You must be thinking "how can a human and a wolf fall in love?" but before you jump to any conclusions about zoophilia and/or throw your arms up in the air in frustration and go "UNGHHH Not another OC fanfic!", I would just like to say:

Yes, this is an OC fic. The OC is human (because I didn't want to write about a she-wolf), and Tsume is paired with this particular non-wolf human OC.

I don't know if I should really call this story Fifty Shades of Tsume, but I thought heck yeah whatever because its actually quite a nice title hehe. Besides, this fic was either called that or 'Not Another Tsume Fanfic!' –facepalm-

Anyway, I watched Wolf's Rain ages ago and I liked Kiba first before I liked Tsume but he really grew on me, and Kiba has Cheza - whereas Tsume has no-one (he died alone. ALONEEEEE). The drive to write Tsume OC fic grew stronger when I actually realised Tsume's VA (a certain Mr Freeman) also voices another favourite anime character of mine (coughAlucardcough), so I am dedicating this fanfic to Tsume, because Tsume rocks.

Disclaimer: Don't own Wolf's Rain.



A large, dark gray wolf lies unmoving in the snow.

A girl sits by its side, grieving. Heavy and painful sobs erupt from her chest uncontrollably. The wolf's fur is covered with a mixture of tears and blood. The sorrow is devastating; she feels cut in two. She feels empty and incomplete. No matter how much she moans and wails, it is no use. It will not change anything.

Tsume is dead. She is alone.

Without Tsume, she realises she has nothing. She never really did have anything, until he came along.

And now the will to live, the will to keep going, has disappeared from her heart.

Using the back of one bloodstained hand, she wipes at the corner of her eyes, while her other hand clutches at her chest where her clothes are torn, indicating a gaping wound. Her flesh and skin has been ripped apart in a gruesome fashion. Her body trembles as she sits slumped beside him.

Kiba left a long time ago.

She wonders if he has found Paradise yet, and if he did, it felt as though it was all in vain. If he had not found Paradise, the result was still the same. Her fist clenches, her fingers scraping up snow. Fury overcomes grief, and with a fistful of snow, she throws it into the empty space. Even though humans weren't allowed into Paradise, she wanted to see Tsume. She would do anything to see him again, even if it meant dying a thousand painful deaths over and over again.

"Let me in... Let me in, please..." She whispers, her frail voice resonating faintly.

The blizzard worsens. She can't see anything. It's getting colder and colder. Heavy globs of snow assault her from all possible directions. Her vision blurs, and her eyelids droop. Her body is becoming weaker and weaker as each second passes. She can't move her arms or legs. Nevertheless, she continues her chant silently, mentally.

Let me in...let me in...let me in...

Trying to stay awake as the bitter freeze begins to consume her, she thinks about Tsume. She thinks back to how they met. She thinks about when she had started to like him, and how she was never sure he really liked her back until now...

Cold and exhausted, she lowers herself down to rest beside the wolf, and reaches out for one limp furry paw, holding it in her own hand. Feeling the weight of his paw in her hand, she then gives it an affectionate, gentle squeeze. She had never really seen his wolf form so close before, but now she knew. He was majestic and beautiful...

She shuts her eyes, and takes one last breath.

Let me in, please... I just want to see him again...


A few months ago


She wondered if the world had always been like this: gray, bland, dull and downright dangerous.

The population was decreasing. There was a massive gap between the rich and poor, the educated and the illiterate. Disease and famine plagued the landscape. People had lost hope. There was no faith. Despair hung in the corner of everyone's mind. Sadness loomed in the horizon. Only death could bring peace and joy.

Yet, in the little booklet about 'Paradise' she got for free from one of those street charity workers, the colorful picture on the cover made the world look like such a happy place…


She ignored the voice calling for her, focusing on the book. Surely the world would get better, and not worse?

"Ji – GAYNA!"

Immediately, she looked away from the book to see an old man charging towards her in the hallway with his walking stick rhythmically sounding off the floorboards.


She winced in embarrassment at the use of her actual name, "Alright, I heard you. You can stop yelling."

"Gaynaaaa!" He yelled again anyway as he stopped shortly in front of her, before he entered a vicious coughing fit. She immediately stood back up and began patting his back and he gradually stopped choking and spluttering before croaking out, "Why are you still here? You were supposed to get Gehl five minutes ago."

"Sorry, dad. I was getting ready and found this – " She proceeded to show him the book.

"Paradise?" Dad raised a hairy grey eyebrow in disdain as soon as he caught sight of the cover, "What is that? Get rid of it. It's garbage. Paradise…what a load of bull."

But the little book was the most exciting and colorful possession Jia ever had in her whole existence. "Is it true? Does Paradise exist?"

"Paradise?" The old man scoffed under his breath, "No, of course not, it's just an old legend. Don't believe in that dosh, Jia. It's for wolves only anyway."

"Wolves? Why wolves?"

"How should I know? I'm not a wolf. Do I look like a wolf to you?" Dad grunted out, before he began rubbing at the bottom of his nose, "Where did you get that anyway?"

"A charity worker handed me it when I was in the feed shop earlier on." She replied, "Don't worry, it was free."

"How many times do I need to tell you? Stop accepting things from random strangers. You never know what they're up to!"

"It's okay, they were legit, and they didn't ask me for money anyway."

"Hmph. You were lucky this time; if someone else were to offer things to you, they'll demand you give them money. Now hurry up and get that blasted kid. Oh, I want you to go to the market too."

She nodded as he handed her a small shopping list which she tucked away into her tattered pocket of her dull brown parka. "Got it."

Dad rummaged around his pockets as she sidestepped from him and out of her room, "You need some cash?"

"Nope. The money I got from the mill yesterday should cover it."

"Good, good, very good. Take the van. Drive carefully, she can't take much more I'm afraid..."

She left the house quickly after reassuring her dad, and with the keys to dad's van in hand; she hopped inside the vehicle, pulled the seatbelt over herself and started the engine before turning her head round to reverse.

Jia was 19 years old.

Her real name was Gayna but she thought it was a terribly embarrassing name and had absolutely NO IDEA what was going through her dad's mind when he named her. After years of relentless bullying from kids during her younger years who kept taunting her that she was...well, gay, she unofficially shortened her name to Jia, or Gia (to preserve the 'G' sound in the family name). She lived under the care of an elderly man named Ged, a veteran guard from Black City who found her abandoned in a junkyard, kicking and screaming in a blanket, when she was a baby. They lived in a small ranch-like farm on the outskirts of Freeze City, preferring to live a quiet life away from the factories, scrapheaps and slums. However, the long distance meant it was harder getting supplies and the small family had to be self-sufficient. Jia found herself learning valuable survival skills, such as how to cook, sew, chop wood, grow and tend to produce, and how to fix all sorts of equipment and machinery.

Singing along casually (and badly) to the static, crackling music blaring from the half-broken radio, she drove the van into the city which took roughly thirty five minutes and eventually came to a stop outside a small derelict building near the town square where children could be seen pouring out of the front door. Gehl's school. Jia sighed a breath of relief inwardly; she was just in time. She got out of the van and waited by the door, watching the throng of kids gradually lessen until she caught the familiar sight of wild red hair in the distance.

She waved enthusiastically, and the boy immediately tensed up as soon as he spotted her. He clutched his bag a little tighter to himself, before he began to shuffle towards her slowly, his head low.

"Gehl, what's wrong?" Jia asked as soon as he had waddled up to her, "Are you not feeling well?"

"…Why are you here?" came his mumbled response. "I thought I told you not to come pick me up from school anymore."

"I always pick you up from school."

"You don't have to."

"Gehl, it's unsafe going home by yourself. The streets are dangerous. They're full of thieves, thugs and – "

The boy whipped his head up to the tall girl angrily, "Jia! I'm not a kid anymore! Just let me do what I want, okay?"

"You're twelve years old!" Jia retorted with a hand on her hip, "Look, we're not going to have this conversation again. Hop in the van. Let's go."

"Stop acting like you're in charge of me. That's Ged's job." Gehl replied, as Jia opened the door to the driver's seat.

"Don't talk about dad like that."

"He's not our real dad."

Jia hesitated. "…Let's go. Dad wants me to go to the market, and I think the van's about to run out of gas."

"Yeah, yeah, sure…"

Jia returned to the front seat of the van and quickly pulled the seatbelt over herself while Gehl piled into the passenger seat. "Put your seatbelt on."

"Alright, alright, fine…" The boy hastily pulled the elastic strip from its holster and over himself, then clipped it into the awaiting buckle. "Happy now?"

She smiled at him then re-started the engine. "Alright, let's go."

The journey to the market was silent. Gehl was Jia's little brother although they were not blood related. Like Jia, Gehl too was found by Ged one day. But Jia and Gehl had always gotten along fine, aside from the sibling squabbles on certain occasions. Recently though, Gehl had been acting strange. He appeared angry and emotionally distant, and neither Jia or Ged could reach out to him. At the mere age of twelve, Gehl had heard too many stories from his classmates at school and was quickly embedded with the ridiculous desire to go see the rest of the world and do things no twelve year old really should. Jia and Ged had a hard time restraining him from exploring. The boy was too young, too naïve. It was a ticket to an early grave to leave the safety of the City and go travelling.

"Sooo…." Jia began cheerfully, drumming her fingers on the wheel as she steered through the somewhat busy street, "How was school?"


She sighed at his unenthusiastic reply, "You know, I never got the chance to go to school."

"Then why don't you take my place?"

"Great, then you can take my place and chop firewood all day and work at the Kingsley mill. How's that?"

With another one of Gehls' mumbled, frustrated responses, the conversation gradually simmered into an uncomfortable silence. As soon as they arrived in the market, she stopped the van again and slid out. Gehl followed, kicking away at a stone in his path.

Jia flipped open the shopping list without further ado and stalked off towards the grocery store while Gehl trailed after her, "Alrighty, let's see what we have here…hmm…Eggs! That's what we need…"

On the way, they passed a small clothes shop and Jia immediately halted in her tracks and pressed her nose against the window. "Oooh, what a pretty dress." She cooed, while Gehl wrinkled his nose in disgust. "What's with that look?"

He looked at her from head to toe, then crossed his arms, "It's a horrible dress. It's pink and frilly. No-one wears stuff like that here. You'll just stick out like a sore thumb. And it'll get dirty. You chop wood all day and go to work, it won't last long." He remarked. Besides, he'd never seen his sister wear a dress before. No, all he seen her wear were mouldy sweaters, sweatpants, that huge parka, the ugly brown beanie hat and those black hiking boots. Pink frilly dresses didn't seem to fit her image.

"No, silly, it's a dress for going out and-and for parties and dances." Jia replied giddily.

"We don't get invited to anything."

"It's still nice." She murmured, and for a moment, Gehl thought he saw stars in her eyes. "...I've never had anything nice before...I wonder how much it costs..."

They swerved their eyes down to the price label and in unison, the two gasped loudly in astonishment as soon as they received an eyeful of the lump figure "WHAT? Are they crazy? Who can afford that? Are they trying to rob us?!" Jia screeched, before she grabbed Gehl's arm and dragged him away and onto the path of the grocery store, "We're outta here!"

After completing their brief shopping trip, Jia ticked off the items on the list as she sauntered towards the direction of their parked van. "Good, we got everything." When she was met with silence, she looked up and realised Gehl was not following her. "Gehl?"

Turning back round, she saw the boy suddenly standing with a large crowd of men. He was talking to them. Jia stared; she disliked stereotyping but the men looked shady and gaudy. They were surrounding Gehl. He seemed to be talking to them as though they were casual acquaintances.

Out of all the men in the group, the one who was dark-skinned with the silver hair was the most attractive. He stood furthest away from the group, with his arms crossed over his chest. He was leaning against the wall, seemingly stuck in thought. He wore sunglasses – which she thought was strange as Freeze City was not exactly known for its remarkably sunny weather – and he also wore tight-fitting black leather pants and a matching jacket with ripped seams at the shoulders. It also showed his flat stomach and she wondered how anyone could wear something so revealing and thin in this freezing, chilly weather. The man clearly must be out of his mind.

And suddenly, the man turned his head to her direction.

Although his eyes were covered by those sunglasses of his, Jia stiffened up immediately, and she quickly looked away. Ack! Had she been caught staring? How embarrassing! When she mustered the courage to stare back, she noticed the man was still gazing steadily at her direction.

Jia stopped ogling and swallowed down the lump in her throat; she began walking over, and Gehl, noticing her incoming presence, quickly left the group who then began to saunter away down one of the alleyways. The olive-skinned man pushed himself off the wall he was leaning against and began to leave with the rest of the group, casually sidling away with his hands in his pockets.

Phew. Jia let her gut come loose and stopped beside Gehl, nudging him in process. "Who were those people?"

"Uh…" Gehl began to stammer and sweat slightly, "Just a couple of friends."

"Those men are your friends?"

"U-Uh, w-well, they're not really…friends, just…people I know from school. T-they're in big school, you know…a school for…big kids. Uh…you know, college. Freeze City College."

Jia cocked her head to the side. Freeze City College was a well-known institution which Jia had wished to attend but alas had no rightful qualifications (or the money) to afford lessons there, "How the heck did you meet college kids? And what were they doing here? These are the slums! And what do they want with you?"

Gehl was stammering even more furiously now, "They came to class one day to give this talk about…you know, college stuff. I-I was just saying hi."

"Oh, okay, but they look a bit shady to be college kids. I don't want you talking to them." Jia remarked as she rubbed at the bottom of her chin.

"Stop telling me what to do all the time!" Gehl barked. "Stop worrying about me, Jia, they're alright. They hang around here. They're safe, and they're not bad people. Stop thinking all people are bad. Are we going home or what?"

"Yeah. Uh... who was the tall, dark and handsome one wearing sunglasses?"

"Huh? You mean Tsume?"

"Sue-may? Isn't that a girl's name…?"

Gehl laughed, which was nice for a change because the boy rarely smiled these days, "It's Tsume. T-S-U-M-E." He corrected her, but she appeared clueless. He reminded himself his older sister didn't exactly have the privilege of going to school and learning how to read or write properly. "What about him, Jia?"

She looked up at the alleyway, watching the tall man's retreating back. "…Nothing. Come on, let's go, it's getting late..."

Finally, after a long day of work, it was dinnertime.

The small TV was switched off as Ged limped over to the small foldable table which they had propped up in the middle of the lounge, manoeuvring carefully to avoid the junk that was lying around the floor, and he put down the bowl of hot, simmered cabbage, while Jia followed after, placing down a large plate of boiled potatoes. Ged returned to the kitchen while Gehl stared at the two bowls and looked back up at Jia.

"Is this all we're having?" He asked morosely, pointing at the steaming bowls.

"You don't sound too happy," Jia clasped her hands together and grinned, "You know, we have quite the feast. Er-hem, presenting to you, our marvellous dinner – tada! We have cabbage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, a yam, spam...a can of baked beans, er, this weird melon thingy I found in the fields the other day...and yesterday's gruel."


"Hey, what's with that response? It's great. Mmm, gruel, I just can't get enough of dad's homemade gruel. Mm, yum yum yum. Yummy in my tummy. What will we do without gruel, huh?" Jia dunked a rusting spoon inside and lifted it up, making some of the squishy, lumpy brown mixture spill off the rounded edge and back into the bowl. She put it into her mouth with a thin-lipped, watery smile while Gehl shuddered. " can just taste its gruelly-yummyness."

She gave him a thumbs-up but in reality, she really wanted to spit it out. Gehl looked away from the food on the dinner table, deterred, "Stop doing that. I'm not five years old." And immediately, Jia dropped her smile. "Aren't you tired of eating food like this?" He added.

She swallowed down her spoonful of gruel and tried not to shudder as it slid down her throat, "What do you mean?"

"I'm sick and tired of eating nothing but bread and potatoes all the time."

"Then what will we eat?"

"I don't know, how about...lobster? Or-or fish?"

Jia laughed, "Gehl. We can't afford fish or lobster or crabs or any kind of seafood. The sea is miles away from Freeze City. It's an imported luxury for the rich, like the Nobles. They can eat and drink anything they want because they have a lot of money."

"Well, that's what I mean." Gehl said irately, "I don't want to be poor anymore."

Jia looked down uncomfortably. "We're just a bit short of money, that's all. Everyone's poor."

"No, they're not. How come I see other people and they have nice things? I mean, you work two jobs and dad sells stuff he finds in the junkyard but we still can't afford - "

"Because those kinds of people you see steal!" Jia suddenly yelled back, "They rob people on the streets. They steal from supply trains. They raid people's homes. We don't. We don't ever steal! We're not thieves! And we don't need to get through by - "

"What's going on here?" interrupted a voice. It was Ged. He was making his way out of the kitchen towards the table with spoons and forks in hand, along with three bowls, which he passed to Gehl, who in turn passed a set to Jia silently. "I heard yelling. Are you two fighting with each other again?"

"...N-no, dad. Let's eat..."

"So how was work, Jia?" Ged asked, as everyone began picking vegetables into their bowls. Jia merely replied with a light shrug. She had picked up three potatoes and four clumps of cabbage. Gehl only had picked two of each. Ged cleared his throat, sensing some kind of animosity between the siblings, "Good. And how was school, Gehl?"

"It was okay."

As awkward dinnertime conversations continued, Jia found herself thinking back towards the tall, tan male she saw in the marketplace today. She wondered who he was. His name was Tsume. She wondered how old he was. She wondered where he came from, and what kind of person he was. As soon as she realised what she doing, she shook her head to clear such thoughts. What was going on? Why was she thinking about him? It was just…the man was…well, there was something…strange about him. He gave her an odd feeling, not particularly a good one, either.

"I'm finished." Gehl announced, and Ged looked up. Jia snapped out of her musings and turned to her little brother.

"Gehl, you've eaten so little." She pointed out.

"I'm fine. I'm not hungry."

Dad frowned, "Gehl, it's not whether you're hungry or not. You eat as much as you can."

"But if I eat any more, there won't be enough for you guys."

"Eat up, you're all skin and bones." Jia said with a sigh before she quickly plucked two fat potatoes from her own bowl and dumped it into Gehl's. "Here. Take mine."

"I never asked for yours."

"Just take it. You're still growing. You need it. I'll be fine. We'll be fine."

Gehl stared silently at his family, then proceeded to eat.

That night, Jia could not sleep.

She was uncomfortable, having to sleep in her jacket to tackle the chilly night because the halogen heater was broken; she reminded herself this was a good way to avoid racking up high electricity bills anyway. She stared up blankly at the ceiling of her tiny room. It was not even a room she could call her own. They had run out of space in the lounge and various objects and other broken, unwanted appliances that were salvaged from the junkyard were shoved into her room to be refurbished and sold at the marketplace whenever. Aside from those taking up much space, there was only enough legroom for a bed and a box for her to put her own possessions in. The box only contained a torch, a lamp, a few candles (for emergencies), two old sweaters and a pair of old boots for work. Then there was that colourful booklet about Paradise which she kept underneath her things incase dad would see.

As her stomach rumbled uncomfortably, she moved to sit up and frowned. The kitchen should still have some leftovers…She whipped off the covers and rolled off her bed and out of her room, careful not to step on the many objects littering her floor. Once she left her room, she waddled towards the direction of the kitchen. On the way, she passed Gehl's bedroom and decided to stop and look inside, just to check up on him as she usually did at night. To her surprise, his bed was empty.


She checked the rest of his room. There was no sign of him. Panicking, she was about to run out of the room to alert Ged about Gehl's missing presence until she heard tyres screeching outside. She ran to his window and pulled away the blinds just in time to see a large humvee with an open top screeching away on its rusty tyres, kicking up dust in its wake. Inside the humvee sat a large group of men carrying guns. Her eyes widened as soon as she realised it was the same group of men she had seen Gehl talking to earlier on, as she recognised the tall, dark skinned man named Tsume at the very front of the humvee. What were they doing here?

"Gehl!" She cried, when she spotted a familiar boy squashed between two of the big burly men.

Alarm bells were ringing in her head as she peeled herself off the window, having seen enough. The humvee was leaving quickly; she sprinted out of Gehl's room and into the lounge, grabbing the van keys off the table before flinging open the front door with much force that she almost ripped it off its hinges.

"Wait!" She was too late; the humvee was gone, disappearing into nighttime darkness. Jia hurried to the van and stabbed the keys inside the slot and twisted. Nothing happened, except from a loud jittering noise from the vehicle. "Come on, come on, come on!" She yelled, "Don't stall on me now!"

When the van finally roared into ignition, she reversed carelessly out of the garage, crashing into the pile of firewood she'd chopped up and left in the yard, before steering the van to follow the path of the humvee although she could no longer see it. Ged had warned that the van could not handle much, yet Jia slammed her foot on the gas pedal. She tugged on the light toggle, and the van's headlights flickered on lazily, highlighting the humvee tracks in front. Her heart was beating furiously as she pursued the tracks as the humvee was long gone by now.

Where could Gehl have gone? Following the humvee tyre tracks in the ground, she drove all the way to the outskirts of Freeze City, finally coming to a stop when she saw the railway tracks ahead. She stopped the van and stepped out. The humvee tracks seemed to have stopped.

Glancing around, Jia rushed back to the boot of the van and grabbed a flashlight. She had to smack it a few times to get it to work, before shining the faint light on the ground. She carefully crossed the train tracks to see more humvee tracks on the other side, leading back to Freeze City.

Jia returned to the car and steered it over the tracks, bouncing in her seat as she forced the van over the bumpy tracks. As soon as she had crossed the other side, she had the van rushing over the dark road and towards the direction of the city. Before she could pull over, there was a loud 'bang!' and smoke could be seen emitting from the bonnet. Graoning, she climbed out of the driver's seat to inspect but then she could see the outline of the humvee (which was now discarded) a mere feet away, accompanied with rapid gunfire coming from the train station.

Gehl. Her search led her to one of the energy plants near the station, the ones with those large beams sticking out of them that led to the sewer and city walls. She had to force her neck back as far as possible just to look up where she could see a helicopter whirring above.

It was then she saw him.


He was running across the magnificent steel beams, carrying something in his arms. He was being chased. From her spot, Jia yelled but he could not hear. He was too preoccupied at that moment to see her down below at ground level, staring and shouting hysterically. Bullets were ricocheting off the beams near his feet; he was running as fast as he could, but not as fast as his companion, who was much further ahead.

How the hell did he even get up there? Her mind was screaming at her as she watched.

Suddenly, Gehl lost his footing and slipped. He must have screamed, but any sort of sound was incomprehensible compared to the gunfire and the angry yells and screams from the guards. Jia cried out, but to her relief, the dark-skinned man named Tsume was at his side immediately, and reached out for him with his hand.

But Gehl began to slip, and Jia screamed as she watched Gehl's body flailing in mid-air. He was falling.

And then he was dead.

I can't remember if the anime gave any backstory to Gehl. In here, he is actually a kid still at school who becomes secretly associated with thieves to prove himself as an adult and to avoid poverty in an apocalyptic world. I you guys like it? Yes? No? Should I continue?