District One:

Makenna Jane Elliot, D1

"Kenna", screamed my guardian from downstairs. My eyes flickered open and I had a moment where I had actually forgotten where I was. I huffed. What on earth can she want? Then it dawned on me, it was day of reaping, and I was expected to be at the square in… a hour and a half.
Looking into the mirror I check out my eyes. They had always been my most attractive feature. Dark green. Compared to the rest of the girls in District One, I wasn't the most attractive. I have scars on my legs, and I am slightly disabled. But it's okay, because even if I got picked, the chances are someone else would volunteer for me. I am from a career district after all. Everybody wants fame a fortune. Not me though, I am happy as I am.

I got ready; I actually looked beautiful in my purple silk dress, which I only get to wear on special occasions, because a reaping is a special occasion you see…apparently.

I had to leave my sister and best friend Ash at home, she was only 6 years old, and a reaping is none of her business, not for a couple of years at least. We have already had to lose our brother, who would have been 20 now, two years ago, when he stupidly volunteered to go into the arena. I hadn't even known he'd been training. He was quite the fighter as well. I'll have no idea what was going through this mind, but I lost my brother that year, and for that I detest the Hunger Games and everything it stands for.

Arriving at District Square I find myself being pricked and shoved by peacekeepers.
Finally in line, I see the mayor come up on stage, and start rambling on about why we do this every year. I start thinking about my parents and how they run district 7 together, and how they used to be run District 1 until forced by the capitol to go to District 7, in an attempt to stop poverty. Yeah right… like that will ever happen. My parents were really upset, but didn't want to take us with them. I hardly even hear from them, in fact the last time I saw them was at Cole's funeral.

Finally the escort Lassie, come out and starting babbling about how much she loves the games.

"And now to pick our tributes for this years games, and let the odds be ever in your favor", she said in her capitol accent. God I hate them people.

She seemed to take at least 5 minutes while she digs deep in her bowl. Finally drawing out a slip. She slowly unties it, and calls out the name….

"Makenna Jane Elliot".

My heart drops. In District 1 we have a system that the picked tribute goes up to the stage, we then wait for any volunteers, the first to get there takes the place as tribute. Complete waste of my time if you ask me.

I walk up to the stage. My heart starts pumping harder and harder, my breathing slow. What if nobody comes? What a foolish thing to say, of course they will come. But what if they don't.

"Any volunteers", I hear Lassie call out. A flurry of children runs towards the stage….

"well, who do we have here… what is your name dear. "Diamond Ontre", says a squeak besides me.

I look round and see a small petite 12 year old girl.

"No". I say at once.

Lassie's eyes flash. "Are you… are you saying you reject her voluntary. You wish to be tribute?", she said obviously excited.

My Breathing way out of control, my eyes on the floor,

"Yes, I cannot let this poor girl go…. I will be tribute", I say as I collapse to the floor. I don't remember anything more.

Ruben Marks, D1

What a spectacle this girl has made of our district. I don't care if she was 'a mayors daughter', a tribute that is supposed to be a career cannot fall to the ground in fright on reaping day.

I know the other girl was only 12 year old, but she probably will last a hell longer then that sissy of a girl. District 1 hasn't had a bloodbath death in the 37 games history, well there's a tradition lost.

I am not the biggest of guys, but I have been training all my life for this. I am doing this for my friends. They all make fun out of me because of my skinny diameter, and this year I will prove them all wrong. I am a warrior, I am the best and I know that I can kill. All those helpless animals I have slaughtered for fun anyways. No big deal.

I watch as that stupid girl is popped up in a chair, by Sparks, who is going to a mentor of our games, she seems to be fanning her down trying to rouse her, with a very annoyed and pained look on her face. I smirk. Lassie leaves them too it, and addressed her little audience again.

"well, how exccittttingggg, she sqweals, her head pobbing with glee. Oh I nearly forgot I had to do the boys. But don't you worry boys, you're coming up, your time to shine is one name away".

I get my self ready, being 18 I am right at the back. I will need to sprint.

"And our tribute for the boys is... Marvel Handerson".

A boy from the 12 section walks up to the stage, fear stretched on her face. Oh please don't collapse as well, district one will look like a big joke this year.

He finally reaches the stage. "Any volunteers", Lassie calls to the crowed.

I sprint. Punching and pushing the competition out of the way. There is a boy in front of me, by the stairs of the stage. I grab him and pull him back. He falls on his face, gets a bleeding nose, and I heave myself up on the stage.

"And, you are", Lassie beams at me.

"Ruben…. Ruben Marks", I says proudly… "Your next victor".

"Oh wonderful", she hollers.

"So there we have it…. Makenna Jane Elliot and Ruben Marks, our two district one tributes.

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