Chapter 22 - BPOV - So, This Is What All the Fuss Is About -

A/N – Sorry once again for it taking so long to update. This is not how I usually like to do things, but I'm going to backtrack a bit and give you some of the last scene through Bella's perspective. Hope you don't mind the repetition, but if it gets boring, just scroll until you get to the two "Yes!"es

"What do you think?" Edward asked.

My heart, already beating faster than normal, sped up, as I tried to swallow and meet his eyes.

Before I could force my gaze away from the bed that dominated the room, he muttered some kind of profanity and then began rambling. "I mean, how do you like this place? It's nice and all, but I think you guys have a more welcoming atmosphere."

"Edward," I said, putting my hand out to touch his arm.


"I love the room, I'm glad we're here. But, what I'm thinking is that if you make me wait any longer I'm going to combust."

With that, he crossed the room and crushed his lips to mine. I gasped around his mouth and found myself being lifted off my feet. Suddenly, we were tumbling onto the four-poster bed. It was so much like every romance novel I had ever read, and so close to my fantasy of being desired, that I couldn't keep my giggle back.

"Are you sure you're ready right now, Bella?" he whispered. "I mean, we could go take a walk and talk or explore the town to figure out where to go for dinner."

"Edward," I said, cupping his chin with my hand. "If I were any more ready I'd be panting like a dog and my panties would literally be in flames."

We kissed again.

"Uh," he broke away from her. "You think this place has any'do not disturb' signs?"

We both turned to look at the door of our room. Sure enough, there was a little tag hanging from the knob.

"We should probably put that on the outside," I whispered. My overheated skin broke out in gooseflesh at the thought that we were one of those couples who locked themselves in their rooms the moment they checked into a bed and breakfast. Since becoming an innkeeper, I had blushed at the lustful looks and rushed check-ins more than once. It seemed surreal that I was now the guest, and a man as handsome and sexy as Edward was anxious to be alone with me.

"Definitely," he said, getting up and quickly pulling the sign off the inside knob, opening the door just enough to hang it on the outside.

As soon as he got up, I rushed to strip. The night we had first admitted our desires to each other on the phone came back to me as I whipped my sweater off over my head, revealing the Alice-approved bra that I still felt was too classy to waste on my perfectly ordinary body. But, I hoped that Edward would like what he saw.

I looked hopefully into his face and exhaled in relief, breaking into a smile. The fire in his gaze could have ignited the walls around us. I don't think I would have cared if we had both been completely consumed, as long as I was part of the same fire.

"Oh fuck, Bella," he groaned, falling back and banging the back of his head against the door. "You are so fucking gorgeous."

I could feel myself blush even as a smile spread across my cheeks. His reaction gave me the courage to continue undressing. I began to unbutton my jeans.

"Wait," he said. "I want to help you with that."

I bit my lip and nodded. Edward quickly pulled off his own clothes - except for his underwear. I could feel my eyes grow wide at the sight of his muscled chest and toned legs. Thank goodness, he wore boxers because if the thing that was tenting the fabric in front of me were more visible - like through some tight briefs, I would probably pass out.

Edward crawled onto the bed, and I opened my legs for him. He remained an inch away from touching me, holding himself up by one hand on the pillow beside me.

He leaned back and wrapped his fingers around the waist of my pants to begin pulling them off me. I held my breath as the thong that matched my bra came into his view.

"Do you like it?" I breathed. He was silent, staring down at my hips that were now covered by just the tiny piece of lace and silk.

"I love it," he groaned. "Did you wear this for me?"

I couldn't keep the giggle that escaped my lips. But, I was instantly sorry for spoiling the mood as Edward's eyes met mine. Thankfully, he began to laugh with me; it was all so ridiculous since it wasn't the first time for either of us. However, for some reason, I felt nervous and uncertain of what to expect, more so than I had been that first time. And somehow, Edward seemed just as awkward as me. But, that didn't make this moment any less perfect. It made my heart swell with the feeling of just how right it was - how right Edward was.

As if he could read my mind, Edward began kissing me again. Edward could be the world champion of kissing, as he had proved from the very first time at my own Inn. Whenever our lips met, I was overwhelmed by the sensations he elicited in me from the many ways he used his talented mouth. But he had obviously been holding out on me. These kisses were something totally new. As I felt the weight of him press into me, I pushed back, lifting myself off the bed.

"Oh, baby," Edward, said. "If you keep doing that I'm not going to be able to wait to be inside you."

I suddenly froze, confused by what he could mean. Had I misread what was happening? Was Edward still not ready to make love? "Why do you want to wait?" I asked, trying not to sound as rejected as I felt.

Edward laughed, but the sound was full of fire, not humor. "There's plenty more I want to do before we get there," he said.

"There is?" I couldn't imagine what he was referring to. My inexperience was getting me lost.

"Of course," he said. "After waiting all these months to get you naked in bed with me, you think I'm going to rush?" He laughed again, and then began kissing my neck in a way that should unquestionably be illegal.

After working me into a frenzy with his tongue and mouth across my throat, Edward whispered, "I want to see you writhing on this bed, desperate for me. I want to explore this gorgeous body." He finally reached for my breast, placing a finger inside my bra and teasing my nipple. I moaned embarrassingly loudly.

Edward continued his verbal foreplay, "I want to take the time to feel you, to hear you, the see you, and to taste you." I had a few seconds for these words to sink in before Edward hooked his fingers into my panties and dragged them down my body. I held my breath, waiting to feel the weight of him return above me, but was shocked to feel his arms wrap around my knees and begin pushing my legs apart, with his head positioned above my pussy.

Panic hit me. He must think he needed to go down on me. I knew guys never really liked to do that, and I wanted our first time together to be good for both of us.

"Wait," I shouted, squirming to get out of his grasp, my thighs coming together automatically. "You don't need to do that," I told him, unsure what else to say.

Edward's head jerked up. I thought I saw a mix of confusion and disappointment in his eyes. But, that couldn't be right. I shook my head to dispel what must be a lust-induced mirage.

"It's not about needing to Bella," he said. "I've been dying to taste you for months. Won't you let me?"

Let him? I shook my head in confusion. "You want to?" Smooth, Bella, I chided myself, internally.

"Of course," he said as if this was normal or obvious. His brow furrowed, and he added, "Unless you don't want me to. Don't you like it?"

"Well, umm..." I mumbled. "I don't really know. I've never had anyone try."

"What?" Edward pulled away, looking angry. "Are you serious?" he asked.

I was ruining this. How could I have been so stupid? Had I unintentionally misled him in how inexperienced I was? Was he rethinking?

Tears began to spring to my eyes.

"Hey," he said, pulling me up and wrapping me in his arms. "Don't get upset."

"I'm not upset, just a little embarrassed," I mumbled into his shoulder. Despite my humiliation, I could appreciate how nice a shoulder it was. My lips brushed against it as I answered, giving me a hint of the taste of his skin. Butterflies danced in my belly.

"Don't be, love," he said, cupping my chin in his hand. "Just trust me, okay."

If there was one thing in the world I was sure I could do, it was to trust Edward. With those words, I exhaled blowing out all the worry I was holding in.

"This is going to be fun," he smirked. "Just relax. When you're ready, put your hands in my hair and you can help guide me where you want me. Can you do that, baby?"

I nodded.

"If I do anything you don't like, just tell me, sweetheart."

"Remember to breathe, honey," he said, keeping his green eyes locked on mine as he maneuvered himself once again between my thighs.

Breathing I could do, I thought. I inhaled, and when Edward cast his eyes down to look at my naked sex in front of him, I exhaled. I quickly sucked in another breath, this time in shock as he planted a kiss just at the top of my slit.

What happened next, was beyond my abilities to comprehend or remember. All I know is that Edward's fingers, tongue, and lips were caressing, teasing, sucking and stroking parts of me that I had never discovered. My entire body trembled, my legs shaking the hardest as I tried to keep them from involuntarily wrapping around Edward's head and locking him in place.

Just when I thought he was going to take me over the edge by touching me once more in a particular way, he would shift and begin another assault on my pussy, making me feel even better. My breath was coming in short gasps, and I could feel an unfamiliar heat across my chest as our eyes met and I watched him suck on my clit.

"Oh Edward," I screamed. The jangled bundle of nerves deep inside me suddenly sprang apart, and a current jolted through me, unlike anything I had ever felt before. Blacknessengulfed me, and I had no idea if it was because my eyes had closed, or whether my brain had simply stopped receiving information. I was totally focused on the feelings that Edward was creating.

Slowly, my vision returned, and I became conscious of my own breath again. Edward was now hovered above me, his eyes full of excitement.

"Bella," he whispered, "that was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen."

"I've never felt anything like that before," I said.

"I'm glad," he smirked, and I realized I was glad, too. Even though I doubted anyone could have made me feel like that, I wanted it to be Edward I shared it with the first time.

He went on, "As much as I hate the idea of you not being treated the way you should, I fucking love that I'm the one who did that for you."

"Would you kiss me?" I whispered. He went to wipe his face, but I stopped me with a hand on his arm.

"Don't," I said. A long dormant kinky side of me wanted to taste the proof of what had just happened. I breathed a small gulp of air just before our lips meant, hoping I wasn't pushing my own boundaries. The taste on his lips and tongue was oddly sweet and pungent but not as strange or unpleasant as I expected. We kissed passionately, my hands running through his hair, Edward exploring my curves. I could feel him hard as he pressed against me.

I broke away, and we smiled at each other. Edward ran his fingers through my hair.

"Can I return the favor?" I asked. I felt so alive and powerful; I needed to do something with the energy that was running through me. And nothing would be better than showing Edward how much I desired him. But, he was frowning a little, making my insecure fears whisper a tiny bit again.

"Baby," he said. "I'd love to feel your mouth on me, but I'm so worked up at this point, I don't think I could keep myself from coming, and I'd rather do that inside of you, if you're ready for that."

I inhaled and shook my head. "I'm definitely ready if you are."

He laughed. "I think we may have to come up with a different word," he said. "I'm beyond ready to make love to you, my beautiful Bella." He got up from the bed to grab a condom. For a second, I thought about telling him he didn't need to do that. I had been on birth control since college and obviously trusted him. But, then maybe I shouldn't spoil the moment with that kind of conversation. Maybe he would feel better wearing one anyway.

I whispered, "Please, Edward," I couldn't go on for a moment as I was overwhelmed by the sight of this beautiful man in all his glory before me. It was as if he had knocked the wind out of me without even touching me. Finally, our eyes met, and I was able to say the words enveloping my mind: "Make love to me now."

He entered me slowly, so that I felt every inch of him as my body stretched to allow him inside.

"So tight," he whispered.

"Is it okay?" I asked.

He caressed my cheek with his hand, before assuring me. "It feels incredible, baby. Tight is good, I just don't want to hurt you."

"You won't Edward," I said. "Please, I want to feel you inside me." I punctuating the thought by raising my hips off the bed, and pushing into him in a way that feltnatural and right.

"Fuck," Edward, groaned. "So good baby, I'm not going to last if you keep that up."

"You feel so good," I said. "You make me feel so good Edward." I looked up into his smiling face, only barely aware that Edward was shifting to place his hand in between us. I had just enough time to wonder what he was doing before I felt his thumb adding pressure just above the place where we were joined, giving me the last, missing piece of perfect friction.

"Oh!" I cried out.

"Do you like that, baby?" he whispered. "Does it feel good when I touch you like that?"

"So good, Edward," I cried, my eyes closing automatically. "So, so good."

"Bella," Edward said, "Look at me love."

Our eyes met again, and for the second time in my life, I felt that all-consuming, glorious shudder rock my body. Edward's eyes grew wide, and he seemed to tremble, too. Our cries rang out, and he fell back on top of me. The weight of him made me feel small but safe and entirely surrounded by him. I didn't think it was possible to feel so loved and in love.

The fact that it was still early enough in the day for natural light to be streaming into the beautiful room made it easy to believe that we had somehow stopped time. I could have stayed like that forever, but too soon, Edward lifted himself off me. I missed the feeling of him inside me immediately, but I didn't have time to feel too sorry before our eyes met, and it was as if we were still fully connected.

"Bella," Edward whispered, then closed his eyes. I bit my lip as I watched his face transformed by thoughts I could only imagine. I thought he might say something else, but instead he shook his head briefly, and then brought his lips to mine again. We kissed sweetly for a while, then Edward got up, pulling me with him to the bathroom. Still silent, he sat me on the edge of the tub and turned the tabs to begin filling it up past the Jacuzzi jets.

He then stood me up and stepped in, helping me over the edge, which was probably a good thing since my legs were beginning to completely give out on me.

Only after we were both up to our necks in the deliciously, bubbling steamy water, and Edward had massaged every inch of me with a soft washcloth, did he break the silence.

"It's a good thing there's dinner service at this Inn," he said.

"Are you hungry?" I asked, sure my blush wouldn't be showing over the heat and steam of our bath.

"Starving," he replied with a crooked grin. "But more importantly, I'm going to need to make sure you have plenty of strength and energy for the next round."

A girlish giggle broke out of me. I just hoped I could manage to keep my hands off him long enough not to make a scene in the dining room.

We checked out after a delicious breakfast the next morning and headed toward the second stop on our mini-vacation, this one about forty miles away.

I had been a little afraid that I would be awkward around Edward after we finally made love, but that wasn't even a possibility. Either he had been holding quite a bit back, or last night had unleashed a newfound curiosity in him for just about every detail of my life.

There wasn't a minute of awkward silence, because Edward kept asking me questions about everything from my second grade teacher to which Vermont meteorologist I found the most reliable. He drove as well as ever, but I wasn't sure how he could even see the road as he kept looking at me in the passenger seat. Our fingers were always intertwined, and our hands rested on either my lap or his, as we shifted back and forth only to keep them from falling asleep.

We had just slowed for a crossing of snowmobilers when I noticed a tiny frown on Edward's face. "What is it?" I asked, still afraid that somehow all this was too good to be true.

"Nothing," he said, releasing my hand for just a second to caress my cheek as if to erase the worry he saw on my face. "I was just thinking I should have taken a longer route to the next B&B. I don't think they'll be ready to check us in so early."

"Oh," I said, seeing from the clock in his dash that we were still a few hours before the standard check-in time. "I should have thought of that, too. It would be pretty rude of me as a fellow Innkeeper to show up before check-in." I frowned as I watched the last of the noisy machines race off the pavement and onto the snow-covered trail on the opposite side of the road. "It's not really a good time to take another rail-trail walk, is it?"

"No," Edward said. "Most of the trails would only work for snowshoeing or machine riding, now. Although..."

"Yes," I said, curious about the sudden glint in his eye.

"Would you be up for a little climb if it ended with an amazing view?" he said, leaving me completely puzzled.

"You mean, like mountain climbing?" I asked.

"Not exactly," he said. "I just remembered something a buddy of mine in the Forest Service told me about, and it's not too far out of our way from here." He gave me his best, crooked grin. "What do you say, Ms. Swan, are you up for a little winter adventure?"

I couldn't help but smile back at him, my heart speeding up for more than one reason. "I'm up for anything you want, Edward." I told him honestly, after our previous night I felt braver and more powerful than I ever had in my life.

"Okay, then," he grinned, and then pulled onto the shoulder to make a U-turn.

"Are you going to tell me where we're going?" I asked.

"You'll see when we get there," he said. "And it's still my turn to ask questions. Do you have a favorite artist?"

I sighed and leaned back in the seat of his truck, but played along, answering more of his questions as we drove a little east and then turned onto some pretty rough roads. "Are you sure we should be coming down here?" I asked, noticing a sign about our entering the Green Mountain National Forest.

"Yup," he said. "Like I told you, I've got a friend in the Forest Service. They have their own engineers, but we work together on some projects that are combined state and federal funding."

"Hey," I cut him off, "No trying to distract me with all that bureaucrat-ease stuff. Where are we heading to?"

Edward smirked, pulling the wheel around a sharp curve in the road. Ahead of us, the trees cleared briefly, and he pointed to something about a mile ahead.

"What is that?" I asked, squinting at the tall structure that looked like the illegitimate child of the Eiffel Tower and an ice-fishing shanty.

"That's a Fire Tower," Edward said, with a sly grin. "It's how they used to protect the property before satellite images and long distance radios."

"Is it safe?" I asked, wondering if Edward had forgotten my clumsiness.

He brought the truck to a stop, and turned in his seat to face me. "Would I take you anywhere that wasn't safe, Bella?"

I bent my head to look up out the windshield, squinting at the rickety pile of steel and wood.

"Bella?" Edward said again. Before I could turn, I heard him unbuckle his seatbelt and slide over the truck's bench seat to wrap me in his arms. His fingers pulled through the loose hair around my shoulders, making me shiver. "Do you want me to carry you up? I could give you a piggy back ride."

I frowned at him and was answered by a trademark Edward smirk. "Do I look like a piggy back ride kind of girl to you?"

He chuckled, then took my hand in his and brought it to his lips to kiss my knuckles. "Come on, if we keep talking we're going to waste all the time we've got sitting in the truck. And trust me; the view is much better up there."

I sighed, but followed his move getting out of the truck. After taking a better look at our surroundings and our destination, which was about sixty feet above my head. There was still plenty of snow on the ground around us, but the steps were clear, most likely because the design of lattice steel in each step allowed most of it to fall through the risers and the sun had melted the rest.

Edward gestured for me to go first, and the feeling of him close behind me as we ascended made me feel a bit more confident as we climbed. Once or twice, I made a bad step and panicked, clutching the railings and rocking backward. But, Edward was there to steady me every time.

I could feel the floor of the tower's enclosed platform closing in above my head. Edward reached around me to push, and it swung away from us surprisingly easy. With a sigh of relief, I stepped up into the room, but I stopped breathing again as I took in the 360 degree view.

I had no idea how long it was that I was gazing out at the mountains, covered in a million shades of white and blue, with patches of evergreen and only an occasional man-made roadway or rooftop. Edward's arms wrapped around my waist, and his chin rested on my shoulder. Even with the warmth of him close to me, I shivered as a strong breeze shook the tower around us.

"What do you think?" he whispered in my ear.

"I'm so glad you took me here," I turned and was even more amazed at the view I was now faced with. Edward's gorgeous face was surrounded by the landscape on the either side of the tower. His green eyes sparkled like the snow reflecting off the mountains.

I just kept looking at him and then the view, trying to decide what was more gorgeous. It must have been several minutes before I finally focused on the building itself. The rough wood of the tower walls beneath the open areas had been marked by decades' worth of graffiti.

Unlike a city wall, however, there were no profanities or dirty drawings. It seemed there were just dozens of initials, followed by years. I reached out to trace one of the letters with my finger.

"Is it a tradition to do this when you come up here?" I asked, feeling my face pull up in confusion.

Behind me, Edward made a funny strangled noise, between a gasp and a laugh.

"What?" I asked, wondering why that would be a strange question.

Edward was actually blushing when I turned to face him. "Well, you could say that, but I don't think in the way you meant."

I frowned, thinking back over what I had said, when people come up here... "Ohh..." I said, realization dawning. My eyes grew wide, and I locked eyes on Edward.

He was rubbing the back of his head, looking adorably shy suddenly. "We could probably head back down," he mumbled. "Maybe get a coffee somewhere to warm up, and then it'll be time to check intothe next place."

"You want to leave so soon?" I asked, an idea forming in my mind.

Edward still wasn't looking at me. "Well, not exactly," he said, "But I didn't want you to think I was thinking, I mean..." he blew out a breath. "I had forgotten about all this..." he gestured at the graffiti.

"Did you bring a sharpie?" I asked, with a wicked grin.

Edward turned to me, his eyes wide. "What? No, of course, I wasn't; I mean, I didn't, I don't..."

Inwardly, I wondered whether I could actually go through with what I was considering. But the longer he rambled and shifted back and forth, the more I felt certain that this wasn't just something I could to do for Edward, it was something I honestly wanted to do for me.

Without another word, I took a step closer and reached for Edward's belt.

"Bella!" he exclaimed, taking a half step back. "What are you doing?"

"I'm thanking you for showing me this beautiful view and for everything last night," I said. Before he could argue, I opened his pants and wrapped my hands around his cock, which was already straining against the fabric of his boxers. Feeling more powerful than I had ever imagined, I knelt down in front of him and planted a small kiss on his tip, which despite Edward's protest, was showing me just how much he wanted this.

I had tried oral sex before, and had managed to do it without choking. But, it had previously lived up to the name 'job' for me. I had never felt the butterflies in my stomach and the tingling between my legs that I now felt as I wrapped my lips around Edward's shaft and began moving my head to caress his length. Instead of closing my eyes and trying to distract myself until he was done, I gazed upward.

Edward had his arms stretched out to stabilize himself against the corner of the tower. His jaw was tense, and his Adam's apple was bouncing against his throat. I circled my tongue around the tip of his cock; caressing the places I knew he would be most sensitive.

"Fuck," he hissed through his teeth. My pussy began clenching as I took him deeper into my mouth until I felt him meet the back of my throat. I hollowed my cheeks to increase the sensations for him as I moved up and down his shaft. I then started to slowly built up my speed as I grew more comfortable. With each stroke, I let my tongue explore the skin that was soft around his hardness.

"Bella," he cried as his head fell forward. Our eyes met, and he twitched in my mouth. Despite the pain starting in my knees and the cold that was creeping into my muscles, I had never felt more strong or warm.

"Stop," he ordered. I was so surprised that I let go, leaning back on my heels, still looking up at him.

Edward's eyes were burning. It would be incredibly ironic if we set the green mountains on fire from this exact place that was built to keep them safe.

He reached down to help me stand, but didn't zip up his pants. Instead, he reached for mine, unbuttoning and pulling them down, just to mid-thigh. He then reached his talented fingers inside my thong and began exploring my wet folds.

"Oh," I cried out.

"Fuck, Bella," Edward said. "You are the perfectwoman for me, you know that? I can't believe how turned on you are."

I groaned at his touch. A tiny part of my brain was still concerned about why he had made me stop, but the larger part was just lost in his lustful gaze and the sensations of him stroking my leaking pussy.

Suddenly, he took his hands away and reached into his pocket. My eyebrows rose in a silent question as he pulled out a condom, ripped it open and slid it on himself. He didn't give me another minute before he reached for me again, this time hooking a hand under each of my thighs and picking me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist, and he turned us so that I was pressed up against the corner of the tower.

"Hold on tight, baby," he said, as he pushed into me.

"Oh, Edward!" I screamed, my voice falling into the silence of the woods around us. I couldn't think as he began to move, but my head rocked as he pounded into me. I could feel my orgasm building, and it shocked me how quickly I had gotten to the point of going over the edge. The beautiful mountain scene disappeared as my eyes involuntarily closed. Edward continued to hold me and I pulled him as close to me as I could with my legs wrapped around his waist. He shuddered inside of me, and then pulled back to look at my face.

The outside world ceased to exist as my five senses were overwhelmed by Edward, and the things we were doing. As my sight came slowly back into focus, I remember that I am half-naked in a water tower. Should we meet any other hikers today, they just might have heard me scream out my orgasm. I waited for embarrassment to come, for my cheeks to burn, and my heart to stutter. But, even as a clean wind rattled against the tower walls, the overwhelming feeling I had was one of calm.

I had never imagined doing something like that before, but Edward made me see a whole other side of myself. It was a braver, less self-conscious, and, yes, sexier me.

And I liked her.

"You okay, babe?" he asked.

"Much better than okay," I whispered. "You can put me down now."

He set me on my feet gently. As he pulled out, I sighed from the loss. Edward bent over to help me pull up my pants again, but not before he placed a small kiss on the top of my slit.

He smiled again as he stood up and met my eyes.

"I don't think I'll ever be able to drive by this tower again without getting a hard on," he smirked. I giggled, and just like that, we were back to normal, just two people enjoying the beautiful scenery. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and held me against him, as we both faced out over the mountains.

Words formed in my mind, but I bit my lip to keep them from spilling out.

Even though I knew they were true and was ready to say them, I was too afraid that Edward wasn't ready to hear them. I didn't want to spoil this perfect moment. And there were still two more nights of our vacation ahead of us.

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