Rhian Webb, D5

I am placed in this cold room in the justice building. I had never been in this building before. It was one of the most fancier buildings in the district, and you can't just come and go. It was nice to see some luxury in my district before I go to the capitol.

My whole body is shaking. My head is buzzing with fear. I don't know what the capitol will bring. How is my family coping? Too much for my little self to handle.

The door opens and my mother and sister enter the room. My sister instantly grabs me and pulls me into a tight hug. She has tear stains where she has been crying.

"I wish I could have intervened. I wish I could have gone instead of you. I am so sorry. I love you so much. And I know you're young, but you're not stupid. You could beat them. You can learn how to fight a little, but ultimately you could hide, and then win by surviving. Please try won't you sweetheard".

I start crying in her arms. She tries to pull away but I don't let her. I cry into her shoulder.

"I knew it, I knew somehow I was going to be reaped. I just didn't think it would be my first reaping. I am only 12. There is no way I am coming home", I say trying to grasp breathe.

My sister cries with. "Yes you can. You can come home if you work for it. I believe that, you must too".

I shake my head. I know she doesn't really believe it.

My mother stands there motionless. she doesn't know what to say and just gulps, but doesn't speak. I walk up and embrace my mother as well.

"I love you mum", I say hugging her round the waist.

"I love you too poppet", she whispers back.

They are told to leave way to soon. My sister tried to refuse to leave, but she ended up getting a slap and was dragged out. I hope she wasn't hurt too much, but I am pretty sure the peacekeepers are more sympathetic today compared to other days.

They wasn't the last visitors I got either.

I finally found Samantha when she come bounding into the room with her mother.

"RHIAN", she screamed when she saw me. My sister wasn't the only one to have stains in their cheeks.

"I tried to find you. I did. But there was so many people. I couldn't find you. You was so far away from me when you got called. I am so sorry. I should have tried harder. I should have been there. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry", she said breaking down in tears.

I held her hand, and we sat down.

"Sam it wasn't your fault. I couldn't find you either. I didn't think there was that many of us actually, not surprised it came from the 12 section when there was that many of us".

Sam nodded. "Rhian, they bets are already being made about your survival chance".

I looked at the ground. The one good thing about Sam is that she is blunt. She will tell me what everyone is thinking.

"and?", I question.

"They aren't good. They have you down as a bloodbath".

I gulp, well that's not surprising. I am young, skinny, and I would probably be making that bet myself had the situation had been someone else.

"Rhian, listen to me. I am not convinced I will see you again after I leave this room. The statistics are not in your favour. But please, please try not to be bloodbath. I do not want to see you're vile death. Try and get away. Run away from the bloodbath. Forget the weapons and bags. Just run. And don't trust anyone".

I nod. And hug her. The truth hurts, but she is the only one who will give me the truth. And that's why I love her.

Sam's mother didn't say anything. Maybe she didn't feel it was her place too.

"one more thing", Sam gasped. She took of her shoe. And took off a ring which was on her big toe.

"put this on. It can be your token. Remember me won't you".

I laugh. "This is going to be the most bizarre district token the capitol will have ever seen".

Billy Olli Pogmore, D5

I am not sat long until my family arrive.

I have never been particularly close to my parents. We all worked, and all I saw of them really was at home. But I could see the sadness in their eyes as they sent their only son off to the capitol.

"You know, me and your father used to fight about having children, because we were scared that they would one day be reaped and sent to the capitol. My worst fear has come to light, I am so sorry Billy. I wish there was something I could do to stop this", my mother said sadly gripping my shoulder.

"Don't worry mum", I said shaking. "The capitol will be good to me, and will train me and maybe I will come home again".

My mother smiled, but looked at the floor. "Maybe Billy, maybe", she replied weakly.

"My sister hugged me. "This isn't fair. You're a factory worker, you're not supposed to be going to the capitol, whatever happened to being special", my sister whined.

"Nobody is special when it comes to the folk of the districts Denise", my father says sadly. "But working in the factories will be an advantage. Means you have brains. Cleverness has proven to outsmart stupidity in fighting. Those careers may be strong, but you have intellect".

I nod. I get what my father is saying. He is telling to outsmart the others.

"I will try Dad, I will, but I don't think I can kill someone. I'd be ending someone's life. That's not right".

My dad frowned. "Sometimes it what you have to do, to protect your own".

They were soon order to leave, and each hugged me in turn. "Use your district 5 factory pass-card as your district token. Make our district proud", my dad whispered in my ear before he left.

Next was my best friend Debbie.

She hugged me, and then unexpectedly kissed me on the lips.

She blushed. "I'm sorry, but I had to do that before you left. I couldn't let you go without knowing the taste of your lips".

I blushed and then smiled for the first time. I felt my body warm up.

"Thank-you". I whisper.

It's not that I didn't like Debbie, but I just hadn't ever thought of her like that. But then I was never really given the chance, when I wasn't working, I was thinking about work, and if I wasn't at work or thinking off it, I was doing some kind of schoolwork.

Our time didn't last and we didn't get to talk.

The door crashed open.

"OUT", ordered the Peacekeeper. "His family took up all his time, and now his escort say's its time to go, so come on, out", he barked at Debbie.

She looked as if though she was going to argue, but one look of the Peacekeepers face told her otherwise.

She kissed me on the lips once more, and then left.

I really didn't know how to feel. I'm left confused.