District Eleven:

Lillian Cob, D11

I smack my brother on the forehead and he awakens with a start. "Hey little bro, time to get up. Reaping today", I grin down at his confused expression. My brother was never one for brains. We both worked on the harvesting fields.

I leave him too it, and go into the kitchen where my parents are sitting at the table enjoying a cup of tea.

"You better get dressed Lily, your dress is on the bed", my father called to me.

"Getting dressed", I laughed, "Brown isn't even out of bed yet".

My father rolls his eyes. "I really do need to whip that boy, before the peacekeepers do, where does he think we live, the capitol", he asked rhetorically.

I poured myself some juice. Our family wasn't rich, but neither were we apart of the seam. We made our money and we lived our lives. I have never had to take out tessarae so things can't be that bad can it.

Brown entered the kitchen, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head, he was wearing his harvesting outfit.

"You're not wearing that!", I exclaimed.

He Shrug his shoulders. "Do what I like", he replied.

I huffed, my brother was so hard to deal with. This was his first reaping and he never took anything seriously. How can my parents let him get away with wearing an outfit like that to reaping. If I wore anything like that I would have been frog marched straight back up there to change.

Storming out of the room, I find my outfit, a lovely pink dress, but was slightly dirtied as we had never washed it from last year. This annoys me. How is my mother so incompetent.

I put on my dress, which cuts off at my knees. Even dirty I look beautiful.

I really wish I had some make-up, but my father says because of my dark skin I would look horrendous and never allows the stuff in the house.

I put a pink bow in my hair, just to give it more sophistication, and head out.

My parents, though not wealthy enough to own a car, did have some good contacts, and my father's friend in his car picked us up. My father's friend Renos didn't have children, but he always takes bets at these events.

Arriving at the square I get signed in, and ushered away from my brother who has wandered away to his section.

I hate the reaping. We had an older brother. When I was 13, and my brother 6, my brother was reaped, and taken away. He died on the 3rd day of the games by a career. That career came second. I cheered at his death.
my brother was too young to really understand. Sometimes I don't think he understands even now.

I got into my section, and was greeted by my friends Rosie.
"Hey Lily", she called linking my arm.

"Hey Rose", I smiled happy to see her.

"It's such a beautiful day. Shame this has to be happening to damper the mood really isn't it", she said, taking in her surroundings.

I shrugged, not really in the mood for chit chat.

Our mayor had to be the fattest man I have ever seen. I wonder how anyone in these districts can ever get like that. must be a medical condition or he is very well looked after by the capitol.

He introduces our escort, by small women, with glowing yellow hair.

"Welcome young sirs, young Ladies, and your families, and everyone else. My name is Romelda, and I will be the escort for the very lucky tributes who will represent your district this year. Let's get started".

she trotted over to the bowl. And picked out her slip.

"oh, what a lovely name. Miss Lillian Cob".

I instantly seized up. And I felt my hand get a tight grip from Rosie who was holding tight.

I force my hand out of her grip, and kiss her on the cheek. My eyes start watering. I wonder if the Cob family has done something wrong. First Ronald, my brother, and now me.

I take to the steps of the stage, and fall up them landing on my front. Crying harder, and get taken in my Romelda, who is not phased at all by my emotions.

She grips my arms. "Congratulations", she called, baring a very unpleasant smile.

I tried to find my brother. He had a tear in his eye. This Will be his second sibling he has lost to these games.

Brown Cob, D11

It's not that I don't love my sister, I do. But she takes everything way to seriously. I really couldn't care less how I look on reaping day. Why should I dress up for the people who if choose me, will throw me to my death. Seems a bit pointless. I will look just as untidy as I look everyday thank you. And when I said this too my dad, although he looked alarmed and looked over his shoulder to make sure nobody heard, he also saw my point, shrugged his shoulders and told me to get on with it.

All the way to the reaping in the car I had to endure her huffing and puffing about how I look. I actually told her to shut up, and when we arrived stormed off to my own area.

I don't really have any friends. I have some guys that I talk too, but I don't go out of my way to see them or anything.
I watch as my sister links arms with her friend. I seem to have put her in a really bad mood it seems.

But saying that it could be because of what day it is. It never really struck me as hard as it did my sister, but my brother died because of these games. At the time I didn't really understand. I knew that he was taken by the capitol and he probably wouldn't be coming home, but never understood the severity of the situation. When I realized when I was about 10 and everything become more clear, it hit me rather viciously.

I actually remember how he died, he was struck by a sword. It wasn't gruesome, but it wasn't a nice sight. My parents didn't know I had seen, but I did.

I watch as a mayor gives a speech about loyalty and honour and how we are being punished by the capitol for a rebellion. And that we should welcome our visitors from the capitol with open arms, for they are the best thing ever. This guy is absolutely positively of his rocker.

He must be an actual capitol citizen that was sent here. No man could have ever got that large in district eleven.

I watch as our escort picks out a girls name. My SISTERS name. It hit me like a tonne of bricks. My sister. Guilt crushes me. I had upset her before she come here, and now she is being taken to die. I start to cry, and a hand touches me behind me.

"I am so sorry Brown. Truly I am", comes a unfamiliar voice from behind me. I don't turn to face him, but rather stare down at the floor. Unable to breathe correctly.

I watch as she falls up the stairs, unable to control her emotions, as much as I can't.

"And now, for our young Misters", called our escort.

She walks over to the bowel and picks out the slip.

"oh my, this is something. "Mr Brown Cob", I'd bet my hair-do this is your brother Miss Lillian", she says.

She just said my name.

"No", screams my mothers voice from the spectators area. "Not both of them, please not bother of them".

"Come on up Mr. Brown, don't want to keep me and your sister waiting do you".

I start to walk to the stage. I had stopped crying. This was no longer about losing my sister; this was about my parents losing both of us. I knew the capitol was cruel, but this is something else.

I walk up to my sister, and embrace her in a tight hug. She hugs back and I am instantly warmed.
I am 12 years old and my sister is 18. We are the tributes of district 11. If I Live, my sister will die. If my sister lives, I die.
But if we both die. My parents will have lost all three of their children to the capitol.

I pull out of the hug, and look at my mother, who seems to have collapsed. A tear tinkles down my cheek. I wipe it away, I know I have to look strong.

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