Feline Marissa Sass, D6

I look down at myself. I suddenly feel stupid about my daring outfit. The whole of the capitol got to see me walk up to the stage looking like a tart. I wonder if that will do me any good in the arena or not?

I didn't show any weakness when I went up to stage, and the capitol citizens always love that. Shows someone to be strong. They are always more likely to get sponsors.

My first visitor surprisingly enough is my best friend Anna, I had expected it to be my parents, but no.

"Hey. You're mum told me to tell you they are last to come in, as your dad had to run home and get something", she answered obviously noticing the confusion on my face.

"That's okay, do you know what he has gone to get?", I asked.

"Not a clue", she shrugged. "I'm sorry this has happened to you Marissa, really I am. But you know, I'm guessing with our plan of outfit, you probably have become noticed by the capitol, and no one but the careers ever get noticed at these stages of the competition, that could really go in your favour".

"Urgh, favour… let the odds be ever in my favor. You sound like one of them", I mocked.

Anna looked horrified. "no, Marissa, no. oh I am so sorry".

I laugh. "Don't worry, it's okay, I'm not going to die yet anyways".

"and…. What makes you… say that", she replied unsure where I am coming from.

I smile once more. "Because I don't believe my time is over".

Anna smiled weakly. "Good. I'm glad".

She walked up to me and hugged me. I have never had this relationship with Anna, the hugging type, so this was all new for me, and actually took me by surprise.

"I love you Marissa, stay strong won't you".

"Of course Anna. I promise", I replied, smiling again.

Soon the peacekeepers were rapping on the door. Making us both jump.

"Bye Anna", I whispered. "I'll be back soon".

Anna gave another weak smile. "I hope so".

And then she was gone. I looked back at my outfit, and sighed. I hope she was right.

I only had to wait 15 minutes and my parents were walking in. My mother's face was stained from her own tears. But she wasn't crying now. Which was a relief, as I would have hated to have seen that. I am not good with emotions. I actually hate emotional people, but when it is people who I love, I find it unbearable.

"Anna said you went back for something Dad", I asked.

"Yup", he grumbled, pulling out a cloth. "This", he said giving it to me.

I looked down at it, with bemusement. "And what am I holding".

My father smiled. For the first time I had seen today. I actually didn't expect to see it today at all.

"This is what you're grandmother gave me. I know it is bizarre, but she told me that if you was to ever get sent to the games, that I shall give this too you, as a token to take with you. Too remember that your family love you and will always stand by you, no matter what decision, if it be cruel or not, that we will always want you back home".

I looked at it again. And saw my initials graved into it. F.M.S. My grandmother had made it. She had passed away last year.

A tear feel down my cheek. I knew I shouldn't cry, the capitol won't like it. But I am pretty sure there is no cameras in here.

"Thank-you Dad".

"I am glad I didn't make you wear that hideous dress today", he said gruffly.

I laughed and wiped away my tear. "Yeah, I would probably be a bloodbath with that outfit, at least looking like this, I have a better chance of being placed somewhat away from the careers".

My mother stood there, just staring at me. With a look of insanity on her face. She didn't say anything. So I decided I would go give her a hug.

She held on tightly, and never let go. Humming to herself and stroking my hair. The door rapped five minutes later to tell them the time was up, but my mother didn't let go.
My father actually had to force her off me. And she started screaming and kicking and punching him. The peacekeeper had to intervene, pushing me too the floor in the process. I cut my hand. And it really hurt.
It kills me watching my mother be taking away like that. But I am her only daughter, and her only child. I am not surprised.

After my dad left, I remembered the trip to the reaping. I will now get to witness the trains in which my dad is so happy about making.

Mark Smith, D6

I was placed in a really ugly boring room. There wasn't even any books to read.

It wasn't long till my parents come though.

My first mother embraced me in a hug, while my second ruffled my hair.

"Hey kid", my second mother said.

I can't understand why she is smiling. "Is this really a time to be happy", I asked.

Her smile fell from her face and she suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

"Sorry son, I was trying to make the mood less… crap I guess".

"Well don't. I am going to die".

My first mother interrupted. "Mark, stop. She didn't mean no harm. And you might come home. Just because you're young don't mean you will die. Look at Tom last year. He came 4th. He got that far from hiding. You could out survive the others".

I looked at her doubtfully.

"Maybe. But we all know that a career will win".

My second mother huffed. "What districts are the careers mark?", she asked impatiently.

"One, two and four", I answered not sure where she is going with this.

"and how many victors do we have in district six", she asked.

"Five", I answered again clocking on to what she was getting at.

"Exactly, five people who beat the careers, and one of them was only 13 at the time, who just so happens to be your mentor this year, so don't you dare tell me you've given up, because I fully expect to see you back in around a months time to sit down and have dinner with us, and tell us again about the adventures you have had in the capitol and the arena".

I looked at the ground. I suddenly felt rather awful about my attitude. My mothers are right. I can do this this. I can fight. And I could so possibly win. Nothing is impossible.

"I promise, I will try mums", I said.

They both smiled, and gave me a three-way hug.

Nobody else was booked into see me, so I got to spend more time with them then others with there family. And for that, I was grateful for being a loner, for there is no one else in the world I would have rather spent my last moments with.

"I love you mums, thank you for all your kindness", I said.

"We love you too sweetheart", my first mother replied for the both of them. "Have you got you're token".

"No, I had never thought about it", I answered truthfully.

she pulled out her elastic hair band, and gave it to me. "It's not much, but it's mine. Wear it in your long hair, tie your hair back and keep it out of your eyes, your eye sight is important".

"Yes. I will", I said bemused.

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