The Portrait of a Fatman

Rated T

Disclaimer: I already told you that I don't own Total Drama. So deal with it.

Big and wide, fatter than a monster truck with lard

296 pounds of fatness and 100 percent full of Canadian heart

He'll eat anything from hot dogs, to donuts to maybe a tire

Even turn the biggest ounce of a fart into a brand of hell fire

His red-headed girlfriend is a psycho and full of self-destruction

Izzy's love for him is like a crazy piece of total dysfunction

His farts causes those around him godawfully sick

Even enough to start a World War III or maybe an apocalypse

Full of Maple Leaf energy, enough to sent his jockstrap into a tug

The smelly inside of him would hurt everyone like a bone-crushing hug

I wish there was more to this poem, but that's all I could say about him

This is the portrait of a fatman, better known to everybody as Owen!

For that I say, WHOO-HOOOOOOOO!

Sorry, but I felt a little bored so I figured that I do myself a little poetry dedicated to one of my favorite characters from the Total Drama series, besides Justin and Heather. So I hope everyone's satisfied with a nice Owen poem! So, what did everyone think?

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