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"Piece of shit," Matt grumbled, slapping the remote into his open palm although he knew it would have little to no effect.

The device was constantly dying and he was highly irritated at this point. Hurriedly, he shut off the gaming system, not worried in the least about saving. The amount of progress he had made in one sitting would be immense to any other person, but for him, it wasn't even worth mentioning. The gamer hardly even knew what this so-called "save" button was for, anyway, since he rarely needed it and therefore deemed it pointless. Pushing himself up from his place on the floor, Matt tossed the controller along with the nunchuck onto his bed and entered the hallway.

He'd rescue Zelda later. Right now, it was time for a new game, one almost as fun as Skyward Sword.

Matt padded down the hallway before coming to a halt in front of a certain teen's bedroom. Matt knew how this teen would react if he were to just barge in, but what if he were to knock for once? 'Come in'? Or perhaps the traditional 'Who is it?' Needing a final answer, Matt raised his fist and loudly banged on the door thrice.

"What do you want?" Mello's low voice demanded from the other side. Figures.

Even with Mello being as unpredictable to Matt as he was, Matt should have seen that coming. Well, you could say Mello was unpredictable, although Matt knew he would always act on emotion rather than logic. But then again, you never knew what those emotions were going to be or how he would handle them. So it could go either way.

"To see you," Matt answered, intruding before Mello could reply.

The blonde sat on the windowsill on the far side of the room, one knee raised to his chest. He was always adorable, but even more so then. His fair skin looked flawless in the bright light, and his golden hair shone in the sunlight, his outline blazing orange. Fuck, even his shadow was cute, proving just how fit he was.

Mello glared at him. "Surely you have a better reason than that."


"That doesn't surprise me," Mello sighed as the redhead plopped down next to him.

"You're just sitting here?"

Returning his gaze to the window, Mello replied, "I was thinking."


"I don't believe that's any of your concern," snapped the blonde, his icy eyes narrowing.

Matt chuckled. Mello was so interesting. Matt knew how much he hated his impulsiveness, but honestly, it's what Matt loved most about him. It kept things fresh and exciting. If he were to make a list of Mello's best features and number it off, that quality would always hold first place.

"Were you fantasizing about me?" Matt asked innocently.

"What the hell are you talking about?! O-of course I wasn't!"

"Really? I think about you all the time, you know. Mainly wondering. How would you react if I were to do this, or that, or…this."

To Mello's surprise, Matt leaned forward and gently pressed his soft lips to Mello's. Startled, the blonde's eyes widened and he gasped slightly, shoving Matt by his chest. The redhead retreated only to smiled at the faint blush tinting Mello's cheeks.

"You're so cute," Matt smirked.

"Get out!" Mello ordered, jumping to his feet and clenching his fists at his side.

Matt also stood, ignoring Mello's request and grabbing his thin wrist. Giving it a little yank, he pulled Mello into him, smiling into his soft hair and wrapping his arms around the boy.

"I love you, Mells."

Mello's arms found their own way around Matt, his hands clutching the back of the gamer's striped shirt as he buried his head into Matt's chest. For Matt, this was just as good as an "I love you too."

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