided the wall easily, and the Batsai focused her attention on the road ahead of her.

The female twin could spot her opponent ahead of her in the distance, and it became her objective to catch up to him.

The sister scowled as she turned a corner and tried to close in the gap between her and Lord Mutzki.

However, as soon as she was close, he zoomed away from her.

This continued for a while longer until the two reached yet another stone wall.

The sister was able to avoid the obstacle without much difficulty, but as soon as she finished turning the corner, she gawked at the scene in front of her.

Only a few feet away from her own ship, hovered the black, sleek ship that belonged to her adversary. It didn't move at all. Not a foot, an inch, or even a centimeter.

She stared at the sight with a bewildered expression until her senses came back to her. The Batsai pilot took this to her advantage and guided her spacecraft right past his as a mischievous grin formed on her lips.

The sister decided to try and create some distance between the two and did so until the face of her opponent's popped up on her monitor.

"Don't go any further!" he warned, and she had to halt her ship so she could laugh at those ridiculous words.

"And why shouldn't I? This is a race!" she responded harshly.

"Listen to me! Don't co-" Lord Mutzki was cut off as Exca disconnected from their conversation.

"What an idiotic thing for him to say," muttered the sister to herself as she continued on her journey to complete the race course.

She noticed he hadn't followed after her, but the female twin tried not to let that thought flesh itself out.

Nonetheless, her brother interrupted as his head peeked out of the turret where he previously had been, "Exca."

She stopped her ship once more and turned back to meet his stare, "Yeah Brother?"

"I just got a message from Lord Mutzki and he wants us to stop racing for a bit," replied the brother.

"What? No!"

"But Exca, it sounded really urgent. He said something happened, and that we were told to stay put until it was all cleared up."

"You're crazy! I'm not stopping, because our opponent, OPPONENT, told us too. For all we know, it could just be some trick!"

"Exca, please."

"No! Look at you! You're even taking orders from some guy you don't even know. No, I simply refuse too. We're going to keep going, and we're going to win!" yelled back the sister as she faced away from her twin and forced her spacecraft to go forward.

Okul, deciding to not make the situation worse, sighed and went back to his turret with a shake of his head. His sister never did understand the importance of following people's orders sometimes, and by now, he thought it was useless to continue.

With that, he was gone, and the female twin was left to her lonesome again.

She continued to trek across the course, and eventually, the arena came into view. She was almost there!

The sister grinned as she realized she was going to win, and she decided she'd try to finish the race a little faster.

The Batsai pilot liked that idea and focused on searching for the right button to press that would allow the ship to increase its speed.

However, her plans were foiled when a large screech pierced the air around her. The twin stopped her spacecraft and looked around in a confused state. What was that?

It didn't take longer than five seconds to find out as a large corpse of an insect toppled over and fell right in front of the Batsai and her ship.

She screamed in shock as this happened and watched in horror as several Nourasian men came into view and surrounded the animal.

They seemed to be collecting the dead insect, and after a few minutes, it was taken away.

All that remained were a few Nourasians until the path was cleared.

"I told you," remarked Okul suddenly, and the sister jumped in her seat.

"Okul!" she screamed. "Don't scare me like that!"

"I told you," he repeated, and she rolled her eyes.

"Okay, okay, but can we continue the race now?"

"I think so."

"Good, because I'm ready to win!" shouted the sister as she immediately started her racer up.

It took off in such a speed that Okul had to hold on to his sister's seat tightly.

"We're going to win!" cheered the female as they reached closer and closer to the finish line.

Exca was without a care until she noticed a certain ebony-colored racer turn the corner and head in the direction she was in.

"Gah! He caught up to us!" she yelled as she was more desperate to pass the finish line.

Fear had embedded itself in her until she realized that her spaceship had just entered the arena.

Then she realized she'd just won the race.

"And the winner is Exca and Okul of Batsai!"

The crowd cheered, several balls of energy flew throughout the sky, and Exca felt a sense of accomplishment.

"Thank you for joining us today! This concludes our first race, but stick around and witness our second race that'll be starting shortly," announced Devatula, and the sister relaxed.

She'd won, and that's all that mattered.

Exca ran out of the stadium with her brother in tow. A wide smile was set upon her face, and she had no plans for it to disappear any time soon.

Her main goal right now was to find the one and only, Prince Aikka, much to Okul's annoyance.

"Are you sure we have to find the Prince and tell him about our victory? I'm rather sure he knows already, and I'm very tired," complained the brother.

"Of course we do! And you didn't even do anything!"

"Other than endure your reckless driving."

"Be quiet br-oh, look! It's Mudcakes….he kind of looks sad," Observed the sister as she tilted her head.

"Mutzki. His name is Mutzk…Exca, where are you going?" asked the male twin as he watched the Batsai pilot walk up to the blue elf.

"Hi there Mudcakes!" greeted as she gave an obnoxious grin. "What's wrong?"

The blue elf, and Exca's former opponent, gave her an odd stare before responding, "Mudcakes?"

"Isn't that your name?"

"My name is Mutzki, not Mudcakes," he responded in annoyance. "Batsais…They think they know everything."

"Excuse me?" growled the sister as she folded her arms. "We do not think we know everything! Plus we're more accomplished than you. No one even knows what Knumtskew is!"

"Listen, I don't have time for childish games right now, okay? Have a good day," The Knumtskew elf said before turning around and walking away.

"Hey, I'm not being childish!" she huffed and clenched her fists.

"Exca," called her brother as he caught up to her. "What was that about?"

"Nothing. Come on, I see him anyways. Hey Aikka!" yelled the female twin as she ran up to him.

He was amidst a crowd of other Nourasians that were dressed similar with an upset expression.

The prince turned around to meet the twins as they reached their destination.

"Hello there, Exca and Okul," he greeted with a small wave.

"Aikka, we won! Can you believe we won?! Oh, I'm so happy!" the sister blabbered as she did her signature twirl before embracing Aikka.

The prince blinked at her sudden gesture and remained frozen until she pulled away from him.

He then noticed the Earth team in the distance, and with the Earth team was Molly…no, Eva.

The prince of Nourasia kept his gaze on the Earth team to the point where he completely ignored every word Exca was telling him.

Deciding he'd try and fix things with Eva, Aikka turned to the Batsai female and stated, "Exca, I am pleased to hear you did well on your race, but I need to go do some errands at the moment. Would you mind retelling your tale later?"

She stopped in midsentence and let a frown replace her smile, "O-okay. Um, sure…I can wait. Plus I'm really tired…haha…"

"Thank you, Exca! I look forward to it," he remarked before running off in the distance.

The sister looked down and failed to notice her brother place his claw on her shoulder.

"Exca, it's okay. At least we won!" he tried comforting, but it wasn't much help.

"I-I know…I was…I was just really looking forward to telling him," she muttered, glumly.

"And you will. He's just kind of busy right now. He IS a prince after all."

"You're right…I guess I'll just have to wait till later!" she said before giving a small laugh. "He's just real cool!"

"I'll agree with you on that!" agreed a voice abruptly.

The twins froze in their place as they heard someone walking up to them.

The two noticed it was a tall fellow that wore a giant red cape, and a hat similar to one of a jester's. Upon his face was a mask that covered his identity, but just by looking at the large ears that accompanied his head and the greyish tail, the Batsai twins could tell what species he was.

He was an Alpt, a close ally of their homeworld, Batsai.

"My, I don't think I've seen your faces before," continued the Alpt as he stopped in front of them. "Who are you two exactly? I know you aren't popular faces on neither Batsai nor Alpt…"

"U-us?" asked the sister.

"Well, you are the only two Batsai I see here," he muttered after he smacked his mask with the palm of his claw.

"No need to be sarcastic. We are allies here," Okul said, cautiously intervening.

"Y-yeah! Allies aren't mean to other allies!" chirped the Batsai pilot nervously.

"Hmm….Good point. Well then, my name is Alpt Meen, and I'm sure you know what I am," introduced the grey-colored alien with a bow.

"Your name is Alpt?" asked the sister with a tilt of her head. "That's weird."

"It isn't weird! My mother was just very proud of her home planet, and so am I!" defensively yelled Alpt.

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry….Alpt. I didn't mean to offend you. Um, I'm Batsai Exca Dro, and this is my brother, Batsai Okul Dro," anxiously replied the sister as she waved weakly.

"Those names sounds familiar," noted Alpt as he studied them a bit closer.

Neither of the twins moved as he did this, and only took a breath when he shrugged and said, "Then again, those are pretty common names."

"Y-yeah." They both agreed in unsion.

"Well then, my comrades, it is certainly nice to see you both here, but watch out since I intend to beat you if we are to race. Goodbye," Alpt stated before disappearing into the crowd.

"That was a close one, Brother," Exca mumbled in relief once he was gone.

"It was, but thankfully he doesn't remember that incident."

"Yeah, thankfully he doesn't remember that we were the two that were taken when the Crowius attacked Batsai those few years ago."

"Yes, and let's try to keep it at that. We don't need it messing up our mission."

"Should we go back to the pit?" inquired Exca as she faced her brother.

"Yeah, we should."

Eva exhaled as she followed the Earth team with Carmen beside her.

"Are you still mad at him?" asked her partner, and she nodded.

"But he tried to apologize to you."

"I don't care if he tried to apologize to me. The damage is done," she responded and kept her gaze on the floor.

"But he seemed sincere," Carmen said, continuing to pester Eva.

"Aren't they always?" the pilot mumbled back.

"No. Most of them usually aren't," Carmen said back. "And I think your jumping to conclusions."

The human girl stopped in her tracks and glared at her partner, "What do you mean jumping to conclusions?! You heard what I heard."

"Well…he didn't exactly say it. That other one did," explained the gunner.

"I don't care."

"Aw come on, Eva. He sounds like a good friend. Plus, it doesn't make much sense why he'd be your friend and then say such terrible things about you."

"Okay, fine. I'll talk to him later. Do you like that?" asked an irritated pilot.

"Yes! I do like that a lot."

"Okay, now can we talk about something other than Aikka?" inquired the Earth girl as she continued pacing again.

"Sure, if you'd like," the gunner replied with a laugh.

"Guys!" Stan yelled out randomly.

The two girls stopped in their tracks to see Stan and Koji by the pit while Rick and Eva's father ran over. Well Rick did. Don had to stop or else he'd break his back.

The Earth pilot and gunner decided they'd go and check out what the mechanics had unearthed.

They got there a few minutes later and stood next to Rick and Don.

"Hi all!" practically boomed a voice as the body of a young man in his twenties with fiery orange hair and the most cobalt eyes appeared out of nowhere.

The Earth team, with the exception of Stan and Koji, froze in their positions.

None of them knew what to make of this newcomer.

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